Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Sandy Hook Poem

The following poem was written by Kelley from Tulsa, an independent investigator of the alleged shooting said to have taken place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School roughly one year ago. Kelley was a special guest on my radio program this past Tuesday, so be sure to listen to that program if you have not already. -JRF

26 people they claim to have died,
YouTubers and bloggers call it the "Sandy Hook Lie".

The parents are too cheerful for this to be real,
for if your child had died, is this how you'd feel?

The motive is clear, they want our guns
and claim Adam used one to murder their daughters and sons.

The Sandy Hook Promise is all but a joke,
Donate! Donate! Donate! until you are broke.

Up at the firehouse round and round they all went
to participate in a FEMA CAPSTONE EVENT.

Victoria Soto to Ana Marquez-Green,
no autopsy report or death certificate has yet to be seen.

They demolished the school and left not a trace,
workers forced to sign letters to hide what they saw in that place.

I know it sounds crazy and mentally ill,
I said, "Hey, what's the deal?"

I can't believe it happened at all, do you?


  1. Michael Collins Piper was on Mark Glenn's program (I listened to half before almost hurling) discussing how anyone that considers the Sandy Hook deal a hoax is simply part of a cult. Piper mentioned (although he would not say the name) that a "colleague" at AFP was wrong and even though they have a "sheepish grin" when he discussed it with them, they won't admit how wrong they are.

    I wonder who he might be talking about?

    Nonetheless, it doesn't matter what discrepancies there are, it doesn't matter how many parents smiled (or any of the other unbelievable "official" claims that were made) Piper (one of the first to ever write about "False Flags", in his words) also thinks that bloggers shouldn't offer any opinions and that it should be left up to book writers like himself (he said in a Spingola interview).

    Yeah. Right.

    He an Carolyn Yeager need to go around to all blogs and correct us with their version of truth. Doncha know?

    On another note: Delaney and Co are STILL discussing the "debate". Funny how he needs to use you to get someone to listen to that shitty program (I couldn't listen to it, but saw the notes of the discussion at Mami's Shit). Listen at your own peril.

  2. Don't give up your guns.

    I believe Sandy Hook was a government operation based on the great interview of James Tracy by Kevin Barrett on January 2nd {link below] which I found via the Sandy Hook School Massacre: A Compendium of Research and Analysis link John provided on his Realist blog of December 17th.

    Thanks John. You deserve many kudos for that blog and your work on Sandy Hook, especially for not cowing to the browbeating of senior bloggers on this. In the words of Mark Glenn, I'm a “Sandy Hooker” now because of you. I don't believe the jewish MSM on this. I believe it was a government operation, which was suggested in the Barrett-Tracy interview. The feds were already on the scene when the local police forces showed up.

    > Barrett-Tracy Interview:

    (Responding to Buelahman) Mark Glenn's position on Sandy Hook is not rational. Does anyone outside of his sycophantic fans in TUTland think be's being rational in his debate with one “TS” in the following linked comment debate?

    > TS-Glenn debate:

    I think Glenn shoots a big hole in his boat in TUTland every time he mocks Sandy Hook skeptics. But, maybe, Glenn is about to blow the socks off of “Sandy Hookers” when he writes an article or dose a show providing evidence that in comments on his blog he claims he has in the two following links.

    > Glenn: Why I challenge the narrative of the Sandy Hookers – Because there is EVIDENCE leading me to do so.
    Comment 4:

    > Glenn : I met people who live in the town (Newtown) and (they) said it was the real deal and that everyone who is claiming it wasn't is nuts.
    Comment 20:

    Oops, was Glenn caught in a lie with the second comment above?

    Unless Glenn comes up with that knock-your-socks-off article or radio show with the evidence he speaks of, I think he should save himself from himself, stop shooting holes in his boat, and listen to Barrett's interview of James Tracy... and become a “Sandy Hooker.”

  3. Here is my post on another site that references the two latest released official documents and recordings by Newtown and state of Ct.

    JEANNONDecember 22, 2013 at 12:39 AM
    I just heard some psychologist named Rhonda Martin telling about these two latest releases of Sandy Hook information. She, of course, accepted the official story and just had this caring supportive, but saddened, tone in her voice and was purportedly telling how we can council and be supportive to our children when these tragic school shooting incidents happen.

    I do not see how it is supportive of children to accept a total evil lie by our government and media. Lying to children is never good. Realize the truth of the big lie and protect your children based on the truth of where we are in our evil government.

    Here is the report summarizing the events in Newtown on Dec. 13 2012, by Connecticut's state attorney, Stephen Sedensky,

    This report has to be one big shameful lie.

    Report of the State’s Attorney for the
    Judicial District of Danbury on the
    Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and
    36 Yogananda Street,
    Newtown, Connecticut
    December 14, 2012

    7 phone tapes of the very first part of the event have been released but the rest of the phone tapes are held by the state and will not be released. These 7 tapes sound phony to me. They are described as "audio enhanced" whatever that means.

    The following link...

    Just for the record....

    gives transcriptions of the recorded alleged phone calls.

    This reminds me so much of the recordings of phone calls made from the "planes" on 9-11, all of which have been proven to be an utter impossibility and play-acting hoax.


    Alex Jones, along with Jon Rappoport, seem to focus on truly lone nuts who have been on psychotropic drugs which causes their behavior. Alex does seem to also say that there are a few "assassins" that are drugged and managed over time to perform the shooting as a total government operation. But Alex Jones' general stance is that the shootings and deaths actually took place and were done by someone who was on drugs.

    I and others here seem to be taking the position that there is no proof at all that any children were killed at Sandy Hook as described in the official story.

    This reminds me so much of the major split among the 9-11 truth seekers early on in that endeavor due to some of us taking the position of no planes, no plane passengers, and no Islamic hijackers. Alex Jones and company would not hear a bit of that and he and Dr. Steven Jones and others often on air ridiculed people who had come to believe that.


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