Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Realist Report - John de Nugent

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by long time pro-White activist and scholar John de Nugent. John and I will be discussing the history of White Nationalism in American post-WWII.

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  1. Excellent show!

    De Nugent is right on the money with his approach to the overall problem.

    Good Strategy.

  2. Dear Sirs!
    Really have gone back over the three shows featuring John de Nugent as well as several other shows he has appeared on over the years. The first show in which the Nordic Aliens and Fourth Reich and Jews and Reptilian and Grays were discussed was interesting but I really was left with the impression that Mr. de Nugent was taking what has been disseminated by the Vienna "Landig Group" 'Tempelhofgesellschaft' particularly the medium-psychic connections showing that a race from Aldebaran helped the SS and was helping the Fourth Reich, if I remember correctly. Anything I read that speaks to me about literal aliens, biological beings, from other parts of the galaxy, coming to earth mysteriously in large numbers but in the shadows from public scrutiny for the most part, I can find a Jew easily but hunting me down a Gray is bit harder I'd say, when I read this or hear it I just automatically think: BS! I grew up with a Dad, and he still is like this, who is seriously into UFOs, Aliens, and Abductions and this goes way back to when he was a kid in the 50's with guys like Adamski and the early stories about Roswell and a pilot who described seeing flying 'wings' that looked surprisingly similar to the Stealth aircraft unveiled in the '90's.
    Long story short I came to the conclusion about 8 years ago, after reading articles and a book by the late Russian Orthodox monk, Fr.Seraphim (Rose) that aliens, and I have old books from the 70's displaying who much different and how great the variance among 'encounters of the third kind' really were before the "Grays" became a well-known image, the late monk stated and reference hagiographies and medieval histories detailing the noticeable parallels between demonic phenomena/deception and Alien/UFO encounters, noticeably the terror, strong sadistic psycho-sexual aspects of the abduction experience, the fool-hardiness of people like the Raelians who embrace demonic beings as their saviors, and also the distinct impression of a sulfur-like smell which has been recorded throughout history when demons and now Aliens, particularly their crafts, touch down.
    But after listening to your shows with the man and because I do have an open mind, damned if I don't spend a lot of my time investigating things because of it but I have to know! and clearly, at least to me it is clear, there is a big mystery surrounding why Aryans, Whites, would have ever come about on this planet due to evolution, blue eyes and green eyes and gray eyes, auburn, some nearly yellow! and red hair, blond hair, light brown hair, their really just seems to be no natural reason that I can see for why this would occur and the Albinid genetic explanations do not hold up from what I understand of how genetics work over time and does not really explain anything because the, "ginger" look, very red hair and very pale, freckled, easily burned skin is not at all genetically the same.
    I'll give John de Nugents Fourth Reich and Nordic Aliens research a read. Hopefully I am surprised because I really would like to find that the earth is Hollow or has hollows and that there are subterranean German bunkers and cities from which they may one day re-take our planet instead of just Deutschland and Europe! OH MY, this is already sounding so much like the Vril-ya of 1871 Bulwer-Lytton novel that I feel like my open mind is too open and I being a fool. BUT! Gott knows that with all the Nukes and the Jews here and in Israel and everywhere we certainly need a real Fourth Reich with the power of the Bell to put them back in their place!

  3. It certainly is interesting...For those of you who don't know, the Nation of Islam believes that UFO's are black superhuman ancestors.


    It certainly is interesting that they don't use this as their main argument in discrediting Louis Farrakhan, they just stick with the anti-jew label.

    A very interesting lecture Farrakhan gave in 1972 at the 'Black Science Convention' where he explains that the UFO baby bombers made mountains on the earth with explosions and other stuff. I had heard this a long time ago and was certainly entertained, maybe it was because I was having some beers at the time, but anyway, it certainly is an interesting listen about these topics.


    I am not a believer or anti-UFO person, just food for thought, compare and contrast, with what John De Nugent is stating. Actually, I would love to hear what he thinks of the Nation of Islam's beliefs, considering it is a religion and he is calling for a religion for us.

  4. Dear David,
    With respect I don't think what the Blacks in NOI believe about the Mothership invented by Black Scientists in Japan thousands of years ago is really the same as Nordic Aliens and the Antarctic & Andean Nazis of the Fourth Reich. I see some parallels and yes the NOI does claim for their race our Ancient Aryan heritage but so much of this is so obviously BS such as the Evil Mad Scientist Yakub whom they say invented Whites. Yakub was supposedly the bastard spawn of the Cone-headed Black people and the big-headed black people and thus had two brains making his skull massive. Biologically this makes absolutely no sense and is impossible on its face! And really most NOI members have no knowledge of this anymore as it is really not taught actively as dogmatic for them and varies by where the local NOI mosque is and what the local imam teaches, The breakaway 5 Percenters AKA "Nation of Gods and Earths" founded by "Allah" AKA Clarence 13X seem to be the main ones who still talk the most about this NOI mythology as being literally real and one mouthpiece for this was the rap group Brand Nubian and the member Lord Jamar came out with an album in 2006 called "The 5% Album" , simply, in which several songs are laced with the lyrics with this mythology and the claim that the Black Mothership where Elijah Muhammad lives on was spotted above the White House. This album also came with a lengthy booklet on the history and beliefs of the 5 Percenters!

  5. Dear John,
    I really am surprised there were not more comments on this interview!
    After reading through John De Nugents Nordic Aliens and the Fourth Reich I am unconvinced frankly though still open-minded and it has given me a lot more to research. I simply need more to become a 'believer' as such. There is a lot evidence but I still have yet to find absolute proof for the final conclusion. One section of his article that I appreciated was the mention of John Alva Keel and his non-fiction book "The Mothman Prophecies" which was one of the most incredible books I have ever read and I read it 3 times! There also was no reference made to Esoteric Hitlerism and Miguel Serrano who in his 1978 book "El Cordon Dorado" talked about all of this positing additionally that the earth is hollow and that the Hyperboreans in the Earth's interior live under a Black Sun in the Green Ray which is the source of the green Aurora Borealis in the Northernmost and Southernmost parts of the Earth. Though in Serrano's later work "El Ultimo Avatara" he seems to be advancing the possibility that the same way the self has a physical self and an astral interior self that the interior hollow earth could actually exist on the astral plane but not so on the physical plane though the points of entry at the poles may occasionally appear on the physical plane? It is very esoteric and difficult to understand and as open-minded as I try to be it is very difficult to wrap my head around and believe. Though reading Serrano has opened me up to the esoteric spiritual heritage and spirituality of the Aryan blood in my veins. Truth seeking on the spiritual path of development is a perilous and frightening path and is never comfortable and the only analogy I can make is that it is like climbing a high mountain.
    In John de Nugents article you do find that the Nordic Aliens see earth's Whites as presently unworthy, at least the vast majority of us, because we are spiritually undeveloped and essentially have chosen to leave our third eye's blind or to make them so so that we can be comfortable with living on an animal level for the most part is a Judeo-Materialist worldly society where the dark-worldly, Cthonic beats of the browns and blacks are the music we content ourselves with never listening to and ignoring the blood which seeks to call us and sing to us. This, I think, is undeniably True!

  6. Konrad, I brought it up for the purpose that you just demonstrated. I thought it was relevant, and wanted to hear some opinions on those that know about it, and those that do not. I guess my point is that maybe there is something to this ufo phenomenon in regards to humans flying them. Why would they not say Farrakhan is a crazy UFO guy?

    I think the black man in the video makes a lot of good points about how people flying planes is not a spooky concept, therefore humans flying advanced aircraft such as UFO's is not a huge leap.

    Many people in this country believe in them, say they have seen them, and are not at all interested in the agenda playing out against all of us on the ground.

    One thing is for sure, there is a ridiculous amount of stars in the sky at night, and the universe is infinite, therefore a tremendous amount of possibilities as to who and what we are. Granted, I have not researched race to the amount most in this movement have, but I really wonder why we all look so damn different. Other world whites who explore the universe sounds about right when it comes to why we would be here.


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