Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Realist Report - Simon Shack

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Simon Shack, producer of the must-watch 9/11 documentary September Clues. Simon and I will be discussing his research into 9/11, media fakery, and psychological warfare.

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  1. Many thanks to Simon Shack and to John for producing this show.

    We all owe Simon a debt of gratitude for his work. Any rational examiner of fact will realize that Simon is on the right track. His work provides a clearer picture of not only how the "few" control the "many" - but it also helps us to understand the identity of the "few".

    They control us through manipulating our perceptions. Through trickery and deceit.

    It's about time we put a stop to that - once and for all.

    Many thanks to Simon.

  2. Hey wheres the show with [name withheld] who's been going around saying he can destroy the no-planers?

    ...crickets chirping....

    Yeah...well - I guess it's never "convenient" for [name withheld] to put his argument where his mouth is.

  3. PsyOp = ZiOp


  4. John, have you heard from Zan Overall lately? Just curious. Hope is still around. Haven't heard anything from him for a while.

  5. Notice how some of these anti hoaxers floating around DON'T believe that we got bin laden and that it was a hoax

    1. dmm - good point. I guess they some anti-hoaxers like to pick and choose their hoaxes - sort of like selecting items on a menu. LOL

      Perhaps the hoaxes that threaten their fairy-tale world view are simply passed over...?

      Well - reality can be a bitch sometimes. Especially when you have a jew infestation that's decapitated your government - and media.

  6. Mark Walsh, the 911 Harley Guy & Nick Pugh are DIFFERENT PEOPLE

    Watch this excellent video by Betsy McGee:

  7. Great show, John. And I echo thanks to Simon.

    There's no doubt that the media was a big part of the false flag operation of 9-11. Will give that video a view.

  8. Comment on Uncle Fetzer: He talks and talks about a lot of stuff, but not so much on medias direct involvement in these operations. And commercial plane crashes 911 is iffy. Very little talk about fake and only REPORTED victims that day (shouldn't be so hard to conceive for anyone who understand the gas chamber fairytale). These are the far most import points in the 911 media operation, and are also THE basis for War on Terror, etc.

    Lately he has promoted holograms and nuclear demolitions 911.

    Disinfo is to make everything believable, and nothing knowable, so that we will believe anything (nukes, holograms), but still not know anything (no planes, no victims & media, the Weapons of Mass Deception). Looks like it is exactly that he is up to.

    Here is an illustration on his operation. He sits in the car, and the fans is on the outside - Sheep Cyclone:

    Will never end up anywhere, but at least they got some exercise.

    1. One can only wonder how much they are paying him to engage in counterspeech. What is human decency worth in monetary terms? How many pieces of silver is worth turning yourself into a whore for the jews?

      Of course, many of those shills are actually jewish themselves - so they actually have skin in the game. They can be expected to engage in that kind of despicable behavior.

      Fetz is intentionally leading people astray.

  9. I must admit. I am very skeptical of these truth guys . But this interview shack came across very well. I had a chance to speak to him a few years ago on another call I was less impressed. Either he polished his approach or he is a bit more humble . I don't agree %100 but close enough..

    Funny all the names he mentions as being part of r group but will not name the group. I remember him not being as concerned with the perps just the event itself ..which I do not like.

    Either way good interview.

  10. Great job guys. Simon came across very rational, and helluva nice guy. :)

    I updated this thread with some deeper observations,

    At 1:46:25 in the show, John asked Simon about the "chain of custody" & possible doctoring question wrt the video footage used in Sep Clues, and part of Simon's ~10 min reply was, "check the archives", and as to how we would do that, he mentioned what sounded to me like "" - an url which doesn't work. Could you clarify where we might find credible 'originals' of the footage in Sep Clues? Did he mean I'd heard they have archive talmudvision news footage, but not sure where I'd begin, in looking for a specific 911 clip. Who owns/runs The Internic, or whatever that internet governing body is?

    The "homemade missing person flyers" part was great; that had never occurred to me before, but DUH! lol

  11. Great interview! September Clues has been ridiculed since day one, because it’s the truth. No one has debunked it. No one can provide any PHYSICAL evidence of planes because there is none.
    Fetzer is protecting MSM and the Freemasons (cops and firemen).
    Colgan flight 3407 crash near Syracuse was part of what Phil Jayhan calls ‘hoax management’, a new psyop to re-enforce a previous psyop (911)
    Check these vicsims-
    Fakeologist site has a theory he calls the ‘dead celebrity programme’. I think sax man Gerry Niewood (Colgan flight 3407 vicsim) took that retirement package. After Hoi.Polloi’s vicsim report exposed the magnitude of the victim fraud (morphs that never existed), they needed to inject ‘real people’ ie folks with a public profile into the vicsim bag.

    1. Here's another 'victim' from the Colgan flight, they're making a movie about him-

  12. I found the show interesting but I still avoid discussing the how (well stating firmly the "How")

    Definitely Israeli/ZOG job

    For the sake of debate why not get Dawson on- preferably with a proponent of no-planes. He claims Dr Fetzer refuses to debate him. I understand your views on Mr D (unless you have changed them from a year ago) but still....

    What do you think

  13. New 27 min podcast, he sounds like a good Realist Report guest?

    AFP PODCAST: Has AFP ‘Dropped the Ball’ on Sandy Hook?

    American patriot Bart Van Ness, longtime supporter of AMERICAN FREE PRESS and it’s precursor, Spotlight, discusses Operation Open Eyes, and how it relates to recent United States mass shootings and the subsequent attempts at gun control which have followed each incident, which clearly, to him, represent a conspiracy by the nation’s elite to confiscate this country’s weapons.

    Bart feels AFP has not properly covered these shootings in relation to this conspiracy, and has, he believes, forbidden its reporters from even traveling to Sandy Hook to investigate, where he discusses this and more in this informative interview.


    Download (27 mins)

    1. Pat Colo,

      Bart Van Ness appears to be pushing the "mind controlled assassin" angle.

      This looks like an intentional obfuscation ploy to misdirect away from direct media complicity in producing these "Made-for-News-Movies".

      If John gets the guy on - I'd love to tear him an new one.

      I've about had it with the paid shillery.

  14. When will this broadcast be uploaded for the itunes subscribers? I'm anxious to listen to it! (your broadcasts usually upload promptly)

  15. When will this broadcast be uploaded for the itunes subscribers? I'm anxious to listen to it! (your broadcasts usually upload promptly)

  16. When will this broadcast be uploaded for the itunes subscribers? I'm anxious to listen to it! (your broadcasts usually upload promptly)


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