Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Realist Report - Brother Ryan

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Brother Ryan. Brother Ryan and I will be discussing his views on Christian Anarchism and American nationalism.

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  1. What Brother Ryan is advocating is what I was reading about just before I came across the truth about WWII.

    I think it is a very interesting concept. Two prominent people in this movement are Stefan Molyneux and Larking Rose. Stefan has a large fanbase and has books and videos that come out rather frequently. Larkin Rose was put in jail by the IRS for a phony tax crime. I was reading Larkin's book called 'The Most Dangerous Superstition'.

    I read about 2/3 of it, and it was based solely on the concept of what Authority. His main argument is that it is a made up word, and that those who obey it are under an illusion that the authority has any right whatsover to implement the authority over you. A tough part of the book was that he is unaware or at least has not heard the other side of the story of WWII so he makes references to all the bad guys like Stalin and Mao, but lumps Hitler in there too.

    What am I trying to say? The problem we face as I see it, is convincing the masses. The intellegentsia and the bourgeouise are not going to go along with either National Socialism or Anarchism. Convincing the masses of Anarchism, seems to me very difficult as its too philosophical, whereas National Socialism I think pretty much lays it out for the everyman. You need a job, you want to provide for your family, you want to serve your community, your country and be free of poisonous marxist jewish communist assault.

    National Socialism or as Golden Dawn has, Social Nationalist, is the far right that has to oppose the Far Left. Anarchism to me, introduces a foreign element that is unneeded. Anarchist thinking is okay, this authority issue is needed to be thought about, but we have a highly organized enemy, that needs a highly organized, ALREADY established blueprint that can be followed, with an American spirit.

    I am not proclaiming to know the answer, just my Instant Reaction to all this. I just think that we are definitely more social beings than we are individuals. I think too much individualism is what we currently have. I don't think the NSDAP or GD would be at all successful trying to make the needy and oppressed Anarchists. But like I said, as far as their philosophical argument, they may be totally correct. And everything that Brother Ryan believes may be the Heaven on Earth we will get AFTER we would have had to take the reigns of power away from the beast.

    1. David,

      Anarchism is a non-starter. It is simply un-workable.

      National Socialism is the blueprint for a healthy, vibrant, safe, productive society.

      Convincing the masses that it's "OK" to live among their own people and act on their behalf should not be too difficult. We only need to broadcast means. We already have the message.

      Everyone pretty much understands that the 3rd and 4th worlders don't add value to our society. They are here for the benefits that their own societies created by their own people cannot produce. They amount to a giant ball and chain around our necks. Giving them "amnesty" will only sink us further.

      Most White people understand these things intuitively. They may need us to place those intuitions into concrete language. We can do it.

      We all need to be speaking out locally. Act as an example. People will learn....

    2. Anonymous, I agree with everything you just said. Well said. I'm on board, absolutely.

  2. Off topic but john, you should have bill finck on again to do Ancient historical program, like on german origins, the last one was kinda messy.

    1. I'll second that.

      Other good point of discussion would be the origins of Islam & how it's being used by the Jew to destroy White Christian societies.


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