Friday, January 17, 2014

Basic Questions for the White Privilege Conference

* I sent the following email to Marqita Jones, the contact person for the White Privilege Conference scheduled for March 26-29 in Madison, Wisconsin. After reading An Open Letter to a Person of Privilege posted on the Libertarian Realist blog, I pitched the idea of writing an article about the White Privilege Conference to the editor of American Free Press, and he thought it was a good idea. Since I doubt any of my questions will be answered, I've decided to post this email here for the record. *

Hi Marqita, I am a reporter for American Free Press, a weekly national newspaper based in Washington, DC. I am writing an article for the paper this week regarding the White Privilege Conference.

Would you, or a media representative for the Conference, be willing to answer a few questions? I'd like to use some of your responses in the article I'm writing.
  1. On the What is the WPC? page, it specifically says that the conference is "designed to examine issues of privilege beyond skin color." If the Conference is "beyond skin color", why is it called the White Privilege Conference?
  2. Many argue - quite convincingly - that America was founded by White people, and that traditional American culture is strongly identified with the European Christian heritage of the Founding Fathers and other White leaders who built this nation. Assuming this argument is correct, and that America was indeed founded by White Christian peoples, how do you explain the concept of "White privilege"? What exactly is "White privilege"? In Africa, is there such a thing as African privilege? In China, is there such a thing as Chinese privilege? In Mexico, is there such a thing as Mexican privilege? Why is it that there is only "White privilege" in countries that were founded and built by White people?
  3. Are Whites allowed to have their own countries, develop and champion their own political, economic, and cultural interests, and live amongst their own people, like the Jews in Israel or the Chinese in China or the Mexicans in Mexico or the Africans in Africa are allowed to? Is self determination and empowerment for White people and White countries a legitimate concept?
  4. Finally, given the inordinate amount of influence and power that Jewish individuals and organizations residing in America have in media, banking, government, academia, and other aspects of society, is it appropriate or legitimate to question the privilege of Jews living in America? Is a Jewish Privilege Conference warranted in the future? If not, why?


  1. In case she does not get back to you, let me predict her answers if she would...

    1. The Jews are beyond skin color, beyond religion, beyond nationhood, and beyond the rule of law itself. So we have to blame all you white people for that.

    2. There is only white privilege in white countries because you are white. You should not have been white in the first place and been born in countries founded by whites. What were you thinking being white?

    3. It is a legitimate concept, for us Jews in Israel. None of us want to live there, but it is a legitimate concept. For you? For all white countries? No. The answer is no.

    4. It is not warranted at all. All of your alleged conspiracy theories regarding jewish influence are mere canards that inflame anti semitism and a myriad of hateful racist stereotypes. Anybody who suspects such a thing clearly is not an informed world citizen with access to newspapers, television, radio, magazines, and government reports.

    PS...Will you whites just die already? Sincerely, Miss Jones

  2. Interview with Matt Heimbach of TYN

    Interview with Matt Heimbach of the Traditionalist Youth Network GO AND LISTEN.

  3. A privilege is something that is granted and can be revoked. Who granted white people their "privilege"?

    Is any group of people supposed to feel collectively guilty for the accomplishments or misdeeds of some of its individuals?

    Guilt is a powerful control mechanism, indeed.

    To truly understand anything, you need to look at the what, when, how, who and why. From that site alone, we know the what, when and how, and using that as a basis for further research, we can discern the who, which reveals to us the why.

  4. Great that you're covering this event. Best of luck.

  5. I cannot believe you are in denial that Jews are an oppressed minority in America. Why, just watch this disturbing video of Jews all but being thrown into gas ovens, from just a couple days ago in New York!


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