Thursday, December 12, 2013

Former Israeli central banker offered top position at Fed

Yesterday, The Jewish Daily Forward (citing Reuters) reported that Stanley Fischer, the former head of the Israeli central bank, has been offered a top position at the Jewish-controlled Federal Reserve by the Obama administration:

Former Israeli central bank governor Stanley Fischer has been offered the position of vice chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Wednesday.

“He’s been offered the job” the source, who declined to be named, said. The source added that the process would still require approval by the U.S. Senate.

World-renowned economist Fischer ran the Bank of Israel for eight years until he stepped down in June and was widely credited with guiding Israel through the global economic crisis with minimal damage.
The Washington Post reported on this development as well:
The White House is leaning toward nominating the former leader of Israel’s central bank to become second-in-command at the Federal Reserve, according to people familiar with the appointment.

Stan Fischer helped Israel successfully navigate the global financial crisis, staving off the type of deep recession and muddled recovery that has plagued the United States and Europe. Fischer stepped down from that post this summer after eight years in the job. He has dual citizenship — U.S. and Israeli. [...]
Could it be any more obvious that the entire Federal Reserve System, which is essentially a private consortium of Jewish-run banks and financial institutions granted the authority to print and loan money at interest to the U.S. federal government and other private institutions, is a Jewish monopoly? The current chairwoman of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, is Jewish, as were her immediate predecessors, Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan.

Could you imagine if The Washington Post reported that the Obama administration offered a top position at the Federal Reserve to an individual with dual citizenship with the U.S. and China, or Brazil, or Mexico, or Russia, or anywhere else other than the Jewish state of Israel? What would the public say if the former head of the Bank of China were offered a top position at the Federal Reserve? 


  1. Well it seems that the jewish lords of us here have already openly established that Israel is us and we are Israel, so no big deal.

  2. ... and besides, aren't jews good with money? Who better to fix things for us economically than a jew all the way from Israel? Maybe a jew from Israel will do a better job.

  3. John, why does this read as if you're surprised?

  4. Nope, I'm not surprised at all. I'm just trying to underscore the fact that the entire political, financial/banking, and media/"entertainment" establishment in the United States is openly controlled by Jews, and their own sources even admit and brag about it.

    That's why I do these News from the Jews posts. Just to prove to who ever is reading that it's not just "anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists" saying the Jews own and control virtually everything of importance in the United States - it's Jewish newspapers and writers themselves reporting these facts.

    1. (Sarcasm)

      Come on guys..........this is just coincidence. You are all paranoid.

      Clint over at Reality Blogger INSISTS that Congress controls the FED.

      And according to Clint, the FED is honest in it's dealings. The FED's profits go right back into the government, according to Clint. Just read the CAFR. CAFR doesn't lie. CAFR is honest truth. If you can't understand the CAFR then you just haven't been taught the Trivium. And if you haven't been taught the Trivium, then you are just a dumb ass.

      So you see..........nothing to worry here. Jekyl Island was just a retreat. Nothing nefarious going on.

      CONGRESS controls everything. Don't point any fingers at Jewish controlled FED.


      Hey Clint Richardson -- go fuck yourself!

      Next Clint will say that Congress pulled off 9-11.

      I hate being lied to, and I don't normally swear; but men like Clint who speaks in a condescending/patronizing tone, can fall off a cliff for all I care.

    2. The Jews have run the Federal Reserve from its inception. Every Chairman ,but one since 1913,has been a member of the Self Chosen ones.Volker was halfJew. This could not be coincidence. The Federal Reserve ,which is a private central bank,reconnected the USA with Britain,giving Rothchilds Jews 57 % power . WW1,WW2,entry insued. We all know the rest.SEE THEEND OF SOVEREIGN BAD WAR.COM. Thank you John for you work. Its outstanding !

    3. What I like most is the response from Jews or Gentiles in the media who say it is all a bunch of "stereotypes"

    4. LMAO... "bunch of 'stereotype'".... unfortunately the reality is worse than the stereotype

      Me thinks that in 2014 people might begin saying the word "jew".

      Won't that be nice :)

    5. Dante,

      The only White Man that I know of in the last 40 years to be Chairman of the FED was G. William Miller when Carter was President. G William Miller only lasted 18 months before he was removed.

      Paul Volcker was a JEW. Period. If you want to read about him then go here:,7340,L-3619625,00.html


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