Tuesday, January 21, 2014

John Friend on the Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt

Mighty White Will and Mind War Weaponry

John Friend joins the program to discuss the White Man March, other pro-White activism, the Sandy Hook controversy, psychological operations, and much more.

You can download the program here.


  1. We got cut off at the very end of the program before I could make a final remark. I wanted to say that I think Renegade Broadcasting generally and Kyle Hunt specifically are doing a fantastic job, and I am really looking forward to the White Man March. I think it's a great idea - it's about time we finally got out in the streets.

    There are a lot of very talented, knowledgeable, and dedicated individuals in the pro-White movement. We all have different backgrounds and perspectives, unique points of view, areas of interest, and "specializations" so to speak. We're not all going to agree on everything - that should be a given. I think we all have something valuable to contribute, and it's time we started working together, pushing forward in the same direction, rather than bickering, fighting, and criticizing each other over petty issues and misunderstandings. We should all be on the same team - why don't we start acting like it?

    My main focus, both on my website and radio program, is debunking the lies about 9/11, WWII, and the fake Jewish "Holocaust" story, in addition to exposing the central role the Jewish-controlled mass media plays in systematically exploiting and deceiving the masses, from a pro-White perspective. Some of the things I talk about may not be for everyone, and some people may disagree with my stance on certain topics (9/11 video fakery, for example). But again, that's OK - we're not all going to see eye to eye on everything. Let's keep hammering home our points, stay focused, and recognize we are in an epic struggle for our race and our people.

    Thanks again for having me on Kyle, it's always nice speaking with you.

  2. John, I love your sign, "Arrest the Bankers", almost as much as I do the title of the website, "Hang the Bankers".

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  4. I watched the entire Zimmerman vs Martin trial. Did you know that Trayvon Martin was not only selling drugs but also he was SELLING GUNS? The Defense Lawyers had a computer expert that found these text messages on Trayvon's phone but the judge refused to allow those text messages. The judge said anyone could have used Trayvon's phone to send those messages, even though these messages were found in a special folder on Trayvon's phone that was password protected.

  5. Russian Duma = 14% Female
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