Sunday, January 5, 2014

Dana Antiochus Confronts Jewish Privilege on RT

If you weren't already aware, RT is basically a kosher operation. I rarely even bother visiting the site. Dana Antiochus of Renegade Broadcasting did an excellent job exposing this fact. Please watch and share this short video with friends and family.


  1. 911 No Plane Theory Angry Birds Edition

    Correction: The Person shown as Clifton Cloud in this video is the wrong guy- the guy sitting next to him is Clifton Cloud.

    Most of the people who supplied the "911 strike footage" happen to be involved in either film, the audio/visual industry, or CGI - What are the odds?

    What are the odds that most everyone supplying the "911 strike videos" would be involved in the CGI industry? Are most people who work in New York involved in Computer Generated Animation? Or is it just that the people supplying what "we saw" on 9/11 were just people who worked in these industries who were supplying the footage after the fact?

    From: Luc Courchesne
    Art Making as Forging Evidence

    Affiliation Artist, University of Montreal, Montreal

    ... artists have the ability to teach us how to look at the world and furthermore to show what the world is about. .... a process of continuous re-editing of what is called reality, and of our idea of it, which has transformed the face of the Earth. This process of manufacturing context, both physical and intellectual, has now set to challenge the very basis of visual intelligence as we learn to put into question the single point of view.....

    creativity and the quest for beauty appear to be rooted in anxiety and it's production, a necessary and humbling exercise in forging evidence for what may be.

    Artists of the late millennium are, sometimes carelessly, using new techniques to materialize their own views of things....

    This talk will look at forged evidence -- artworks -- by some of those who bother to engage creatively with technology.

    -Luc Courchesne 9/11 "videographer"

    1. Wow, thanks for sharing, I just watched the vid. The end where they quote Devin Clark saying, "Yeah, they could have faked those videos, it would have been totally easy," is the best part. There is no doubt 9/11 was a massive media deception presented as if it were a real life "attack on America by hijacked airliners and crazy Muslim fanatics connected to bin Laden." What a total joke.

    2. Couple things...

      Devin Clark's quote is very telling indeed...I wonder what ethnicity he is?

      911 was a massive media deception, it was a real life attack, just not done by hijacked airliners and crazy muslims connected to OBL/UBL...

      Yup, all of the 'regular joe's' out there responsible for the 'amateur' footage were in fact 'profesionals' in CGI or Video/Audio...They also all happen to appear to be of a certain ethnic/ideological/racial group as well...

      All of their footage has been recognized as being authentic by the 'official story' pushers of the MSM and Gov't...

      Look at this way, imagine that a REAL regular joe had some footage that did not show a plane...regular joe calls up CNN, FOX and tells them this...what do you think happens next? A. Oh wow, why didn't you say so? We will put you on with Wolf Blitzer at seven, give us your information, see you at seven! OR B. Fuck off! Pretty simple...

      Now as far as the No Planes thing...What happened was they blew up bombs at both towers, by remote control or a timer...They used CGI to give the illusion that there were real hijacked planes, ONLY one 'live' shot appeared to the television audience, and that one shot just so happened to be the easiest to fake with a 'masking edge' along the side of the towers which appeared as one tower given the angle they provided.

      Later they showed their 'better' CGI forgeries to hammer the point home...Due to crash physics(Newton's 3rd LAW (not theory/not opinion) of motion) and the fact that planes can not penetrate into skyscrapers without damaging itself, and THEN exploding on the inside. The official story of planes is impossible regardless of what you think you are seeing on the videos (which contradict eachother in more ways than one, cancelling their authenticity out).

      There are major flaws in the remote controlled planes theory...Crash Physics (plane going splat on impact, not giving the right perception of damage done), Possibilty that you miss the target and difficulty thereof, and no record of two of the flights, and two of the other planes still flying after 911.

      They wanted to pull this is as easy, simple, and efficient as possible. That is why they used 'spooky' CGI that jews like devin clark says was very easy to do.

      What about the 'thousands of witnesses'? A good example is the JFK assassination. Where 80% of the witnesses say that the shot came from in front of him, what did the other 20% see? Are they lying? Nope, they just missed it and in the craziness of the moments said whatever it is they said.

      For more information on the 'mental side' of the who really did it...Go to and take a look around...

      In sum...The Mainstream Media were in fact, IN ON IT during the event throughout, and not just AFTER THE FACT. They really are that cunning.

    3. Also...

      The final report on Sandy Hook has THOUSANDS of documents...

      Just one problem, it does not contain any photos or proof of anything occurring you really need to see the photos?

      Can't you just take the media's word for it? Why do you insist on saying EVERYTHING is fake?

      Truth be told, this is NOT FUNNY. We have entered into a world now where the media can literally present a FALSE WORLD to you. When these highly charged political events happen...Especially when 'those we don't speak of' are pushing a certain agenda, in this case, taking away the second amendment.

      Ask yourself an American, do you have a duty as a citizen, to investigate their claims for yourself? Or do you think it is wiser to leave that job to the media?

      Who have clearly shown over and over, to be representing a foreign power or foreign interests, international in scope, and not national in scope.

      You can not let them just say, we say so, and if you don't take it boy, we will call you a name. It is very troubling that those who claim to be enemies of the usurped media, do not always view them as such. The Media is the Enemy.

    4. SORRY...

      Forgot to include the link...

      here it is...

      and this too...

    5. Hey,

      this video also covers the no-plane theory, but in a much more easy to understand manner (at least for beginners). The author also talks about infighting within the 9/11 truth movement on this subject.

  2. I have read that none of the hosts or moderators of RT shows are allowed to say the word, "Zionism", and I have not heard them do so.

    1. That does not surprise me at all. Like I said, I very rarely even visit RT's website or watch any of their videos. It seems to be a major gatekeeper type outlet. Press TV is much better from what I've seen.


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