Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Realist Report - Horus the Avenger

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Horus the Avenger of Horus and I will be discussing the anti-White narrative found in the mainstream media and educational establishment, and the very real dangers facing the White race globally.

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  1. I enjoyed this podcast. Good food for thought. Too bad it was not longer. I especially liked " diversity is white genocide"

  2. A friend sent the following comment about this program via email:

    The White Rabbit is the best thing to come along in recent memory. His saying, "Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White" cannot be shut down, except by not listening to it.

    I just listened to the first of Horus's podcasts, here:

    And here is the blog of this Whitaker fellow who he refers to:

    I already liked the White Rabbit site and ideas. But these two are far more sophisticated than I imagined. I tend to be suspicious, particularly when someone uses such things as Talking Points. But not only do we need Talking Points To Save Us to defeat the Talking Points That Are Killing Us, Mr. Whitaker is said to have beat such things as forced bussing. It looks to me like we now have our own Psych Warriors to start shutting down this system.

    The statement "Anti-Racist is a Code Word for Anti-White" is simply true. People who think they are against racism have been indoctrinated into the idea that White people are racist, or have been. And it is being done so we can be racially attacked - by Anti-White people, or those whom our hidden assailants employ for wages.

    The young White people who are showing up on the Internet, and who are Not Taking This Crap, make me SO HAPPY. It's being figured out.

    We do have to stay out of a war, we do have to fix our economies, and most difficult, some of us have to empty our heads of the offal these people have chanted at us all these years.

    But now a lot of people see who's attacking us, and how. So we will be saved. I saw a video of some young people who not only went back to the land, they are not only having a large family ... the Mom commented that other Whites are doing that, including that they have large families. And people such as John Friend are simply replacing the talking heads on TV.

    Horus mentions in his podcast that the people who have used these methods for so long are not all-powerful. In fact, they are on the ropes in a number of ways. One of their big problems is that we are well into the period in which demoralization stops working on us.

    White people however, have lots and lots of great territories, fresh water, trains, planes, automobiles, nuclear weapons, creativity and morals.

    All we have to do is to get rid of these people who have put themselves in charge by invading our societies. Their interests and activities are utterly extraneous to the process of life. They have ruined minds and lives on both sides of my family for generations, and for no reason. They are taught to be cruel, greedy and vindictive as children, and they remain nasty, badly-raised children all their lives.

    Goodbye, liars.

  3. These lemmings should stick to cartoons explaining racial realities, as they are very good at that (excellent in fact).

    However, this lemming actually falls for the Man on the Moon bullshit? Wow! Truly amazing how these lemmings claim to be aware of lies and deceptions yet fall for such childish deceptions.

    The guy even says that Jews do not believe in an afterlife? Then what might this lemming think "Olam Ha-Ba" is? In fact, virtually every Jew I ever knew (around 10 Jews) believed in an afterlife and I used to laugh at them as I was a hard core Atheist at the time.

    Just do a BASIC search and we find:

    "THE AISH RABBI REPLIES: The afterlife is a fundamental of Jewish belief."

    How is one supposed to take these lemmings seriously, when they LIE or at the very least are so IGNORANT about such basic things?

    Stick to cartoons about racial realities please, for when you deviate from that topic you just regurgitate brainwashed idiocy.

    1. Horst -- I had a follow up comment for you on mami's --

      before it goes down the memory hole.

  4. Horst,

    Thanks for the kind words. And no they do not believe in any afterlife in the Aryan sense of the word. They do not believe in any heaven, hell or Valhalla etc. Hollywood Jews, Rabbis etc etc go out of their way to say this all the time. They do believe in the "World to Come" which is when they and their god rule over the Goyim with an iron heal etc. Calling Olam Ha-ba an "afterlife" is being more than just a little deceptive. Like all Jewish phrases ...take a deeper look. The phrase simply means "the coming world". For a materialist Judaized individual maybe that could mean an afterlife. But like all things Talmudic....look deeper........there is more than just a little double talk that comes along with it.

    Of course, I am just a lemming. But all the lemmings...can easily look up your sacred phrase you just gave out and read for themselves the actual Jewish version of this so-called Afterlife. They may try to market it for the lemmings as something similar to our concept of an afterlife just different in name. But even the lemmings know WHERE NOT to go for truth in advertising.

    1. Avenger,

      You are wrong when trying to claim that ALL Jews believe the very same thing. Why lie and deceive people about this? Do you even know any Jews? Only after living among Jews, did I awaken to the Jew, so I know their different views very well on a personal level, not some crap repeated by those who have never lived, worked or had deep conversations late into the night with them. Hell, I lived with 3 of them at different times, worked with several and have been friends with many more. Of course, none of them will talk to me anymore and think I am crazy because they are just as brainwashed by different Religious Denominations, Political Movements and Pseudoscience Lies as my other friends are.

      Jews hate each other and fight greatly among each other. The reason Jews have never been able to have a Nation is because they fight with each other so much, while all the other races can actually work together, which is what scares the Top Jews so greatly and why they must divide us to live among us. The only reason they can come together to form Israel is because the Holocaust Religion BINDS them together. It’s the one thing they have all been brainwashed in common with. Jews are much MORE brainwashed with Holocaust Lies and FEAR mongering than the rest of us non-Jews are.

      It was a female Jew that I lived with whose father actually made me start learning about these creatures. The first day we met and then moved into together, we were talking (around 3am) since I would not fuck her like she wanted. I told her about an ex-Nazi (a top German Botanist of the 1980’s) who used to stay at my family’s home in the summers while he cataloged various plants in the forest around our home/city. Nicest man in the World but he refused to talk about WWII and would only say (later it made sense) that he had read about some Holocaust "Stories" in a book passed around an American Ship after he was captured in Africa and sent to a POW camp in Alabama. My new Jew roommate flipped out at this and her parents even traveled from Reston VA to SoCal later that week to make sure their daughter was safe living with me. She was ready to move out that next morning and I was stunned.

      Now I had her Jew father trying to act coy and questioning me at various times; for example, one time he quietly asked if I was a "bourgeois or proletarian"? I had no clue what those terms even meant. I asked him what they were, so he explained, and I said I guess I am a bourgeois, since all I cared about was money and materialism back then (Oh NO! A white man like me who only cared about money and materialism! Oh no! Hell, real Aryan Science and the Scientific Method is 100% about the Material Universe). They learned that I knew nothing about history and Jews so they left and I began my study of the Jew from that moment forward since I could not understand their fear and sly questioning of me. Later on, her mother even lived with us for about 2 months, after my Jew roommate had intestinal surgery. Very nice lady who cooked and cleaned for us and gave me avocados off a tree she would walk by on her morning walks. Jews are very scared of us. Looking back, I get the feeling the Jew Father knew more about history than he let on but the daughter/mother knew nothing when I think back on it. Her father was a lawyer for the Environmental Protection Agency and her mother did proof reading of books for some publisher. Another Jew friend was a pot dealer (10k a month) and his brother was a big whig at Goldman Sachs in LA, who lived in Holmby Hills.

    2. One rule my roommate asked for, was that I could not have a Christmas Tree. I could care less so I agreed but she always put out the Manure (Menorah) each of the 2 years I lived with her. That hypocrisy kind of pissed me off. What really pissed me off at the end, was her religious Jew Fiancee telling me that Jews were put on Earth to lead mankind and teach us morals! At first I just stared at this little Jew and then began laughing at him (now I wish I would have put my boot on his neck and made him beg for his life), as he was dating a stripper/pole-dancer before he started dating my roommate. He was very religious (believing in an afterlife which I also laughed at) and probably to this day does not know that his new wife had an abortion which only I know about. LOL!

      Here is an idea Avenger... try spending a measly little 2-3 hours researching the various Jew views about souls, heaven and the afterlife. Or is a few hours of research to hard for one to accomplish? Or you could try and actually talk with a Jew… Oh no! Not talk with a Jew! LMAO!

      The religious Jews I knew believed in a God, a Soul and a heaven where God is. Most of the Jews I knew were Atheist Jews who are just like Atheist Whites that believe in nothing except the laughable Evolution Religion and the lunacy of magical fish turning into dinosaurs, birds and humans ( I would wager you believe in that lunacy Avenger). I would also wager that Avenger is a Materialistic person as well since you fall for materialistic/technological lies like the Moon Walk and I am sure various other technological lies I could share as well. All you are doing is repeating bullshit, especially this word "Materialism". Just like John did as well. You and I know that MANTRAS are powerful and that is all your "Materialism" word is, a mantra word that you have heard repeated so now you repeat it as if it applies to all Jews but none of us or our ancestors.

      Jews have different views depending upon the person, just like we do. The only stories of fancy that tens of millions of people repeat exactly the same (be they Jews/Whites/Blacks/Asians) are those which they are expertly brainwashed with by the Mass Media like the Holocaust crap or Moon Walk crap or Evolution crap or Nuclear Bomb crap or Dinosaurs living Millions of years ago or Faggots are Born that way crap or Race is not Real crap etc...... Only these Mass Media Deceptions that are broadcast to tens of millions of people can people repeat exactly the same, since it is broadcast to us all exactly the same. Most brainwashing cults are limited to a few thousand or ten thousand people but not the Mass Media cults with access to millions upon millions of impressionable sheeple brains.

      I have no "sacred phrase" as you say. Let me guess Avenger, you spent 3 minutes looking up that 1 phrase instead of a few hours researching the various Jew views on an afterlife? Intellectually pathetic. Then again, you are a fast talker who likes to repeat Mantras that you have memorized to repeat on demand. Fast talkers are usually very superficial with ADD like qualities and nervous energy who cannot concentrate on a subject longer than a few minutes to memorize some 5 second sound-bites or mantras. Which makes me wonder who it is that has the patience to make those EXCELLENT videos?

      I could tell you many stories about the Jews I lived among, but then again, I now live between 2 white trash criminals who live off their girlfriends that own the houses they live in and who have the same parole officer, which I have had to contact for each of these white trash criminals. Many stories there to tell as well.

    3. While I am Jew Wise and Racially Aware, I have started to believe that it is just Jew Elites and White Elites that are fooling 99.9% of our civilization and have always worked together throughout our shared history. No different than the Elite Chinese Han who enslave their people or the Elite Nigger Zulus who enslave their people as well. Even before the Jew had control of us, our people still lived as intellectual/economic/physical slaves to the Priests/Kings/Criminals and other greedy sickos in our race/culture who desired to control us for their own agendas.

      Humans are animals and civilization is just the domestication of the human animal by the Alpha Males of our species/race. An Alpha male of any stripe - be it Lion, Canine, Ape, Negroid, Caucasoid, Mongoloid etc.. - only cares about himself and enforcing his views on everyone else in the group, be it right or wrong. Expecting a "group" or "leader" to care about you is probably a pipe dream for lemmings or a controlled opposition cult out to prevent one from truly escaping their fantasy enslavements.

      Hey Avenger, why not tell the audience why you support the lying sack of shit named David Duke who continues to this day to lie about 9/11 and blame Arab "extremists"? Hell, even the shill Alex Jones at least tells partial truths about that Lie! Talk about a liar and deceiver! Duke is a TRAITOR to our people who should be arrested, tried and then executed as an enemy Traitor of our people; for lying about the greatest single crime against our people and the World so far in this Century. Birds of a feather really do flock together Avenger, so what is your angle? Sycophant stupidity or calculating cunning?

    4. Jeez, Ken I simply do not understand your hostility towards Horus. This is getting out of hand.

      Jews don't all necessarily agree on everything, but they do generally operate out of the same playbook, advancing the same agenda (sometimes from different points of view). Bottom line is that Jews are totally hostile towards and contrary to White Western Christian civilization, and must be excluded. They are the subverters and destroyers of our civilization - do you at least agree with that?

      And the Jewish and Aryan concept of an afterlife and transcendentalism is totally opposite. Again, the Jew is contrary to the Aryan. I simply don't understand why you are attacking Horus over this seemingly insignificant issue, when his main message regarding White genocide is 100% spot on.

    5. Oh seems a rabbit kicked over a hornets nest.


      "I have started to believe that it is just Jew Elites and White Elites that are fooling 99.9% of our civilization"

      That is the smartest thing you have said so far. Yes that is the problem in a nutshell. The average Jew is basically clueless. I have found the average WN to know about Judaism than the average Jew. We'll leave it at that.

  5. The Jews are strictly concerned with the material world, and really have no conception or understanding of transcendence or an afterlife, certainly not in the Christian or Aryan tradition. Horus is absolutely right.

    Adolf Hitler wrote quite eloquently about the Jews in Mein Kampf. Here is one of my favorite quotes:

    "His life (the Jew) is of this world only and his mentality is as foreign to the true spirit of Christianity as his character was foreign to the great Founder of the new creed two thousand years ago. The Founder of Christianity made no secret of His estimation of the Jewish people; when He found it necessary, He drove those enemies of the human race out of the Temple of God, because then, as always, they used religion as a means of advancing their commercial interests."

    When I was in high school, one of my best friends was part Jewish. I remember him explaining to me back then the difference between Christianity and Judaism, and he specifically stated that Jews are only concerned with their physical, material existence (materialism), while Christians are concerned with judgement before God in the afterlife (transcendentalism). Big difference.

    The Jews are contrary to White Christian peoples and Western civilization. They must be excluded from our societies.

    1. Cheers for your life-story Ken. Jheez....

    2. Life story? Not hardly. Want me to tell you about the Jew that took pictures of his shit every morning and kept a record on his computer of them. Pretty sick shit, but then he told me his mother used to announce her shit every morning and tell the family whether it was good or not! LMAO! I took this Jew camping and 4 wheeling out in the Borrego Desert for a weekend (he had never been camping let alone 4x4) and he used all 5 rolls of toilet paper he brought with him in 2 days! LMAO! He just married a "Christian" Mestizo last year and now has a kid.

      Or how about the Jew who one day showed up at the dog park with his head shaved, wearing a black leather jacket and a Christian Cross around his neck! I did not even recognize him when he came in, only his German Shepard dog. What was he doing dressed like that you may ask? This Gay Jew was going to stand with some Christians in Irvine CA who were protesting the Gay Marriage Prop 8 to make them look bad by throwing a Nazi Salute every now and then. I could not believe it and I just laughed my ass off. I was still learning about the Jew and was having my mind blown away living among them.

      Or how about the Jew who was a stud (muscular sprinter, good looking, woman drooling over him) but he was very depressed from a fire that killed his dog and destroyed all his books down in Baja. I used to try and help him by taking him on hikes and stuff. He told me how he was going to kill himself and he did it like he said. Put a baseball cap on, with a plastic bag over that with rubber bands around the bag/his neck and took sleeping pills. He kept his hand between the rubber bands/plastic bag/neck until he fell asleep and was asphyxiated. He was also a "Motivational Speaker" if you can believe that. I would highly recommend an excellent interview with him at the link below. You will learn something from him, I guarantee it.

      The Jews worst enemy is themselves and the culture they grow up in. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  6. Horus is a blasphemer. He's put out podcasts directly attacking CI in the past

    1. George,

      There are many long time listeners to FTWR and even EEx subscribers that happen to be CI. And they would disagree with you. My approach is not traditional and my view toward religion in general is my own. Although, I don't define myself as say an Odinist or CI. I am usually defined along the lines as a "free thinker" by most listeners. I do not go around bashing peoples faiths. I look for similarities in White belief systems old and new. I try to find similarities in faiths that inspire us instead of of details and differences that that can by used to cause so much conflict.

    2. Need I remind you about your podcast where you called Yahweh Satan?
      You spent how many podcasts parroting Farrell's books? Its worse
      because you don't know what you are talking about nor to be blunt does

    3. George,
      Selective listening with FTWR will make you look like a dumbass to any real listener. I always discuss Yahweh as a title....because we know it WAS a title. And then usually the discussion/speculating on WHO was it that stated they had this title and did NOT.

  7. Thanks for having Horus on, I find him really interesting and of course the message/mantra is golden- irrefutable proof of where we are at. I recommend listening to Horus podcasts on Nazi never never land and the importance of sound.

  8. Horus can't be stupid enough to believe the official government narrative of 9/111. If he still buys into the "Muslims did it with box cutters" fiction, then why should I take him seriously on any other issue. Horus needs to do some homework.

    1. What are you talking about? When did Horus endorse the official 9/11 conspiracy theory promoted by the Jewish media and our Jewish government? We didn't even talk about 9/11 during this program.

      Please provide a source for your claim that Horus supports or endorses the official 9/11 conspiracy theory.


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