Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Binge drinking: A reflection of our debauched culture

A recent article appearing in The New York Times reported on the culture of binge drinking - consuming massive amounts of alcohol in a short period of time - in Britain, and the problems confronting local municipal authorities and police departments as a result of it:

It was just after 4 a.m., the last clubs were closing and the police had three young men pinned against a brick wall and a fourth on the ground. The young men, gloriously incoherent, some of them bleeding, could barely stand, let alone answer the questions from the officers, who were responding to a fight. As the scene in downtown Northampton unfolded, another drunken young man slugged a passer-by, then fled.

A young woman, Becky, tried to attend to her boyfriend, whose arm was numb and collar bone possibly broken. It was freezing cold, but she had on a thin dress and no shoes. He begged her to stay; drunk herself, she walked away, then returned, crying, and began to kiss him as the police tried to restore order. [...]

It was just another Friday night in Northampton, where young Britons, often in packs, go out to get thoroughly, blindingly and often violently drunk, said Inspector Vaughan Clarke of the Northamptonshire Police. Given the price of alcohol in bars, pubs and clubs, they often “pre-load” with cheap vodka and gin from 24-hour discount stores or supermarkets. Some arrive in the city center drunk; by the time they leave, they make the city’s vagrants look sober.

From Falstaff to Churchill and beyond, Britons have been known for their love of drink. But whether as entertainment or mating ritual, the spectacle of dressed-up youth wandering the early morning streets barely able to walk or talk has become an issue of growing social importance, because of both the violence that alcohol often engenders and the vulnerability of young women, who are sometimes molested or raped when they are in no condition to defend themselves. [...]
Binge drinking is not limited to our British cousins. America has a very real problem with binge drinking as well, and this author can personally attest to it. More and more Americans are becoming strictly concerned with "having fun", partying, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, and "enjoying life" free from any responsibility or concerns for the past, present, or future.

As a society, we seem to be incapable of dealing with any serious political or cultural issues confronting our nation or world. We're more concerned with our favorite football team, television show, beer or alcoholic beverage, or what we are going to do on the weekend.

The epidemic of binge drinking, along with the rise of broken families, promiscuous sex, and living a hedonistic lifestyle generally, are merely reflections of our debauched, corrupted, superficial culture. The sooner we recognize this, the sooner we'll be able to repair our damaged society. 

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  1. you are soooo right....the damages....the mental damages of long term abuse of alcohol i believe is part of the dementia in older folks...how can the brain take year upon year of this mind numbing abuse...it can't and yet, the ignorance abounds on this lethal drug called alcohol...along with the medications many are now taking this doubles the outcome and what you get is what you see....

    staggering idiots, stripped of common sense......in reality a bunch of morons....there is no self respect in these types of actions...society is ass backwards on alcohol we can see it causes more damage than good....yet, the demonic consciousness in power loves to bring society down to their level of darkness...


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