Thursday, January 30, 2014

Edward Snowden - NWO actor


  1. I AM TELLING YOU!!!!!!
    The bastard EDOM jew sorcerers!
    ITS has ALWAYS fooooled YOU! ((ME TOO, at one time......))
    DONT LET IT....FOOL any of US ANY any longer!!!!

  2. As you and your guest pummel Snowden for not divulging anything new, which I disagree with, after all, the depth of the revelations were quite extraordinary when considering 99.9% of humanity is regularly fed nothing but pablum 24/7 by western/central banking aligned nations, yet you and your guest revealed no factual data to support your claims, only conjecture Snowden too is a plant.

    I am very uneasy about communist manipulations by Russia, China, zionists of america/israel, and beyond, but where a
    is the empirical evidence to support your theories? How do you determine from which morphing source to adopt as "100%" bulletproof and sacred? I would just as soon put some faith in a young unknown commodity than hold out that any of the older bastards and whores that put the world in the extraordinarily corrupt and murderous period of the here and now. I don't pretend to know the answers but why should anyone take your theories as gospel?

  3. Colda,

    You wrote that:

    "99.9% of humanity is regularly fed nothing but pablum 24/7 by western/central banking aligned nations"

    That is true!

    BUT....has it not dawned upon you yet that the pablum feeders (media) are the same people spoon feeding us Snowden Mania???

    Think about it.

  4. If there was one shred of credibility to Assange and or Snowden, we would be told something regarding Israel spying on America and it's citizens. It would be revealed that the jew snakes are guilty of treason and war crimes and plotting against America freedom and the right to bare arms, yet not one word pointing fingers at the jew snakes. Only fingerpointing being done is against anyone against Israel jew snakes!
    And when Ojoker tells nutjobyahoo NO to bombing Iran, next week we have some "new" revelation about the horrors of the U.S. government and what it is doing to it's citizens.
    The chess match being played is being lost and the winners of world domination will be the snakes. Unless and until America. and France and Germany and Australia, and the U.K. can collectively stand up and openly point to the controlling bankster jews that are creating the problems of America as well as the entire WORLD, there is no need to be at the chess match........all is already lost! France is on the verge of revolution and American citizens should pay attention. We too, could be a powerful entity in fighting the venomous snakes and elinimating them from our midst!

  5. And as far as Mike King broadcasting that we should think that Jacquelyn Kennedy Onassis is an appropriate respectful person to whom we should give credence re her reportedly stated opinions demeaning the character of Martin Luther King, I totally disagree. Look at the dirty-doing and filthy-dealing billionaire she chose to end up with during the last twenty years of her life, namely, MAURICE TEMPELSMAN.

  6. I was watching the new Thor movie and in the scene where they were showing a map of London they drew a line across the map to SNOWDON. It was in big block letters. It seems to me that they are telling us.


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