Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Realist Report - David North: Center for Immigration Studies

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by David North, a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies. David and I will be talking about EB-5 visa programs and the "China City" project currently scheduled for development in Sullivan County, New York, along with other issues related to legal and illegal immigration policy in the United States.

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  1. I am really kicking myself for not asking one final question of my guest today. I should have asked him, "In your view, do traditionally White Western European countries have the right to maintain and protect their traditional racial, ethnic, and cultural heritage?" I would have liked to hear him answer that question.

  2. No worries, John.

    He wouldn't go there with you anyway, based on his responses to your other assertions/questions.

    At 54m, he called it an "accident of history" (that countries settled by Europeans are bringing in lots of third-world immigrants, due to economic success, and not vice-versa).

    I suppose Classical Western Civilization by the Caucasian Greeks and Romans was an "accident of history", as was the Renaissance, the British Commonwealth and the contributions of the pre-1960s United States.

    Or for that matter, the 5000 years of Chinese civilization was also an "accident of history", whereas sub-Saharan Africa never even inventing the wheel or the alphabet must've also been a complete "accident of history".

  3. Yeah that would have been a good question, but hearing at 48:00 he worked for Ford Foundation and at 51:00 how he ran from the jewish question culminating at 52:00 with "We are in danger of too many people in this country and we probably have too many people in this country. I don't care what they look like, I don't care what their ethnicity is. I am not interested in that point of view. I don't accept that point of view, and one of the problems the efforts for us restrictionist is some of these ethnic arguments are popped up and make our position less attractive. mmmm" It would have been moot, he is a JFK drone.

  4. John, you nailed him. That was hilarious! I thought he was going to faint when he first said the word JEW and then when you started talking about Radical Jewish groups and the 1965 immigration policy his reaction was hilarious! This guy is a weak coward who should be HUNG as a traitor to our people. As you will see, he knows what is going on but turns a blind eye to the Anti Christ Jew agenda

    His biography reads straight out of Jew Borg Land.
    The following quote is from the Mark Krikorian, who is the head honcho at Center for Immigration Studies. I think you will understand why these guys are concerned about immigration:

    "U.S. support for Israel at a crossroads — we can continue with our current policy of high immigration and guarantee a steady erosion of support for Israel; or we can reduce immigration, slowing the growth of the Muslim population and allowing America's powerful assimilative forces to work. We can't have both."

    Source: (Last Paragraph) -

    Hey John, on a side note, what do you think "MAMI" means? The characters who crawled into the light over at "MAMI's SHIT" would not answer my question about it's meaning.

  5. Another thing I wish I would have said is that the Jewish role in promoting massive non-White immigration to America and the West is not some "conspiracy" - it's part of a much broader Jewish evolutionary strategy to combat perceived "anti-Semitism" and to subvert and destroy traditionally Christian nations. Their is a very deep seated hostility towards White Western Christian civilization in the organized Jewish community, and the Jewish role in promoting massive non-White immigration is just an expression of that hostility.


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