Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Realist Report - Sofia Smallstorm

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Sofia Smallstorm. Sofia and I will be discussing a number of subjects relating to health and male-female relations, including the systematic feminization of men and the reversal of traditional gender roles.

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  1. Here is the direct mp3 link for today's program:

  2. When you circumcise a baby boy your are giving the OK to Jew law and have desensitized yourself to child torture and mutilation.
    This is a criminal act. Did you ever do it?. Have the sound recording of a circumcision in your baby book?

  3. Fantastic discussion, and I'm not even finished. Just want to note, Clif High did a podcast in Mar '12 which he called, "The Grand Penis Conspiracy". It's 35 mins:

    Here's a discussion thread re clif's podcast above:

    Also find there ^ info re Germany's 2012 outlawing of male genital mutilation AKA "circumcision", and the Jewish Supremacists' hysteria over it: Conference of European Rabbis: "If the ruling is allowed to stand, there's no future for Jews in Germany", and called it, "the worst attack on Jewish life since the HoloHoax™." (see reply #24 in the thread above).

  4. John, you seemed pretty uncomfortable approaching the subject of circumcision beyond calling it unnecessary mutilation, but I think Sofia is really on to something here.

    The emasculation of males is already breaking the bonds between women, who innately seek to bond with a protector and provider, and men. That natural, normal sex is not possible after circumcision and a lifetime of callousing known as keratinization, is an additional barrier to intimate bonding between the sexes. Further, studies have shown that circumcised men seek rougher, more diverse forms of stimulation, which naturally feeds into the entire sex as recreation, conquest, and sport angle. When it is no longer bonding and becomes just a game, it only further discourages people from finding mates.

    Moreover, it normalizes yet another abhorrent form of Jewish behavior amongst a litany of them, helping to ease the suspicion (or knowledge, to be precise) that they are somehow a foreign race amongst host nations and peoples.

    1. Hey Anon, great points. It truly is a barbaric, evil, and totally unnecessary practice.

      I'm not uncomfortable talking about this subject, Sofia has just studied it in much more detail than I have. In fact, I haven't really investigated this at all. I do remember listening to a radio program about 2 years ago where a woman talked about circumcision and how awful it is, but that's it really. I think more than anything it is just makes me angry - why the hell would any parent allow their son to be circumcised?!

  5. When I was talking about the index finger / ring finger comparison in the show, I said "index" a couple of times when I meant "ring" finger! Sorry! The traditional male hand has a longer ring finger; the traditional female hand has a longer index finger when you compare the two. The length of the ring finger is an indication of testosterone, apparently. Males have more testosterone than women and thus the ring finger on the male hand is usually longer than the index. I also believe it is necessary for grip strength ...


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