Saturday, January 4, 2014

John Friend on Inside the Eye - Live! w/ Dennis Fetcho

I was a guest on Dennis Fetcho's radio program Inside the Eye - Live! this morning during the second hour. We talked about a lot of different subjects, including the recent ADL attack on yours truly, the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII, and media manipulation. You can download the program here.


  1. The Battle for Human Survival by John Kaminski

  2. Oh my goodness I was terribly off with something I stated during the show today with Fetch...

    I believe I said that 30% of Ireland's population was now Muslim. I was way wrong. I saw this headline at The Daily Stormer when I woke up this morning, and totally misinterpreted it:

    Islam to Replace Protestantism as Ireland’s 2nd Largest Religion

  3. Hi John,

    Have you ever heard of the Russian Space Hoax? Gagarin's flight was a media hoax to prop up the USSR and scare the US population.

    I watched a good documentary in German on this topic, but only found a brief summery on this in English.

    If you are interested, I'm sure you will find more info on this and the global media manipulation and concerted stolen V2 rocket science that both the Communists and Capitalists tried to exploit for an alleged space travel usage.

  4. Or the Space Station Hoax! This film also shows very good examples of general Green Screen shots at the end.

    Very interesting stuff.

    1. I know this is unrelated to this interview, but I found more Space Travel hoax material. This is very much related to the overall media hoax topic that you cover a lot of, John.

      Mars Rover Hoax:

  5. Not very good show fetch was lost what cristian identity really is,It has nothing to do whit that "its a lie" country and satans sons,If you listen James p Wecstrom show Yahwes truth,I think people will figured out why adl hategroup acctack against christian identity movement.And When white people wake up that jews are not yahwes chosen people then jewish power eli is over ones and for all.

    When adl attack on you that only proof you have done good job.

    I hope Irish loose their nerves whit whit those muslim and others immigrants and start action like they did ira.

  6. The Fetch had a good write up of the show yesterday. See here:

    ohn Friend, author internet essayist and political activist from San Diego, California, joined Inside the Eye – Live! (ITEL Radio) for hour number 2 on January 4, 2014. This was one of John’s numerous appearances on ITEL Radio and the conversation, as expected, proved to be lively and informative with topics ranging from Jewish social character assassination efforts against targeted individuals and the use of Jewish media assets to create false and misleading realities.

  7. Re Islam in Ireland, are some native Irish becoming Muslims? I do know that there are many native Americans who prefer Moslem services and adherents to those of Catholicism and Protestantism, the faith of their parents.

  8. John, you are 100% correct that legalizing and pushing marijuana is just another DEGENERACY that is being used to pollute people's minds.


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