Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Realist Report - Tom in CT

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Tom in Connecticut. Tom and I will be discussing a variety of subjects relating to psychological and information warfare.

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  1. Sorry for the technical problems everyone, my internet connection and Skype are regularly failing on me when I do these shows. I don't know what the deal is...

    There is some dead air at the end of the first part, but the second part was much better.

    Here are the direct mp3 links for Part 1 and Part 2 respectively of today's program:

  2. no comments really, just want to let you guys know its great to hear you two. can't get enough of TOM IN CT. and I echo Tom's feelings about your HONEST AND TRANSPARENT reasoning, and truth seeking, able to go through the process free of ego, PUBLICLY. okay I have one comment come to think of it, Andrew Anglin from TotalFascism and DailyStormer took a major hit piece from, very encouraging to see the comments were avalanched by smart, responsible, coherent White Nationalist that burried him with self respect, honor, and self defense. In the face of the typical Commie, Liberal, PC, Anti Racism BS, Check it out as I am sure you will get wind of it. A major victory in my eyes, although I am new to this aspect of the interivalries of the 'truth movement(s)'. Same shit, some asshole trying to be clever, and it blows up in his face whether he knows it or not at the time or not. I think this guy just exposed himself because I really believe the time has come where this is a MAINSTREAM movement at this point. If I gravitated towards this obvious self defense standpoint almost by accident, then this is happening with others, and we will grow exponentially as long as we centralize our sites into a solid network of intercommunicating streams of dialogue.

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

      I have to say that among the landscape of personalities out there who profess to seek the truth - John is definitely the real thing.

      Not sure how well the discussion on Disagreement Theory was received by the listening audience. We were trying to describe the reasons why people disagree on various subjects. It turns out that research into this issue has revealed that most disagreements are neither rational nor fact based.

      It is very true that two people drawing from the same facts cannot disagree.

      So, it they do - some other mechanism is responsible. We tried to tie in the roles played by World View and injected Narratives that seem to control the viewpoints of people - fueling their irrationality.

      Anyway, I hope we succeeded in describing some of the process of Disagreement - at least enough to be of some use.

      The pervasive confusion on various issues transmitted through the foreign-owned media emphasizes the need for us to go into more detail on how Structured Methods of Intelligence work - and how to apply them. In future shows, we will lay out exactly how we know what we know concerning issues like "planes", Sandy Hook, etc.

      We'll be presenting the fact pattern analysis is a very transparent way that explicitly shows our reasoning. This should go a long way towards reducing the level of Disagreement on these issues.

      Bottom line: We have a very serious "Dual Citizen" problem. And we need to solve it.


    2. Another interesting discussion Tom. Never heard insights like yours and will continue to promote your unique insider's look at the psyOp warfare. Since you don't take calls, I'd suggest you two just record your conversations and post them as some of your best points were lost in digital garble.

  3. "Why weren't they technologically advanced?"

    That is hands-down the dumbest comment I've ever heard from a living, breathing, sentient being.

    1. What exactly are you talking about?

    2. "They" (the various warring tribes of hunter-gatherers insurgent fighters) were not technologically advanced for the same reasons that Haitians are not technologically advanced.

      But, today they can act as front-man for legalized gambling for the jewish crime syndicate on their reservations. And now they can all now drive a fine German-made car. Isn't that great?

      Gary orGibby - go back to living in your dream world. The one that portrays White people as evil and all of the noble people of color as just that. Make sure you throw in some Schindler's List with that.

      FYI: Nobody cares what you think.

    3. LOL! That reminds me of a picture I saw in National Geographic of a group of Pygmies acting all surprised and pointing their little bows and arrows at a hovering helicopter.


  4. Injuns technologically advanced?

    Ha - ha - ha!

    Can't question the technological advancement of the Noble People of Color - because to do so is "dumb". Right?

    How about if you Noble People of Color stop using electricity? That's White Mans Magic.

    Get off the comment section while you're at it - that computer you're using is White Mans Magic also.

    Better yet: Go back to the reservation.


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