Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Realist Report - Reflecting on 9/11 "debate" and its aftermath

On this edition of The Realist Report, I'll be discussing the 9/11 "debate" I participated in last weekend and its aftermath. Tom in Connecticut will be joining me, and calls will be taken during throughout the program.

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  1. Here is a relevant quote from the 5th Protocol:

    "To obtain control over public opinion, it is first necessary to confuse it by the expression from various sides of so many conflicting opinions . . . this is the first secret.

    The second secret consists in so increasing and intensifying the shortcomings of the people in their habits, passions and mode of living that no one will be able to collect himself in the chaos, and, consequently, people will lose all their mutual understanding. This measure will serve us also in breeding disagreement in all parties, in disintegrating all those collective forces which are still unwilling to submit to us and in discouraging all personal initiative which can in any way interfere with our undertaking."

  2. What we have to understand is that it's counterproductive to quarrel among ourselves and always try to get some sort of "total consensus." Who cares about our consensus? What matters is presenting a *somewhat* united front and a somewhat united message for those millions of people out there who are 100% new to all this.

    Main items:

    * The wrong side won WWII
    * The Holohoax is a Holohoax and the real Holocaust was what was done to the Germans (and also Japanese)
    * Left/right is a black hole and an illusion. The real fight is between the nationalists and the internationalists. The nationalists are the good guys.
    * Race exists and it's not unimportant.
    * Our governments are totally corrupt and the Jews are controlling them from the shadows.

    And once they get the message and the info they need somewhere to go to, something to do. Join an organization, cast a vote, volunteer for something. Information/propaganda on its own does no good unless it leads to something concrete and positive.

    You bet we have identical problems here in Norway, though on a much smaller scale.

  3. I liked some of Shack's ideas at first but his way of presenting his ideas has not been high-quality. They are a disorderly presentations that makes responding to them intelligently impossible. I have recently waged criticism at OBF, a Shack follower and supporter. OBF would not communicate with me honestly and I saw that all discussions with Shack or about Shack and his ideas will inevitably degrade into simple assertions and claims and bickering.
    e.g.- Shack should have always named and numbered exact video he is commenting on. He should have used specific video references in September Clues – e.g., Evan Fairbanks, Michael Hezarkhani, Naudet Brothers videos. You need to as much as possible explore exactly where that video came from, who owns rights to the video now, where public can view it on the web independently and freely, and even, and this is a game killer often in terms of quality evidence - the chain of custody of the video.

    Even in radio shows that aren’t meant to be true debates ought to have some structure and goal and kept on a clear topic. John”s focus is the media perpetration of deception. Shack’s focus is "near total fakery" at Ground Zero. I don’t see a fruitful discussion here.

    This incident made clear that many just want to say "look, stop wasting our time, the Jews did it." Many of us say no to that approach. When you show everything you can about how it was done, was not done, and how it could not possibly have been done ( in regard to the laws of physics, aerodynamics and construction engineering), in relation to the defined "official story", you inevitably bring more into focus the role that Jews played in all of this. That is the truth approach.
    Those who sold out independent media to J.P. Morgan interests a century ago were most likely not Jews but simply ordinary flawed humans who will sell out true independent journalism for a buck. That is genesis of today’s “Jewish media”.
    Deanna Spingola apparently made those remarks about John and shows she takes,the "Jews did it" approach to truth finding. Deanna also is a long-time strong proponent of Dr. Judy Wood and this explains Spingola’s remarks about Dr. Fetzer.

    The debacle about Pete Santilli being an FBI agent, Susanne Posel said on a Dr. Fetzer radio show and in other places that Dr. Wood kept an ongoing live connection during Santilli shows to the woman that co-hosts, coaching and directing the Santilli show in progress. This took place on the radio network that Santilli was on when he did a set-up, ambush type interview of Dr. Fetzer and for which Santilli got kicked off of that network. This monitoring during the Santilli show by Dr. Wood, as I understood it, also is now taking place on Santilli's own new network, GuerillaMedia. That’s totally dishonest unprofessional and subversive, anti-truth behavior by Dr. Wood. Even if one does not want to take the Anonymous-revealed FBI agent information about Santilli as true, the guy's record is one of a totally dishonest con artist. Dr. Wood, Dr. Morgan Reynolds and Ms. Spingola have apparently thrown in with a con-artist Santilli. Makes all of their respective work suspect to me. Don’t know who or who isn’t "an agent." I look at the “fruit” of anyone’s fully referenced research work. I’ve always considered Dr. Steven Jones to be a government operative. Note that over the years the concepts of "plane hugging" and "thermite sniffing" have always gone together like a horse and carriage for much of the 9-11 truth seeking community. Many “truthers” subtly work to SHUT DOWN quality research of ALL false flag events and other government scams (e.g., global warming). There are many "shut down weapons" used All of the mind control manipulation ploys that John focuses on are certainly "shut-down weapons" but I would say also that just always shouting "the Jews did it" is equally a shut-down weapon.

  4. Your glowing praise of shack proves you have done no research on the guy. Did you even read the forum post I put on here?

    You said you have no reason to think Simon is a dis-info agent. Well, I have to disagree with you on that. No planes is not the brain child of Simon Shack. His presentation is not without a slant to it. It is not an honest presentation . Without his no deaths 911 was all fake. We would not have this group out there that spouts all we see, hear , any death is all fake.

    Roberts, was correct in saying, one of shacks angles is to get everyone back to sleep.
    There is no enemy at, all we are presented with is complete fakery. All of it.

    That is pure dis-information.

    Shack, came out of nowhere with this video. No previous post on any 911 related blogs, videos etc. He appeared fully prepared with this video and his talking points. For awhile he refused interviews. He also puts down any other research having no value. Except his own.

    Markus Allen, once a supporter of Shack, tracked some very good info exposing the dis-info of shack, his family connection to the UN. He is one of the it's all fake people out there. A stance I do not share. But his info on Shacks background appears to check out.

    Also ozzybinoswald has found some very deep information, you cannot ignore. That, and with Shacks refusal to answer his questions directly or without sarcasm, show Shack is hiding something. All things that appear strange about his past are just coincidence. Yet, on his forum he and others will tell you, coincidences do not happen. So any other truth or conspiracy event is not coincidence but his relation to high level perps is? That does not add up to an honest person. So how trustworthy can his presentation be if he himself is not an honest person? One who will not even show his face being attached to the pictures he says is him? For all we know he could be creating that picture with his vic-sim program.

    However untrustworthy AJ is, we see his face. We see yours, same with the others on your "debate".

    We have no proof that the picture we see of Simon is even him. He has NEVER talked with anyone on video or made a video with that face being in fact attached to that voice. When probed to do so, he respond sarcastically and refuses to do it. Why? If that day ever happens, though it has in6-7 years. The doubter would stand corrected but he refuses to do it, and dodges requests. An ex-member of his forum heiwa would be the only or hoi-polloi as I guess they allegedly meet him. But how trustworthy would they be?

    They make good points on that forum. But closing manhattan with smoke screens is pure nonsense. In my opinion.

    I think you might need to do some re-search on the people you support and promote.

    Whatever etiquette Roberts, Delaney and anglin we're lacking, they brought up some very decent points. I, guess you disagree with their whole theory?

    I do not feel planes hit those building. All the other theories hold very little water for me.
    The footage of the planes being fake doesn't meant the collapse footage was fake.
    911 had fakery in it for sure. But NOBODY I have heard of all the theories. Plus having watched hours and hours of presentations, knows for 100% fact what went on.

  5. Cont,
    It's also probably a coincidence all these people came out just in time for the 911 truth movement?........ Except AJ and Cooper, Watt

    Yes, fakery and deception were at play. To what degree?, we just do not know. We can agree what the official story presents doesn't jive with anything. With that said all the conspiracy stuff doesn't either. It's most likely a combination of all of it.

    So, what is the solution and last page of 911. The buildings aren't there, so that leaves people believing the official story. The building aren't because planes took them out. On this flip side, having the building not there makes people think you're nuts if your spout off this no planes, no death stuff. A simple thesis should b done up to get more people into questioning. Possibly just saying many aspects of 911 were fraudulent and tie other lies into the discussion. Possibly, I not sure just how to tackle waking people up. It proves to bravery difficult thing to do.

    So, 911 was a massive deception of various levels. But the truth we don't have. The perps have made sure of that. We should focus on solutions and not bicker over something we cannot prove without a shadow of a doubt.

    Anyway. 911 was a total mind(F). It's still is, just as 50 years later people are still screaming hoax to JFK, with no answers. Just theories. It think it's great to speculate. But honestly if you were not in dealy plaza or ground zero, you just don't know for a fact what went on. You can only speculate on whatever "evidence" is given to you..

    I enjoy your blog but be wary of these truth gurus. They all have a agenda. I've been at this a few years now, down and out many rabbit holes. Hours upon hours of time given to these clowns, though it in vein as they have truth nuggets, some more than others.. At then end of the day, they are all conmen and women. Truth with lies.

  6. I agree with almost everything shared in this program. With an exception that is apparently (to me, anyway) a disconnect.

    On one hand, using absolute statements such as "no one died on 911", which I am fairly confident I have heard Simon Shack say on your show or maybe the Fakeologist interview). I think that Tom and one of the callers both said they knew someone that died, so...

    But then, I heard it said that NOBODY saw the planes hit the towers and that EVERYONE saw it on TV. Then, you quoted people saying what they saw or didn't see (small planes, missiles, nothing, etc).

    I don't see how using quotes of people that were saying they saw (or didn't see) doesn't make you reflect that apparently someone was watching something other than TV. If they were part of the show, they sure as hell musta messed the lines. I don't think so. I think that some of these people did see something or at least heard something (I agree that it wasn't jet liners).

    Also, I think it is not a stretch to consider that someone may have been watching from an apartment after they heard about "plane" 1 on TV (or maybe even heard it, or the explosion, or whatever).

    I can clearly believe that after "plane" 2, there would be plenty of people setting up cameras directed at the buildings. I know that had I been there, in a building with a view, I would have set up my camera.

    Where does this bring me? Back to one of the issues I have had with the Sept Clues presentation and subsequent interviews. The "no planes" theory has too much speculation attached regarding other aspects of CGI fakery. For instance, it is insinuated (and claimed) that the buildings exploding and falling to dust is faked. And notice that the description of the theory is usually labelled "no planes" without reference to the many other CGI fakery claims.

    I find it hard to believe that there was NO ONE watching that demolition after all the news agencies were showing it for an hour after the initial hits. It was everywhere on TV (I knew within 5 minutes of the first reports).

    From that moment on I find it impossible that someone from that area wasn't watching and saw the demolition just as we did.

    So, I don't think that part is faked.

    As I have said before, it looks quite evident that the plane part was faked, but the video doesn't do a very good job with the demolition.

    All the video of the carnage afterwards could not have been faked, so a demolition happened and there is zero chance that no one saw the demolition in real time, before the supposed CGI.

    Simply using "no planes" to label the theory does a disservice and confuses things, imo.

    Also, I take issue with the rationale given for using CGI: that "they" didn't want law suits. Ridiculous on its face. The more deaths the merrier for them. Better for the "show".

    Now, to Delaney and Co.

    I have long suspected him of something. Maybe just scumbaggery. But there seems something more.

    This is not just personality conflicts. There is more and as I have said many times, I don't trust him and told him so when he recently visited my blog. Something to the effect: liars and thieves are untrustworthy and I don't trust you.

    One of the most intriguing comments made in this program was by Tom, which almost appeared to mean that he knows something on these people.

    I have gut instincts that are seldom wrong and this was one of those.

    What they hell are you talking about, Tom? Inquiring minds and all.

    1. Why would I care whether some anonymous Jew from behind a blog like you doesn't ‘trust’ me? Why would anyone with some common sense take you seriously or trust someone like you over me except perhaps other anonymous internet Jews sitting beside you in Tel Aviv. You see, I can verify that John is a real person (no-planer or not) because my best long-time friend met him in person. Further, Scott Roberts and I have met as well as Finck and Anglin. And to top it off, I’ve even met (and briefly LIVED with) JAMjr. It would be safe to say that the audience can verify me through several other public figures and NO ONE can see your big hooked nose. Who do you think you are still fooling? Obviously when you sided with ZCF, you and the idiot anonymous Jew “brigade” all look like complete half-wits now that this Brandon fool did a complete 180 on you. Have fun clown.

    2. Ask John about me and whether I am a Jew or not, you idiot (he has spoken to me several times). Ask him what I sound like (or maybe you could re-listen to some of my videos and then say I'm a Jew). DumbAss. Ask him why I am anonymous. I don't give a damn what you think about me, either. At least I haven''t stolen anyone else's work (or car). You thieving bastard.

      You are a scumbag thief and liar. You have some sort of self-elated ego that doesn't match the reality of how stupid you truly are. It undermines everything about you and the work that you stole and take credit for as your own like Missing Links and all of the scumbag, ZCF's stuff (and even hijacked money donations from people dubiously).

      I don't like ZCF and don't trust him, but that has nothing to do with your thieving ass stealing his work.

      Jew, jew, jew, jew, jew. That's all you got, scumbag?

  7. John, Deanna mentioned at the top of her broadcast today that her e-mail account was still having problems, in case that's the account you contacted her at on the weekend.

  8. I found the September Clues documentary about 3 years ago. It blew my mind. I thought that anybody the seen this movie would find out two things: 1) How the media was complicit with the fraud of 911, and 2) that there were no planes that hit those buildings. I have given this documentary to about 20 people to watch and I said to them that after watching this, if you still believe planes hit those buildings it is only because that is what you want to believe, not because it was true. Not one of them believed that planes hit those buildings after watching. I am glad to finally see someone talking about this.

  9. John, I used to sign in as anonymous and then post my name, because I really don't like to be forced to sign in with companies like google (which didn't even post the last time I tried it). So I am trying to post via "typepad", whatever the hell that is. So I guess this is a test post to make sure I don't have to give a blood sample, a piss test, a credit card number, and a mug shot before posting.
    Is there any other way to post without opening an account, without joining some bs network?- Sean

  10. 1. Jew Dov Zakheim was CEO of SPC International which developed Remote Control Flying Technology & leases Boeing 767 refuel tankers, the same planes used on 9/11. He also authored PNAC & was Comptroller of Pentagon when $2.3 Trillion went missing.

    If they used these 767 REFUEL TANKERS that were unmarked and different colors than a claimed American Airlines plane, they would have had to use MEDIA MANIPULATION to replace/overlay/hide the looks of these planes on TV.

    2. The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) was written in Israel in 1996 under the name - A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. This project required a new Pearl Harbor for their plan.

    3. A huge FEMA gathering/drill took place on Pier 92 the day prior to 9/11. The Harley guy on 9/11 was clearly an actor. The BBC Media Lady who said WTC 7 had already collapsed is interesting. The Pentagon attack was clearly not a Boeing 757.

    4. According to Israel there were (5) Israeli citizens who died on 9/11:

    - (Daniel Lewin) Supposedly on 1st plane to hit North tower, He was in Special Forces Commando Hi-jacking Unit
    - (Alona Abraham) Supposedly on 2nd plane to hit South tower, a Jew from Mumbai India
    - (Shai Levinhar & Haggai Sheffi) Inside WTC 1&2
    - (Leon Lebor) WTC Janitor with keys, deaf man who lived in several countries prior

    * The first 4 were all young Military age Jews, between ages 29-34. Daniel, Shai, Haggai recently had children to carry their names on. The older deaf man, Leon, was probably expendable. The only female, Alona the Mumbai Jew, had no children.

    5. To me, "Hero Worship" is an emotional and intellectual sickness. Period. As such, I still question (even though I go back and forth from week to week) the motives of a man who was HIRED by the Jew run German Military to INFILTRATE the DAP (which was the original NSDAP) and then takes it over as their new "leader/hero". Hell, even the similarities for the citizens after the "9/11 Demolition" vs "Reichstag Burning" makes me question things. Then we have the assassinations of people after 9/11, like we do the outright MURDER WITHOUT TRIAL during the Knight of the Long Knives.

    6. John, I have gone back on forth on you as well but this audio of yours made me question some things. For example, I never really liked Jim Condit or Eustace Mullins because of their Hitler claims (even though I go back and forth); however, after considering the remarks you made in this audio about integrity/honesty, I would ask you John, who is emotionally/intellectually more honest in their conduct? Condit/Mullins or some of these people you/I have confronted lately?

    Anytime, someone or a group of people attempts to prevent you from questioning things, you know they have a personal agenda; whether this is due to their intellectual/emotional shortcomings or some other sinister motive is for you to decide.

  11. Too bad that Prothink seems to be such an angry anti-Septemer Cluer. To me his Missing Links + September Clues are the two best 9/11 movies. They complement each other.

  12. We should be fighting together, not among ourselves.

    Watch this video by Ken O'Keefe who pops the banksters right between the eyes.


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