Monday, November 18, 2013

JFK on Adolf Hitler

Given I'll be attending the conference in Santa Barbara, California this coming Friday commemorating the 50th observance of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, I decided to delve into some JFK research the past couple weeks. I recently read Final Judgement: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, written by the legendary author and historian Michael Collins Piper, which thoroughly documents the role Israel's Mossad and the international criminal syndicate led by the Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky played in organizing and benefitting from the murder of our 35th president. Mike Piper will be my special guest on The Realist Report this coming Wednesday, and we'll be focusing on his book and Israel's central role in the JFK assassination conspiracy. I am also working on a review of Final Judgement that I will post here later on this week.

This past weekend, I read Prelude to Leadership: The European Diary of John F. Kennedy, Summer 1945, which consists of a Preface written by editor Deirdre Henderson and an Introduction written by Hugh Sidey, a well-respected journalist who knew President Kennedy quite well. Following the Preface and Introduction, the full personal diary of President Kennedy's European travels during the summer of 1945 is published. In 1945, President Kennedy was a reporter for Hearst newspapers, first covering the San Francisco Conference, which eventually established the United Nations, before traveling to Western Europe, including England, Ireland, France, and Germany, to cover the situation there following the surrender of Germany at the end of WWII. The book is fascinating, and a must-read for anyone truly interested in understanding President Kennedy and the issues that shaped his worldview.

After Kennedy visited Adolf Hitler's mountain home at Berchtesgaden and his "famed Eagle's lair", he had this to say about the most maligned and slandered man in history:
After visiting these two places, you can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived.

He had boundless ambition for his country which rendered him a menace to the peace of the world, but he had a mystery about him in the way he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made. (pg. 74)
Despite Kennedy's misunderstanding of Adolf Hitler and his true ambitions for his beloved German nation (Hitler did not start WWII and he did not want to conquer Europe, much less the world), he clearly understood that Hitler was indeed a significant figure in history, a man worthy of respect and perhaps even admiration. In Sidey's Introduction to Kennedy's European diary, he relays a story in which a friend of Kennedy who traveled with him around Europe as a young man told Sidey that "Kennedy was fascinated with Hitler and the Hitler youth, young people with a purpose in an otherwise despairing world" (pg. xxviii).

I'm not highlighting this to suggest that President Kennedy was sympathetic to National Socialism or even a champion of Adolf Hitler. However, I find Kennedy's comments about Adolf Hitler, easily the greatest and most righteous leader in modern Western history, quite interesting indeed.


  1. This world would have been a different place if Hitler succeeded,and if JFK was not murdered by his own backdoor paid FBI,CIA??

    1. For starters, Bolshevik Communism would've been pushed back, if not totally eliminated, from Central and Eastern Europe, had Hitler succeeded.

      Secondly, had not JFK been murdered, the Middle East would still be a nuclear weapons-free zone (Israel would've never had a nuclear arsenal to threaten it), and the US would still be a strong Constitutional Republic instead of a colony of Israel; and the disastrous military misadventures would've also been avoided. The US economy would be the richest in the world, as the "Federal Reserve", along with its debt-induced usury, would've been eliminated.

      So, yes, the world would have been totally different - a much more stable, peaceful world - to be exact.

  2. kill the kill Hitler channel...

    Justifiably Homicide Talmudvision....

    Hosea 1:11


  3. From the murder of JFK, to the attack on the USS Liberty, to the Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon to 9/11, there's one common factor, Israel.

    1. Agreed! And Israel is behind RFK, MLK and others murders too.

      For those in search of truth YT; "Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told".

    2. Yes Mr. Bacon, I've seen much evidence to Israel's involvement in 3 of the 4 terrorist acts U mentioned. But their involvement in the Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon, this I would like to see the evidence of. Not because I don't believe U, but because I am an ex-Marine who despises Israhell.

    3. What's with this "U" crap? Are "U" sixteen?

  4. Intelligently spotted John Friend. Your contributions are always appreciated. This in another that will go into my disc archive for future reference. I don't trust any ISP, or Cloud, or 'Jew' owned Internet company. Enjoy your time spent at the Santa Barbara Conference!
    Best regards. Angelsächsisch.

  5. What exactly is the point in attending the 50th Anniversary of the JFK "Movie"? Of course, Fetzr - the well known government paid counter-speaker and professional obfuscater and smoke-screen layer will be be droning on ... and on ... and on... How will you stay awake?

    One important point. Just as with the 911 "Troof" Movement, the JFK thing appears to be one giant intentional circle jerk with no real focus and no action plan towards resolution.

    Here's what we know: We know that "someone" is directing what amounts to a mobile Movie Company that is going around staging various politically sensitive events and presenting them to the public in a scripted way to cause certain pre-planned public responses.

    For example, the Sandy Hook Movie was intended to bolster and further the Civilian Disarmament Agenda.

    What we need now is to draft legislation that makes it illegal for anyone to mislead the public. It should be illegal to use movie making technology to misrepresent events.

    Obviously, the use of movie making technology to misrepresent and/or to create events is goal driven. The people who are doing this are trying to trick the public to go along with their agenda.

    These things must be made expressly illegal with consequent felony prosecution and jail time.

    Rather than continuing on with a Fetze-like "dog chases tail" approach to these things - where we continue to talk endlessly about how they might have done this or might have done that....we need to take affirmative action towards stopping it.

    We need to educate the public on how these methods can be used to trick them.

    Here, we have a perfect opportunity because the perpetrators will not come out and say that they are using these methods against us. They can't openly oppose the issue of legislating against deception.

    1. I think maybe it's already "illegal" for the government to be involved in clandestinely traumatizing the public, staging the news, and profiting, politically and/or financially, from the results. But, hey, I'm no lawyer!
      Me Tarzan

    2. LMAO... I attended a 9-11 truth presentation in which Fetzer took part, along with his good buddy Muslim-truth-jihadist Barret... and he went on and on... and on and on... and on and on.

    3. Foreign intelligence services like the israeli mossad are not bound by any of our domestic laws that might discourage the creation, manipulation and presentation to the US public of an "engineered reality" towards shaping public opinion and steering legislation.

      The fact that most of these staged events are apparently self-funded by means of well-meaning donations from an intentionally traumatized public might provide an avenue for prosecution on the charge of "Wire Fraud" - which is a Federal crime.

      These are the kinds of issues we need to bring up when discussing events such as Sandy Hook.

      Even if a particular citizen has been fooled by a particular staged media event - that individual citizen will still likely support our demand for preventing and/or stopping deception campaigns aimed at the public and legislators.

  6. Replies
    1. The British (esp. the English) started WWII when they declared war upon Germany right after the Wehrmacht had entered "Versailles defined Poland" along with three battalions of Romanian troops in support.

      Following the abdication of King Edward VIII in 1936, England fell under the control of Jews. The rabid, loquacious half-American, Winston Churchill, was their aggressive gofer.

      Polish Jews then immediately massacred ethno-German women, children, and the elderly, using bestial techniques reminiscent of the worst Bolshevik atrocities from the early 1920s, in and around the township of Bromberg.

      Had the British not intervened, the German / Polish conflict would have been contained to that part of Europe. Although Stalin and the USSR was always going to be the "wild card".

    2. Slovakian troops did take part in the September 1939 campaign, there are some pictures showing them, but I never heard about Romanian troops.

      Are you sure 1936 is the date? England did their bidding for quite a time before.

      You are charging polish Jews with the Bromberg massacre. All I know is that Jews welcomed German troops on many occasions in September 1939, and they did the same when the Red Army marched in on September 17-nth. It is next to impossible that Jews would do anything like that. Polish side maintains that the retreating polish troops were shot at by armed ethnic Germans and the resulting reprisals were later propagandised as a massacre of ethnic Germans by Poles. International press, among others was later invited by the Germans to see the scene and there was a lot of graphic photographic evidence so there must have been more than just reprisals on German irregulars, I wish I knew.

      WWII started for all practical purposes in 1933. Preparations for the actual shooting took some time and when all was ready, the German/Polish conflict was arranged as an excuse.
      Like your writing, though.

    3. Great point, John. World Jewry declared war on Germany just after Adolf Hitler became Chancellor in 1933; and have continued waging propaganda war on that country, right up to September 1, 1939. After Sept. 1, their war against Hitler turned violent.

    4. @ Stigg ...

      Regarding the Slovaks, you may be correct. I will have to check back in my archives. But, in the context of a non-academic blog discussion, whether they were Romanian or Slovakian is a moot point. The fact is, the Germans did not enter Poland alone. This fact should have nullified the pact the English had with Poland. If you research the exact wording of that pact you will understand what I mean. Romania did contribute large numbers of troops to Operation Barbarossa.

      I quoted 1936 and the abdication of the English King for good reason. King Edward admired Adolf Hitler. There was no secret about it. He understood what the Third Reich was attempting to do in Europe, and why. He was forced to abdicate the throne simply because of his support for Hitler's National Socialism, and for a desire for Anglo-German rapprochement, and not because he wished to marry the American divorcee, Wallis Simpson (who turned out to be a lovely and faithful woman). Adolf did acknowledge the significance of his political loss after the abdication.

      You first need to understand the dominant political structures in England (especially those in place prior to 1939) in order to appreciate just how much changed after Edward VIII abdicated. The Anglo-Jews, buttressed by new arrivals from Austria and Germany during the early 1930s, aggressively swung the balance of power in their favour. This is why they were able to bring Churchill "back from the dead" in order to place a war-monger into Downing Street.

      Yes, I am definitely charging Polish Jews with the Bromberg Massacre. If you have firm evidence to the contrary then please quote it, or provide links. I have viewed over 50 witness photographs of that massacre. The Red Cross attended and made reports. But not one single Western European government responded. Once the Wehrmacht had militarily secured Poland, Adolf journeyed to Danzig (a lack of free access to that port city caused the original rift between Berlin and Warsaw). After a rousing reception, he gave a stirring speech there ... in Danzig ... one that changed the entire course of the German campaign from there on.

      Not only had ethnic-German civilians been butchered in Poland, but German Paratroopers too. In the most bestial ways imaginable. Eyes gouged out, etc. I think you should look up this Danzig speech, which can be found online. Perhaps you will find a copy on YouTube as I did.

      WWII did NOT begin in 1933. It was begun in the Palace of Versailles in 1919, mostly by the French and their Jewish advisers. As others have already stated, there was no World War One and Two. It was simply one continuous war against the German nation from 1914 to 1945.

      The Jewish declaration of war upon the Third Reich (1933) was mostly bluster and noise, and could easily have been ignored had it not been for that disgusting New Yawk clown named Franklin Delano Roosevelt. All the organizing, financing, and planning for the international boycott and political lobbying against Germany took place in Manhattan, and possibly Chicago too. The Northeast United States has been a den of vermin ever since.

  7. Emmanuel TruthseekerNovember 19, 2013 at 7:05 AM

    Adolf Hitler is standing tall in a pantheon of amazing people, right next to, Jesus of Nazareth, Alexander of Macedon, Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar, and Marcus Aurelius. In my opinion we can rightly call Adolf Hitler, The Great, as well. We should add 'Glorious', also. Adolf Hitler the Great and Glorious. Truly one of the very, very best men who ever rose himself into celestial heights while here on Earth. I can not say enough about this wonderful man, I will also have to write a book about him one of these days. Perhaps I can make that number 20. I am at work on number 18 atm. Adolf Hitler deserves the effort I would expend; and it still would be not enough for me to sing his praises.

  8. Read.


  9. @ Emmanuel Truthseeker.

    I detect irony and bitchy cynicism in your post. Not good. This Blog's owner has been gracious and given you the benefit of the doubt. So show some respect.

    Oh, and you omitted to mention Hannibal, and also Cyrus II of Persia (who outlawed slavery at a time when the Greeks were knee-deep in them). Perhaps you could make Hannibal your number 19, and Cyrus your #21?

    I shall await them with bated breath.

    I believe we should dispense with your flowery and insincere adjectives. Adolf Hitler is best remembered for his bravery, his wisdom, his love for all true ethno-Europeans everywhere (including those still too easily misled, in the USA), and his undoubted artistic talents.

    1. One individual omitted in this whole litany was the famous Russian Orthodox Prince of the 11th Century AD - Vladimir the Great - who vanquished the barbaric, Talmudic Kingdom of Khazaria and restored Kiev to Orthodox Christianity.

      Of course, we could continue on.... Charles Martel, grandfather of Charlemagne, who, three centuries before Vladimir the Great expelled the Khazar Jews from his kingdom, so defeated the Islamic Moors and drove them out of France.

      Just saying......

    2. @ Anonymous 10:19 PM

      "Just saying......"

      It is good that you did Anon. You have contributed some excellent historical reminders! Many readers will appreciate. :~)

  10. JFK will publicly reappear and is the final supreme "beast" of the Revelation.

    KISSINGER [to whom 666 refers will be his head cheerleader [2nd "beast" [from "land"] of Revelation 13.

  11. John --

    I know I, and I'm sure many others who read your blog, would like to hear an evaluation or summary of events at the JFK conference you attended.

    Hope you can put something together either in print or in a upcoming podcast. Thanks.

  12. When ever a nation or people worship a leader above the Creator, that nation will fall!
    As it was the case with Germany. The German people had forgotten and abandoned, to this day, the roots that made Germany a great nation: Its Christian roots. And so it will be will all countries that professed at one time the Christian Faith.


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