Sunday, December 29, 2013

"Holocaust survivors" and psychological terrorism

The fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative is instilled and implanted in the minds of millions of people around the world - especially young, vulnerable children - largely through psychological terrorism and media manipulation, a subject I've written about before and will continue to emphasize.

Traumatic images and videos, which in virtually all cases turn out to be either completely fabricated or flagrantly distorted, manipulated, and/or taken out of context, along with extremely emotional (and entirely fabricated or embellished) "eye witness testimony" from "Holocaust survivors" have been and are continually being used to instill and perpetuate the lies associated with WWII, Adolf Hiter, and the fake story of "6 million Jews systematically murdered by the evil Nazis".

Of course, most of you reading this recognize that the official historiography pertaining to WWII is virtually the exact opposite of what really happened during and after WWII. Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany did not start WWII, they were not attempting to conquer the world, and there was no systematic plan to exterminate European Jewry.

International Jewry and the countries she (largely) controlled - namely, the US, UK, and Soviet Union - instigated and initiated WWII, while Adolf Hitler was determined to revitalize and rejuvenate the German nation - politically, economically, culturally, and spiritually - while attempting to diplomatically resolve the major political and geographical disputes brought about following the post WWI so-called "peace treaties", particularly the Treaty of Versailles which pertained to Germany specifically, after democratically coming to power in 1933.

Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany never advocated or planned to exterminate European Jewry - they simply recognized the parasitic, destructive nature of the Jewish people as an organized political, economic, and cultural force, and wanted to rid German society of Jewish influence and subversion. On the other hand, the organized international Jewish community openly advocated for the systematic destruction and genocide of the German people on a number of different occasions, and convinced their puppet governments and militaries to actually do so during and after WWII (see here also). 

An article appearing this weekend in The New York Times demonstrated once again the central role "Holocaust survivors" play in psychologically terrorizing young children in to accepting the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII specifically, and the historical "Jewish victimhood" narrative generally, which has essentially amassed the organized Jewish community a lucrative financial and sympathy racket used to exploit and ultimately destroy Western civilization.

LASZLO SCHWARTZ never had a proper adolescence. The Nazis made sure of that.

He was 14 when he and his family disembarked from a cold boxcar onto the selection ramp at Auschwitz, and he says he still remembers the feel of Josef Mengele’s wide leather gloves pinching his scrawny biceps.

As the sadistic concentration camp physician known as the “Angel of Death” sized up the teenage Laszlo, ordering him to line up with the other children, a sinister flame rose in the distance, he said.

“I knew what they were doing, but I didn’t want to believe it,” Mr. Schwartz recently told a class of 50 high school students in this small town in western Germany. “My turn came for Mengele, and he asked me to make a muscle. He asked how old I am. I said 17. It didn’t help.”

At 83, Mr. Schwartz splits his time between Germany and New York City, where he emigrated in 1946. Since July 2010, he has spoken at more than 80 schools around Germany about the kidnappings, starvation and torture he endured during the war and how the last time he ever saw his mother and sister was the day he met Mengele.

Talking about his travails has not always been easy for Mr. Schwartz, whose right cheek still droops slightly where, he says, a member of the Hitler Youth once shot him through the jaw. He says he used to choke up at the thought of losing his mother, but now he is stoic, his articulation slow but deliberate.

For Mr. Schwartz, speaking openly about secrets he kept for decades is cathartic, but for Germany he also plays an invaluable role in bolstering Holocaust education at a time when the number of living witnesses is shrinking by the year.

Germany is not alone in fretting over how to teach the Holocaust once the survivor generation is gone, but its role as perpetrator heightens a sense of urgency.

Survivors’ stories, like the ones Mr. Schwartz recently told at the Martinum Gymnasium in Emsdetten, are especially important for younger generations who feel increasingly detached from the crimes of their forebears, educators say. Firsthand accounts provide an emotional link to the atrocities that other forms of memorialization simply cannot duplicate.

“To hear it from someone who was there is different than reading dry books,” said Fransiska Hollekamp, 17, one of the 50 students here listening to Mr. Schwartz. “It’s so much more real.”
Let's be up front and honest about what these "Holocaust survivors", and the Holocaust industry in general, are doing to us and our children. They are psychologically and emotionally terrorizing us into accepting their fake narrative of history. That is what they are doing - and it's time we recognize it.


  1. By the way, this coming Tuesday at 8am PST I will be hosting a "Reflecting on 2013" special edition of The Realist Report. It will be an informal broadcast, so please feel free to call in! I'd love to hear from readers and listeners what they thought of the past year, and what we should focus on in the upcoming year.

  2. Thanks for all the hard work and research john- I will listen to the previous realist reports that you linked to here later at work. There is also a new Fetzer podcast (friday) featuring Sofia Smallstorm and James Tracey, that you might want to check out if you haven't yet.

  3. I don't get it John. What are you saying here? This guy is lying?

    Are you saying that an evil nazi child did NOT shoot him in the face? What makes you insinuate that? Because he is still alive?

    I have jewish friends, and they all told me that their grandparents got shot in the face! Are you saying all my jewish friends are lying? They witnessed with their own ears the horrific tales of the nazi death camp accounts of their grandparents.

    Sure, all their grandparents survived the death camps, but that doesn't prove that it didn't happen? For heavens sake! I was just watching the military channel on the rise of the third reich, the music was spooky, the narrator sure sounded like he was telling the truth, and he said that they did this type of stuff!

    What more proof do you need John? I just can't believe you get taken in by this holocaust crisis actor nonsense! On and on it goes does it not?


    Seriously, who in their right mind, who is awake to this stuff, can't apply what they have learned about this Hoax and see how it is done with the rest of the shit they throw at us today?

    I respect many people in this cause of ours, and this is meant for constructive criticism. I am very surprised at how many official stories people believe without investigating for themselves. It is bad enough when the MSM comes up with names, even worse when people in the cause are coming up with their own names to call people.

    Especially when the consequences of these High Profile False Flags lead to Consequences for all of us. Like the traveling troupe of gun grabbing lobbyists roaming the country (SH), or when that time that army tanks and soldiers were rolling up in neighborhoods looking for a suspect (BB).

    What would be a better goal? If NOBODY believed anything the media said? Or if EVERYBODY believes what the media said? Consider that question and think about it for a minute. Which direction have we been working toward all this time? How many times have you been continually shown, that this rabbit hole keeps on going?

    If you are here at this site or others like it, How many times did you have to WAKE UP to a new thing in your journey to this point? How many times?

    It's similar to these BORN AGAIN christians, they are SAVED! Once saved always saved, and then they turn off the switch and go to bed. Its a big problem this ALL OR NOTHING approach. You have to sift through this pile of shit that they throw at us.

  4. And thank you so very much for all of 2013 dishing out the truth, with profound analysis about the real terrorists, John. Today, Gordon Duff at VeteransToday, in his featured article, is echoing what you have been offering for years, namely, that:
    Mossad, Bush Planned and Executed 9/11". Happy New Year to us!.

  5. “I knew what they were doing, but I didn’t want to believe it,”

    I'll go one step further. I don't believe it.

  6. He's here, he's there, he's every blooming-where, Men-gel-e, Men-gel-e.

    Wish I had a pound for every Jew who's been eyed-up for experiment by Mengele, who's been asked to bare his arm & make a muscle by Mengele, who's been touched on the biceps by Mengele's gloved hand, who's been shot in the face by Mengele, who's been been a victim of, or was forced to watch their sister be a victim of one of Mengele's macabre experiments, who had Jews that passed diamonds in their bowel movements thanks to Mengele.Yet strangely, there seems to be a multitude of Mengele's victims who survived WWII. Mengele must have been a human dynamo, a superman who could be in many different places at the same time.

    He's here, he's there, he's every-blooming-where, Men-gel-e, Men-gel-e.

    Yet millions of Allied troops fought their way across Europe in WWII, & don't get a word in, thanks to the almost-total Zionist Jew supremacist control of the media. These pathetic Zionist Jew 'eternal victims' need to zip-up & give it a rest.


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