Monday, January 27, 2014


On Monday, January 27, 2014, at 8 p.m. ET, Dave Gahary moderates the debate many of us have been waiting for.

For two hours, Mike Piper takes on Jim Fetzer and John Friend, who tackle the controversy surrounding the Sandy Hook Elementary School event, which will address most or all of the points raised in the article “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax,” plus additional information which may cause you to reassess your position on whether what happened on December 14, 2012 was real or staged.

Jim has published an article on his debate with Keith Johnson and Mike has broadcast his thoughts about Jim, John and Sandy Hook.

Since John will be joining us approximately 30 minutes after the start of the show, we will begin by giving Jim a chance to respond to Mike’s broadcast and Mike to respond to Jim’s article, although neither is required to do so.

When John arrives, he will be allowed a 10 minute opening statement.

The debate will follow this format:

The moderator will ask questions to each participant where they will have no more than five minutes to present their argument and evidence. If less than the allotted time is used, it will be set aside for a less structured discussion towards the end. At the end of the debate, each participant will have no more than five minutes for their closing statement. Personal or unnecessary attacks will be met with the mute button.

A tamper-proof poll will be activated halfway through the debate allowing for only one vote per IP address. Obviously, it would make sense to cast your vote only after you are completely convinced. Don’t simply vote for one participant because you dislike the other; listen to their arguments. Please treat the vote as if you yourself were running for some sort of public office.

Please go vote in the poll over at American Free Press. You can download the entire program here.

Here is the opening statement I prepared for this debate:

There have been a number of developments since the original debate I arranged to take place on my radio program between Dr. Fetzer and Michael Collins Piper a couple weeks ago. There have been a number of accusations and statements made that I would like to address and clarify for the record before we jump into the Sandy Hook discussion.

First of all, when I posted the radio program Dr. Fetzer and I did where we discussed and critiqued Mike Piper’s position on Sandy Hook, I indicated in the show notes that Piper backed out of the scheduled debate the night before because he was having health issues, as he indicated in an email sent to Dr. Fetzer and I. And that’s exactly what happened: Mike Piper backed out of the scheduled debate because of a foot injury, from what I understand. When I used the term “backed out”, as in Piper backed out of the debate, I simply meant he withdrew his commitment to participate in the debate scheduled for that day due to health reasons. I indicated right at the beginning of the program that Piper was perhaps interested in rescheduling the debate for a future date. And here we are today.

During the discussion I hosted with Dr. Fetzer that day, we in no way attempted to slander or vilify Mike Piper – we simply addressed the statements he has made and the positions he has taken regarding Sandy Hook, both in articles he has written for American Free Press and in his book, False Flags. I even defended Piper repeatedly throughout the program, explaining that although I think his position on Sandy Hook is untenable, he is a valuable voice in the independent media and has done phenomenal work in the past. I have learned a great deal from Mike Piper over the past few years, and have read many of the books he has written. I was particularly impressed with The New Babylon, which clarified in my mind what the whole “New World Order” concept is all about, and the forces that are really behind it.

It has been alleged by Mark Glenn and others that I have stated or implied that I think Mike Piper was faking his health issues in order to get out of the debate. Let me say for the record that I have never questioned or doubted Mike Piper’s health issues. I have never said or implied that Mike’s health issues are “a hoax” or that he is lying about his health problems. Anyone saying otherwise is lying, plain and simple.

I wasn’t able to listen to Mike Piper’s recent radio program, but I did read the note he wrote regarding the program, which was posted on Mark Glenn’s website The Ugly Truth. Let me address some of the things in that note.

I have nothing but respect for American Free Press and all of the individuals I have known and worked with since I began writing for the paper. It is truly an honor for me to be writing for AFP, the last real newspaper in this country. If Mike Piper or anyone associated with AFP would like me to take a lie detector test, let me know when and where and I will be there! I would be more than happy to submit to a lie detector test if asked to by Chris Petherick, Paul Angel, Willis Carto, Mike Piper, or anyone else at AFP or The Barnes Review.

We can discuss anything I’ve just said as we proceed, but now I’d like to briefly turn to Sandy Hook.

Anyone following my website and radio program knows that I have taken a keen interest in the alleged Sandy Hook school shooting that took place just over one year ago in Newtown, Connecticut. The Connecticut State Police and mass media reported that on December 14, 2012, a 20-year-old young man named Adam Lanza first shot and killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, in their Newtown home before driving to the Sandy Hook Elementary School and going on a shooting rampage, murdering 20 children and 6 adults - truly an amazing, and highly implausible, feat supposedly accomplished by a young man with no known military training. According to the official narrative of the alleged shooting, Adam Lanza - the “lone gunman” - shot all but two of his victims multiple times, firing over 150 rounds in a matter of minutes, before shooting himself in the head when first responders arrived at the school. Many have questioned the plausibility of such a scenario, and consider the official narrative and subsequent media coverage of this alleged school shooting a total insult to the intelligence of the American public.

Indeed, the official narrative of the alleged Sandy Hook school shooting is as ludicrous, as ridiculous, and as untenable as the official conspiracy theory explaining the events of 9/11. It’s as ludicrous and ridiculous as the official narrative of WWII and the fake Jewish “Holocaust” story. Any objective, honest journalist or investigator should recognize this fact.

There really is no reason to accept the official narrative of the alleged mass shooting supposedly performed by Adam Lanza at the Sandy Hook Elementary school. The absurd media coverage and testimony from alleged "eye witnesses" and "family members" of the supposedly murdered children truly was a bizarre spectacle to observe, casting further doubt upon the already ludicrous and implausible official narrative.

The hypothesis that the alleged Sandy Hook school shooting was in reality a massive hoax - perhaps some sort of mass shooting drill organized by the Department of Homeland Security working in conjunction with state and local police and officials in Connecticut, which was then presented in the mass media as if it were a real life, genuine event - has been put forth by numerous independent researchers. Based on the known facts and information at our disposal, this hypothesis appears to me to be much more tenable than any other hypothesis or explanation, particularly the official narrative of the Sandy Hook shooting maintained and promoted by the mass media and government.

The Jewish propagandist and public relations specialist Edward Bernays wrote in his 1928 book Propaganda:
The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. 
We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. [...]
Bernays would go on to write that "it remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons... who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world."

Bernays defined propaganda as "a consistent, enduring effort to create or shape events to influence the relations of the public to an enterprise, idea or group," and contended - correctly in my view - that "Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government."

There can be no doubt that the Jewish-controlled mass media regularly presents altered, distorted, manipulated, or even outright fabricated photographic and video imagery, coupled with false scripted testimony, in order to advance certain geopolitical and cultural agendas, as well as literally creating and manufacturing an artificial reality we are all forced to operate in.

An artificial reality the government is forced to create public policy in.

An artificial reality we are forced to educate our children in.

The mass media is no longer a benevolent, enlightening force - if it ever was one - that seeks to honestly inform the public about important political, economic, social and historical issues, in addition to holding powerful forces operating in society to account. No, the mass media has been weaponized, and has been and continues to be used to systematically deceive and psychologically and emotionally exploit the American public in order to advance certain agendas and false narratives of history and current happenings.


  1. Hi John, I'm still not hearing about this connection during the SH Anniversary:

    from 2012:

    J. Paul Vance of Waterbury was nominated as Connecticutís new Claims Commissioner last year (would have been 2011). Vance is the gatekeeper who determines whether the state can be sued. Photo: Contributed Photo

    his father is Connecticut State Police Lt. Vance - the mouthpiece for the SH fiasco

    1. Thanks JerseyCynic, this is new information to me. I just sent Dr. Fetzer a link to this so maybe we can follow up on it in a future program.

  2. It was embarrassing listening to Piper lose this debate so badly.

    I can't understand his continued defense of the official story, using so many distractions as fodder, or his lack of intellectual curiosity to even read or study the proofs that have been given that should cause any thinking person to question the "official story".

    He wore out bogus points and never addressed the issues brought forward that keep me suspicious.

    He failed.

    1. And yet, the poil results posted at showed that he still got 40% of the votes, and the duo, Friend/Fetzer, received 50%.

    2. Corr: to be exact, the official returns published at, shows that the poll results, which numbered those of 114 takers , was 42% given to Piper, and 49% for Friend/Fetzer.

    3. And if you go there today, you will find that Piper now has 52% and Fetzer and Friend 41%, which does not surprise me. These people are going to lie and cheat to maintain SOME BASIS for maintaining they prevailed. But I think this is a case of a short term "victory" and long term loss, because they have forfeited their credibility in the process by adding dishonor to defeat.

    4. @ Prof Fetzer,

      I have been following the work you (and the others) have been doing regarding SH and you have been able to verbalize the points extremely well. To hear Piper in this "debate" and then Johnson (I heard that "debate" yesterday in the car), I can only assess that these people have only two or three issues that they can argue (and not very intelligently or convincingly).

      Piper showed himself to be either totally uninformed of virtually any of the key points you discussed or purposefully trying to mislead people into a false understanding of the facts. It was atrocious, but telling.

      Johnson, had a couple of points, the "snookering" notwithstanding that were decent issues that I am sure you will and have looked more in to. But, he lost all respectability the minute he started screaming and accusing like a 12 year old prepubescent child (my first and only interaction at his blog a couple of years ago went about the same way, except he and his comments guard dog accused me of all sorts of things because I simply asked for a link to an article he listed in a post... I saw right away that something was very wrong with that guy).

      I want to know more about the claims he made about the weapons expert (sorry, Mike someone or another) that you use regarding the ability of a stringbean to be able to carry all the hardware. Although an ad hominen attack against him, it made me wonder more about the guy.

      I am somewhat knowledgeable about weaponry and I do agree with your stance.

      Johnson also mentioned the clean-up crew and the company that provides the signs and lanyards. what he didn't say is whether or not this came to light after the fact (as a means of coverup for that mistake by the media). Have you looked into this issue more?

      Basically, you calmly laid out the evidence and Johnson had just a few issues that he could address. His side was not convincing, tho. He then went overboard in strawmen and ad hominen attacks (which was to be expected). At least he seemed somewhat more prepared than Piper, who made a fool of himself.

      I am still totally befuddled by DeAnna Spingola's shows/interviews and her seeming coupling to the wrong wagon on this thing. She is normally what seems a strong thinker. I cannot understand how anyone, at this point, could believe the official story and go to the lengths they have to defend their seeming erroneous stance.

      I try to give people the benefit of the doubt and can understand someone with a strongly held belief continuing pushing an issue close to their heart, but with the available evidence, it just doesn't make sense to me that these people don't have the same hard questions that you and others (including myself) have.

      There seems to be some other agenda.

  3. CRYSTALIZING PUBLIC OPINION by Edward Bernays is the book I purchased from AFP that I gave a first cousin for a Christmas present. He thanked me very much. In fact, all the books I bought from AFP for presents, have been warmly received.

    However, I do not plan to renew my subscription to the newspaper, for reasons I am willing to give if anyone cares to ask. Even though I expect that the tone of this 'debate' did get ugly and offensive, since you are honorable and eloquent, John, I will listen to the podcast of the debate when I find it, and then 'vote' immediately afterwards, if that is still possible..

    1. Hey Marycatherine, I'd be interested to hear why you are choosing not to re-new your AFP subscription. I'd also recommend emailing AFP and letting them know, too.

      I like having a hard copy newspaper to actually read every week, and I think AFP does some really good reporting on a variety of topics. Of course I'm biased in this assessment, since I do write for the paper. But I definitely think it is worth subscribing to, and encourage all my listeners and readers to do so.

  4. Here are some very insightful comments made by other people on this issue...

    1. I listened to the best part of Deanna's show about Sandy Hook and so far she's discussed very little about the actual SH event itself but gone off on a long tangent about the dangerous side effects of anti-depressants (all probably true) but which she then blames as being responsible for winding up "Adam Lanza" (please I'm yet to see proof positive this boy ever existed) who then, she believes, went on to kill everyone in a real life shooting as we are officially informed.

    Call me old fashioned but wouldn't it make more sense to examine the in situ physical evidence (or lack of it) in order to determine if this event was real or not?

    It seems that the "no-fakery at Sandy Hook" people have reached a certain psychological point which they simply won't cross however compelling the evidence is to do so. In fact they won't look at the physical evidence period, nor will they seriously address any of the points in the Friend or the Fetzer articles that outline the main deficiencies in the official narrative. It actually reminds me of the kind of resistance I meet when I attempt to discuss 911 with certain people who are so wedded to the official fiction that suggestion of "false flag" is a total effrontery to their very being.

    Whether this reluctance to man up to the evidence is because of internal or external pressure is anybody's guess but their dogmatism on the subject's gotta make you wonder.

    Anyway, John Friend, keep up the good work, m8!

    2. In medicine you are taught to learn the normal first before getting concerned with learning the abnormal. In using four of your five senses (exclude taste,) you can examine a patient. Once you learn the normal, you can easily detect when something is abnormal. This works in most anything in life. In being very acquainted in the business I am for 40 years, I am keenly aware of how authorities can handle a case being used to their benefit, and how they are covering up evidence and information that would work against them (as they do in getting you to seek vaccines.)

    The one single segment of the Sandy Hook hoax, everyone should listen and watch the unprofessional, unethical, and morbidly comical behavior of the coroner trying so explain something obviously not true. His actions are sadly the most tell-tale example of the hoax. For the lack of knowing the normal legal, ethical, and moral boundaries upon a coroner is such a disastrous situation, the mere chuckling, and over-explanatory effort he is exhibiting is the most glaring example of the hoax in and of itself. Watch other coroners with real-life tragedies during press conferences, then watch this clown. His ethical behavior should be reported to his licensure board. He has tarnished his own profession. His charlatan performance was cheap and grossly unprofessional. Thanks Mr. Fetzer. Great stuff!!

    3. Nice work Jim! Until I see credible evidence to the contrary, I can only conclude based on what information is currently available to the public, Sandy Hook is a total fiction.

  5. Continued...

    4. I listened to the “debate”, and to MCP’s “response”. I have to say I’m extremely disappointed.

    Keith Johnson was so hysterical he bordered on the psychotic. And, most disappointing, Michael Collins Piper was also bordering on nuts. Long on attack, short on anything else.

    Not sure this debate furthers anything. Although Prof Fetzer did try to stick to the issues, it was frankly awful. I realize he has no control over his opponents actions, but as the old saying goes, never wrestle with a pig.

    5. Another peculiar thing about SH is that not one parent brought a lawsuit for the failure of security at the school. The school looked run down; the security, as told by the press, was questionable. The legal standard for school security was set after prior school shootings. Not one parent was asked a question about security,nor did any parent question the security in the many interviews with them. Not one parent looked for a lawyer? not one could find one? not one lawyer offered to take the case? The press tells us that there were cameras; the next story is that they did not have cameras; the next story is Adam Lanza walked in through the doors; the next story is that broke through the glass; the next story is that the police had broken the glass; the next story is that glass was not broken; and the final story is the photo of the broken glass (without saying who broke it). Another peculiar thing is if you look closely at the camera going through the Lanza home, there is not one photo that could be recognized as Adam Lanza. All the recognizable photos appeared to be Ryan Lanza; when they got to the bedroom that was suggested as “Adam Lanza” bedroom, we see a bed that had not been slept in; a bed with no blanket on it in the middle of December; a closet with no boys’ clothes only boxes; a armoir with unrecognizable clothes stuffed in but folded neatly. Without the taped up windows, it truly looked like the room of a boy who was away at college or who had moved out of the family home.

  6. Continued...

    6. I've tried to have reasonable conversations with Mark Glenn. He's pompous, arrogant, rude, and resorts to ad hominem attacks when he has no argument. MCP seems to be emotionally troubled. I think Jim won this debate. Keith Johnson was unprepared, and would have no good arguments even if he had prepared. He was also rude, whereas Jim was not. The folks at TUT immediately parroted the MSM narrative of Sandy Hook, and immediately branded those who doubted that narrative "conspiracy kooks", which I thought odd, considering they themselves are branded "conspiracy kooks" by the MSM. MCP's argument that the government doesn't hesitate to kill people; therefore the government had no reason not to kill people at Sandy Hook, is not a good argument. Just because the government murders people doesn't mean it won't murder people. In fact, like the mob, the government uses murder as a last resort. When it can accomplish control without murder it does so, and this is what the government wanted from Sandy Hook: control, and this was accomplished by a hoax event, in my opinion. You did good in the debate Jim. I wish the TUT folks were more reasonable, and were actually seeking the truth.

    7. Obviously, Sandy Hook is another major litmus test for being “clean” or “dirty’, legitimate or somehow compromised. Once again Professor Fetzer shakes loose the wheat from the chaf and exposes the chaf for all to see. He does this with great skill and regularity.

    Anyone who is not legit had best refrain from debating Prof. Fetzer, because he will shred them publicly and fully expose them. I have personally seen Prof. Fetzer shred manytwisted ones and for this he is unmatched. He smokes ‘em out one by one and has blown the cover on many.

    Good work Dr. Fetzer, very good work once again. The most convincing “compromised” psyoppers like Chomsky project serious truth followed by an occasional very bad payload. It takes a very informed expert to smoke ‘em out. Piper has delivered a very bad payload and one that is obviously false with his wrong conclusion about Sandy Hook.

    That’s right, no dead kids, no dead teachers, no dead Lanzas, in fact no verified evidence that any Lanzas ever existed. Sandy Hook was a virtually created illusion/delusion major psyop false-flag attack on the Second Amendment using actors moved in two years before. They got their big payouts and are all moving on. Nobody knows their real names except for the psyop planners in DHS and the FBI. Great work, Prof. fetzer.

  7. Wow, what a let down! You and jim did well, but MCP debates like a Liberal, light on facts and logic yet all about ad-hominem and strawman BS. I really thought a more structured debate would really get to the bottom of what these guys believe and why, but I still have no idea why he believes the cartoon that is the Sandy Hoax.
    In contrast I greatly enjoyed the Fetzer interview with Wolfgang Halbig. Sounds like the Hoaxers really pissed off the wrong guy this time. What a true patriot he is, everything to lose by taking his stand against the hoaxers, but he does it anyway because he is a man amoung boys in America.
    BTW, John, I also believe that Fetzer is intellectually honest and sincere.

  8. I do agree with Buelahman in that Fetzer won this debate hands down... Primarily due to the fact that he did not stoop to the level of childish behavior and ignorance that Piper displayed...He did not laugh during Piper's presentations unlike Piper himself that laughed openly during Jim's.....

    Piper also lost by his constant harping on the "Mossad Hit Squad" false topic that even Jim Fetzer proclaimed was irrelevant and was part of human error on his part... But this shows the ignorance and insanity of the TUT crowd when that is the best that they can bring to a debate... Disgusting....

    I am disgusted by the entire TUT crowd and their antics... And it is truly sad that Spingola has now joined their ranks and has now destroyed her own reputation...

    You did yourself proud, John, by not resorting to the antics that Piper displayed.. You kept on subject and refused to stoop to the behavior of that man...

    The TUT group is now proclaiming that they "won" this debate (No surprise there), but that again shows the lunacy of the entire group and that they have nothing when it comes to Sandy Hook....

  9. Continued...These are two examples of interactions between commenters...

    8. ASSERTION: Just imagine somebody who for the first time tries to read some holoco$t criticism and ends up on John Friends blog,who wrote some good articles about it!!

    And then he sees no plane theories,sandy hook hoax,no nukes,nobody died on 9-11 and SH,smoke machines,fire fighters crisis actors,and all other bizare stories in wich JF gets involved!

    That person would immediately see all holoco$t revisionists as bunch of lunatics that have big fantazies!

    Hosts that cover jewish question and are pro White activists should stay out of these discussions!

    John Friend who likes to fly all over conspiracy theories should be boycoted by other hosts wich cover serious topics!

    Hosts should stop debating this nonsence and stop legitimizing people like Jim Friend ,John Fetzer and all othars that are involved in these moronic theories!!

    REBUTTAL: Lemmings like this receive their truth and talking points from personalities instead of evidence. These types of lemmings believe that personality is more important than evidence. They operate with a herd mentality and like to have strong personalities lead the way for them.

    This person even brings up the term "conspiracy theory" as if this is somehow bad. If one believes Jews are controlling things that is a conspiracy theory, if one believes Jews did 9/11 that is a conspiracy theory, if one believes the Holocaust Stories are not true then that is a conspiracy theory. What this person means to say, is if you believe in conspiracy theory that they do not believe in then you are a bad bad bad conspiracy theorist. This is the same type of logic or talking point the Jew Mass Media uses to demonize people with.

    This person then talks about White Nationalism but does not seem to understand that Mike Piper is not a White Nationalist.

    This person cares more about what others might think than what the truth is and to hell with anything else. This person is a typical follower who cares more about image, popularity and if someone likes her or not.

    1. I really like this analysis about the growing division we are seeing in the movement Dave. Your post is very apropos for me as I just had a couple of exchanges with two webmasters about this exact issue where I expressed the identical position that you have stated here, although I will admit, not as succinctly as you have just done.

      I am glad to see this happening in the movement, I think we are finally starting to sort out who is for real and who isn't.

    2. Aservant...

      I did not write those comments...I collected them from other sites that were commenting about this debate...I thought they were relevant and needed to be seen at this blog...

      I did not include the names of those who wrote them as to avoid any 'playing the man and not the ball'...I think the content of the arguments are pretty clear and show who is more consistent...

      My comment is below under 'my take'...I could have wrote it better and I admit I did not really 'nail it' as I was distracted with other things at the time. But the comments by others that I posted were great...and one of them was made by someone in this very thread...who could it be?

    3. Thanks for the clarification Dave. Regardless if they are your comments or not, good work, I enjoyed the read greatly.

  10. I have always liked MCP, in my opinion a considerate, thoughtful guy, and a stickler for accuracy. I've even emailed him a few times. I even accept him as being White though he must repetitively expound of the fact he's some part American Indian. I have not always agreed with his point of view on everything but I think he's too quick to criticize mainly WNs and on the other hand seems to have too much respect for certain jews as I've heard him say on various radio broadcasts over the years. He gives those kosher parasites much more consideration than he has given those who have investigated and spoke out about their conclusions concerning Sandy Hook as a hoax. That just makes no sense to me, and because of this alliance with antiwhite Mark Glen, I'm less inclined to listen to MCP.

    That being said, I took the time to listen to Piper's show, prior to the debate being discussed in this thread, and it's worse than I could have imagined. Maybe it's just me, but when I see a disagreement, and one side resorts to ad hominems and namecalling, that shows me those people have nothing else to support their "arguments". Piper starts off his broadcast by accusing those curious about Sandy Hook are "obsessed", and goes into a tirade linking cults by the end of the program to further smear his opposition. Maybe someone is "obsessed", maybe not, but I think this is just another term being used to discredit and marginalize those who believe Sandy Hook was a psyop.

    It has been the Mark Glen contingent and supporters who are so hysterical they needed to resort to really nasty ad hominems. Keith Johnson's reaction to Fetzers arguments in their debate, was to snicker and mock on mike when it wasn't his turn to speak -- just plain rude, but received cudos for his performance from Piper in this broadcast. It would seem obvious to me, it's the TUT contingent that is working double time and has been from the day of the SH incident to discredit the other side. From calling Fetzer a "freak" to comparing Fetzer to Madelyn Murray O'hare, as though this is pertinent to the disagreement -- does the smear ever stop? NO! Piper then links Professor Fetzer and Sophia Smallstrom to Scientology which Piper says is run by Mossad to further discredit them to anyone who would buy it.

    Next thing I heard were accusations of "nutty-ness from the crisis actor crowd" by Piper. I'm listening to a steady stream of condescension and namecalling. In view of all this hysterical nonsense, I find it doubtful that Fetzer's alleged statements against AFP claimed by Piper, to Willis Carto, and in this broadcast, are at all explained in context. Apparently Piper believes the government's narration of Sandy Hook, and to think otherwise, described by Piper, as "dangerous". I quote Piper, "Absolute lunacy coming out of Fetzer and Smallstrom" and John Friend, is "the giggler". How nice. Simply, the intentional deliberate divisiveness by MCP I heard in this broadcast is beyond the pale.

  11. Continued...

    9. ASSERTION: In the real world. Perception is everything. If "sheep" see kneejerk topics and take it in a negative way, then all the research and truths that someone like JF brings will in their minds be discredited. (Previous ASSERTION above) pointed this out very quickly. First impressions mean so much. If you are trying to keep someones attention or retain creditability then you need to keep the conspiracy articles in a separate folder. It is very important to share with the world the lies surrounding the holoca$h industry. But if very questionable articles that are perceived as crazy by the general population are plastered along side holoca$h articles then much is lost . imo. I stand by my statement and I feel no shame whatsoever.

    REBUTTAL: So, due to the miniscule amount of people who may come here, and then, might get it, we should refrain from bringing forward the major suspicious shananigans being surrepticiously committed by the jews, because the potential allies might be put off, and not come on board with us, not to mention the pathetic rantings of Piper and Johnson in defense of their points of view. How preposterous. Your definition of knee-jerk topics I'm sure would include "the jews did 911" I suppose, because certainly, these few potential allies you're so needy for, will undoubtedly run for safety.

    The idea or poor excuse we shouldn't voice our incredulity about Sandy Hook because mainstream jews and their minions would think we've gone bonkers and/or that they can use our conspiracy suspicions against us is absurd. Do we have some honorable standing in the mainstream I'm missing? The jews and the unawakened masses already smear us on the jewsmedia for what we already know about them, so why should an alternate explanation of what some of us think happened at Sandy Hook or any view the jewsmedia puts forward on anything be any more damaging to our reputations or credibility? To who?

  12. My take...

    I think a much deeper analysis is needed but for the sake of time I want to get something stated here for all who are following this...

    It seems we finally have their POSITION on Sandy Hook/Newtown Elementary School 'shooting'. Whoever is 'ed note-' over at TUT, I assume it is Mark Glenn...

    (TUT)ed note–the only evidence we have is that a lone crazy kid named Adam Lanza entered the school and killed a bunch of people. The rest of it is the stuff of UFO, Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster stories.

    Okay...So they say they have 'evidence' that Adam Lanza did it. What they really 'have' is a photo of a child that looks like Ryan Lanza combination photo that does not in any way look like a 20 year old man, along with the Jew Media's fantastic tale of woe on the 'Community of Newtown'. Then more of the same garbage you would normally hear Sean Hannitty or Chris Matthews spew in regards to 'Conspiracy Theorists'.

    (TUT)ed note–a perfectly valid question to ask. All false flags have an INTENDED outcome and always political in nature. NOTHING happened as a result of SH–NOTHING. No new guns laws, no expanded background checks–NOTHING. If they can pull of 911–something infinitely more difficult–and get what they wanted out of it–13 years of war and counting–then certainly they could pull off something as relatively simple as SH and get what they want.

    Okay...First lets deal with the assertion that 'nothing happened as a result of SH','no new gun laws, no background checks'...Wow, talk about living in another dimension.

    "Connecticut Passes Nation's Strictest Gun Law In Wake Of Sandy Hook Massacre" found here...

    And..."Maryland House passes strict gun-control measure crafted after Newtown massacre" found here...

    From the articles...
    The Connecticut legislation bans the sale of gun magazines with a capacity of more than 10 rounds and requires background checks for private gun sales, including those at gun shows. It also expands the state's current assault weapons ban to include more than 100 gun models.

    Additionally, the Connecticut bill allocates $15 million for expanded school safety and mental health programs, and includes new eligibility requirements for ammunition sales. It also has a provision to create the nation's first registry of dangerous offenders, which will be accessible only to law enforcement officers.

    'President' Barack/Barry Obama/Soetoro told a Denver, CO audience, "(his administration) will not just wait for the next Newtown" before passing stricter gun control laws.

  13. Continued...
    From the articles...

    'Governor' Martin O'Malley...“The tragedy in Newtown [Conn.] gave us the inflection point, the ability to forge a consensus that prior to that awful tragedy might not have been possible. Hopefully, we can wrest some good out of that.”

    The Maryland House of Delegates passed what would be among the nation’s most restrictive gun-control measures Wednesday, voting to ratchet up the state’s already tough rules by requiring fingerprinting of gun buyers, new limits on firearm purchases by the mentally ill, and bans on assault weapons and on magazines that hold more than 10 bullets.

    Amid the wave of legislative efforts nationally, Maryland’s is the only package whose new requirements would force gun buyers to provide fingerprints and undergo classroom training, target practice and background checks to obtain a license to buy a firearm.

    Under the Maryland bill, any resident wanting to buy a gun would have to pass the new training and testing requirements before receiving an ID card issued by the Maryland State Police. State officials said the ID card would be similar to a driver’s license, probably with a photo. It would have to be renewed every 10 years.

    Okay...I think you get the picture...This type of legislation will be used across the country as the model for any further legislation. SH is the Core of the Deception, an 'EVENT'...There are other shootings that happen which may be a number of things...Real, Small Drill, Copycat, Unsuccessful attempts...These smaller stories are not 'Obama's Baby'. He is not going to get on TV and say much about them, and if he does, he will use his 'Core Argument' of SH and Adam/Ryan Lanza Photoshop boy and the smiling families who never saw their 'dead' kids.

    Yes in this day and age, the jews use photoshop, amazing I know...

    Yes you can use your own eyes and determine if some of these kids at last years super bowl are indeed six or seven years older than their SH 'victim' photos.I would say that Charlotte Bacon, Avielle Richman, Josephine Gay, Ben Wheeler and Olivia Engel are alive and well...GREAT NEWS is it not?

    Bottom line...Sandy Hook was done for the reasons 'ed note-' says in regarding 911...There was an intended outcome that was political in nature...If they can do 911 which is difficult, they can do a simple thing like SH and get what they want...Yup. That is exactly what they did. These operation have one thing in common, and by operations I mean these 'EVENTS'.

    They have to succeed no matter what. They are designed to be successful, and it is easy for them to be successful because they have the power of the TV. They have power over anybody who is government involved in these things. The jews power over our media is like someone shutting off your water faucets and you have nothing else so you have to drink from the toilet.

    You see buildings exploding and 'war' being waged on massive amounts of people in the middle of a city on live television. believe it or not, CAN rally the masses a lot quicker than a 'shooting' which showed NOTHING on television. Zip, zilch, nada. Just a bunch of people running around and a bunch of known liars lying for weeks on end. Unknown liars exposing themselves as total phonies and frauds.

    If you believe them, fine. Like many 'regular' people in America you didn't really care all too much about changing gun laws. The Commie Libs do however want to change them. Not only is really about implanting this into the children. That is why they had all their 'celebrities' lay down the fear on the youth...

    1. I never got a positive response, an approval, from the government on a background check I submitted almost a month ago on Dec. 31 to purchase a firearm. I'm told, in most cases the background checks are approved in minutes. That's what the gun dealer told me. There's nothing in my history that would preclude me from owning a firearm, and yet I only have "conditional" permission to acquire one and I can get no additional information. If they were to decide to nix my background check, they can order me to return the weapon to where I purchased it. Certainly, it's not beyond the government to break it's own laws to prevent or at least dissuade people from acquiring a firearms and I'm sure that's what's going on. I wasn't in a hurry, and I will get my 30 shot AR-15, but because of government interference due to incidents like Sandy Hook, not to mention government incompetence because of nonwhite hirees, I'm still working on it.

  14. Continued...

    The fact is the media can not be trusted in any way...They are getting what they want, they are getting people who SHOULD KNOW BETTER to believe them when they say anything. The default position should be to demand what they say is true, rather than telling your flock the burden of proof is on WE concerned citizens.

    What we basically have is a marriage to these liars. 911 and the Iraq war lies were them 'cheating' on us...However, we can not divorce them when people like (ed note-) believe them. Apparently they are far more forgiving and tolerant of these 'cheaters'. When dealing with a known liar, expect lies. Each lie bigger and more unbelievable then the next. I suggest you read the 'Big Lie Technique' by that spooky guy in that german uniform.

    Did Obama really get Osama? Nope he did not. The whole thing was Bullshit...Is that 'crazy' to you? No, because your sole focus at TUT is the Middle East. You guys do a great job on that. Meanwhile here in America...We have our own problems with these jews and your AGENDA is not ours.

    While we are anti war and sympathize with their suffering for this bullshit, we actually give a shit when this lying whore jew media government says things and expects to be believed at face value because people in our 'so called movement' take them at their word for fear of 'losing credibility'. Enough of that mindset. The Truth is the Truth.

  15. If the mainstream wanted to attack us based on the belief that these events are psyops, well then I guess they would already be doing so. Besides that shitty little bastard, Anderson Cooper's attack on James Tracy I haven't seen that happen. Unless someone miracled onto this site or a few others like it, or were informed by people like us, typically they don't even know of the controversy. Typically the MSM attacks gatekeepers like jones, who faithfully holds the line on these bullshit events being real. The fact is that these being nothing more than stage productions is the REAL secret that absolutely CANNOT be let out of the bag, no matter what.
    I think the only reason they attacked Dr. Tracy was because at that time he was only questioning the details of the official narrative, and not the authenticity of the entire event. They would have Jones attacking us now, but they are desperate to not expose the partially awake to the depth of the rabbit hole. Only the last chance gatekeepers are allowed to attack this info-

  16. And the results of the poll, this early Tues. morning, NOW shown at the AFP site are Piper received 53% and Fetzer/Friend, 41%, with STILL only 3% for a tie. Hmm!.

  17. oops I meant WED. morning results, with more being counted or cast, since yesterday.

  18. I first went to the AFP page to vote, when I first saw the podcast posted, several hours after the live show. I was just met with the poll results, and nowhere to vote?! At this writing, MCP is ahead 207-163 votes (52-41%). WTF, I wanted to vote, couldn't!! I call vote fraud!

    Separately, in his Fri 1/24 show found at radiofetzer.blogspot. Fetzer had on Dennis Cimino, Beginning at 37:00 they discuss MCP, saying he's proclaimed himself to be a holohoax believer. They ref'd a public talk he gave, and some emails? Is this claim documented elsewhere? Can we nail him down on the question?

    Fetzer also had Sofia on, and a school security expert, Wolfgang Halbig, the subject of this:
    both were on his 1/27 show.

  19. Judging by this poll, and the poll on the Keith Johnson interview, it would appear that most who voted are more impressed by namecalling and lack of substance than by substance. Their hysterical opposition to the Sandy Hook hoax side just doesn't make any sense. Whatever divide there is, they caused it. Believing jews did 911 or believing the holocaust was a total fabrication and hoax is no more incredible than believing Sandy Hook was a hoax, nor is it any more damaging to one's reputation unless you care what morons think.

    Another straw man is claiming you need hundreds of "crisis actors" to have pulled off a hoax at SH. This claim is totally disingenuous. I'll bet even cops on the scene weren't permitted to go into the kill zone, thus saw nothing, and even if any of those cops were suspicious of anything, does any one in their right mind think they would come forward? Why would they even imagine it wasn't legit? Their bosses said it was. Even if they were suspicious, who would they tell who would forward their suspicions anywhere but back to their superiors. When you are part of the police state, a cop or state worker, you do as the police state tells you to do, OR ELSE ...

    By the way, for all the hoopla about these "debates" and those who engaged in them, or the alleged damage to the "movement" claimed by the TUT crowd, there sure isn't much interest on the internet. Lucky if there's 100 comments in total by a hundred different folks on all the websites combined who posted articles about it. Sandy Hook, just like all the other false flags the jews have pulled off, is over, so we'll never get to the bottom of it and never know exactly what happened in any of them. We can only speculate.

  20. First of all I do not think this was a true debate in any real sense of the term. Of course, Dr. Fetzer won, hands down, but it was no real contest and it was an insult to Dr. Fetzer and to me and possibly others here.

    Just once at least, I would like to see someone debate Dr. Fetzer on 9-11 or Sandy Hook who has a deep knowledge of the topic and who is a real match for Dr. Fetzer in terms of debating skills and brain power. That would be a debate that may well bear good fruit, i.e., greater truth regarding the issue.

    Keith Johnson and Michael Collins Piper were pitiful and laughable opponents. As Dr. Fetzer said, they continually displayed three main logical fallacies in their pseudo argumentation – straw man, special pleading, and ad hominem.

    Michael Piper has never really looked at physical data and evidence regarding any false flag event to my knowledge. He probably has some phony reason for not ever familiarizing himself with objective facts and data as best as can be discovered. Mr. Piper seems to want to focus on showing the “Zionist” or “jew” connections to events to the exclusion of the subjects of inquiry that Dr. Fetzer focuses on.

    It was particularly disgusting that, per one commenter, “Piper wants to BULLY John Friend into staying in line with AFP and he better not step out of line.”
    It did indeed appear that Mr. Piper was “pulling his AFP rank” on new AFP writer, John Friend, as a veiled threat.

    I find Mr. Piper and Mark Glenn to be great practitioners of what I think is called “meta discourse, discourse about discourse, not every saying much of anything of substance. This can be a delaying or other kind of manipulative ploy / defense mechanism or it can be some kind of psychological disorder or both. Dr. Fetzer goes on and on sometimes with litanies facts about 9-11 or the JFK assassination, but at least he is conveying facts and we would do well to soak up some of those facts. With Glenn and Piper, it is more like listening to their narcissistic self worship speech and we would do well to hit the mute button.

    All this bit about mind altering drugs and drug induced mind control is nothing but the Alex Jones / Jon Rappaport program. There are so many glaring inconsistencies and contradictions in relation to the official story Sandy Hook that psychotropic drugs and psychotic behavior really appear to be nothing but a deliberate diversion and distraction ploy.

    In case anyone wants to read free Mr. Piper’s latest book, here is the link…
    The last 75 pages or so are an incongruous block of text on Sandy Hook that does not at all fit in with the false flag events “template” that Mr. Piper theorizes about in the rest of the book on other events.

    In case anyone wants to see the official story, the official narrative of Sandy Hook, here it is…

    Report of the State’s Attorney for the
    Judicial District of Danbury on the
    Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and
    36 Yogananda Street,
    Newtown, Connecticut
    December 14, 2012

    OK, we have this baffling new coalition of Sandy Hook true believers made up of, in part,

    Michael Collins Piper
    Mark Glenn
    Keith Johnson
    The TUT gang
    The American Free Press “gang” maybe
    Deanna Spingola
    Texe Marrs

    It is all so odd to me, as someone said, as if “they are circling their wagons.” There has been some kind or coercion factor introduced to Mr. Piper and company that is motivating this odd cryptic behavior.
    Best I can tell, this divisiveness regarding Sandy Hook has something to do with what some consider to be the “orthodox” way of exposing the Zionist connections to 9-11 and other events since 9-11. Some ways of seeking Sandy Hook truth and 9-11 truth are simply not acceptable to certain “real” and “serious” truth researchers.

  21. What's been demonstrated in these debates is that a TUTlander [disciple of Mark Glenn], like the emperor himself, Glenn, is incapable of a civil debate.

    Glenn reduces any debate to a everything-goes gutter fight... and Glenn throws the first sucker punch and is the only one throwing all the mud.

  22. How to respond to an anti Conspiracy Theorist by Mike King of
    Let's see how many apply in these debates...

    "You sound like a conspiracy theorist."
    RESPONSE: "Conspiracy Theorist? Now tell me the truth, where did you hear that term...on TV? (Laugh.) ...So let me get this straight. Are you saying that men in high positions of power are not capable of criminal activity and telling lies to the general public? Are you really that naive?" (Laugh as you say this.)
    "I'm not saying that governments don't lie, but a conspiracy like that would have to involve 100's of people. You can't hide something like that."
    RESPONSE: "You're absolutely right. I agree with you 100%. It is impossible to totally cover up a conspiracy so massive. That's why I know about it! What you must understand is that they don't have to cover it up totally. Even a bucket that has a few leaks can still do the job of carrying water from here to there! They only need to fool 80% of the public, which isn't hard to do when you control the major networks and newspapers. The 10-20% that do figure it out (and the fewer still who will dare to speak their minds about it) can be very easily marginalized with the propaganda label "conspiracy theorist." The 80% + never take us critical thinkers seriously because they want to be part of the majority. This is known as groupthink. (*Note: When saying "conspiracy theorist", always hold your two hands up as you make sarcastic quote marks with your fingers.)
    (The Ridicule Trick) "That's ridiculous (as he rolls his eyes). Do you really believe that nonsense?"
    RESPONSE: "Can I ask you an honest question?" (Wait for "yes") Do you consider yourself an open minded, critical thinking person - yes or no? (Wait for "yes") Then how can you possibly ridicule an opinion when you haven't even done 10 minutes of research into the matter? That's kind of ignorant don't you think?" (Wait for response.)
    . "Not

    "Not everything that happens in the world is a conspiracy!"
    RESPONSE: "Not everything is a conspiracy, but nor is NOTHING a conspiracy either. Wouldn't you agree that we should evaluate each case independently and with an open mind?" (Wait for response.)

    "Governments are so incompetant that they can't even deliver the mail on time or balance a budget. They couldn't conspire their way out of a paper bag!".
    RESPONSE: "Don't confuse your incompetant, dim witted Congressman or Senator with the shadow government. The dark covert elements who stage these events are very skilled at carrying out, and concealing, their plots. Take for example the Manhattan Project. Hundreds of the world's top scientists were holed up in a desert for months as they worked on the Atomic Bomb. More than 100,000 people, each sworn to silence, worked on the project in 3 secret cities. A test bomb was even detonated in the the desert and not one word was said about it! This conspiracy was so secretive, that when FDR died and Vice President Truman became President, FDR's advisors had to inform him of the Project's existence! So you see, the shadowy intelligence element of the government is VERY capable!"

  23. Continued...(How to respond/Anti Conspiracy Theorist)

    (The Unresolved Detail Trick) "If this is a conspiracy then explain to me how they managed to do x, y, and z?"
    RESPONSE: "I don't have every missing piece of this puzzle. But I have enough pieces to KNOW that the government-media version is false! Imagine if I gave you a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle, and told you that the image is of a beach in Hawaii. But after snapping 30 pieces together, you notice polar bears, snow capped mountains, and men covered in furs. Although there are still 70 missing pieces, you already have enough to KNOW that the image is NOT that of a beach in Hawaii. It's the same with solving conspiracies. I may not have all of the details, but I have laid out enough pieces to know that the official story is a lie. Does that make sense to you? (Wait for response.)
    "So what? just because "x" happened, or "y" said this, it doesn't mean it's a conspiracy. You're taking a few coincidences and making a conspiracy out of it. "
    RESPONSE: "If it were just one or two coincidences, I would agree with you. But when you have a series of 10,15, 20 different anomolies, the law of statistics PROVES that they can't all be just "coincidence". For example, if we're playing dice, and I roll a "7" to win. That doesn't mean that my dice are rigged. It's just a 1 in 6 coincidence. But if I roll a "7", eight times in a row, then that's a 1 in 150,000 "coincidence". You would have to be a fool not to question the integrity of those dice! You do understand probabilities don't you? (Wait for response.)

    (The Isolated Piece of Evidence Trick) "Other than citing some historical events, you still haven't shown me one piece of evidence that this was a conspiracy. Tell me just one thing that most proves a conspiracy."
    RESPONSE: "That's a trick question! If I tell you "just one thing", you'll just climb on your high horse and dismiss it as a "coincidence". What I want to show you is TWENTY THINGS! But you're too closed minded to consider the case in its totality! You won't even watch a You Tube video let alone read the case! I sure hope you never get selected to serve on a jury! You want everything boiled down to a simplistic media sound byte. Unless you will commit to a few hours of study, I'm wasting my time with you. Why are you so afraid to study this? (Wait for a response.)
    "If this were true, the media would be all over it! It would be on the front page of every newspaper in America."
    RESPONSE: "The media, the government, the International bankers, Hollywood, and academia are all part of the same incestuous complex. The media is part of the conspiracy, so why would you expect them to tell you the truth?" (Wait for response.)

    "You wouldn't be able to corrupt so many people. Every reporter and politician would have to be "in on it" in order to cover it up."
    RESPONSE: "The corruption doesn't come from the outside-in. It comes from the top-down. If the ownership of a major media organization decides that a certain story is to be spiked, or if another story is to be hyped, then the rest of the organization follows. If a low level reporter decides to defy his bosses, he will lose his job and be blacklisted. Remember Helen Thomas? After 50 years as a White House Correspondent, she was dumped like a hot potato for publicly criticizing Israel. The same fearful top-down control works in government and academia as well.

  24. Continued...(How to respond/Anti Conspiracy Theorist)

    "This is crazy. I don't believe in conspiracy theories."
    RESPONSE: "You don't believe it? Or You don't WANT to believe it? There's a big difference between the two. The human mind is filled with complexes, one of which is the desire to shield itself from unpleasant truths. You're afraid that if you look into this, you might see that it's true. And you're especially afraid that if you come to agree with me, you too will then become marginalized as a "conspiracy theorist." It is FEAR that is causing you to close your mind and act like a sheep. Grow a pair and stop being so closed minded!"
    "Conspiracy theories appeal to uneducated people because they provide simplistic answers to complex events."
    RESPONSE: "Exactly the OPPOSITE is true! The evaluation of conspiracy theories not only requires much time and study, but also applied logic and critical thinking. Did you know that Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Bobby Fischer all believed in the "one-world conspiracy theory"? Were those men stupid? No, it is intellectually lazy people like you who choose to swallow and parrot whatever simplistic narrative that the TV feeds you. Do you ever question anything that the TV feeds you?" (Wait for response.)
    "Conspiracy theories appeal to people because they are comforting."
    RESPONSE: "Exactly the OPPOSITE is true. It is far more comforting to believe that certain tragic events happen exactly as the TV says, than to believe in monstrous internal plots beyond our control. Do you actually think that I enjoy believing that such evil exists? You think I like being ridiculed by simple minded family members and friends? Take it from me, the life of a "conspiracy theorist" can actually be quite stressful at times!"
    "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet."
    RESPONSE: "I don't believe everything that's on the Internet. But apparently you believe everything that's on the Idiot Box! I only believe those things which are verifiable, and consistent with my own sense of reasoning and logic. The beauty of the Internet is that, unlike the TV that you worship so much, all sides of an issue are presented on the Internet. It allows a critical thinker to figure out what the true story is. The TV doesn't give you that option. Do you really believe that the media presents the whole story? Are you that naive? (laugh) Remember the fairy tale of the 'weapons of mass destruction' in Iraq? The media shoved that lie down our throats. So why do you trust the media so blindly and not the Internet?"
    (Wait for response.)
    "Some conspiracy theorists still believe Elvis is still alive."
    RESPONSE: "So, according to your twisted logic, because some theories are false, therefore ALL theories are false? I'm astonished that you could make such a stupid and offensive anology! Is that the best you got?" (Wait for response.)
    "You don't have any respect or compassion for the family members of the dead."
    RESPONSE: "I am honoring the dead by pursuing the truth as to who killed them! If someone in your family was killed, wouldn't you want to know who the true culprit was?" (Wait for response.)

  25. I figured out the AFP poll. I didn't realize those were buttons to vote-- totally unclear! I've never seen an online poll presented like that, giving the current results up front, and no clear procedure to 'vote' and then 'submit', then leading to the current results page. Rather, that poll auto-refreshes the numbers after you've voted, IF you first figure out that those are buttons. Definitely not an ideal set-up, me thinks! :(

    Dr. Fetzer: I see your comment above re the funny business at the AFP poll. And I've since read your VT article, "After two defeats over Sandy Hook, AFP editor declines a third debate". I'd say the AFP "poll" can be dismissed as overly flimsy and easy to shill. The total votes cast is too low to be meaningful. As to "one vote only!", proxy servers, anyone?

    About AFP/TUT, who I'll lump together here because of the MCP nexus and for both org's desire to present an apparent "United [controlled opposition-- hey who said that?!] Front" wrt anti-SH-skepticism. It was nearly a year ago that I submitted to their podcast comments approval queue, a completely sincere, polite & thoughtful essay where I was critical of the TUT gang's ongoing anti-SH-skepticism campaign. I submitted it to comments for MCP's 2/19/13 show, wherein he was (again) condescending & ridiculing towards SH-skepticism. Glenn rejected/censored the comment/essay, because it didn't fit the "majority consensus" he was trying, fraudulently, to present. That rejected essay can be read here:

    ^ the rejected essay there is accompanied by my explanation for why I was "Abandoning support for The Ugly Truth podcasts". When TUT/GlennCo demonstrated that they were not above censoring such honest & polite critiques of their campaign, the jig was up. Again, lumping TUT together with AFP wrt their apparent "common interests" in STEERING (discouraging) SH-skepticism; it's not a stretch at all to understand AFP's shilling their own poll to achieve the desired appearance; same as GlennCo censors the thoughts expressed in TUT's reader/listener comments.

    Former AFP writer Chris Bollyn ("kinky balloon" as MCP tellingly resorts to calling him, ad nauseum) has much to say about MCP and AFP, see: "Bollyn on DBS, Hufschmid, Piper, Thorn, CIA":

    Or check his page, which is a mile long; but use your browser's CTRL-F word search function for "Piper" or "AFP" to see his latest.

    What was Jewish lawyer Mark Lane, early Spotlight/AFP lawyer-become-owner, doing at Jonestown?

    An earlier version of his wiki page I saw told of his time in the army (he'd have turned 18 in Feb 1945), where he was in an "intelligence" corp; but now that wiki page only starts his history after that, with his early lawyer career. 2 mins: "Israel is paying internet workers to manipulate online content":

  26. As to Spingola's "coming out" earlier this month re SH, very disappointing of course. I wrote, "Spingola Jumps Shark, Supports's Official Sandy Hook Story"

    Thing about the "case" she makes for her proclaimed "belief" is, it's reliant totally on sources; like NYTimes "stories" and SS death records; all under the complete control of S.Hoax's perps! And they've had over a year now to plug all the early holes in their ham-handed SH farce! Is she going to change her view on 911 too now, after reconsidering the 911 Whitewash Commission Report, and NYTimes "stories" about 911? 2 mins: "Building 7: The Story the Times Missed - ReThink911"

    I'm afraid her weeping in her recent solo SH shows, was just as likely to be over feeling coerced to compromise her integrity wrt SH to be in line with (her part time employer) AFP's wishes, as it was to be over (her proclaimed belief in) the alleged "26 ppl killed by Adam Lanza at SH".

    1. See my previous comment for list of mystifying coalition forming over the Sandy Hook event.


      There was a veryt recent show of Ms. Spingola's where Dr. Fetzer called in to refute some of the things Keith Johnson, her current guest, was saying, and she rudely cut him off, more seriously wrong behavior on Ms. Spingola's part. I always thought she was a basically honest person, but no longer.

      I understand one of Ms. Spingola's favorite oft quoted remarks is

      "The truth does not fear investigation"

      She has done a bang-up job of destroying her credibility in regard to her anti-truth, fear based stance on Sandy Hook.

      I do not know that she is a part-time employee of American Free Press but if she is, then that certainly adds credence that the entire entity of American Free Press seems to have become co-opted on seeking truth about Sandy Hook. I have been reluctant to go that far as John Friend seems non-co-opted and he writes for Sandy Hook.


      Remember that the major stand-out weird facts about Sandy Hook are...

      1. We cannot really prove who was killed, or if anyone at all was killed. We also cannot prove that these adults and children were real people, and that even includes Adam Lanza. There are many findings that seem to indicate a total lack of direct proof or evidence that a mass shooting did take place.
      (This is very similar to the "plane passengers" and "hijackers" on the four alleged commerical airline flights on 9-11. Now even Dean Hartwell in his latest book,
      Rumors Fly, Truth Walks, ...
      "And none of the planes alleged as part of the plot actually flew any passengers!
      Hartwell admits he was mistaken in previously saying that passengers landed in Cleveland that day. After reviewing all available information, he says that Flight 175 likely landed in Cleveland"

      So there were no plane passengers so we are left all these people, named in certain publicized lists, who do not appear to be real passengers at all. A couple of them are real people we knew about and were real people, but most are people we cannot even prove are real people, much less real people who were killed on 9-11. The FACT that the four alleged airplanes did not crash at the four 9-11 sites is just as surreal as the weirdness of Sandy Hook.

      2. None of the townspeople can be contacted just at least to find out if any of them actually knew any of the "victims." The whole darn town has been silenced. Very very odd indeed. People who have gone around and tried to just talk a little and ask a few questions around the town have been threatened by law enforcement. Also, many of the folks in town were fairly recently gifted their homes there and now they are moving away.

      These two factors are very similar to the strangeness of major features of 9-11.

      In none of the many false flag type events and other major shootings and crime scenes on U.S. soil up until the 1990s, never did we question that the victims were really victims or that the victims were real people.

      I just do not know how a detective would incontrovertibly establish that a person was real and existed and that it was that person who was actually and truly killed at the event place and time.

  27. Sandy Hook Anti-Conspiracy Theorists = TUTlanders [disciples and followers of Mark Glenn].

    The TUTlanders don't want to know the truth about Sandy Hook. Their main concern is that their dear emperor, Mark Glenn, saves face on the matter and to prove, no matter how convoluted the logic, that he is somehow, someway, correct. If their beloved emperor says the earth is flat, then TUTlanders will insist that the earth is flat.

    The ugly truth about TUTland is that there the emperor's prestige trumps the truth. The emperor of TUTland is never wrong.

    “How's that revolution going for you Egypt?” : Mark Glenn.

    Yes, he really did post that comment in TUTland. Although he subsequently removed it... of course for some other reason that it was a mistake to post it. The emperor of TUTland doesn't make mistakes.

  28. I very much doubt that Deanna was coerced by AFP.

  29. Sat., Dr. Fetzer posted his very important detailed report on the indictment of the renowned published Sandy Hook truther, Alen J. Salerian, M.D., who is to be tried in eight days. You can read it at VeteransToday, and please take a stand:

    "Outing the Washingtonian and the Criminalization of Medicine".

  30. AFP PODCAST: School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook

    February 11, 2014 AFP AFP PODCAST Wolfgang W. Halbig doesn’t believe anyone was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012, and he’s looking for some answers. So many answers, in fact, that he was paid a visit by some police investigators telling him to back off.

    Mr. Halbig isn’t your average “conspiracy theorist.” He’s worked in public education as a teacher, dean, assistant principal, principal of an alternative school and as the Director for School Safety and Security for the Seminole County Public Schools, a school district of approximately 65,000 students. A former Florida State Trooper and United States Customs Inspector, Mr. Halbig was invited by the U.S. Department of Justice to train over 3,500 school police officers, school superintendents and school principals.
    He travels the country providing presentations and keynotes to a variety of school board associations and conferences and is a nationally-recognized school safety and security expert and consultant, who has provided safety training and school assessments for more than 4,000 school districts nationwide.

    Dave Gahary spoke with Wolfgang about why he doesn’t believe the official story of the Sandy Hook Elementary School event, in this interesting interview (43:23). Dave Gahary, a former submariner in the U.S. Navy, is the host of AFP’s ‘Underground Interview’ series. -

    See more at:

  31. They never said where we could send Mr. Halbig donations so he can hire lawyers.

    Dave Garhary did a good job not only to have this guest and do this interview for AFP but to do again what he did so well recently with the Dr. Fetzer, Sandy Hook debate, that is, conduct his moderating and interviewing in a professional, courteous and objective manner.

    I am very curious what is going on with Mr. Piper and a few other AFP people adamantly accepting and defending the official story. Truth is, we do not even have the full "official story" yet as the state attorney's report that we do have is full of major omissions and the secret{FBI} report is being withheld from the public.

    If Mr. Halbig is able to get the major Sandy Hook deciders and first responders raising their right hand and testifying under oath with his attorneys, I do not think these players will have the slightest twinge of conscience about lying or "testilying" as our police have been doing in local courts for many years. In this instance all those who will deposed will know full well that they are protected by the controllers of the Sandy Hook event.

    Think it would be a good idea for praying folks to send a few prayers up there for this man. If he is on the level, and I believe he is, he will need the strongest protections available from on high.


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