Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Realist Report - Brad Trun: Libertarian Realist

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Brad Trun, author of the Libertarian Realist blog. Brad and I will be discussing a variety of subjects, particularly his article entitled An Open Letter to a Person of Privilege.

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  1. John,
    Haven't been around here in a bit. This guest was fantastic. I usually scoff at anyone who has "liberal" in their agenda. This opened my eyes to a new way perceive this view on the world. It came across to me as a Nationalistic Liberalism.

    I also like Tom's questions, as usual very hard hitting.

    Also it was very refreshing to hear him stop you in the way you perceive the founding father as setting up a Christian model. That Christian topic I'll leave alone.

    But in your past shows you always hit at the Christian CI way, yet when this guy said he did not agree with or takes exception with how you worded it(the founding fathers as a Christian people setting up a christian nation)you back tracked and changed your stance to conform to the guests?
    why is that?

    all in all, great guest and show.

    1. Thanks for the feedback man, appreciated. I'd recommend listening to the recent programs I did with Eli James re: early American history and the Founding Fathers if you haven't already.

      I haven't gone back and listened to this program, but from what I remember Brad stated that Jefferson and Paine were not Christians. I'd argue that Jefferson and Paine were deeply influenced by Christian teachings and principals, but had strong criticisms of organized Christianity and certain aspects of the Bible. But there can be no doubt that the American Revolution was a Christian inspired revolution, and that traditional American political conceptions of freedom, liberty, and proper governance are profoundly Christian in nature. I didn't want to get totally sidetracked with this issue, and like hearing what my guests have to say even if I disagree with them.

    2. More or less. I do disagree with the Christianity stuff. But you make a fair point as to why it was left alone.

  2. Brad sure is great at unforgettable letter writing. If I may, please let me add, however, that I am not in agreement with his statement that jews have a higher IQ than we.

    It might be fun to be a fly on the wall at a White Privilege Conference, lol, but as for me, I would much more appreciate being able to attend an Immigrant Hasidic Jew Privilege Conference, a topic about which Ted Pike included in his latest series of three researched reports on ultra-orthodox hasidic jews, and discussed on the Jeff Rense Radio Show on Tues. which privileges he there argued, with many examples, are unfair, costly, corrupting, and dangerous.


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