Monday, November 4, 2013

The Realist Report - Tom in CT: Cass Sunstein II

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Tom in Connecticut. Tom and I will be reading and commenting on Cass Sunstein's public policy paper entitled Conspiracy Theories.

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Below are relevant links for this program:
  • Conspiracy Theories by Cass R. Sunstein & Adrian Vermeule - January 15, 2008
  • Obama confidant's spine-chilling proposal: Cass Sunstein wants the government to "cognitively infiltrate" anti-government groups by Glenn Greenwald
  • Herge Degrelle on the two "super keys" of figuring out what the heck is really going on in this world: "One of the “super keys” is recognizing the technique of manufacturing false realities through media fakery, the other is discovering the reality of Jew-owned media and a Zionist-Occupied-Government funded by International-Jew-banking usury and legalized counterfeiting hidden behind and giving all orders to the Build-a-Burgers, the Vatican and all the rest. These two super keys together will open more doors in more big lies simultaneously than any other. Only ONE of the keys by itself will cut your results in half. Those who promote only one of these keys and not the other are engaged in a form of witting or unwitting shilling and obfuscation or cutting the results of their followers in half."


  1. Great show, how many fish were shot in that barrel at your feet?

    In this age of feeling like we are hopeless, let me offer something that maybe I don't even believe. Are these people (Sunstein) worried? You have to conclude they are...why?

    Because their nature suggests that they are never comfortable because they know what they are up to and it is like a criminal ALWAYS looking over their shoulder. We should never gloat and feel like we have them on the run, but, sometimes I think we need to take (one second) and feel good about shows like this.

    A small victory that makes these pricks worried. Fight on. Great Job. And yes, we are still in grave danger. One fight at a time.

  2. Very suspicious that Sunstein is only concerned that conspiracy theorists might conclude that Israel did 9/11. Not the Nigerians or the Finnish or the Vietnamese or the Jamaicans. No only Israel. Alex Jones ommits this part when he quotes this paper.

  3. curiously,

    Thomas Jefferson in the legislature of Virginia sought to do away with PRIMOGENITURE...{destabilizing the Family Structure of Western Civilization}

    around the same time the word ledgerdemain exits the lexicon...

    so when did the first so-called "Jew" pop up on the radar screen ?

  4. Let's get real, they could care less about what you think about 911, why, because nothing will ever be done about it. JFK assassination and USS Liberty proved that, but G_D forbid you don't at the very least toe the line on the holocaust. This is the main objective, You see, we all accept government lies ect, it goes back to antiquity.
    But the expose of a certain tribe conspiring to defraud the planet, talk about a reassessment of Judeo-Christian epistemology (they are who they claim chosenites).
    oy vey we got to ban ptich forks and torches the mask has fallen......

  5. A reader and a listener to your program has created a recap of the part on the brilliant Herge Degrelles comment on the two "super keys" of figuring out what the heck is really going on in this world:

  6. A couple years ago (July '11), KBarrett wrote a really good rebuttal to Jonathan Kay's "Among The Truthers", a book which denigrated the TM. In this book's audacity, it used the zio's favorite propaganda/deception MO, namely "Flip the Script and Project." This MO uses their long standing "BIG LIE" MO which Hitler described. It works because honest & good natured people tend to project their own honesty onto others, including their 'leaders' & 'authority figures' (incl authors like JKay), and they just can't conceive of others flipping reality 180 degrees, preemptively accusing their opponents of the exact description which describes these pathological liars' bad behavior.

    Jonathan Kay's Among the Truthers: "It All Ties in to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion!!!!"

    discussion thread:

    Kay came on Barrett's radio show, see reply #8 above.

  7. PatColo,

    Excellent summary.

    Most people can relate to the practice of inherently projecting onto others their own sense of fairness, honesty and decency.

    I think if you point that characteristic out to people, they will easily grasp that concept.

    From there, it's not really a huge leap to introduce the concept of "certain people" exhibiting the innate characteristic of "Preemptive Projection".

    Preemptive Projection is the practice of - as you said: "preemptively accusing their opponents of the exact.." bad behavior that they themselves perpetrate on the accused.

    This concept needs to be spread far and wide.

    Thank you PatColo.

    1. Thanks Anon@7:49.

      I just double checked the tinyurl link in my 8:30 reply above, and GASP! It's busted. The domain name the tinyurl redirects to is butchered so the url doesn't work. Of course I suspect foul play... :( How could a straightforward copy/paste of the correct url, get butchered so impossibly wrt tinyurl's redirect? Impossible.

      Here's the full url to the discussion thread, good stuff (as the tinyurl sabotage by the dark side verifies), lots in there:

      Here's both bush & obummer obediently reciting the "Flip the Script and Project" lines off their kosher puppetmasters' teleprompters:

      ^ notice both puppets are wearing the same "powder blue neckties"; symbolic of being pwned by izzy/UN/JWO. For background on this, see:


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