Friday, December 6, 2013

Regarding Carolyn Yeager

This past Monday, Carolyn Yeager, one of the leading voices in the pro-White and WWII revisionist community, dedicated the entire second hour of her radio program The Heretics' Hour to criticize and attack me following the "debate" I participated in with Mike Delaney and Scott Roberts, and Andrew Anglin's subsequent commentary on it at the Daily Stormer. I'd like to respond to what she had to say, and what it reveals about her character.

Yeager begins by saying that she has always had a problem with me, viewing my "agreeableness" and behavior as extremely suspect. She also states that she believes that I am Jewish, or at least partly Jewish. She went on to say that she views me as a very serious problem in "this movement" and not at all an asset, as some people have expressed to her. She stated that I have always tried to be nice to her and have reached out to her in the past.

Folks, I am not Jewish. None of my ancestors were Jewish as far as I know. I would be utterly shocked if I discovered I had any Jewish blood flowing through my veins. At one point in the program, Yeager described me as "big" and "heavy," saying I have put on weight and that I look "older." She even stated that I look like I would fit right in over in Tel Aviv, Israel. She literally said that. And she was basing this judgement off of these pictures I posted a couple weeks ago when I was in Santa Barbara, California:

Please let me know if you agree with Yeager's assessment that I look like a fat Jew that would fit in just fine over in Tel Aviv in the comments section. I am just under 5'11, and I weigh roughly 190 pounds. I graduated high school almost 10 years ago, and when I did I weighed 180 pounds. So I have put on some weight in the past 10 years, and I could probably stand to lose a few pounds. But really? Do I look like a "fat Jew from Tel Aviv" to you?

I have emailed Yeager in the past. I remember sending her a link to an article I wrote entitled Rethinking Hitler & National Socialism in the summer of 2012. Carolyn is an excellent source when it comes to Adolf Hitler, WWII, "Holocaust" revisionism, and National Socialism, and I have been influenced tremendously by her research into these subjects.

What I find strange is that during her radio broadcast Monday evening, she did not mention that she actually emailed me on January 1st of this year, asking me to be a guest on her radio program to talk about the Sandy Hook "shooting", which she was very suspicious of. I was a guest on Dr. Rebecca Carley's radio program in late December of last year and we discussed the Sandy Hook "shooting" where I explained that I saw no reason to conclude a shooting even took place at that elementary school, let alone that anyone was actually murdered that day. Yeager wanted me to join her on her radio program to talk about it. This is her email to me (notice the subject - "The Sandy Hook Fraud"):
Date: Tue, Jan 1, 2013 at 3:46 AM
Subject: The Sandy Hook Fraud

Hi John,

Happy New Year! I listened to your program with Dr. Carley about the Sandy Hook hoax and thought you sounded very good. I tend to generally agree with your position although I have not devoted a lot of time to studying this affair. I have, however, watched and read all the major exposes. What I find most convincing of a hoax is that no evidence has been presented to the public ... nothing. We are expected to believe whatever the media is telling us. And the vast majority of people are dutifully doing so. (Because they can't believe the Big Lie.)

I wonder if your views have evolved from what you said then. Where do you stand now? What is the story with the bodies of the dead children and their funerals? How is it possible that no one died, and this school and the whole town has been fooled??? It's true there was very little coverage of this aspect.

I'd be interested in having you as a guest on Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn this coming Saturday, Jan. 5 from 2-4PM Eastern time, if you can talk about this.

Best wishes,
I replied to her stating that I would not able to join her the day she asked me to, and we exchanged a few more emails back and forth over the next few days. I never made it on her program.

Why did Yeager not mention this? Clearly, she did not view me as suspect when she asked me to be on her radio program at the beginning of this year. What made her change her mind?

I believe what got Yeager suspicious of me was when I emailed her, William Finck, and Deanna Spingola later that month (mid-January 2013) and informed them that I was going to be having Jim Condit, Jr. on my radio program to have a gentlemanly discussion on Adolf Hitler. Condit promotes the truly absurd notion that Hitler was a "Zionist agent" and was possibly Jewish. I have done my best to debunk all these ridiculous theories and slanders against Adolf Hitler in an article entitled Was Hitler a Zionist stooge? for those interested.

I originally asked Yeager, William Finck, and Deanna Spingola if they were interested in calling in and participating in the discussion. But Yeager was not happy with me for having Condit on my program (mp3 here), and she said so in her email reply to me. The entire email thread is worth posting for everyone to read for themselves, starting with my original email to Yeager, Finck, and Spingola:
From: John Friend
Date: Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 9:10 PM
Subject: The Realist Report with John Friend 01/21 by Truth Militia | Blog Talk Radio
To: Deanna Spingola
,, William Finck
I think it would be great if one or all of you could call in during the second hour at some point. Let me know if you have any questions.


Date: Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 2:51 AM
Subject: Re: The Realist Report with John Friend 01/21 by Truth Militia | Blog Talk Radio
To: John Friend

Cc: Deanna Spingola
, William Finck

How would I be calling in to your program on Monday from 8 to 10 pm Central when I am doing my own program at that time?

I find it questionable that you have decided to do a program on the day and time that my well-known show, The Heretics' Hour, has been broadcasting for three years now. And then you pretend you don't even know it. The Heretics' Hour has been a live, call-in show for 17 months already in my Monday night time slot.

I think all you're doing by having Jim Condit, Jr. on, and promoting his websites, is to give credibility to his ideas. And you want other well-known people with good reputations to associate themselves with you in this?! You seem to be quite an operator, and you "hang out with" and even promote several frauds on your Blog. Truth Militia is also a suspicious undertaking. I do not wish for them and never gave my permission for them to use my name and reputation to try to stair-step a sleezy start-up operation up to a level of unearned respectability. I have no idea who these people are ... nor who you are, for that matter. Do you have a history? I have been a presence on the Internet with my own name and website since 2007.

The future of "truth" on the Internet looks bleak indeed.

Yours truly,

From: John Friend
Date: Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 9:17 AM
Subject: Re: The Realist Report with John Friend 01/21 by Truth Militia | Blog Talk Radio
Cc: Deanna Spingola
, William Finck

Hi Carolyn, I know you have a program Monday evenings, I download it and listen almost every week. But I thought your show may be over by the time mine started. My shows are always on Mondays, because that is the only time I can do it.

I think Jim Condit Jr. is an honest guy who is just totally wrong about Adolf Hitler. I'm not trying to promote anything. When I have a guest on, I link to their website so people can check out the info they have for themselves.

If you or Deanna or Bill do not want to call in and address Condit, that's fine with me. I just thought you all may be interested, because I know you debated him on Deanna's show. And I know Bill debated him on a show with Mike Delaney.

As far as my history goes, I've had a blog for a few years and started getting more and more into radio the past 7 or 8 months or so. I'm not trying to con anyone Carolyn. The two main guys from Truth Militia Radio said they were interested in having other hosts produce radio programs during the week (they broadcast Sunday evenings), so I emailed them and they let me have my own show Monday evenings (normally). I don't agree with some of the things they say, but that's how it goes. Have you contacted them to let them know that you do not approve of them using your name and reputation to gain respectability? If you really feel that way, tell them. I'm sure they'd respond.

Take care, and keep up the good work.


Date: Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 5:25 AM
Subject: Re: The Realist Report with John Friend 01/21 by Truth Militia | Blog Talk Radio
To: John Friend

Cc: Deanna Spingola
, William Finck

You listen to my program almost every week (downloaded - I understand) but you don't know what time it is.

"I'm not trying to promote anything."
"I'm not trying to con anyone."
There is a lack of honesty here.

Those Condit "debates" were two years ago and nothing has changed since. So why the need for another one by YOU. And you're such great friends with Charlie Guiliani who is a friend/ally with Condit's ideas ... except for the Christianity part. It's all such a tangled web, but you have no interest in untangling it, but tangling it up more, it seems.

You are not the only one doing this. Most are such damn opportunists just playing around on the world-wide web ... for no other reason than because they can. I'm only asking people to THINK. You join up with Truth Militia without even knowing them, without agreeing with some of what they say, but ... what the heck, it's an opportunity. That's either not true or it doesn't speak well for you.

From: John Friend
Date: Wed, Jan 16, 2013 at 12:58 PM
Subject: Re: The Realist Report with John Friend 01/21 by Truth Militia | Blog Talk Radio
Cc: Deanna Spingola
, William Finck

Carolyn, I simply informed you, and Deanna and Bill, about this upcoming debate. If you can't participate, or don't want to, or think I'm dishonest, or some opportunist, fine. Don't tune in and don't call in. I am interested in this subject, and thought it would be a good debate.

I have been on Charlie's show a few times, and he came on mine a few weeks ago. I don't like the way he bashes Christianity, especially because he doesn't offer a solution or replacement for it. But I enjoy listening to his radio programs, just as I enjoy listening to yours. If you can't tell I'm being honest about what I'm all about then you simply haven't been following what I'm doing on my blog and radio program.

Either way, I'm done with this email thread. I find your accusations a bit childish to be quite honest. If Deanna or Bill want to call in, they are more than welcome to.

You can see for yourself what type of person Carolyn Yeager is just by reading this email thread.

I asked Yeager to be a guest on my radio program back in June of this year, months after the dispute posted above. I wanted to discuss "Holocaust" revisionism and her views of Adolf Hitler. She declined. Since then, I haven't communicated with her at all.

Yeager also characterized me as a "serious copy cat" and that all I do is "mimic others." As I stated earlier, and I have been very clear about this when I write on my website or broadcast on my radio program, I have been influenced by Carolyn Yeager's research, writings, and radio programs. I have learned a great deal by listening to her radio programs and reading her articles dealing with WWII revisionism and Adolf Hitler. I have also learned a great deal from many other individuals, including Deanna Spingola and William Finck. William Finck's Mein Kampf Project at is perhaps the best source available on the internet for the truth about Adolf Hitler, National Socialist Germany, and related matters. I do my best to give credit where credit is due, and cite sources properly.

Yeager claimed that I mimic not only her, but also Andrew Anglin. To make her case, she claimed that I started writing my News from the Jews column and posting it on Fridays in an effort to "copy" or "mimic" Anglin's weekly Fascist Friday Wrap Up article that he (usually) posts on Fridays.

If you look on the right hand side of this website, you will find a link for the Archives of all my News from the Jews columns. I have posted many of these articles on Friday, but certainly not all of them. I have been hosting two, and sometimes three or four, radio broadcasts per week, normally on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, so of course I'm going to post a more lengthy written article on the weekend (Friday or Saturday normally). The first time I ever wrote a News from the Jews column was back in August of 2012 - well before I even knew Andrew Anglin. I'd write them somewhat sporadically, and really began making it a weekly column in May or June of this year. Sometimes I would post them on Fridays, sometimes I wouldn't. So if Yeager is going to claim all I do is "mimic" and "copy" others, and that I want to "be like Andrew Anglin," she's going to have to do better than that.

Again, I have been influenced by and have learned a great deal from many individuals since I began this blog, including Yeager, Spingola, Finck, Rodney Martin, John Kaminski, Bruce Campbell, Dr. Jim Fetzer, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. David Duke, and many others, including Andrew Anglin. But to say that all I do is "mimic" and "copy" others is a bit disingenuous to say the least, especially considering I always try my best to cite sources and explain where I found my information or gained my perspective on a particular issue. Anyone who has followed my website and radio program knows this. Just go through and read some of my past News from the Jews columns and you will clearly see that what I am saying is true.

Yeager also questioned my "suspect" connections to "Jews" and other "shills" or "disinfo" agents in the alternative media. She pointed specifically to Dr. Jim Fetzer, Henry Makow, Michael Rivero, and Veronica Clark as prime examples.

Many of you know that Henry Makow and Mike Rivero are both Jewish. I posted a link to an article that appeared on Henry Makow's site a couple weeks ago when I interviewed Tom in Connecticut. I posted it because I mentioned that specific article during the conversation with Tom. I also posted a link to Mike Rivero's site in a blog post a while back (I can't find it now, but I know the one Yeager was talking about). The reason why I did was because I was quoting Rivero. You can see that I try to cite and link to the sources I am using, talking about, or quoting.

Now, Yeager is right about one thing: there really is no reason for me to ever link to or cite Henry Makow or Mike Rivero for anything. Both of them absolutely fail the Hitler Test (and other tests as well), so I will not be linking to them or even mentioning them in the future.

I have received all sorts of criticism from all sorts of people for my association with, respect, and admiration of Dr. Jim Fetzer. I do not agree with Dr. Fetzer on everything, but I do think he is a brilliant man that has done a lot of excellent research into a wide variety of topics, including the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and 9/11. I enjoy listening to his radio programs (for the most part), and I have read many of his articles. Dr. Fetzer is not (outwardly) pro-White, and he is most assuredly confused about Adolf Hitler, National Socialism, and WWII generally, from what I gather. But I think he is a great source of information, and he has proven himself to be intellectually honest on numerous occasions just since I've followed his work. Dr. Fetzer is not perfect, and he is not a good source of information when it comes to WWII-related subjects, but I do consider him to be a top notch intellect and an honest man.

Yeager pointed to my review of Veronica Clark's book Hitler and Himmler Uncensored, which I wrote back in May of 2012, as somehow "suspect," proving that I am somehow associated with Veronica Clark. I have never met or spoken to Veronica Clark. I have listened to many of her radio programs with Deanna Spingola in the past, and I have three of her books. She emailed me months ago asking me to take down any links to her work because she was not and is not a "White Nationalist" or a "National Socialist" or a "Fascist" and she wanted no connections with anyone who was. So I really don't know what Yeager is getting at regarding Veronica Clark. I have some of her books, which I found very interesting. So what?

At the beginning of the program, Yeager stated that what's happened as a result of the "debate" and the resulting fallout has "really brought things into focus." And she's absolutely right: what has transpired in the past week really has brought things into focus. The collective behavior of Carolyn Yeager and the trio of Delaney, Roberts, and Anglin demonstrate their utter dishonesty, both on a personal level and, even more importantly, on an intellectual level. Cheap attacks on my character and physical appearance, coupled with a total distortion and misrepresentation of my views, reveal all we need to know about these despicable, undignified, and mean-spirited characters.


  1. OMG...I just read the emails.

    Yeager is a duplicitous skank. Talk about two-faced. Geez....

    And I'm supposed listen to her "take" on anything? LOL! Yeah, right....

    Alright, thank you very much for posting this article. It really helps me put the various personalities into perspective.

    There is very definitely a little cabal of sh%t throwers who need to all just go away.

    Thanks for posting John, Cheers.

  2. "...Carolyn Yeager, one of the leading voices in the pro-White..."

    That's charitable.

    Carolyn declared me "hippy", and proposed that a lot of my political work and personal effect is a product of my being self-conscious about my womanly hips. It's comforting to know that even your comparatively more fit and handsome self is getting the same treatment.

    If you actually do listen to her program on a weekly basis, and just now started to suspect that something's amiss, then you need to re-calibrate your crazy-meter.

    1. Well, this time Friend was the victim of Carolyn`s fury, I`d guess that being the victim of harassment and slander helps alot. JF seemed to be fine with this kind of stuff when it happened to ZCF.

    2. I stand by my criticism of ZCF: he was extremely arrogant, and constantly bashed people for their religious beliefs.

    3. My inner voice has told me weird things. He has many times been right,so there's a possibilty that ZCF may be a secret jew and an agent. Who coulld be his handler? Topham?

    4. Whether you stand by your criticism of ZCF or not is not really the issue that me or the poster above me brought up. The point is that ZCF (and others) went through the same thing that you are complaining about from these hominid attacks, accusations of being jewish and other unverifiable and childish stuff. Like Matt alluded to, it`s pretty strange that you apparently never suspected anything like this from these people after following them as closely as you have done. I seem to remember one of these guys calling into a radio show and calling the host a "jewish whore" or something to that effect.

      Fwiw, I don`t agree with Simon`s 9/11 theories, but I still find Delaney, Roberts and Yeager`s way on handling the "disagreement" distasteful.

    5. I have never engaged in ad hominem style attacks against ZCF, and have never endorsed these types of attacks against him. I have found the behavior of Delaney suspect and reprehensible for quite some time now, and have always thought Yeager did good work on WWII and race issues. But she is just a nasty person in a lot of ways.

    6. OK, on ZCF , this guy is subtly trying to undermine everything he used to say about Hitler-he has posted 4 articles ijn a row alluding to Hitler's lack of autheticity as a great reich leader.Disappointed, and I am glad, you, John Friend, have seen the light with all the agents, and do you really think the JWO would allow Tru Tube to exist if they didn't control it?- what they have done is take pressure off you tube and channel all the problem boys to Tru Tube where there are many fewer sheep. . Remove yourself from the separatist ilk and join the inclusivist side of the party- yes, these wannabe jews get nasty when you don't follow their prescription but it's gotta be done- we need to make them irrelevant

    7. As I listen, it occurs to me that causing divisiveness over explanations over 911, is probably a jew op- if those guys as a group want to diss someone over method, it reminds me of Santilli's fake row with Gordon Duff over Judi Woods which was a definate psyop.Get used to it- the separatist group is prime jew exploitation material and it is thru those guys that they are holding jewawares in check

  3. Cheers again John - I just realized I called Carolyn Yeager a duplicitous skank. I suppose that may run afoul of your prohibition against derogatory language. If so, I apologize.

    I'm finding it difficult to select descriptive words for Yeager that aren't derogatory. Hmmm..

    Well, Carolyn seems to be a very choleric and bitter, old lady. Would you consider the word "old" to be derogatory?

    Do you suppose this could be symptomatic of menopause? I would think that Yeager would have passed through that stage long ago - so maybe that's not it.

    Maybe she's just pissed because you're encroaching on her "turf". Perhaps she views your young, energetic, intelligent investigation of historical issues as threatening to her little pathetic throne upon which she sits along with her numerous cats.

    Of course, I'm just speculating now....

    1. Yeah, there is absolutely no need to stoop to Yeager's level with the ad hominem attacks and character assassinations. There is plenty to criticize without resorting to name calling.

  4. Andre Anglin (who looks kinda weird/ugly) is saying that JF is insane. Is Anglin going to try to have JF committed and perhaps "re-educaed" Soviet-style? Is that what Anglin is insinuating?

    JF isn't insane and neither is what he's saying. Anglin seems threatened by the things JF is covering. Does Anglin really think JF is going to be intimidated into silence by Anglins antics? Who knows what a delusional egomaniac is thinking....

    I'm glad the bowel movement scumbags are now imploding. About time.

  5. Why would Yeager join in on the bandwagon of hate against John Friend? I find the timing quite suspect.

    It looks like it all kind of blew up in Yeagers face as well as the others.

    They all really exposed themselves for what they are. One things for sue - they'll never get a damn dime from me. In fact, I'll seriously discourage everyone I interact with from contributing to any of those turds.

  6. Far too many people in the Revisionist movement treat it as their own personal property rather than the cooperative venture it needs to be. Small minded slanderers who mistake confederates for competitors are generally more interested in contributions than cooperation. We all have been burned by Jewish actors pretending to be our brethren, and need to be eternally vigilant about their deceptions and penetrations, but letting one's own personal philosophies sabotage potential alliances among people who have the same goal — overturning the Jewish lies about World War II — hurts the Revisionist movement more than the selfish elitism and impolite insults of self-styled experts can ever help it.

  7. Pertaining to the book misnamed by Yeager titled "Triumph of Diversity: A New Look at Hitler's Armed Forces":

    "I don't know anything about the author but I kind of assumed that the title of her book was meant to poke fun at the Diversity commissars. Other than that, it's well known that that a lot of non-Germans (and quite a few non-Europeans) served in the German armed forces in WWII. Also well known that Jesse Owens was more celebrated in 1936 Germany than in the US and that it was a myth that he was snubbed by Hitler. The author is most likely an eccentric iconoclast who enjoys thumbing her nose at the conventional.The last major Western taboos revolve around the whole "Hitler Question.""

  8. The QueenHag has spoken, so STFU, fat Jew boy.


    You look old, huh? and out of shape?

    This is pretty funny coming from an old pitiful, fat hag. A self-important hag who feels she is the gatekeeper of some sort of movement. I actually heard her say on an interview somewhere that she needs to go to different blogs (including yours) and point out where she disagrees (you know, put her seal of approval or disapproval on the content). As if anyone other than an ass-kissing sycophant could give a rat's ass what she thinks.

    Her taint destroys her knowledge of certain subjects (which I agree she is knowledgeable about Hitler, the NSDAP and some other areas), but if a person has to fight to gain her "approval" and acceptance into her delusional little hate-filled world, it simply is not worth the effort.

    You and I don't agree on everything, but I feel that you do things for the right reasons. I feel as if your radio programs dwarf hers (and the Prostinkers). I feel that your radio personality is far more amiable and fair than the hag's 80 year old sounding scratch. Your program is far more entertaining than anything I ever heard from all of those nut jobs, even on the issues I disagree with, especially the hag's shows.

    In some ways, you have a similar approach that DeAnna has (and I happen to be a fan of hers, as well).

    I do not see this divide as detrimental. I see it as progress, for I have been saying these freaks are more involved in hate and divide than truth.

    Like I said on the previous post, f#ck 'em and feed 'em fish heads.

    1. Thanks B'Man! No need to stoop to their level and name call though. :)

    2. Much of it was tongue-in-cheek, you know, what is good for the goose is good for the gander type of rhetoric.

      Although, I have responded to her in another comment section quite some time ago, calling her a "hag". Unfortunately, I am giving hags a bad rap.

      BTW: I listen to Spingola's programs with yours in my travels. I have never heard her mention you as a Jew. Not defending her, but I have heard most of her programs.

      I think this is all good, where my friend Noor doesn't like the divide (I was recently written about at that stalwart "Truther"'s site, the new ZCF)

      (again, snark).

      I think it is imperative to point out those who appear compromised.

      I don't know if Yeager has any ulterior motive, other than just being a bitch. But I do think the others you have written about lately have such an ulterior motive (and its not just about personality).

      In any event, there are far better sources for the information that Yeager provides and one doesn't have to listen to fingers on a blackboard to get it.

      You are one of those sources.

      Now, what am I going to do with all these fish heads?

  9. so how do "Jews" get into the Old Testament...?

    if you weren't trying to be a hippy Eustace Mullins you wouldn't be in this
    cat fight...make some California herb..."brownies" and call it a day.

    man, you shoulda met Linda Thompson.

    I'd like to see you do a show with Kent Hovind.



    1. From what I understand, the people we know as "Jews" today are in fact the enemies of the Israelite people in the Old Testament. God's Covenant is NOT with the people we know as Jews today.

    2. exactly john

      Yesterdays Israelites are not Todays Japethite Ashekenazi Khazar Joos in name only. 97% of those calling themselves Joos are Khazars according to some of their own Genome researchers.

  10. I was going to comment at TWN saying Carolyn Yeager hadn't given me any reason to be wary of John Friend (he looks Jewish (which I'd dispute), he has Jewish associates, he likes Lenon Honor's book -- these are not reasons, they're idiotic smears), but I guess she'll read this here so two birds, one stone ...

    I'd much rather see people debating the historic and political issues than getting into personal issues and, even more inane, how a person makes you feel.

    I lost a good 3/4 of an hour of my life listening to the Delaney/Friend debate where Delaney was all personal and peripheral but Friend, to his credit, tried to discuss the claims of the Shack crowd. Having said that, I am baffled that Friend is persuaded by SEPTEMBER CLUES and the Clues Forum of the general pan-fakery argument. John, what in your opinion is the single most clear example of live TV news fakery on 9/11 and what is the single best example of photo fakery published in a newspaper? I've asked other supporters of CLUES without anyone laying out a clear answer.

    And I do think Yeager is right that about all the debate over 'how' is somewhat a waste of time for people who have other issues of greater importance to deal with -- eg. race and nation matters.

    1. Nick Dean,

      Your comment centers on the real issues.

      Shack and Company do, indeed, go way too far in their speculation of what you rightly refer to as “Pan-Fakery”.

      If I had to point to clear undisputable examples of media deception, I would immediately cite the street testimony of “The Harley Guy” being interviewed by the jew Rick Leventhal and the famous “Nose-Out” shot that was undisputedly broadcast to the world.

      Those two items of evidence are available for scrutiny by anyone.

      Taken alone in isolation, they do not provide conclusive proof of an overall plan. But they do indeed fit well into hypotheses directly linking the broadcast media to the 911 deception operation.

      John has touched on modern methods of Intelligence Analysis in previous shows and how we have applied them to the 911 problem. I think he probably needs to go into more depth on that to more fully answer your question.

      As with any other criminal investigation, evidence is collected and various hypotheses are considered as to how a specific crime was committed.

      On a simpler level, let’s say you’re a cop and you happen upon a dead body laying in the street with what appears to he a hole in the head. Are you concerned with “how” that person was killed? Yes, you are. In fact, that is one of your primary concerns because once you have established “how” they were killed you can then link the “how” to the “who”.

      This is how investigations work.

      Investigating “how” is not a waste of time or effort at all. In fact, it is essential.

      We will probably be covering this is much more detail in the near future to help clarify the situation for people.


    2. Hey Nick, thanks for the feedback, I always appreciate what you have to say.

      I believe that September Clues makes a very persuasive case that all of the "live" network broadcasts on 9/11 were fabricated, and that all of the subsequent amateur videos depicting "an airplane" smashing into the WTC were fabricated as well. None of the imagery depicting "an airplane" crashing into the WTC is authentic, from what I can tell. I also think that September Clues has raised many problems with the alleged "3000 victims" said to have perished on 9/11. That is where I agree with them for the most part. I'm NOT saying "no one died on 9/11" or that "9/11 was a total hoax and nothing happened." Obviously, the entire WTC complex (9 total buildings) were demolished and a fake story about "19 Muslim radicals" attacking America was sold to the global public via media deception.

      Just watch the documentary and you will see plenty of examples of video fakery on 9/11. Tom points out two great examples above.

      The entire dispute between me and the Delaney, Roberts, Anglin faction is much bigger than the "no plane"/media fakery issue on 9/11. It is about the fact that the Jewish media is systematically deceiving and manipulating us by broadcasting fabricated or altered video and images, sometimes utilizing scripted "actors" playing a specific role in an alleged "event", and presenting them as if they were real to a gullible audience in order to advance certain geopolitical and sociocultural agendas. The Jewish media is a very powerful force that must be examined and exposed. Those guys don't seem to be up to the challenge ("it makes us look insane," after all). But I am, and I think there are a lot of people who agree with me.

  11. Andrew anglin aka Andre of is a bizzare character. A yr ago he was an antifa & anti-white racist, making podcasts about his admiration for Asian jungle tribes, his lust for black women, & his hopes for the extermination of white peoples. Now a year later, he sets up his "totalfascist" site, calling for the murder of capitalists, libertarians, women who seek abortions, & "the obese" - pretty much anyone who disagrees with him. (See his article on things to be made illegal in his future dictatorship). In btwn well cited and referenced alternative news & ww2 & german history pieces - designed to pull traffic & readers in - are manifestos like that. This guy is a junior Hal Turner.

    1. Do you have a url for Andrew's previous persona?

    2. People's views change as they learn more. Were you born with the beliefs that you have now?

      Please provide one quote where Andre called for the murder of anybody.

    3. I agree with you Ben G. My views and life philosophy have changed dramatically just in the past couple years. Life is a never ending learning process, and we should all be continually evolving intellectually.

    4. Google " Andre1984 David Icke" - he's been frantically deleting all the others and there is also a podcast of him calling for whites to be " bred out of existence"

  12. Ok, John, the controlled opposition is trying to shut you down. That is what they are paid for. It only means you are doing something right- lets move on.

    1. Totally agree.


    2. Agreed, I'm ready to move on but some of this stuff needs to be addressed. I hope this doesn't drag out, but I have a feeling it will.

  13. Look at anglins face. Look at his nose. What comes to mind? Be honest.

    Now, considers what anglin is saying. He's intentionally trying to steer discussion away from the media role in deceiving the public.

    He's saying it's "INSANE" to discuss it.

    Now, go back and look at his face and nose. That's one fugly dude. Definitely NOT aryan.

    Could there be a link between anglins ethnicity and his explicit attempts at covering for the jew media?

    Why are anglin, yeager, delaney, and roberts all on the same page....a page that benefits the jew media?

    I know this post is about yeager and her mean-spirited cheap-shot ad hominem attacks and how that kind of thinking reflects on her as a person. But, I can't help but recognize the overall pattern of behavior among that group of suspects.

    Thank you carolyn yeager for showing us that you cannot be trusted and are a crazy old bitch.

    Thank you anglin for providing a window into your intellectual dishonesty.

    Thank you roberts for exposing your role as yes-man.

    Thank you delaney for demonstrating your inability to think.

    Indeed, this episode has provided much needed clarity on the agenda and intellect of these people.

    Yeager, anglin, roberts, delaney: you are a disgrace and your "followers" are just that..."FOLLOWERS".

  14. it's a bit of a cliché John , but "when you're over the target you get the most flack"
    You keep up the great work man ...and to hell with the whingers and begrudgers
    all the best for the future

  15. The poos must love watching all this infighting within the revisionist movement. Early Hanukkah for them...

  16. ok, back to business. Are you going to have a podcast where readers can call in and chat? kind of like an open discussion type call? would be nice.

    1. Yeah, we'll be doing a program tomorrow night (Sunday, December 8th) probably at 7pm PST. Check BlogTalkRadio page in the near future.

  17. John, you have now seen what associating with CI people will bring--nothing but misery, turmoil, and attacks--, and as for Yeager, very few people have anything to do with her because it appears to me that she is only satisfied or happy when others around her are miserable or having problems.

    Simply do whatever work you feel is important, but associating with people who are trouble is going to bring you problems, as you have already proven by what has been happening to you lately, and you are too nice and thoughtful of a person to have this kind of shit happen to you. When ZCF had all that he did happen to him, that should have been all that you needed to see to run-away from those who had turned-on-him, and damned-near destroyed him and his work.

    I learned-my-lesson after being told by several people to stay-away from certain miscreants, alcoholics, and shit-stirrers, and I refused to listen to that sage-advice because I tried to see the good in working with people who were "on the same side as I am in this fight, even though I had no business associating with them because of the kinds of people they are, and I seriously regret not listening to what people who cared and knew what they were saying told me. Now, I am going to say the same thing to you: Be much more mindful of the people with whom you associate, because the fact is that there are far too many "damaged" people in this "movement", as it apparently attracts the wrong kinds of people for whatever reason.

    Borderline-personality-disorder seems to me to be prevalent among too many people within the REAL truth-movement, and as soon as anyone displays the tell-tale signs/characteristics of this very real mental-disorder, RUN-AS-FAR-AWAY AS YOU CAN.


  18. Just a general comment. First of all congratulations on the good work. You are a leader and a teacher and you will always learn more because there is always more to learn. Some other people are fossilized and happy with themselves being that way. Also remember that women, especially at a certain age, can become a little bitter and overly critical. Pay little attention to it. Tomorrow she may think you are the best.

    I think as a strategy and as a tactic it is good to be hard in the core but to hang loose a little at the edges as you seem to be doing. Also it is good to interact with other thinking people we do not agree with. And to learn from all.

    Please keep doing what you're doing and do it your own way.

    Enjoy your site. It's good.

    Don't let bitterness get you down one bit, or get you upset. It's not easy but have sympathy and respond to bitterness with kindness.

    Dogmatics are such a bore, even if they are right. Believing something as dogma is a sure sign of a dull mind. If we cannot disagree or even tolerate different character traits and styles among ourselves we are doomed from the start. Are any two people alike? Truth may be one but there are still various ways of looking at it.

    And we can follow what we mainly agree with without having to agree with everything. So....there.

    Be nice, man....even to bitter older women. They may have been through a a little sympathy may go a long way. Laugh it off...don't take it on.

  19. It's interesting that Carolyn takes such umbrage at the idea that the Holo-massive criminal fraud (I don't like to call it a "hoax" -- too innocuous) was a psy-op. She seems to think it just somehow "happened", and was not planned in advance.

    ON THE CONTRARY -- like everything those scumbags do, it was certainly planned in advance, and how is inciting apart of the European community to committing mass murder against the rest and then guilting them all into committing mass suicide not a psy-op? Nahum Goldmann stated clearly that he and Chaim Weizmann had planned the postwar war crimes trials and the extraction of "reparations" early in the war, before the "holocaust" had allegedly even started.

  20. I think Carolyn's reaction stems from the fact that interviewing and thereby associating with folks like Condit you validate his/their position and ideas.

    Since you have stated that you disagree with his theory of Hitler being a Zionist agent, why bother to give the man equal time on a subject that seems so preposterous to you and to many of us.

    I think she has a valid argument. Now, as to you being a Jew and a shill working for controlled opposition, I don't know where she gets that from.

    Anyway, I find your site very interesting. This is the first time I comment. Best wishes.

  21. OK, I just deleted some comments here after really thinking about this. I feel like a hypocrite for approving some of the ad hominem attacks on Yeager, Anglin, and the others. No more anonymous comments, and no more ad hominem attacks. I don't care how ugly or Jewish looking a person looks - if you have a criticism to make, you can do so without attacking their physical appearance.

  22. Hi JF

    It seems everybody's struck with paranoia and suspicion of each other. It's not good. Why is everybody so tense?

    You're doing a great job. You're on now and reach many new people. And this is because of your open, positive approach. You don't have the "Holier Than Thou" cult-like mindset. Continue this way! :)

  23. All this infighting is really too bad. Can this movement ever get beyond our petty differences or are we doomed to failure? Carolyn may put out good info but she is a miserable bitch who pretty much complains about everyone and thinks she's more important then she thinks she is. I never really cared for delaney or Scott Roberts. They pretty much just repeat the same shit every show and never bring anything new. I really like Andre's work and his site so I'm kinda torn on that. I gave up on the how of 911 a long time ago because there isn't any way to prove it and all the theories make my head spin. I do like listening to these shows on media fakery. Do I believe it....I really don't know what to believe anymore. I really like your work John and find you as the most HONEST person in this so called movement so whatever you do don't stop doing what your doing.

  24. I listened to half of Carolyn Yeager's radio program today, where she addresses some of the things I wrote here. She stated towards the end of the 1st hour that Deanna Spingola told her (Yeager) that she thinks I am Jewish, and that Dr. Jim Fetzer is CIA and also my "handler." I just sent this email to Deanna Spingola, hoping she will clarify whether or not she said this to Carolyn, or believes it to be true.

    From: John Friend
    Date: Sun, Dec 8, 2013 at 1:01 AM
    Subject: Question
    To: Deanna Spingola

    Hi Deanna, I heard Carolyn Yeager state today that you told her that you think I am a Jew, and that Dr. Jim Fetzer is CIA and is also my "handler."

    I don't want to assume you said these things, but if you did I would like you to confirm so I can address it publicly. If I don't receive a reply from you, I am going to assume Carolyn is telling the truth and you did indeed say these things to her.


    I will be addressing the 9/11 "debate" and its aftermath tomorrow evening on my radio program. It starts at 7pm PST and calls will be taken throughout - so feel free to call in and let me know what you think of the entire situation. I hope we can move on after this show is over with.

    Here is a link to the program tomorrow evening:

  25. John... I tried to warn you a while back to absolutely NOT associate yourself with any of these "christian identity" nutters, and now you can see the consequences of that folly...

    Do yourself a favor and absolutely do NOT associate with these people, period.. They have done their utmost to this point in dragging you down and turning many good people who would gladly work with you closely against you.. That seems to be their goal... To see you ruined or destroyed!

    Take the time to remove all links to these people and associate with those who work independently of these "religious" or "pro-white" groups.. Again as I have already said to you before, you are better than them and you can show them up by no longer falling for their ploys....

    Heed what I and others have been trying for the longest time to help you with some very good advice. We see the rifts that these groups create and how they are working for the enemy and not against them....

    Take care and you know where to find me...

    1. To be frank with you, I find your comments and "advice" condescending and disrespectful.

      Best of luck to you NTS, keep up the good work on your blog.

    2. JF, always the gentleman.

      My view is that a man's religious view, if it's a sincere one, should as a principle be respected - almost no matter what the religious view is. It's the individual's own business, and it's great that he at least acknowledges *something higher* in his life. And: Am I 100% certain that my view is the correct one?

      C.I.: After reading the book "Fountain of Fairytales" I'm personally convinced that the Old Testament is pretty much useless - other than as a documentation of Jewish mental sickness. But hey - I'll let the C.I.'s disagree with me. Do we really have to agree on everything?

    3. To interpret what I am saying to be "condescending and disrespectful" has me at a loss...

      I have been serious for a long time about how certain individuals would attack you without warrant... To state this is also not "condescending"...

      I see nothing "condescending" in stating that you are better than the crowd that has been attacking you! And it is not "disrespectful" but actually shows respect in stating that you are better than them!

      Please do not find some type of meaning in my statement that is not there... You have known me long enough that I never take swipes at people unless they decide to take swipes at myself... Not my character.

      And to say "take care" is not condescending, but also a sign of respect...

      Again, John,.. Do not read into something that is not there... To take a swipe at someone such as me that comes to your defense is quite peculiar and quite unnecessary.

    4. con·de·scend·ing
      1. having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority.

    5. I'm not taking a swipe at you - I'm expressing how I felt about your comment. It's like your lecturing me and I'm some foolish child. I appreciate your support and concern for me, but not your condescending comments.

    6. It seems "northerntruthseeker" Has been advising the admins at grizzom.blogspot to "have nothing to do with John Friend". I guess you again have proven yourself to be above the ego-driven tactics of these butthurt babies.

  26. One other note, John.. People ask me my opinion of Carolyn Yeager.. I tell them I have NO opinion at all... She has her beliefs and her faults like everyone else...

    I do have one qualm when she takes swipes at people, such as myself, unjustly and totally without any warrant... That to me is childish and does not deserve a response by myself in kind.... I will not stoop that low...

  27. A couple personal reservations on ZCF

    My own experience with him on his OLD website was that he censored my comments when he had NO reason to censor the posts. (I just never go to his new site) I only attempted to post several times but they showed up on the website. I found that totally bizarre. I was never insulting and mainly just posted information to additional Jew Wise research links on the topics already being discussed. I don't know if it had anything to do with the fact my name LAYDEE LIBERTY linked back to the OLD website, as a site moderator. And it was guilt by association. ( I also knew through posts on TFT he routinely censored Scott Roberts at TFT as well, WHY?)

    Secondly, when he came on the scene he originally he actually portrayed himself AS a White guy. Personally, I don't care what race/religion you claim to be if you are exposing the Jewish oligarchy but when the fact became known and he later admitted HE IS NOT WHITE, well that is just another peculiar and disingenuous thing that should be known about him. WHY do that in the first place ? (That is HUGE FLAG for me.)

    Third HE IS A KNOWN PLAGIARIST! Many articles that put him ON THE MAP of TRUTH SEEKERS are NOT even his own material. He typically gave NO source credit to anyone and let everyone naturally ASSUME all that great research we all loved WAS HIS. SEE:

    Monday, 7 May 2012
    Zion Crime Factory's plagiarism

    Below is a copy of my post King of the Jews from January 2011. Some of
    the quotes/sources were added later, but I've not touched it for ages.
    It's compared to two and a bit pages (pp.17-20) from Zion COPY+PASTE Factory's Jew World
    Order article (pdf), published December 27th, 2011. To show how he does his "research." ( ZCF routinely assumes the credit for other peoples research allowing people to assume IT IS HIS OWN)

    This is only the tip of the iceberg, but sufficient to prove he is an unashamed plagiarist.

    HIS latest 180 on Hitler. . . well, I guess with everything else I have experienced about him it just doesn't surprise me too much at all. : D

    Here is my stuff if anyone can use it to spread the "good news" of the TRUTH go for it! LOL, LL

    KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK JOHN, Loved that interview on The Realist Report - John and John Kaminski will be talking about his recent article The Hitler Test and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

  28. Someone already said in the comments that you were "always the gentleman". I're a class act John. I have had my problems with Yeager for a while when she started to spew vintage Jewish feminist behavior on certain threads a few months back. Since then I have completely tuned her out. Don't trust her a bit.

    It is too bad than Delaney and Roberts can't be more open minded on 911. You are the bigger man for it. I don't get their logic, why the event "has to be a certain way and other theories are nonsense". I personally don't think we will ever know for certain, but anything is possible, from no planes, to missiles to whatever. As such, I enjoy and respect your strength and courage ( and always have) to follow all roads and all of the evidence in public forums. It was because of you that I watched September Clues. I can't say that it made me a 100% believer, but it was a very good watch and showed some very compelling evidence.

    Don't change a bit John. I think you have a lot more vision, wisdom and maturity than most in the movement. People with those qualities will always be attacked, even by their own.

  29. I'm not sure what to make of this woman, Yeager. I've only listened to her show a couple of times. Though whenever I hear her name mentioned, it's nearly always because shes calling someone out as an enemy agent. I find her attitude really quite disheartening.

    As for you, I'd have to admit that I do like enjoy how you approach matters. The many angles at which you approach any given topic, is a great way of doing things. You are young and it is very correct of you to do things the way that you do. If there were more kids like you out there, our problems would be over in no time. It's a shame that the old guard fail to recognise your contribution. Your time is here, now. There's has been and gone, and guess what? They failed! It's no different here in England than in your land.

    Time to let the young blood rise I say.

    Herald of Albion



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