Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Realist Report - American Defense Party

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by JB Campbell. JB and I will be discussing the American Defense Party.

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  1. Excellent interview.

    Campbell clearly explained the difference between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution and how the Constitution enabled a tyrannical central government.

    John pointed out that foreigners have usurped control over that same central government structure.

    It is clear what needs to be done.

    Nobody is talking about wanton violence. They are calmly discussing the harmful machinations of the present situation and how we might overcome this issue.

    That's what real Americans do.

  2. The Number ONE Goal must be the elimination of kikejews and jewthinkers from all positions of influence.

  3. Keep it it up Mr Friend, this guest is by far my favorite, your work is so much easier than others to show to everyday people who know things aren't the way that they should

  4. Good and wery powerfull show,yuo have to also kick ass and open those bible belt morons eyes to see that jews arent the chosen people.

    are you reydy answer now why Washington dc has allover masonic sign,I asked you that earlier that same question.

    I have problem think why founding fathers stardet us that year as was profeted to find promesed land to chosen people us white,i hope you understand what i mean? Like soviet union stardet under sign of scorpio and so on,so who invented that year what was profet us founding year? There is lots of speak nuclier war etc i hope you check nuke hoax

  5. John, I have been looking for a way to post. Please get DeNugent to translate some of Dieudonne's skits, statements, etc. This is his great site:


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