Saturday, November 30, 2013

Simon Shack on The Realist Report

Many thanks to Dave Mansfield, a loyal listener of The Realist Report and regular commenter here on this website, who made the following videos of my interview with Simon Shack, producer of the must-watch 9/11 documentary September Clues. Be sure to subscribe to this new YouTube channel (TruTube.TV channel will be set up shortly as well), as more videos produced by Dave will be forthcoming.

Tom in Connecticut and I will be debating Mike Delaney and Scott Roberts on Prothink Radio this evening. The debate will focus on 9/11, particularly on the well established conclusions September Clues has reached regarding this monumental event. The debate will begin at 7pm PST, and calls will be taken during the second hour.

It is fair to say the September Clues research has established these 4 main points:
  1. The 9/11 imagery was nothing but a Hollywood-style film production, complete with actors in the role of 'eye-witnesses' or 'firefighters', staged 'running crowds', 3D-compositing and special cinematic effects. The '9/11 movie' was split into a number of short clips and sold to the TV audience as 'newscasts'. The few clips featuring 'airplanes' (or dull silhouettes thereof) were computer-generated images - all of which in stark conflict with each other, as now comprehensively demonstrated in every imaginable manner, angle and method.
  2. No commercial airliners were hijacked or - much less - crashed into the WTC towers, the Pentagon or the Shanksville field. No valid/verifiable records exist for: their airport logs/schedules, their numbered parts, their alleged passengers. Their reported speeds at near sea-level as well as the absurd visuals of their total, effortless disappearance into the WTC fa├žades defy the laws of mechanics and physics - and the absence of visible wake vortexes in the WTC impact imagery also defies the laws of aerodynamics.
  3. The World Trade Center Complex (9 buildings in all) were demolished with powerful explosives. No image-analyses of the tower collapses can help determine just what type of explosives were employed - since the videos are 3D animations and do not represent the real-life events. In reality, as they collapsed, the WTC complex was most likely enveloped by military-grade smoke obscurants. No real/private imagery exists of the morning's events - 'thanks' to electromagnetic countermeasures.
  4. No "3000" people were trapped in the top floors/nor perished in the WTC towers. Only one thing was more important to the perps than avoiding a mass murder of 3000 US citizens : to sell the notion that "bogeyman Bin Laden" killed 3000 US citizens. We have renamed the 'victims' of these psy-operations "VICSIMS" (SIMulated VICtims). In fact, our research has seen the same pattern emerge in all the so-called "Al-Quaeda Terror Attacks" around the world. In all logic, the very last aggravation the plotters behind these false-flag operations wish to have, are scores of real families hounding them forever with real questions and real class actions. Hence: NO real terror victims = Logical PsyOp rationale.
Please see the "TOUR GUIDE" to the September Clues research for more information and links fully documenting and explaining this important angle to understanding 9/11. 


  1. Makes sense to minimise the loose ends by reducing to number of real deaths to as little as possible. However, I was working with people on the morning of Sept 11 with people in those buildings...they were physically there.

    I know first hand of 1 Joe Kelly, Cantor Fitzgerald that died that morning.

    So I know the last premise is wrong to your Logical PsyOp rationale.

    Cantors lost nearly everyone that day (about 50 people). The financial community is too tight nit make this stuff up.


    1. Hi shill! How are you today? Protecting the victims part of the story is crucial for the 911 operation management. The victims (and the plane crashes) are the basis for the War on Terror, etc. How hard would it be for the 911 operation management to hire some former porn actors to create a post like yours? Not very difficult at all. You are as credible as the holohox witnesses we have seen for so long time now. Protecting the victims part of the story is crucial.

      Found 2 images of this guy. That is quite typical for the REPORTED 911 victims. Do you have another? I guess not.

    2. Just the 3 ad hominem attacks in this tirade. LOL.


    3. Dear Mr
      Anonymous (November 30, 2013 at 9:56 PM)

      Even if they really died which I very much doubt (because I think that you are a liar) they could not have been killed by even one of the CGI aeroplanes!

  2. Hi i saw Paul Walkers car crash photos look like another hoax,Car is totally destroy but little tree is only bit tilt and i didt see anywhere tyre marks?

  3. Too bad you will not do the same thing for John Friend/Ace Baker. I do hope he does release the final two episodes of "Psy-Opera"

  4. Steve. Yes, people died. I too can account to some people dying. Hence why this is still a crime and we are not saying that nobody died therefore the perps are innocent of 9/11.

    Simon has his opinion and speculation. That was shown in the video. It does not reflect the viewpoints of the creator of the film, as is shown at the first couple seconds of the video if you would read it.

    Nobody on the planes died. There were no planes. No passengers. No hijackings. These people are computer generated photoshop VICSIMS. That I will say for sure.

  5. I've been going back and forth with Onebornfree over on Jim Fetzer's blog ( the Weisbecker show). It's rather apparent that Simon Shill, OBF and September Clueless is nothing more than an ADL gatekeeper operation. Just like Judy Wood, Andrew Johnson and Pete Santilli.

  6. Dear John
    please take a look at this video on you tube;


  7. I was glad that the Boston and Sandy Hook hoaxes were brought up. Thanks to Simon and to you for discussing this in addition to the 9/11 hoax.


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