Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Two "Super Keys" to understanding the New World Order

Many thanks to El Buggo for producing the following YouTube video, which consists of an excerpt of a recent edition of The Realist Report:

If you really want to understand what is going on in this world, what has gone on, and who is largely behind it all, you simply must understand these concepts. 


  1. This is the problem with all the "it's all fake" crowd. They ALL stop short. Since all of them claim it is fake. When you point out WHO is doing the faking they say its fake. How an you be so sure it's the Jews? I say open your friggin eyes and stop chasing ghosts. This is why I stay away from those calls thee days.

    They are shilling and I think on purpose. How can we all have access to same information, yet we all arrive at totally different conclusions?

    Answer, not arriving at the Jew, is on purpose and shilling.. They want to swirl is the created "fake" narrative..
    In that mind set, white genocide is fake, the Jews power is fake, multiculturalism is fake, black on white crime is fake..
    It's all some elaborate movie of fake events.. They have people chasing ghosts and stopping shirt once they have close to grasp...

    Anyway the comment is good but nothing anyone of us didn't already know.. And have spoken about to endless lengths ..

  2. One more . If people are convinced so matter of fact that media fakery is real, in almost all events. Then why is it so hard for them to arrive at the conclusion of the Jews?

    An onion only has so many layers. To think that the Jew topic is a distraction is odd. Who are they the smoke screen for? Who else could it be? Mason, Templars, Malta, Vatican, etc. thes groups all have one thing in common Jew creation and influence.

    So again, who is the Jew a front for? What is media fakery a front for. Who has the power to creat these false narratives through media? Who owns the controlling shares in the US media? Who of all thes groups needs the most protection and smoke screening, Jews..... Because they are so out front with what they do to us all. They need an escape valve, fakery and a million other groups to take heat when needed..

    This is how I see... I've been in this for a few years now.. Some have been longer and shorter.. Once can agree on an enemy we can present the case to conquer the enemy otherwise we will be here for years to come dinking on the net making claims against "they" "them"... A nameless and faceless ghost like enemy...

    1. Tim,

      I strongly agree with your take on the overall situation.

      When you study the underlying mechanism of how people generally acquire their beliefs and form their world views - it becomes clear how an enemy can exploit those characteristics.

      It is true that two honest people looking at the same evidence cannot disagree. It is also true that two honest researchers performing the exact same chemistry experiment will reach the same result - even if they are located in different countries. It is also true that two honest mathematicians performing the same calculation will get the same answer - even if they are thousands of miles apart.

      The reasons why it is so hard for many people to arrive at the obvious conclusion that it's the jews - are found in "Disagreement Theory". Basically, those people are not taking an analytical approach to the issue. They are filtering the issue through their world view and through their "personal position filter". They are not being objective.

      For many, due to the long-term intensive brainwashing they have be subjected to via the Talmud Vision and through jewish-socialization ... admitting that the jews are collectively behind all of this is simply too much of a threat to their currently held "beliefs".

      In a way, they deserve what's happening to them. Those of us who have been able to apply rational thought to this problem are apparently in the minority.

      No wonder the jews view our people as cattle. They kindof act like they are - don't they?


  3. Very good iteration of the succinct analysis of the problem. Laird Wilcox wrote almost two decades ago, about the Spinmeisters controlling the discourse. The second element is knowing the Ethnicity of those 'spinmeisters' (the first statement you note, above) and then saying, 'Cui bono?' - or, 'Who Benefits.' As soon as you know that it is the Deicides (the only term the Eastern Orthodox Church uses for the 'Jews' - as they are not such, either racially, or historically [vide Rev. 2:8,9]) it all makes sense.

    Rome is no true Church, and has been even less so, since Vatican II. De Poncins noted in 1967 that it was Jewish subversives that worked to change the THEOLOGY of Rome to their own perverted ends. That is why Rome no longer stands up for the White Europeans. That is why your quote on the sidebar by Codreneau seems so 'foreign' so 'out of step' - if the very Church that defined Western Civ no longer sees the snake in its bosom, AS a snake, how are the laity to do so? Bravo. - Fr. John+

  4. Point of Clarification. Herge is one person, the author of the famous Belgian "Tintin" comics. LEON Degrelle is the other, and it is most likely his comments under discussion. they are not the same individual. Pax.

    1. Herge did create the TinTin character. Strong evidence point to the fact that Herge used Leon Degrelle as the model for the TinTin character. Even down to the shape of his head and unique hair characteristics.

      Of course, Herge denied this - probably to avoid being targeted by the jews and so that he could continue to sell his works.

      More on this here:



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