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"Holocaust" satire

satire: the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
You may have read in some obscure part of the internet that the Holocaust of six million Jews during WWII is a hoax - it didn't happen - and that all of the heroic survivors and eye witnesses of Nazis atrocities are actually embellishing or outright fabricating their entire experience during WWII. Some even go so far as to claim that much, if not all, of the infamous photographic and video imagery depicting the Holocaust - piles of dead bodies, emaciated prisoners, death camps, and other iconic imagery associated with WWII and the systematic extermination of European Jewry - is either misrepresented, distorted, or even outright fabricated.

Many bloggers, researchers, and independent media personalities promote this far fetched, ridiculous conspiracy theory on the internet and elsewhere. Only a pathologically insane and illogical mind - a delusional individual - could actually entertain these ideas, and I'm here today to set the record straight.

Holocaust denying conspiracy theorists claim that the survivors of the Holocaust and other eye witnesses to Nazi atrocities are embellishing or outright fabricating their experience and suffering during WWII, "acting" so to speak in a made-for-television drama designed to denigrate and slander Adolf Hitler and National Socialism specifically, and the German people generally, in addition to capturing a lucrative financial and sympathy racket manufactured to advance international Jewry's global agenda. I'm sure you've seen Holocaust survivors and other eye witnesses to Nazi atrocities on television programs, in documentaries, at museums, or even in person. Many Holocaust survivors actually travel around the country, visiting elementary and middle schools across the United States, to tell students about their experience during WWII.

First of all, if the Holocaust denying conspiracy theorists are correct, how many people would have to be involved in this gigantic swindle? Are we to believe that all of the alleged "lying Holocaust survivors" and other eye witnesses to Nazi atrocities are "crisis actors" deceiving the public in order to advance a particular agenda and narrative of history, as Holocaust denying conspiracy theorists allege? Again, how many people would have to be involved in such a massive conspiracy? And to think that the mass media, entertainment establishment, and educational system would simply go along with and participate in such a deception - where does this pathologically insane conspiracy theorizing end?

Do you really believe that all of the Holocaust survivors and eye witnesses of Nazi atrocities presented on the television and at Holocaust museums are liars, playing a role in a scripted propaganda campaign designed to systematically target and exploit a mass audience's emotions and basic psychology, as some argue?

Are we to believe that "everyone is in on it," including modern Hollywood producers and educators, such as the legendary Hollywood film director Steven Spielberg, the renowned historian Deborah Lipstadt, and Holocaust icon and activist Elie Wiesel, along with millions of others? Is the United States federal government - the President and Congress, for example - part of the conspiracy to promote the "Holohoax" as well? Are they all "crisis actors" or somehow a part of the conspiracy?

Think about it: for the Holocaust to have been a hoax millions of people - Holocaust survivors, government officials, media executives, educators and historians, and countless others - would have to be involved in this conspiracy. And no one has said anything about it or exposed these "liars" yet? Come on folks!

Holocaust denying conspiracy theorists also claim that gas chambers do not exist - at least not for the purpose of systematically murdering people - and there never was an organized effort to exterminate European Jewry during WWII.

How such ridiculous claims could be taken seriously is simply beyond me.

We have seen countless videos and images of gas chambers, along with numerous photos of emaciated (presumably) Jewish prisoners and stacks of (presumably) dead Jewish men, women, and children, demonstrating that the Holocaust was indeed real and that there was indeed a systematic campaign to exterminate European Jewry. Plus, countless Holocaust survivors have provided first hand eye witness accounts of gassings and mass murders of fellow Jews - often their own family members and personal friends - at the hands of the Nazis and their sympathizers during WWII. Even Rudolf Höss, the German Commandant of the Auschwitz death camp, admitted that the Germans did have a systematic plan to exterminate European Jewry, and that roughly 3 million Jews were murdered at Auschwitz alone - 2.5 million of them by means of gassing.

How much proof do we need to demonstrate that the evil Nazis systematically murdered 6 million Jews during WWII?

Are we to believe, as the Holocaust denying conspiracy theorists allege, that the iconic Holocaust imagery, including the numerous videos and photos depicting the events of WWII and the Holocaust, is either distorted, taken out of context, or even outright fabricated? That the thousands - perhaps millions - of Holocaust survivors are "liars" deceiving the public in order to advance a particular narrative of history that benefits international Jewry's global agenda? That Rudolf Höss and other captured German military and political officials were coerced or tortured into providing their "false" testimony?

Again, how many people would have to be involved for such a deception to be successfully executed - without anyone saying anything?

Think for a moment what exactly these Holocaust denying conspiracy theorists would have you believe. 

They would have you believe that the mass media and entertainment complex, in addition to the educational establishment, is systematically deceiving the public by presenting distorted, fabricated or otherwise misleading images and videos, along with scripted testimony from "crisis actors" playing Holocaust survivors, in an effort to instill and perpetuate the official narrative of WWII and the deliberate murder of 6 million Jews at the hands of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis - all in order to advance a particular Jewish financial and political agenda. That somehow the Holocaust "didn't happen" and all the survivors are really just lying about or outright fabricating their experience and mistreatment at the hands of the evil Nazis during WWII. That somehow, without anyone actually saying anything, the media and entertainment industry have been and continue to present misleading or even fabricated photographic and video imagery to demonstrate the Holocaust did indeed take place.

What ludicrous, delusional, insane nonsense these Holocaust denying conspiracy theorists are spewing, infecting and corrupting the minds of millions of otherwise good natured people all across the world!

Many Holocaust denying conspiracy theorists point to David Cole's investigation and subsequent video documentaries allegedly "debunking" the fact that gas chambers were used to exterminate millions of Jews at the Auschwitz death camp and elsewhere (see here for more). Of course, those of us in the real truth movement recognize that David Cole is himself a Jew, and his entire presentation is based on "Jew tricks" and deceptions designed to dupe an unsuspecting investigator.

We simply cannot accept or even entertain ideas coming from Jews (or non-Whites generally).

Bottom line: you're either with us or against us. 

You either entertain and accept these ludicrous, delusional conspiracy theories, or you recognize how insane these ideas truly are and how damaging they are to our credibility as a movement. Even if the Holocaust denying conspiracy theorists are correct (which, of course, they are not), and the media and educational establishment have been and continue to systematically deceive and manipulate the public using misleading, distorted, or outright fabricated imagery, in addition to presenting ostensibly genuine victims and survivors of the Holocaust who in fact are telling entirely fabricated stories designed to target an audience's emotions and base psychology - even if all this is true - discussing or highlighting any of this information only makes us look crazy and alienates the masses from our main message.

Individuals promoting ridiculous conspiracy theories, such as the Holocaust was a "hoax" and never happened, must be called out, discredited, and shunned from our movement.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a game: delusional, mentally unstable individuals promoting ridiculous and outlandish conspiracy theories, including the notion that the Jewish controlled mass media is systematically deceiving and manipulating the global public by broadcasting fabricated, distorted, or misleading photographs and videos, and presenting false scripted testimony as a means of manufacturing and advancing a particular (false) narrative of history or contemporary events for geopolitical and sociocultural purposes, cannot be tolerated in this movement. These pathologically insane individuals must be denounced and shunned before they do our movement any more damage than they already have.

Hail victory.

Editor's Note: I have been criticized (in a rather ignorant, fallacious manner, I might add) by individuals in the alternative media for discussing the role that the Jewish mass media plays in systematically deceiving and manipulating the public by presenting misleading, distorted, or entirely fabricated images or videos and false scripted testimony in order to advance certain agendas and manufacture an artificial reality we are forced to operate in. 

However, these same individuals will be the first to proudly proclaim that the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" of 6 million Jews is a total fraud (which, of course, it is), and that the media has been and continues to systematically deceive and manipulate the global public into accepting this fake story. 

What you just read was a satirical piece I wrote using the faulty logic and arguments of my critics, and applying them to the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII in an effort to debunk "Holocaust deniers". My critics apparently fail to understand that if they were to utilize the faulty logic and arguments when critcizing me (for analyzing the media's role in events such as 9/11 or Sandy Hook or the Boston "bombing", for example) they would have a hard time debunking the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII. - JRF


  1. Memorial To The Six Thousand Jews Killed In The Holocaust

  2. Lets talk about Media Fakery and Brainstorm for a moment...

    Everything about the Media is fake
    Sitcoms are fake
    Movies are fake
    Commercials are fake

    Is how the Media portrays whites real or fake?
    Is how the Media portrays jews real or fake?
    Is how the Media portrays blacks real or fake?
    Is how the Media portrays multiculturalism real or fake?

    Does the News Media present the events of the day, the issues of the day, the issues that are of vital importance to the country in a real way or a fake way?

    Fake meaning, Is it accurate? Is it genuine? Is it honest?

    Do they create a perception? Do they then say that perception is reality? Why is reality not reality?

    Is the Right/Left paradigm real or fake?

    Is the President of the United States really representing the citizens of the United States for real? Or is he faking it?

    Is President Obama and Bush before him and Clinton before him acting? Better way to phrase it is this, Are they lying?

    Are the Media personalities who are reporting and commentating on the issues acting like they are covering all the issues honestly?

    Do they act like they would uncover the most treacherous violations against the country and its bill of rights?

    Are sitcoms and television shows accurately portraying reality or are they pushing forth an agenda that is designed to influence the population to behave a certain way?

    Is this false reality they promote real or fake?

    Are whites as dumb as television portrays and other ethnicities as intelligent as the television portrays?
    Are you saying that this is all fake?

    Are the American people notified of the statistics of violent crime against whites by other races? Are they faking or acting like this is not a big problem? Okay, they finally started talking about the Knockout game, what about the consistent pattern of rape and murder of whites on a daily basis?

    Are certain lifestyles and destructive behaviors covered up by the Media? Are they faking or acting like these behaviors are normal? Or good for society?

    Does the media attack and defame people who say true things, but because they are politically incorrect, they are lambasted and ridiculed, are they acting or faking outrage?

    Does the Media engage in massive censorship of viewpoints that are against its agenda? Do they act or fake that these viewpoints are not valid? Do they label such viewpoints as crazy? Do they really believe it is crazy? Or do they fake or act like it is just to censor opposition?

    When it comes to false flag events, why do you investigate the WTC attacks and look at the video evidence of building demolitions, but you do not analyze the video evidence of the boston bombings?

    Why would a bomb that supposedly has thrown shrapnel into peoples bodies and severed peoples limbs not be able to cut through paper banners around the blast area? I guess you have to look at the evidence now don’t you?

    Do you not see that by taking the Media’s word on Sandy Hook and the Boston ‘bombing‘, you are no different than those who take the Media’s word on 9/11? Do you have a certain degree of crazy you are willing to be called?


    What do we not have access to? The Media
    What do we have access to? The Internet and Websites
    What can we put out on our websites? The Facts

    What should we be talking about? In a 24/7 news cycle, what should we be talking about to combat that 24/7 news cycle?Should we point out the ‘spin’ of the false right everyday? Should we point out the deceptive techniques of Marxist Communism disguised as Liberal or Progressive everyday?

    Why are people worried about how they will be perceived by the average person? Why worry or waste time on reacting to people who clearly do not share our concerns about the country, our people, or our way of life? Should we be ‘at effect’ of those who see the world as being fine the way it is?

    It seems as if some people have no problem being seen as an evil racist or anti semite or conspiracy theorist. It seems they do have a problem with being considered, some sort of name provided by the Mainstream Media name calling squad.

    Does the MSM spend a great amount of time gossiping about other channels and other networks personalities? Does this not dominate much of their evening broadcasts? Why would this RESISTANCE want to follow that model?
    Why would we conduct ourselves, speaking about each other as if we are losing some non existent credibility if each of us differ on an issue?

    The false Right/Left paradigm that exists in the MSM differs in opinion (for the sake of argument) about 50/50 right down the middle. Why in this RESISTANCE/CAUSE (not a movement) would we who agree on 90/10 decide that it is intelligent to point our guns on each other? Not where they belong, which is directly at our enemies in the MEDIA?

    Make no mistake, the MEDIA is the ENEMY. Everything, everything, everything that pours out of that box, whether it be a TV or Radio or Newspaper is deadly poison. Fatal to all who swallow ANY OF IT.

    It has KIDNAPPED the souls of virtually all of our loved ones and friends. We are trying to rescue the kidnapped souls from their KIDNAPPERS.

    Here is the problem, They don’t know they have been kidnapped. They were born in the Kidnappers house. The TV has been in their houses since before they can remember. They actually don’t have a memory that didn’t have it there for them. To distract, to entertain, to inform them, to think for them, and lastly, to CONDITION them.

  4. (Continued)

    What wakes people up? Do allegations against groups wake people up? Does this strategy work? Do people, when told the problem is a group that they have been conditioned to never say a bad word against is the problem, accept this and are then converted?

    Or do they further entrench themselves into their safe position of accusing YOU of being an intolerant hateful anti semite racist conspiracy theorist, and they the tolerant, intellectual, member of the majority?

    I was woken up by 9/11 or as I like to call it, the World Trade Center Attacks, after the lies of IRAQ. Some in the past were woken up by WACO, or OKC bombing, or RUBY RIDGE.

    Today, people on the right, ARE waking up to such events as the Sandy Hook/Newtown shooting(?) and the Boston Smoke Bombing.

    Yes, people who are tea party types who are disillusioned by the Republican party who never questioned the previously mentioned False Flags and Government/Media Television Presentations of the GOOD GUYS versus the BAD GUYS, are coming into this information, and hopefully will do as we have and look backwards through history to get up to speed.

    I say this to emphasize why some of us, want to tell people HOW these things are done. By learning HOW 9/11 and others were done, when the Boston type event happens, I personally, can tell its bullshit from the opening minutes. I can SEE THE SCRIPT playing out.

    By telling people HOW without telling WHO, If they can see HOW it is done, they then start wondering WHO.

    You can say WHO all day long and its not going to make a bit of difference until people (remember they don’t know their minds have been kidnapped) understand why what they are told is a lie, and how the lie being presented to them is able to fool them, and further accomplish a goal, that they, if they were told, MAY NOT want to participate in such a GOAL.

    1. Very provocative questions.

    2. Dave Mansfield, thank you so much for your contributions here. Everything you wrote is 100% spot on.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I found the satire to be subtle and effective.

  6. I have received some feedback privately from a few trusted and respected friends who have criticized my use of the term "Nazi" in the article. Of course, the word "Nazi" is a pejorative term used to slander and demonize Adolf Hitler and National Socialism. I do not approve of or even use the term "Nazi" when I speak and write about WWII, Hitler, and National Socialism. I used the term in this article for satirical purposes.

  7. I wish to thank you Mr. Friend.Your blog is a refreshing example of the truth,something that in such short supply these days,even on the so-called "Truther"sites.Unfortunately, there are many "truthers" out there,who continue to spout the Holocaust nonsense with a vengeance.Some are right here on the Rense Network ,(although I think Rense Network is still a source for good information).
    I have personally had a few run-ins with one of these people, namely Dave Hodges.Whenever this man wants to make a point about our government becoming totalitarian,the first example he uses is,of course "the Nazis" and their death camps.He makes sure he mentions them in almost every article.I've written him several times opposing some of the statements he makes, but he will no longer publish any my comments,(in true controlled opposition form).
    We fight a clever enemy.We must all learn to recognize them and their their strategy wherever it exists,which is to weave in some truth ,but always protect the basic Zionist agenda .Whenever you see one of these "truthers" blaming everyone but the true perpetrators,You'll know that they are closet Zionists.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you very much jadon355, I appreciate the feedback. Anyone still promoting the official narrative of WWII and the fake Jewish "Holocaust" story is suspect in my book.

    2. Dave Hodges. Never heard of him but it sounds like he does an Alex Jones.

      "They are lying about everything folks! EXCEPT for WWII and those evil nazis, that they gave us the straight dope, I am sure of it"

      Alex Jones, who by the way, does NOT have a 9/11 section on his sites anymore...Hmm? I guess he shares the opinion that some others do that we should move on to other things.

      Or maybe he just fulfilled a role to guard certain aspects that the Jews did not want to come out. Namely, Direct Media Involvement throughout, not just after the fact.

      I bet the Jews really are pissed that some people have moved on to other things and haven't hammered out all the aspects of their 9/11 fraud. In fairness, I understand some feel that we have ENOUGH on them for 9/11.

      I get that. I just think we have to bury them totally and give them no loose ends to blabber back to us about like this one...

      Well what about the passengers? What about that huh? What did they do kill all the people at an air force base or something? Come on!

      I think it is big problem that some feel that this can be left like that.

      You see, us GOING ON and ON about 9/11 is a good thing. Just like GOING ON and ON about the truth about WWII and Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists is a good thing. VITAL. Even all these years later. It is very important to get the story right, don't ya think?

  8. Over 200 movies and docs about the holocau$t, yet none about the hell on Earth known as the Soviet Gulags.

    None, zero, zilch movies coming out of Hollywood that shows the JEW run nightmare that was in Siberia.

    Why is that? Don't our Kosher Komrades want people to see what the JEW is capable of or maybe they're just too busy shoving holocau$t mantras down our throats?

    Like the Common Core teaching standards that are heavy into holocau$t fairy tales.

    1. So true Greg... the most astonishing thing about WWII and the fake "Holocaust" story is that it is literally the exact opposite of reality. The Germans did not plan and orchestrate a systematic mass murder campaign against the Jews; the Jews and their puppets (the US & UK primarily; the Soviet Union was largely run by Bolshevik Jews) planned and orchestrated a mass murder campaign against the German and other White Christian European peoples resisting the Jewish New World Order. So the entire history is 100% opposite basically.

    2. Great point Greg. I have made this point to some people who think they know all about those Nazis because they have watched the same Hitler documentary on TV for how long?

      I say, Did you see the one about Stalin and Mao? They killed more people than anybody. Did you see that one?

      Nope. Because it doesn't exist. Why not? They can't argue about that now can they.

  9. Bravo, Mr Friend. I thought your treatment by Mr Anglin to be a bit harsh and the only one I'd care about as he is doing some really good work at the Stormer. Forget the others. This piece vindicates you in my opinion.

    What I would say though, is that it may not be overall helpful to be sidetracked too much with what 'normal' Joe's would call crazy conspiracy theories, the public may not be able to handle even just the holocaust and Hitler lies, a re-examing of 9/11 would surely follow when enough people get wise to the holohoax and international Jewry in general.

    Mr Anglin would like to stick to known facts as much as possible,- like who actually owns the media, promoting anti-White sentiment and covering up crimes against whites by non-whites etc - in order for it to be as real and digestible to the masses as possible. I have to say I agree with him, having explored all the 'crazy' theories myself over the last couple of years. I did not find it fruitful, and I think there are more serious realities on-the-ground at present that can be brought to a conclusion.

    The only things I've learned that have any weight when talking to friends and family is that the Jews run everything and are not victims, they mean us harm (as do the other races to a certain extent), Hitler had good reason to hate the Jews and Communists, and the Holocaust did not happen the way the Jew run establishment says it did. I feel it is these types of facts backed up by what the Jews say themselves, which should be hammered home, and I find your work excellent in this regard (your News from the Jews etc).

    Where I do not agree with Mr Anglin was with the manner he jumped on the bandwagon in attacking you. This was not constructive in my view, he could have made his points without alienating who I feel is a genuine truth-seeker.

    Perhaps he feels his 'movement' could be doing without the excess baggage of the multitude of real conspiracies that have been perpetrated against us over the years, and the unending quest for proof required to validate them, in the same way the police shelve unsolved criminal cases that are not important to their reason to exist: protecting the establishment.

    Our only mission should be to bring down the Jewish Establishment and achieve White Racial Solidarity by whatever means necessary before its too late. Only then will the real truth emerge about ALL the lies both you and I have been told all our lives that make us so angry



    1. Hey James, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

      I understand Anglin's position and the message he's promoting - I have nothing against it, and think the type of work he is doing at the Daily Stormer is vital, important, and absolutely necessary. I support what he's doing.

      But here's the thing: all of us in this movement, especially the younger generation (me, Anglin, Renegade Broadcasting, etc) are writing/speaking about these issues from different perspectives, and to me that's a good thing. I think the wide range of points of view, analyses, and perspectives is important. Anglin and his crew want to dictate what can and cannot be said or discussed. This is a major problem for me, especially when we know how central of a role the Jewish media is playing in advancing and perpetuating their agenda and power. If Anglin and Co. don't want to talk about the media, that's fine by me; but I'm certainly going to, because I think it's important.

      Another problem I see is that Anglin, Delaney, Roberts have and continue to distort what exactly I am saying about the media, and especially the media's role on 9/11. And that's partly my fault; I should never have agreed to appear on Prothink Radio to do the debate in the first place (we needed to have a neutral 3rd party moderator to do it properly), and even then I approached the debate incorrectly. I could have made my case without even mentioning Simon Shack or September Clues. These guys are so stuck on Shack, that they are missing what we are really saying about the media's role on 9/11. I still see people talking or writing about "Smoke Machines" on 9/11, and I never even once said anything about "Smoke Machines" - the entire thing is just a total distortion of what I am really saying about 9/11, and it's rather immature, dishonest, and ridiculous to be quite frank about it.

      But it's all water under the bridge at this point. I think Anglin is doing a great job with DS (for the most part), and I think we are making progress.

      Thanks again James.

    2. I think we are all on the same page, but view it from different angles as you say.

      I personally was immensely disturbed when I finally 'awoke', and I completely share your outrage at the many lies, via media and education, that we have been exposed to and I would like nothing better than to smash them with the hammer of truth.

      I think what you are doing most definitely has a place, but I think Mr Anglin is looking at the same page with a mind to physically doing something about it with mass support rather than exploring the truth for it's own sake.

      I must admit I am more inclined to explore truth, perhaps because I do not believe there is much I can do otherwise, but I welcome and support anyone of our race who actually believes they can do something about our situation.

      If I am correct, then we can understand his position in attempting to reach the masses, but like I said, I feel he didn't have to be attack you in the almost bullying manner in which he did.

      I like Roberts etc in that they are White anti-semites, and that is all good in my opinion, but I value your contribution more than most as you come across as an honest, sensible White man, unaffected by politics and only interested in the truth like myself. Roberts theory of a secret racially-pure group of super-jews sounds 'crazy' to ordinary Joe Bloggs too. Maybe Roberts wanted to shift attention and ridicule to someone else?

      However, I whole-heartedly throw my weight behind Anglin and the Stormer, but there is room for men such as yourself for those of us who think we are not part of the 'masses' (if such a thing is possible). Perhaps its not personal but politics by Anglin. Remember what the Fuhrer said about propaganda. Whatever works for us.

      Sieg Heil


  10. Another Brainstorm…what they hey!

    Airport security run by Israeli companies on 9/11, Why is this important?
    Was it so they could sneak on their ‘trained Arabs’ to board the flights with their boxcutters?
    Was it so they would have control over releasing ‘false passenger lists’ and reporting that ‘hijackings took place’ by simply just ‘saying so’, when no flights took place

    Planes crashing into the Twin Towers, What are the possibilities?
    Real planes flown by ‘trained Arab hijackers’ with passengers on board?
    A military drone/remote controlled plane?
    A missile? A JASSM missile that looks like a small plane? Penetrates the building then explodes?
    Just a bomb blowing up from the inside? And then…
    CGI/Computer Graphics ‘plane’ image inserted into tape delayed (17 second delay) video footage from the north side? No ‘plane’ entry visible.

    Plane at Shanksville?
    Real plane shot down by fighter jets? Why the hole?
    Real plane crashed into ground per the official story? ‘Vaporizing’ after burying itself forty feet into the ground?
    A missile? A JASSM missile that looks like a small plane? Penetrates the ground and explodes?

    Plane at the Pentagon?
    Real plane crashes and leaves a very different type hole than the WTC site?
    A bomb exploding from the inside?
    A missile? A JASSM missile that looks like a small plane? Penetrates the building and explodes?

    What a real debate would or should have been?
    The positions, specific beliefs or conclusions of both sides should have been stated before the debate
    What both sides agreed upon, what they differed on, specifics, not generalities
    Third parties were not the topic of discussion, the content of some third parties could be considered, but the content itself, the specific concept (planes vs. no planes/no big boeings) was the target of the debate

  11. Everything is lies or entirely embellished facts. If the Jews manage to squeeze a tiny bit of truth into anything, be grateful because it just doesn't happen often. Lying psychopaths have no conscience, no heart and no morals. Perfect example in this video.


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