Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Realist Report - John Kaminski: The Hitler Test

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by John Kaminski. John and I will be talking about his recent article The Hitler Test and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

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  1. Danke John Kaminski und John Friend!
    John K. ich habe deinen wunderbaren Beitrag ins Deutsche übersetzt.
    Und ein paar Kleinigkeiten eingefügt.
    Vielen Dank euch Beiden!


  2. The jews fear him to this day. They fear his message. They fear his teaching. They fear him.

    The core issue concerning the jewish question is their control of the money system. We simply cannot compete against a private entity that can print their own money. This practice must be stopped.

    Here we are about one month away from the expiration of the Fed's Charter. Crickets chirping.

    1. I agree we should be doing something about the fed deal. Picketing, alerting people, etc.

      Here is my concern as I think it outweighs all others. There is no expiration date to Jewish owned Massive Media Monopoly. No end in sight. The federal reserve act will be rubber stamped even if we did get a 90 percent backlash like the bailouts.

      Massive Media Monopoly by Jews and Jews alone. Wow. What an adversary! The media is the enemy. It all flows down from there right? Or maybe it all flows IN to everybody Brain from there. No maybe about it. What do we do about this aside from cutting cable lines? And no I am not advocating using violence against ananimate objects like cable lines.

    2. Yeah Dave, I agree that the media is central to their ability to control the thinking of those under its spell.

      In the short term, we should be doing what we can to support people like John here. He's definitely battling them. Any of us who can spare a few dollars should probably send them to John to enable him to expand the foot-print of his message. Unfortunately, this does cost a bit of money. The internet is great, but sometimes you need to prime the pump - so to speak. This can be done in a lot of ways.

  3. For a serious conversation about jews, one talks to John Kaminski... a real anti-semite according to Muslim truth jihadist Kevin Barret.

  4. I have to say I was floored after John Kaminski spoke about ZCF's flip flop and his embracing the Hitler was a zionist tool. I had not been to the website lately but went after the stunning news and all I can say is wow.

    I can't say its a total surprise since he recently reached out to Mark Glenn and now has some pro multiculturalists stroking his ego. ZCF claims his turn around is due to new information, but Condit's video and Mark Weber's article are hardly new. It appears ZCF is still hurt over what happened between he and Delaney and is l;ashing out at whites.

    Here's one exchange ZCF had regarding an article he posted written by a Jew titled; Zionist Jews viewed Hitler as “Messenger of God sent to further work of Zionism”


    November 15, 2013 at 8:52 am

    This is really lame, you are using Jewish quotes to prove your case!? I must join the chorus and ask, What happened, man?

    So, remember the “Hitler gave Rothschilds the Boot” article you wrote? Are you renouncing that belief? Have you renounced your beliefs regarding the article “Patriotard Lies about the Nazis?” Do you now think Hitler DID do the Reichstag fire? I’m just trying to figure out here what your actual views are, because latey they are indistinguishable from mainstream drivel. Sorry.

    So again, if Hitler was a pawn, what is the answer? Islam haha.

    Although, it’s best to just paraphrase Hitler on this one: a man should not engage in politics until his 30th year with few exceptions, so that he may have a firm foundation of beliefs, otherwise if he changes his opinions, he can not expect his followers to lay down their lives for him, as he is now subject to rebuke and the trust in his vision is shattered.

    Zander C. Fuerza

    November 15, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    This is really lame, you are using Jewish quotes to prove your case!?

    Actually it is your argument that is really lame, Julian. I could also use Jewish quotes to prove the case that Jews dominate the news and entertainment media in the West. I can quote Jews such as Joel Stein and Ben Stein who have bragged about it. Is it suddenly untrue that Jews have a dominant position in media and Hollywood simply because Jews have said it? There are also numerous Jews who have acknowledged the predominant Jewish role in the Soviet regime. I guess it can’t be true since Jews said it. That is how idiotic your argument is, Julian. In your delusional worldview Jews are always lying and non-Jews are always telling the truth. I could also quote non-Jewish writers who say the same thing as this guy. What pitiful excuse will you use then to try to discredit the information?

    Are you suggesting that this writer is wrong in saying that Zionists thought Hitler a messenger of god sent to further Zionism? Were you alive at this time to know what Zionists were saying? I suggest you go find some evidence for your position before you go spouting off absurdities like the statement I just quoted from you.

    So, remember the “Hitler gave Rothschilds the Boot” article you wrote? Are you renouncing that belief? Have you renounced your beliefs regarding the article “Patriotard Lies about the Nazis?”

    Absolutely I am renouncing that in light of new information and a clearer perspective. That’s what revisionism is all about.

    So again, if Hitler was a pawn, what is the answer? Islam haha.

    Do you honestly think there is such a thing as “the answer” to world problems? Every nation has different problems and issues to deal with, and to expect someone like me to give you “the answer” to some mysterious problem that you have not defined is ridiculous.

    I think you have been reading too many zany skinhead websites like that of the crackhead, borderline-pedophile Anglin.

    1. 1776,

      This is most probably bought and paid for "counter speech" of they exact type outlined by the jews Cass Sunstein and Adrian Vermeule in their paper entitled "Conspiracy Theories".

      John covered this.

      You might be surprised to learn how little cash is takes for anonymous internet personality punks to change their tune.

      There are even well-known "authors" who are on the payroll.

      Yep. No kidding.

    2. The "real" ZCF is not so wise regarding judaism, jews and jewish culture. He has a long way to go. Right now he's just another of the oh so many, unenlightened, it's-not-all-jews, jewish sycophantic apologist. He could do university gigs with Chomsky and Finkelstein

    3. 1776,

      Check this out. But make sure you've got your barf bag handy:

    4. I have also been following some of the articles recently posted by the Real ZCF on Hitler and Jews/Zionism.

      The most recent exchange I found was from yesterday, when a poster asked how ZCF's view on Hitler had changed

      Here is his response

      "Absolutely my view has changed since then. That article ( http://web.archive.org/web/20130117072955/http://zioncrimefactory.com/patriotard-lies-about-hitler/ ) was little more than blind hero worship. A totally biased, non-objective screed.

      My view now is that Hitler was an opportunist who did whatever was necessary to ensure his power and advance his grandiose dreams. The ‘night of the long knives’ is proof of that. The pact with the Soviet Union in 1939 is proof of that. The Transfer Agreement is proof of that. Letting the British escape at Dunkirk is proof of that.

      The popular neo-nazi myth that Hitler was some uber-principled “honest statesmen” doesn’t hold any water. He condemned “Jewish bankers” and then took money from them. He condemned Bolshevism and then collaborated with it. He said in Mein Kampf that the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine would only strengthen Jewish power, and then he did more than any other government in the 1930s to advance it.

      Without Hitler’s excessive policy of rounding up millions of Jews across Europe, in conjunction with the Transfer Agreement, Israel would not be a reality today. Herzl himself said they would use anti-Semitism to further their aims.

      Hitler did in a few short years what 40 years of Zionist lobbying could not — convince Europe’s Jews to leave the shores of Europe and make their way to Palestine.

      The reason many truthers are obsessed with exonerating Hitler and Germany from any wrongdoing is because they have been traumatized by learning about all of the Allied atrocities against Germany and all of the war propaganda used to demonize Germany, which has produced this recoil effect where unwittingly they embrace the polar opposite view that Hitler and Germany can be nothing but completely innocent victims.

      History is never that black and white."

  5. Dear John and John,
    Great show but I have to point out one comment that seriously upset me upon hearing it!
    Mr.Kaminski made one statement that absolutely angered me and made me think up what I could call the HEYDRICH test for establishing where a person is in regard to the Truth about the Third Reich and National Socialism! I don't really hold his anti-Heydrich statement against him and even the Hitler Wise often repeat it incorrectly: this false rumor that he was partly Jewish because of one of Grandparents which is absolute BULL! He was a HERO a first class SS soldier! The so called "exterminations and murders" at Riga Latvia that even David Irving now goes along with were nothing of the kind and I have met Latvians who can tell you the absolute Truth! Latvia's Jews were the ONLY Communists there and they were a despotic and parasitic in the most disgusting definition of the word, political class set-up by the Soviet Union. The Latvians THEMSELVES carried out large scale purging of Jews from society involving executions and frankly while I do not condone the excessive nature of it I certainly understand what happened in Riga and why! One of my closest mentors was an old woman whose family had to flee Latvia because of Jewish Communist murderers!
    Reinhard Heydrich was a brave man with the most difficult job in my opinion and he did an exceptional job, intelligence, counter-intelligence, espionage and figuring out who and where the devious conspirators and traitors were! He flew missions personally over the Soviet Union until he was shot down during one mission and when Hitler found out he survived he commended his Heroism but ordered him to not personally engage in combat ever again! as he was too valuable an asset. Ultimately it was Heydrich's trying to defend himself from two assassins that got him martyred. At his funeral orations were read and musical selections were played from Wagner's Ring, Gotterdamerung.
    Sorry, but for me the Heydrich test is really a sticking point for how far you have yet delved into the Truth but I know Mr. Kaminski has evolved over the years to his current pro-Hitler position and I feel confident he will come to understand things much more over time and research.
    Reinhard Heydrich
    Sieg Heil!

    1. John,

      Konrad Rhodes is right about Heydrich.

      Among other things, Heydrich's responsibilities were to find, fix and destroy "terrorists". Back in those days they called them "partisans".

      Terrorists = Partisans = Terrorists.

      Normal rules of war did not apply to terrorists. They were treated as simple criminals and were hunted down mercilessly.

      Successful anti-terrorist operations are called "massacres" today by jewish apologists.

      This interview with Kaminski spotlights the fact that he simply does not know what he's talking about on this issue. It makes you wonder why he chose to speak on Heydrich rather than simply remaining silent. Well intentioned people usually refrain from commenting in areas where they are in over their head.

      Heydrich was a great man.

      Read up on him. You will see for yourself.

    2. Yeah I agree, Heydrich was no Jew. Great points Konrad and Anon, thanks for pointing this out here.

      I also think Kaminski was wrong about Dunkirk - for logistical reasons, the German military simply could not have "wiped out the British" at Dunkirk, as many claim they could have. It was not that simple.

      Either way, Kaminski is spot on about Hitler generally speaking. God bless Adolf Hitler, the greatest leader in modern Western history.

    3. Thanks to John and Anon!
      Anon you added and clarified points which I appreciate but I think Mr. Kaminski is a man coming to the Truth over time and in that sense, and he said this of himself, he represents a kind of large section of people, I think many in his own generation, the few out of that generation, who are coming to Truth, over a long period of time and careful study and thinking which requires deep introspection and harsh self-criticism at times. Just a personal digression to illustrate my growth as an example: when I was 17 I read two books, Ludo Martens "Another View of Stalin" and Philip Panaggio's "Stalin and Yezhov: An Extra-Paradigmatic View" which led to greater research and study on the Soviet Union from a pro-Soviet view and for about a year I was convinced Stalin was the greatest leader in history and that he was betrayed by those who came after him to varying degrees. The more and more that I studied though I came to see more and my looking further into Stalin's final years and desire to purge Jews completely from the Soviet Union, yes I am convinced this was going to happen, led me to Yockey. Now I don't go as far as Yockey and Stalin was not even that highly esteemed by Yockey who called him 'the fat peasant' but to this day I still say Stalin is USED by the Jews to totally deflect from THEIR CRIMES! It was Jews killing those officers at Katyn Massacre and it was Jews killing in the Ukraine but they want you to just blame Stalin. Think about that!
      This Truth seeking is what led me ultimately back to what my former Skinhead older brother showed me when I was 11, yep that young, which was Mein Kampf which I made only a cursory reading of then and finally, I could write a lot more about all the studying over the years, but finally I am converted to the weltanschauung of National Socialism.
      If you will indulge me John one other point that I have wanted to bring up is that personally I think that the majority of White Nationalists are terribly mistaken in praising the Murphy translation of Mein Kampf and actually denouncing the Manheim! The Manheim is actually the BEST translation so far and while it has serious defects the Murphy, if you just compare the German original and then passages from Murphy and then Manheim you see how poor and unpolished, to be kind, the Murphy translation is in parts. The New Order of Matt Koehl did a good job pointing this out!
      But anyway,
      John Kaminski's only fault to me, he is always learning so that is good even if he errors at times, like with Heydrich, is a tendency to what I see as defeatism which I also think clouds his judgment toward to seeing the negatives as way worse and far more detrimental than they really are to our Race. War, disease, famine, civil unrest, societal and economic problems, shear survival, are simply part of being human, sadly, in the modern era and even long before it was not easy or ideal most of the time then either. Shut up boy! put a smile on your face, lace up your boots and get to work as my Granpa would say! Lets be realists with National Socialist Idealism!
      Thanks for your time John and John and Anon and All,
      Prayers and best of luck to you and thanks for your hard tireless work.
      Good luck today for the 50th Anniversary of JFK!

  6. The Hitler test is well written and gets the point across in simple terms that anyone with common sense will understand.Unfortunately the brainwashed masses are so indoctrinated that I don't think they would consider reading it.As usual John,you have done an excellent job and you'reDoing the white American population a great service

  7. The Lies will not always hide the truth . http://notimeforsilence.wordpress.com/


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