Friday, November 8, 2013

Sofia Smallstorm: Unraveling Sandy Hook

Below is Sofia Smallstorm's presentation entitled Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4 and 5 Dimensions. I was fortunate enough to physically attend this presentation, which was made into this excellent YouTube video. Please take the time to watch this all.


  1. Fantastic presentation!!!!

    Personally, I am outraged at the various actors who took part in the Sandy Hook Movie Fraud.

    We must stop them.

  2. Ever since Sandy Hook, more and more people are starting to allow themselves looking into revising the holocaust. Crisis actors and an agenda is now an understood mechanism.

  3. As noted on Kenny's blog and at aangirfan, and elsewhere, this video was brilliant. Thank yuo, Ms. Smallstorrm. Thank you, John Friend.

  4. Directly after listening to the Sandy Hook video I Googled Ms. Nelba Marquez Greens, Ana Grace Greens and Sandy Hook and here's why: In the July-Sept 2013 issue of my NAMI NC (National Alliance on Mental Illness, NC), p. 9 appears this entry: "We are honored to announce that this year's lunch speaker is Ms. Nelba Marquez Greene, mother of Ana Grace Greene, whose life was taken in the Sandiy Hook tragedy. She will share with us stories of Ana as well as her family's recovery. She will share information on Sandy Hook Promise (SHP), a nonprofit organization that was formed in the aftermath of the shooting. SHP was formed as a way to raise awareness and ensure that Newtown is remembered as the place where families came together, both as a community and as a nation, and decided to do everything possible to prevent tragedies like this from ever happening again.....This story is sure to inspire us to make a difference in our own communities as well as demand that we all look deep into our own hearts about forgiveness."

    I want to urge everyone at your blog to listen to this tape. It will remove any doubts about Sandy Hook's being a false flag. It is shocking to see so close to home the ripple effect of this malicious deception. A mother knows whether or not she has lost a child. There seems to be no proof whatsoever that any child died.

    1. [Jimmy] Greene and Marquez-Greene were not interested in talking about their loss, Baerman said.

      [Jazz musician Noah] Baerman declined to discuss how the family was coping with the loss.

      Par for the course. for these hoaxes.
      Dec15 2012

  5. No one died, and no one got hurt in the Sandy Hook Hoax 2012.

    We do not have any credible parents, there cannot be any real victims. Case solved. The end.

  6. GoTo 57:00 in that presentation.

    You will see a green flag with 26 stars - all arranged in a Hexagram (otherwise known as a "Star of David").

    This is a big FU to us all.

  7. Case Closed...John nailed it day 1



    According to the Center for Media and Democracy’s Sourcewatch database the Bahá’í faith’s ambitious vision is a forthrightly political project calling for the creation of

    A World Super State
    A World Legislator
    Unification of all the world’s religions under the umbrella of the Bahá’í faith
    A World Parliament
    A World Police Force
    A Supreme Tribunal
    A Single World Currency
    A World Taxation System
    A Single Universal Auxiliary Language
    Implementation of Agenda 21 and the Earth Charter
    Establishment of a World Free Trade Area

    Along with the institutionalized secular faith of carbon-centric environmentalism that figures centrally in the Bahá’ís’ undertakings, the Unity Project’s understated transnationalism is likewise making inroads at public schools and in communities throughout the world. As in his previous endeavors, the Sandy Hook tragedy has provided the backdrop for Woodall’s evangelizing that seeks to realign the traumatized individual and group toward certain ideals and norms. What is arguably of concern is that Woodall proceeds under the cover of mental health professional while espousing an ardent globalist ideology that runs counter to the traditional political beliefs and religious faiths that, for better or worse, are espoused by a majority of the world’s population.
    There it is folks.

    The jews did it.

  9. Great video, John…

    I of course have it up at my site… And I have taken shots at "who know who" who have tried to vilify you, myself, and others, on this Sandy Hook fraud… To me, they are nothing more than clowns now and the REAL disinfo agents out there!

    Keep in touch… You know where to find me...

    1. LMAO... big egos got snagged on Sandy Hook... and lost their "credibility" with critical thinkers/blog activists. Big egos remain hooked because of stubborn pride, and indeed have become comical entertainment to critical thinkers and blog activists. In TUTlandia ugly pride trumps the ugly truth.

  10. That was excellent


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