Tuesday, January 28, 2014

International Holohoax Remembrance Day

Yesterday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day, observed annually in virtually all countries around the world.

"The UN General Assembly designated January 27 — the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau — as International Holocaust Remembrance Day," reads the official website for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. "On this annual day of commemoration, the UN urges every member state to honor the victims of the Nazi era and to develop educational programs to help prevent future genocides."

President Obama urged all Americans and citizens of the world to "remember the victims on International Holocaust Remembrance Day," noted USA Today. The article went on to quote President Obama:
"Each year on this day the world comes together to commemorate a barbaric crime unique in human history," Obama said in a statement. "We recall six million Jews and millions of other innocent victims who were murdered in Nazi death camps. We mourn lives cut short and communities torn apart."

Saying there remains room for hope on this solemn day, Obama noted that Jan. 27 is also the date on which Auschwitz was liberated 69 years ago.

"The noble acts of courage performed by liberators, rescuers, and the Righteous Among Nations remind us that we are never powerless," Obama said. "In our lives, we always have choices. In our time, this means choosing to confront bigotry and hatred in all of its forms, especially anti-Semitism."

Obama also said people should condemn "any attempts to deny the occurrence of the Holocaust," and "doing our part to ensure that survivors receive some measure of justice and the support they need to live out their lives in dignity."
Typical. Six million Jews. Hatred. Bigotry. Anti-Semitism. Holocaust denial.

How much longer can the Jews and their puppets maintain their fake "Holocaust" story? Are they worried people are starting to free themselves from the Jewish mind control and propaganda operation known as the "Holocaust"?

Yesterday, The Jewish Daily Forward lectured Europeans on the necessity of Holocaust Remembrance Day, while the Jewish magazine Tablet lamented that most of the "survivors" of the fake "Holocaust" narrative - a narrative concocted by Jewish propagandists and public relations specialists - are dying out, and will therefore be unable to assist in perpetuating and maintaining the fraudulent Jewish "Holocaust" financial and sympathy racket.

In a previous blog post, I argued that the fake "Holocaust" narrative and all the organizations, propagandists, and public relations specialists promoting and perpetuating this fraudulently manufactured version of history have a few specific goals in mind. The "Holocaust" narrative is really all about:
  • Elevating the alleged "suffering and persecution" of the Jewish people during WWII specifically, and all throughout history generally, over all others;
  • Covering up the crimes committed by Jewish terrorists, Communists and propagandists prior to, during and after WWII by projecting those crimes on to the German armed forces and their allies;
  • Creating an extremely lucrative financial and sympathy racket, netting the Jewish state of Israel and the organized international Jewish community billions of dollars annually;
  • Serving as a basis for the creation of the Jewish state of Israel, while excusing and justifying the genocidal, illegal policies she has pursued since her founding;
  • and demonizing the one man - Adolf Hitler - and his political movement who stood up for their country and race against the Talmudic forces of internationalism and globalism seeking the subjugation and ultimate destruction of the White race.
Robert Faurisson, one of the leading skeptics and debunkers of the fake "Holocaust" story and one of my personal heros, eloquently summarized what the fraudulent "Holocaust" narrative is all about in an essay entitled Against Hollywoodism, Revisionism.

"The alleged Hitlerite gas chambers," wrote Faurisson, "and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which has permitted a gigantic political and financial swindle whose main beneficiaries are the State of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims are the German people – but not their leaders – and the Palestinian people in their entirety."

It is time we started commemorating the victims of the real Holocausts and genocides of history, namely the German people and their allies during and after WWII and the Christian and Muslim Palestinian people who have been systematically targeted for extermination by the Jewish state of Israel since its founding.

International Jewry specifically called for the destruction and genocide of the German people and their allies prior to and during WWII, and helped implement policies in the Western democracies and Soviet Union designed to accomplish those goals during and after WWII. Since the founding of the Jewish state of Israel, Israeli political and military leaders have regularly stated their goals are to wipe out the Palestinian people, and have pursued policies to accomplish just that.

It is also time we started commemorating and honoring the brave revisionists who have risked it all to expose the fake "Holocaust" story in all its aspects. The website Jan27.org was set up to do just that, and I encourage everyone to visit and learn more about the ridiculous "Holocaust" narrative. 


  1. Thanks for directing your readers to Jon27.org, John. I was so heartened when hearing from some of its organizers who appeared on a Yeager broadcast. Way to go!

    In the meantime, Drudge yesterday at his site, advised his readers to have an exit plan. And so it goes!

  2. Over the weekend, the jew Matt Drudge tweeted, "Have an exit plan.", and has not written that at his website. Mysterious message? Hmm!


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