Friday, October 25, 2013

The Realist Report - Andrew Anglin

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Andre from Total Fascism and The Daily Stormer. Andre and I will be talking about the Golden Dawn in Greece and recent attacks on him by libertarian shills on YouTube.

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  1. The Heritability of World IQ Differences by Philippe Rushton

    We have in finland somali and they live on wellfare also what a surprise,It is low iq why they cant do nothing good.

  2. Anti-Semitism on the Rise? ABC Primetime asks, "What Would You

    Brainwashed jew lovers get bit mad.

  3. Nice show John!

    I've just had an amazing experience trying to debate race with an 'intellectual' brainwashed friend of mine....

    He won't even accept that on average Blacks are better at 100m running than Whites for genetic purposes. My plan was to start with this obvious fact and then work up to the whole IQ/criminality thing. But even this he won't accept. For him the reason Blacks are better than Whites at 100M sprinting is purely cultural. For him just the idea of race and genetic difference is completely meaningless. He actually said that to talk about Blacks as a group is the just the same as talking about 'blondes' or 'people with blue eyes'.

    This is insane, this is a PHD level educated scientist. The level of brain washing is just unbelievable..... Notice here I was actually saying something positive about blacks - but even this is unacceptable. I looked around the internet and there are many many people that say and think the same as thus guy.

    In just a few generations Jewish propaganda has completely turned our beliefs upside down.....

    1. Barzo,

      Please stop wasting your time debating with jews. Please stop wasting your time debating with anyone who tows the jewish political line - for whatever reason.

      This end result is that your time and efforts are wasted.

      Take your knowledge and understanding and share it with people who will listen. Especially younger people.

      We need to consolidate our groups and ensure they have information they need to fight this battle. This means sharing information among our own. Perfecting our own talking points.

      As we get better and better at this - the message will resonate with more and more people who are looking for answers.

      What I predict you'll see at some point in the near future is a re-run of the Frank Cohen "NAZI" rally farce once held in Skokie, Il. That was specifically designed to throw mud on White people and to demonize our viewpoints.

      Still not understanding why somebody didn't just shoot that bastard enemy operative. Or maybe cave his head in with a bat.

      We all need to understand that this is war. We are facing a despicable enemy.

      Stop wasting your time "debating" with them.

    2. Yeah, as frustrating as it is, what you’re saying is true…..

      They have studied the psychology of our race and are using it against us, our empathy for all peoples, tricking our women into believing they are enslaved and wanting ‘it all’

      But still, I’m amazed by the effectiveness of the brain washing, this friend of mine not giving even an inch and accepting that race even exists, a female friend believing that gender differences and the desire to have children are just social constructs…..this shit is insane, literally insane.

      One thing though is that the instinct for what is true is stronger amongst the working classes….

    3. Very interesting observation Barzo, your comment re: the middle class/working class is spot on.

      And yeah, I'm still amazed and how thoroughly a job they have done in brainwashing and distorting our reality. It is truly mind boggling... thanks for the comments.

  4. This "SCG" scum is likely a kikejew -- one of the many that have infiltrated the 'truth movement'.

    The Controlled Demolition of WTC-7
    is the Smoking Gun of 9/11

    RESIST !!!


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    1. Wow, sorry to hear that Mary... can you start another blog with WordPress maybe?


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