Monday, October 28, 2013

Sandy Hook shooting: Where's the proof?

Update Wednesday, October 30th: I'm happy to announce American Free Press has published this article along with Michael Collins Piper's article on their website. The full title is COMPETING VIEWS: INTERNET RIFE WITH DISINFORMATION; SANDY HOOK SHOOTING: WHERE'S THE PROOF? Be sure to visit American Free Press and check out Michael Collins Piper's article, along with mine. Also, if you are not already subscribing to AFP, you should be! 

The alleged shooting at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut in December of last year has caused quite a bit of friction and disagreement amongst the staff at American Free Press. Here I will attempt to explain my views on this controversial subject, which stand in stark contrast to the position taken by Michael Collins Piper in his recent article entitled, "Internet Rife with Disinformation: "Cyber Shills" working to misdirect, embarrass legitimate conspiracy researchers," published on page 18 in issue number 43 of AFP’s print edition.

I took a keen interest in the alleged Sandy Hook shooting from the very beginning. The Connecticut State Police and news media reported that on December 14, 2012, a 20-year-old young man named Adam Lanza first shot and killed his mother, Nancy Lanza, in their Newtown, Connecticut home before driving to the Sandy Hook Elementary School and going on a shooting rampage, murdering 20 children and 6 adults at the school – truly an amazing, and highly implausible, feat allegedly accomplished by a young man with no known military training. According to the official narrative of the alleged shooting, Adam Lanza – the “lone gunman” – shot all but two of his victims multiple times, firing 154 total rounds in a matter of minutes. Many have questioned the plausibility of such a scenario.

The alleged Sandy Hook shooting scenario conveniently aligns with the hysterical anti-gun agenda and planned destruction of the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution long promoted by certain organized political factions.

Coincidentally, the Sandy Hook scenario mirrors the March 13, 1996 Dunblane, Scotland incident where it is alleged that a “lone gunman”, Thomas Hamilton, entered the Dunblane Primary School armed with four handguns, shooting and killing sixteen children and one adult before committing suicide. Even more coincidentally, in the immediate aftermath of the alleged Dunblane Massacre, the controlled media directed public debate on gun control laws, including public petitions using emotionally manipulative appeals calling for a ban on private ownership of handguns - the exact tactics used by the mass media in the United States following the alleged Sandy Hook shooting.

Lawmakers in the United Kingdom responded to the media directed outcry with the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 and the Firearms (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 1997 which essentially made private ownership of handguns illegal in the United Kingdom.

Both Dunblane and Sandy Hook share similar fact patterns. Both Dunblane and Sandy Hook incidents mirror each other with bizarre - and quite suspicious - legislative acts designed specifically to stop the public from obtaining detailed information about the incidents – except what was released by the controlled media and government officials. Interestingly, the official files concerning Dunblane were originally sealed for 100 years, and numerous legal maneuvers have been employed keeping the public from obtaining information pertaining to the alleged Sandy Hook shooting – ostensibly to “protect the families and their privacy."

My suspicion of the official narrative explaining the alleged shootings at the Sandy Hook Elementary School began almost immediately. In fact, I speculated on my personal website only six days after the alleged shooting took place that the Sandy Hook "shooting" was an elaborate hoax presented to the public as a real event via the controlled mass media in order to advance a number of tyrannical, un-American political agendas using psychological warfare. The government and media offered no legitimate proof or evidence that a young man named Adam Lanza went on a shooting rampage, let alone that he even existed or anyone was in fact killed at the elementary school. Conflicting and extremely improbable reports dominated the mainstream media reporting of the event on the day and in the weeks following. Inconsistencies within the official narrative were particularly troublesome, including the varying accounts of the specific weapon allegedly used in the mass shooting. In fact, the official narrative that emerged was and remains absurd on its face, and should be considered an insult to any thinking individual.

The Connecticut State Police immediately seized all crimes scenes connected to the alleged shooting, including the Lanza home and the Sandy Hook Elementary School. No independently verifiable evidence or proof was offered or presented to the public substantiating the claims that a shooting at the school did indeed take place or that any children or adults were murdered at the school. No crime scene photos, no bodies, no autopsy reports, nothing - just official government press releases uncritically disseminated by the controlled mass media and emotionally manipulative and dubious testimony provided by the alleged family members of the purported victims of the shooting and other “survivors” who escaped the school unharmed.

Already skeptical of the implausible and quite ridiculous official narrative of the alleged shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, I began investigating the testimony provided by the children and adults said to have been present in the school during the shooting. The more I heard from these “eye witnesses” and “survivors”, the more absurd this alleged shooting sounded. Nothing added up.

Additionally, I began investigating the testimony provided by the alleged family members of the purported victims of the shooting, including the infamous press conference of Robbie Parker, the alleged father of Emilie Parker, a young 6-year-old girl said to have been murdered by Adam Lanza. The press conference in which Robbie Parker spoke for the first time to the media about his daughter's alleged death is available online. I encourage readers to watch it if they have not already. 

Does this man appear to be genuine to you? It should be noted that initially, the Connecticut State Police assigned officers to the 26 families who allegedly lost a loved one during the shooting, and in their efforts to control the flow of information specifically requested that no press interviews be conducted with the family members. However, in the weeks that followed, numerous family members who allegedly lost a loved one in the Sandy Hook shooting came forward and were interviewed by the mainstream mass media.

More red flags appeared as I continued to investigate this alleged shooting. I began watching and reading the interviews of other alleged family members of purported victims of the Sandy Hook shooting broadcast and printed in the mainstream media. What struck me, once again, was their lack of genuineness. These people simply did not strike me as legitimate grieving victims who had just lost a beloved family member. Further raising my suspicion was the fact that many of them seemed to have certain talking points promoting gun-control measures and demonizing gun-ownership in America.

I don't endorse everything said or alleged in this video, but it is worth watching, especially the first 13 minutes or so. -JRF

I also watched the press conference given by the Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. H. Wayne Carver, that was aired by mainstream media outlets including MSNBC, which is also available online. Dr. James Tracy, a professor at Florida Atlantic University specializing in media history and analysis, wrote a provocative essay entitled, The Sandy Hook Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information in which he transcribed many of the more bizarre and questionable statements made by Dr. H. Wayne Carver during the press conference explaining his investigations into the alleged shooting. Dr. Tracy's analysis of the Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner's testimony argues that, "The multiple gaffes, discrepancies, and hedges in response to reporters' astute questions suggest that he is either under coercion or an imposter." Again, I encourage readers to watch Dr. Carver's press conference if they have not already. Do Dr. Carver's statements, actions, and behavior appear credible to you?

We already know that we cannot trust the government or media as a source of unbiased, truthful, or even credible information. We also know that there are elite political forces striving to realize their tyrannical agendas using whatever means available to them. In the intelligence world, analysts wanting to separate fact from fiction in this and other countries do not simply turn on the TV or read the paper to find out what to think. And we should not either considering the volume of repeated misinformation and disinformation coming from media sources and government officials and spokespersons.

Professional analysts do not simply believe the news or what a government spokesperson says. They collect and evaluate the credibility of evidence, and choose from among several alternative hypotheses in order to arrive upon the most plausible as likely explanations for the evidence being analyzed. This is also the function of a court of law - to settle disputes and find facts. One way of doing this is to evaluate all reasonable hypotheses and reach conclusions about their relative likelihood, based on all available evidence – not merely cherry-picked evidence that supports a preconceived or favored point of view.

As a general rule, deception in a Political Warfare context is goal driven. Deception is used to further an agenda. In the case of Sandy Hook, it is undeniable that the Connecticut State Legislature enacted draconian anti-gun laws that would have been unable to be enacted if it were not for the alleged Sandy Hook shooting. It is also undeniable that in the wake of public questioning of the official Sandy Hook narrative, Senators Feinstein and Durban have sought to pass legislation seeking to define who a journalist is. Should this succeed, we can expect that journalists will then have to be licensed by the government. Perhaps a “Ministry of Truth” will be created to compliment and support DHS.

If we know that the official narrative of what transpired at the Sandy Hook Elementary School is simply untenable, and that no legitimate proof or evidence exists to support the contention Adam Lanza went on a shooting rampage murdering 20 children and 6 adults that fateful day, what exactly happened? Was the alleged Sandy Hook shooting a massive hoax presented to the public as a real event via the mass media with the intent of advancing and conditioning the public into accepting a number of political agendas, including gun-control? Was the alleged shooting in fact a “mass shooting” drill organized by the Department of Homeland Security working in conjunction with officials with the State of Connecticut, Connecticut State Police, elements of the mass media, and others, and presented as a real event to a gullible – and traumatized – public? Consider the following facts:
  • A workshop organized by FEMA and the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services entitled Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters was taking place in Bridgeport, Connecticut – roughly 18 miles from Newtown - the same day as the alleged Sandy Hook shooting;
  • The State of Connecticut and the Connecticut State Police have a history of staging mass shooting drills, utilizing scripted actors and role players complete with fake blood;
  • Virtually all standard operating procedures pertaining to medical and police personnel responding to a genuine mass shooting were not followed that day, including the fact medical personnel responding to the alleged shooting were forced to operate at the fire station several hundred feet from the school rather than at the school itself;
  • No Emergency Medical Technicians entered the school to examine and remove the alleged shooting victims to a hospital for emergency medical care, or for a certified Medical Doctor to pronounce them dead;
  • The alleged victims were examined and identified not by medical personnel, but by the Connecticut State Police, and were allegedly removed from the school at night;
  • The parents of the alleged victims were not allowed or even asked to identify their children’s bodies;
  • Department of Homeland Security vehicles and personnel were in the vicinity of the school before the alleged shooting even took place;
  • The State of Connecticut’s Emergency Communications System was taken over on the morning of the alleged shooting;
  • In the age of digital media, no digital photographs or video of the victims or crime scene has been presented, and the photos of the alleged victims presented in the media are all extremely suspicious, showing signs of alteration and/or Photo shopping;
  • The Newtown City Clerk’s Office initially refused to release the death certificates of the alleged victims – which are normally public records – but was eventually forced to release them only after a Freedom of Information Act request was filed;
  • The Sandy Hook Elementary School is currently being demolished, and those involved in the demolition have been sworn to silence and cannot discuss anything relating to the school;
  • Military strategists and experts specializing in psychological and information warfare have stressed the importance of utilizing victims – either real or fabricated – in obtaining specific political objectives. For example, the infamous Operation Northwoods document, prepared by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and presented to President Kennedy in the 1960s, specifically called for creating “casualty lists” which would be placed in U.S. newspapers to facilitate “national indignation” and swing public opinion in a desired direction;
  • Professor George J. Stein’s 1995 essay Information Warfare describes sophisticated psychological warfare techniques in which “fictive or fictional operational environments” can be “generated, transmitted, distributed, or broadcast by governments” or other actors “through increasingly diversified networks” - mass media, social media, television, radio, etc. - in order to obtain public policy objectives or to “shape the political context” in which public policy is made;
On December 14, 2012, America changed. America changed in ways reminiscent of the aftermath of 9/11.

On that fateful day last December, America changed from a decreasingly open society suffering under draconian legislation, such as the Patriot Act and NDAA, into a Soviet-style totalitarian society employing deceit and psychological manipulation, not only on its external enemies, but also upon its own citizens in an increasingly blatant manner.

On that day, Americans and the world public were fed a story-line, a script written to psychologically and emotionally terrorize an already traumatized and vulnerable audience into accepting a preconceived political agenda relating primarily to gun-control and mental health services. The Sandy Hook deception was designed to attack and ultimately destroy the uniquely American tradition of private gun-ownership, independence, and self-reliance.

As we sit idly by watching our Constitution being shredded before our eyes, it’s time that we take a closer look at Sandy Hook. This time, using the same kinds of Structured Methods of Intelligence Analysis that the CIA employs – such as the Analysis of Competing Hypotheses, Hypothesis Mapping, Argument Mapping and Logic – techniques which this reporter utilized to investigate the official narrative of the alleged Sandy Hook shooting.

We also need to call out those who have been intentionally misrepresenting our concerns by setting up fallacious straw-man arguments, ignoring or distorting our views and points of contention with the official narrative of Sandy Hook, appealing to authority and emotion, and generally engaging in intellectually dishonest tactics.

Bottom line: there is simply no reason for any objective, rational observer to conclude the Sandy Hook shooting did indeed take place. In fact, the weight of the evidence disproves the official narrative of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Until legitimate evidence and proof is offered demonstrating a shooting did take place in which 20 children and 6 adults were murdered by Adam Lanza (and there should be lots of verifiable proof if this shooting did happen), the official narrative and propaganda associated with the Sandy Hook shooting should be rejected. Rather than demonstrating a mass shooting perpetrated by a crazed “lone gunman” named Adam Lanza took place by presenting legitimate evidence and offering proof, the government and media presented a carefully crafted script playing on our emotions, appealing to authority, and generally exploiting our psychological weaknesses. The public was – and remains – expected to simply believe what the government and media have told us about the alleged Sandy Hook shooting.

Was the Sandy Hook shooting an elaborate hoax presented as a real event via the mass media, designed to advance a particular political agenda, or set of agendas, including destroying the Second Amendment and the uniquely American tradition of private gun ownership? Based on the known facts, this appears to be a much more plausible explanation than accepting the official narrative promoted by the government and media – no matter how revolutionary or controversial such an idea may be to certain individuals.

Indeed, accepting the official narrative of the alleged Sandy Hook shooting is as irresponsible and dangerous as accepting the official narrative that Osama bin Laden and 19 Muslim fanatics attacked America on 9/11, or that Hitler gassed 6 million Jews during WWII. American Free Press correctly states that the media is the enemy, and we would be wise to remember that when analyzing major events that have drastic consequences for public policy, particularly as it relates to our cherished Second Amendment.


  1. Not surprised they don't want to touch this.

    The Sandy Hook Movie has a pretty big budget and lots of actors involved. Pretty high stakes. Do you really think they wouldn't reach into the so-called "Independent Media" for damage control purposes?

    Yes, it's totally obvious that Sandy Hook was a political ploy. Very.

    You're doing a great job of exposing this. Keep it up. People are listening. People are reading.

    Your logic and conclusions are rational. Deep down, even the skeptics are worried. They know inside this was a prelude to something bad.

    That is why so many people are buying guns. Massive volume of purchases. Even the liberal tree-huggers are buying guns. Even the leftists are buying guns. They know something's up.

    In fact, it's so damn obvious that the only thing that comes to mind is that childrens tale about the king having no clothes.

    The king definitely has no clothes. People are just standing around waiting for the other shoe to drop....

    1. John, excellent article. I have had serious doubts about the Hook 'massacre' since reading about it. One thing that stood out to me was that there were no death notices, obits, in the papers. None of the usual 'don't send flowers, donate to' requests, none of the usual notices that follow something as horrible as this alleged occurance just the strange don't ask we're not telling statements. I think the reason the construction workers dismantling the school are sworn to secrecy is to not divulge that there are no, repeat, NO, indication of bullet holes anywhere inside the building. Just my two pfennings worth. Keep up the good work the liars need to be revealed.

    2. On the morning of December 14th, 2012 sometime after six o'clock that morning a DHS employee grabs a cup of coffee in preparation for a FEMA course entitled:
      FEMA L-366 Planning for the Needs of Children in Disasters - disasters like school shootings - only 15 to 20 minutes away by car from Sandy Hook Elementary School. What a coincidence.

      Sometime after six o-clock that morning a member of SWAT Team also sipped coffee in the prelude to an Active Shooter Drill at a school in NY State only about 30 minutes away from Sandy Hook Elementary School. What a coincidence.

      All of those people already pre-positioned, scripts in hand and ready to show up on-scene in a maximum of about 30 minutes to take part in the upcoming training exercise. A training exercise combining the violence of a School Shooting along with the Needs of Children in Disasters. What a coincidence.

      Sandy Hook was another school shooting drill, this one even usurping the scale and complexity of the one that had previously been held at Oxford High School in Connecticut – a mere 12 miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary. That one complete with crisis-actors and even fake blood – complete with narration the clown - Department Spokesman/Media Relations Commander of the Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance. What a coincidence.

      If you want to know what happened you'll have to apply Structured Analytical Methods to this case.

      Begin by creating a hypothesis map that captures evidence on whether Adam Lanza acted as a “lone gunman”.

      Begin with the simple question of “Why did Adam Lanza murder 26 people on December 14th, 2012?”

      For every “why” question – we answer it with a “because” statement. Why…because. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he wanted to get to the other side – or, for some other reason. These “why – because” statements are (ICE) Independent and Collectively Exhaustive.

      This method requires each “because” statements to be Independent of each other and Collectively Exhaustive of all possibilities. This is so that we are sure to capture and examine all possible arguments.

      This method is extremely transparent and is designed to allow everyone to see exactly how we arrive at our conclusions.

      Why did Adam Lanza murder 26 people on December 14th, 2012?
      • Because Adam Lanza existed and was a real person, or
      • Because Adam Lanza did not exist and was not a real person.

      Now some of you might be thinking that this initial question is ridiculous. Of course Adam Lanza existed. We grew up with him. He was that weird kid down the street. He was our next-door neighbor. We interacted with him frequently. We knew his parents.

      OK, well maybe he was presented to us on TV and maybe there were a bunch of people shown on TV providing “testimony” about Adam Lanza. So, that’s proof that at least he existed.

      Well, no it isn’t. When a person is talking to you on TV, that person is not under oath and there is nothing at all stopping them from lying or reading from a script. No law bars anyone from lying to a media interviewer. As you know, there are many types of crimes involving fraud where a fake persona is invented by a perpetrator as a component part of the crime and this fact is considered by investigators. Investigators don’t take people’s word for everything. They look for corroborating evidence that supports other evidence and if something is a “fact” inevitably it will be supported by other independent evidence. Conversely, if something is a fabrication or a lie – it will tend not to be corroborated by other independent evidence.

    3. To perform a thorough analysis we need to start at the beginning. Here, we begin with questioning the existence and identity of the alleged Adam Lanza. Adam Lanza looks a lot like his brother Ryan. Look for yourself. Is it possible that the pictures you were shown depicting “Adam” were actually Ryan – taken at an earlier date? This possibility needs to be investigated.

      At this time we still are not certain whether Adam Lanza was a real person – or not. But for the purposes of this exercise it’s not all that important to this analysis. So, for now – we’ll continue on with the assumption that Adam Lanza existed and was a real person as we were told by media sources.

      Next, we continue the “why – because” analysis starting with the assumption that Adam Lanza was a real person. Why did the real person Adam Lanza murder 26 people on December 14th, 2012? Because Adam Lanza was Mentally Ill and had access to “Assault Weapons”…or because Adam Lanza was used as a patsy.

      Q: Why did Adam Lanza murder 26 people on December 14th, 2012?

      • Because Adam Lanza existed and was a real person, and
      • Because Adam Lanza was Mentally Ill and had access to “Assault Weapons”, or
      • Because Adam Lanza was used as a patsy.Next, as a continuation of our “why – because” analysis we start to see a pattern developing. We start to see that what we think we “know” about this case is based on a lack of complete knowledge. We were told that Adam Lanza was mentally ill and had Asperger’s Syndrome. We were told that had purchased an AR-15 rifle or that maybe his mother purchased it. We were told that Adam Lanza went to the range to practice his shooting skills. We were told a lot of things.

      Who told us these things? The media. Are they true? How do we know?

      As it turns out, to be diagnosed with something like Asperger’s Syndrome, someone – presumably a doctor – has to diagnose that someone. Who was the doctor? Go ahead and perform a search for the name of the medical professional who allegedly diagnosed Adam Lanza with Asperger’s Syndrome or any kind of Syndrome for that matter. See what you wind up with.

      You wind up with nothing - nothing at all. There is no such person. No such “diagnosis”. So, where did this claim come from? Where did it originate? The media

    4. Every single one of these alleged "celebrities" is
      a wholly-owned Collaborator installed, maintained,
      by the Elite Cabal trying to control America, and
      the World. Lack of talent, and ability, is what they
      all have in common. "Lightweight" doesn't begin
      to describe these offensive Idiots.

      To this day, there have been no pictures of childrens'
      dead bodies provided. The 'Coroner' was completely
      full of it at his bizarre and cringe-worthy and staged
      Press Conference appearance. All grieving relatives
      were actors. The "Shooter" killed himself with a gun
      he didn't have, and then put that gun into the trunk
      of his car. This is a total Load. It never happened.

    5. Thinking is not just repetitious thoughts moving through the brain but must always include the questioning process!

  2. who wrote the ANTI-TERRORISM legislation before Timmy McVeigh "invented" a
    SUCK bomb ? ...... Zakhiem...Zelikow.....Feinstein...?

    it is truly disgusting to see Chris Matthews fellating Bill Clintoon on Talmudvision...

    which is why Americans should justifiably HOMICIDE talmudvision and the ...

    "JEWISH" narrative....! {God is Jewish?}

    all lies ooze from the stool sculpture deity cult compound...simply because the LIES are "JEWISH" !


    A group of American business and political leaders are building a pro-Israel media "war room" in Washington, D.C. The group will be called "Emet"—which in Hebrew means "truth." Emet will try to address biased media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and also make the case that the conflict, while serious and important, pales in comparison to the larger geo-strategic threat posed to the United States and the West by Iran and Iraq, both of whom are trying to build and/or acquire weapons of mass destruction. Funding Emet is Leonard Abramson; he sold U.S. Healthcare to Aetna in the mid-1990s for $8.9 billion. Abramson has recruited a powerful board of directors, including Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot; Les Wexner, founder of The Limited; Edgar Bronfman Sr., who once owned Seagram's; and Lou Ranieri, a major Wall Street player who now co-owns one of Israel's largest banks. Also joining the board are Jeane Kirkpatrick, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, and Jack Kemp.....

    so, .......what's in your wallet ? Truth or LIES ?

    self adjudication involves correctly identifying the TARES....!!!



  3. Every day I read the news. Constant fear porn, deservedly.... I believe it serves as a barometer/ gauge of the pressure generated by the Bolshevik Control Grid implementation of Gulag U.S. The Cheka have formed a department of anti-antisemitism (in America?) and purchased billions of rounds of ammo and MRAPS.

    Armchair patriots debate in comments sections over the causes, how we got here, and who's to blame. The truth is obvious to any who question and have studied the question. The answer is also obvious.

    Yet I hear NO LEADERS!

    Read nation's Declaration of Independence, and read United States Constitution.

    There can be no black and white, liberal, conservative, no Democrat nor Republican. What there must be is truth and facts.

    If 158 million fed up, disillusioned Americans citizens opted out of rigged, bought and paid for elections, and held fair unimpeachable elections ( determining some method) for a candidate of their choice, would the establishment hand over power so peacefully as they “crow” on election day when they reveal their sock puppet?

    NME No More Elite NME
    NME A nation of sheep NME
    NME ruled by wolves NME
    A movement to restore Humanity
    First U.S...........................then the world

    Unconstitutional conduct, actions, laws, treaties, programs, operations ABROGATED

    Conus 48 and Alaska 200 mile limit sovereign U.S. Territory
    Corporations chartered for national/public good.
    Release all political prisoners,nonviolent drug offenders.
    Indefinite immigration moratorium, illegals deported, anchor babies null and void.
    Close, divest overseas bases, territories. Bring All troops/equipment home.
    Reform/replace corrupt U.S. Justice system, branches of government, alphabet agencies dissolved/replaced assets divested re purposed. Total prison system overhaul, police DEMILITARIZED.

    GMO/WMD/NBC agents, power, energy, fossil fuel dependent agriculture/pharmaceutical industry

    Private central bank, excessive//compound usury
    Institutes, secret societies, cults, trusts, foundations, corporations, industries,, foreign agents, military pharmaceutic oil industries corporate industrial complex, lobbyists.
    Frequenting prostitutes, pornography, abortion, gambling, dual citizenship

    War only in self defense
    Capital crimes/ treason only capital punishment death sentence
    One political party. Loyalty oaths all public officials, leadership positions, military, immigrants.
    Decency/Truth standards all public venues. Only Factual statements with certified references. To be established/ enforced.

    Citizens tribunals, commissions, grand juries
    a. elected/unelected official, fedgov secrets/ crimes against U.S./ humanity
    b. GMO/WMD/NBC remediation of all U.S. Territory
    c. Renewable, alternatives, self sufficiency (i.e.Cuba)

    Plebiscites on national importance. Councils locally up to local elections.
    Mandatory 4 year active duty military service, 6 years reserve, then militia. Weapon at home, modeled on Swiss.
    Cradle to grave health care, employment, education.
    Of course 72 signs you're a terrorist might give you pause. Connect the dots yet?


  4. What puts Adam Lanza at the scene of the so-called crime? The car that was suppose to be his mother's car is not his mother's car. The licence plate registry is for a man who has been in and out of prison all his life. I can't remember his name but it would be easy to trace.

    1. The is no evidence that "Adam Lanza" ever existed.

      The evidence points to "Adam Lanza" being an invented persona. The photographs we saw appear to be of Ryan Lanza - who - by the way is an Israeli citizen. A dual citizen.

  5. The above actors supposed daughter killed at Sandy Hook, was in the same clothes as her picture playing on Obama's lap after he arrived. I think the whole thing was a Hoax! Sandy hook like the Boston Bombing were Fema drill hoaxes. There is a video of the SH Fire department from above. People are coming out of the FD, going around the corner & back into the FD. Examine the Boston Bombing, the 'explosions' didn't even damage the flags. When a serious injury like the missing leg actor, they are covered up immediately, not photo opted down the street. Thanks!

  6. Adam Lanza turns out to be his brother who is now working as an accountant in NYC, apparently. They split them out of one person conveniently to dispose of the culprit and this is evidenced clearly by photo analysis with experts as well as records and interviews of apparent family members.
    I have asked from the first day how a skinny 130 lb. kid could have carried in so much artillery and all of those shells without falling over? Did the kid have the muscle to lug it all? Of course not. This snowjob is part of the Cold Civil War, as I call it on the American People.
    The American Free Press is I believe the same source that I stopped listening to when I found they defended aspects of 9/11 that were clearly false. There's a gatekeeper at every watering hole, it seems? After being blocked out of my Gmail account that was being used to argue with Anthony Lawson on Youtube about 'no plane theory' (which Lawson censored me on badly, removing my questions and commentary totally then sending me private messages declaring how righteous he was), I was forced to stop making headway as a citizen reporting on basic, bare bones facts. Lawson was not able to hold water on the subject and so Google just blocked my whole account causing quite a bit of damage and loss to my professional and personal life on that scale.
    I don't think we have much of a chance at this point to restore our republic after 100 years of murderous deception and control. The same source that took over Russia has taken hold here and the echoes throughout Europe show little difference.
    It's still encouraging to read journalism which displays the truth and has honor to it rather than fearful scripted anti-American bogus narratives. The Pentagon must be confusing Hollywood movies with the news these days because both play the same-

    1. You are correct that there is unfortunately little chance to restore our republic. Most people let the TV do their thinking for them and form their opinions for them too. It's much easier that way. If presented with any data to the contrary, people dismiss it. Truth is unpleasant and the TV fantasy is preferred.

      There must be something in the water because people are extremely apathetic. People prefer to be armchair patriots, making strong statements in the comments section of various websites but never actually doing anything. They have grandiose ideas about restoring freedom and justice, but who will implement these big ideas? Certainly not armchair patriots, or unemployed college graduates living at home with their unemployed parents.

      Using the comments section to blame the Russians, the Chinese, the bankers, the rich, Obama, the police, the military, the Zionists, the illegal immigrants and everyone else is such a relief. But actually doing anything constructive is just too much effort. Americans have been reduced to crying and complaining. If all these other groups can manage to take over our republic, then why can’t the rest of us figure out how that was done and then reverse it?

  7. Are you telling us that there are people at AFP stupid enough to fall for the SH scam? The Boston scam?

    1. I have a lot of respect for AFP and Mike Piper, I just totally disagree when it comes to Sandy Hook and the Boston "bombing". I was hoping we could have a live discussion/debate on these topics, but I don't think that is going to happen... we had one scheduled but it never panned out.

    2. Where was Hitler when we needed him. Heil Hitler. heheheheheheh

  8. Given the obvious false flag events such as the Oklahoma City Bombing of 1995 and 9/11 and the Jew Supremacist intense anti-gun campaign, your analysis sounds
    quite probable. The Jew media and the US government work hand in hand now.
    No investigation, just 24/7 non-stop propaganda.

  9. John, yesterday (Mon 10/28) MCP posted a podcast where he again plays self-appointed watchdog against shills/agents/etc in the TM. TUT describes it,

    "Tonight’s program–Agents within the movement, literally under every bed, some of them knowing who they are and what they are doing, others who simply do the enemy’s dirty work while believeing they are doing something good. "

    I had a bit to say about it, including MCP's (potentially...) describing himself at 1:09:00 into the podcast. I also discuss some more background leading up to your having to self-publish your "...Where's the Proof?" essay, including the "cancelled at the last minute" appearance of MCP on your show to discuss Sandy Hoax, back on Sept 26. Easier to link to it:

    Separately, re the anti-gun "Demand a Plan" propaganda bit you included above; one good thing to come out of Rabbi AJ's camp was their response piece, "Demand A Real Plan ~ Disarmament Leads To Democide" 5.5 mins:

    Somewhere, there's another great 'response' clip mocking how half the celebs in the "Demand a Plan" bit, themselves starred in some of Bagelwood's most graphic gun-violence ridden movies. It would take some digging to find that clip again...

    1. I just commented (submitted to approval queue) in MCP's most recent podcast (MCP discussing "agents" in the TM, lol) entry at TUT blog, a simple comment pasting this "...Where's the Proof?" essay's date, title and introductory FYI (bolded above) about AFP's rejection of this article, followed by a link to this page.

      We'll see if Glenn chooses to post it; or whether he decides, AGAIN, that CENSORSHIP of polite/articulate/sourced criticism of TUT's anti-Sandy Hoax (& Boston) skepticism campaign, is the only defense they have.

      It was Feb 20 that I posted a lengthy critique of TUT's shtick surrounding S.Hook skepticism, as a comment to a relevant podcast blog at TUT. Glenn opted to censor the comment, resulting in this from me, posted across several venues:

      " Abandoning support for The Ugly Truth podcasts "

      John, and all readers of this blog, if you don't see my comment ('PatColo' handle) pointing to this JF blog, posted to the TUT/MCP-podcast blog entry linked above, by the afternoon of Oct 30-- please consider also posting the same comment to TUT's approval queue.

    2. Excellent post, PatColo. I went over and read your tinyurl link. I tried to register at that gold silver us site but I guess my browser (IE8) won't allow it, so will post my reply here.

      I post over at Mami's too under my real first name. I post here lately and infrequently under anonymous. I asked over there the following...

      "Supposedly there is a Christian 9-11 truth Internet personality (writer, show host?) who has been trying to get Piper fired from AFP.
      This person, whom Piper would not name, is said to be a critic of Israel.

      Piper has discovered this person has lots of Hollywood/Zionist connections to people like Gordon Gilbertson (agent).

      So this is one of 3 o4 4 people Piper perceives as infiltrating the "movement".

      I do not know who is being referred to and I find it odd that Piper would not say his name, but Piper said he may consider suing this person for trying to get him fired, claiming Piper if CIA or Mossad.

      All of the Christian Internet 9-11 truth seekers I know of are of the "Christian Zionist" variety and would never be perceived of as a critic of Israel.

      Does anybody have any idea who Piper is referring to? "

      I probably won't get any replies since it has scrolled off the front page at Mami's so maybe you would venture a guess.

      I got turned off with TUT, Piper, Huffschmid, but not Tallawi, a long time ago.
      None of them have it anywhere near right about 9-11.

      Unfortunately Bollyn is way off on major points of 9-11 too.

      One major problem with most of them is that they are totally bought in to the NanoThermite Gang (NG) "theory." I personally believe the NG (Steven Jones, Richard Gage and myriad of spawned/spinoff groups and groupies, latest being is a government operation. (I do not totally buy in to any group or theory about 9-11 but I have read them all and try to keep an open mind. However, from the very beginning my gut told me NanoThermite Gang directly related to government and pro-Israel operation. I have not fully developed my "theory" about Jones/Gage being "Zionist shills" but there are several clues that over and over keep validating my thinking in this regard.

      May be interested in reading my post about Mark Graham interview and Mark Novitsky interviews by Dr. James Fetzer at

      Anyway, I find it extremely odd that MCP disses Sandy Hook and Boston questioners. Those two events were almost as in-your-face fake events as was 9-11.

    3. Yes, Steven Jones, Richard Gage and the AE gang are indeed a gov't op. They are asking for a 'independent investigation' and 'mainstream media exposure'. Who are they asking for this? The perpetrators themselves. The Media and the Gov't, which is ownder and operated by 'Dual Citizens'.

      Gerard Holmgren (deceased) of, exposed Steven E Jones.

    4. Nice and helpful comment, DavidMM. Sometimes I feel like a voice crying in the wilderness about the Nanothermite Gang. I am very familiar with Holmgren's work and even exchanged a few emails with him long ago.

      Holmgren examined Bureau of Transportation Statistics and discovered and publicized that two of the 4 9-11 flights were not even in the air that day and two of them were not retired aircraft until 2005. Maybe that is why the first patron saint of 9-11 truth succombed to fulminant cancer two weeks after finding out he had cancer.

  10. Whether or not it really happened, Sandy Hook meets the profile of a Manipulated Shooting Event. There are many of these.

  11. Who orchestrated this hoax? Janet Napolitano? Obama himself? Surely there is some staff somewhere in some level of government that planned, organized, recruited, coordinated and controlled this psy-op. Probably the same staff that pulled off the Aurora and Tucson shootings, and the subsequent cover-ups. Could be a CIA project. Our politicians know. They should be hung by their fingernails until they talk.

    1. Evidence points to the Sandy Hook operation being primarily an Israeli operation. The community surround Sandy Hook Elementary School is very, very heavily populated by jews. Entire streets are jew. They even have jew street names. Most of the so-called "victims" were jew. Yet - for some strange reason the headlines didn't screech "Holocaust at Sandy Hook!!" Nope. Why though? Too obvious? lol

      This is all part of the disarmament plan they have in store for us. What do you think is going to happen after that? Huh?

      As the county gets "darker" it getting "safer"? Nope.

      Think of it this way: The jews want to de-horn the cattle. Cattle with horns are dangerous.

  12. John, you are most correct about the Sandy Hoax. Piper is just plain wrong on the topic. I do want to note that posting about the hoax six days after the psyop doesn't really mean that you had some extraordinary insight into the event. Those that were truly clued in to the hoax were posting discrepancies the very next day and you were able to sift through their original material and the anomalies regarding the official lie for an additional five days.

    I don't mean to disparage you in any way, I'm just making an observation and tip my hat to those that laid the foundation for all of us with their keen research.

    1. No problem, you're absolutely right - there are people who are much better at exposing these hoaxes than I am.

  13. Don't mess with CT. It is the most powerful state in the country and you obviously have no clue who lives here. Even the national media is not stupid enough to question the horror of Sandy Hook.

  14. The Hoax "deniers" are the ones who simply have not done the research.

    And, the hoaxes are continuing to get more and more blatant. In my home city, Boston, there is UNDENIABLE proof that the entire Marathon charade was a complete hoax.

  15. How convenient:

    And 13 months later Lanza allegedly shot the children at the Sandy Hook elementary school.

    Should the parents be allowed to protect their deceased children from public scrutiny? Of course...unless they are trying to use their children's demise in a public forum ( ) to alter a fundamental, Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms!!

    Take it on the road? Ok. But before you do, PROVE it really happened! And not via photo-shopped "death certificates"! Complete and AUTHENTIC autopsy reports...ok? Fair enough?

    jerry bolduc

  16. A few odd thoughts.

    Break the oil cartels by growing hemp.

    Break the fed by declaring all "money" the property of the nation (meaning the people), thus ending usury and the "National debt".

    I read something recently about harmless dry ice "bombs". I'd imagine one of those going off would look exactly like the "bomb" shown in Boston. Plenty of white "smoke" (actually carbon dioxide) and no damage.

    The video of the London "beheading" was no more convincing. It looked as if it was made in a studio using "green screen" technology, and the "body" in the road appeared to be made of rubber. No blood anywhere except (sometimes) on the hands of the supposed killer. Did Lee Rigby even exist? The one image (the ONLY one) of him looks Photoshopped to me, with a tiny head on an oversized body.

    I read somewhere that the images of the Syrian "gassing victims" were released a day before the supposed event, though I don't have the means to verify this.

    Check these out. I'm sure there are others.

  17. Why haven't you gone to Sandy Hook, and interviewed the victims family themselves? It should be pretty easy to prove or disprove the victims simply by interviewing the townsfolk. If they were actors, I'm sure they aren't still living there. You can sit there and speculate all you want, and it makes for a good story, but this really shouldn't be that hard to prove one way or the other.

    1. The obligation to provide proof rests on those making the claim that this event really happened. Why was the school sealed up so that even emergency paramedics were not allowed in to see . . . anything. Again the demolition contractors must sign secrecy oaths to conceal anything they might see.

      Do you really think the townsfolk are just waiting to be interviewed? Some were threatened! So this will be easy to prove one way or another? Yes it will if you can get access to the empty school, but you can't.

      You might see that there isn't a single bullet hole anywhere; not single drop of blood; not a single broken door, not a single shattered window, - no evidence at all of any shooting.

      The school had very expensive video/audio surveillance equipment and automatic doors locks on all external doors and even the classroom doors. Why not show the security footage of Lanza battering down a steel door to gain entrance to the school? Or Lanza, then wandering down the hallway with all his ammo and guns? Or Lanza smashing down the heavy classroom doors to reach his victims?

      It’s not speculation, - it’s a fact that the supposed “evidence” is being concealed. Because there is no evidence. You'll get a TV movie instead!!

  18. Allegedly, the Lanza home was located at 36 Yogananda Street, in Newtown, Connecticut. Allegedly, the Lanzas lived there. When you get a chance search the term Yogananda and see what you come up with.

    The Lanza home was located right in the heart of an ethno-religious enclave. To get there from Route 34, you turn off onto Zoar Road. You’ll see it there if you look at a map.

    Zoar, meaning "small" or "insignificance" in Hebrew, (a "little one" as Lot called it,) was a city east of Jordan in the valley of Siddim, which later became the Dead Sea. Along with Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboim, Zoar was one of the 5 cities slated for destruction by God; but Zoar was spared at Lot's plea as his place of refuge. (Genesis 19:20-23)

    So, Zoar is a Hebrew word. Most of the residents there are quite familiar with Hebrew – and most of the operatives in this case are also quite familiar with Hebrew.

    1. The civilian disarmament agenda can benefit greatly from Denial and Deception campaigns involving school shooting scenarios with child victims.

    • Political operatives had motive
    • Political operatives had means
    • Political operatives had opportunity
    • Political operatives had required expertise
    • Political operatives had required personnel security

    2. Government was willing to use Denial and Deception measures against its own citizens to further political objectives.

    3. Furthermore, the government has hidden the operation well:

    • They passed laws stopping public access to information hiding information and evidence of a drill presented as a live event to further the civilian disarmament agenda,
    • They passed laws charging money for any information request to any State Agency especially relative to the Sandy Hook situation – whether the information requestor received a response or not to hide information and evidence of a drill presented to the public as a real event to further the civilian disarmament agenda.
    • They subjecting all CT State Troopers to an internal gag order complete with sanction for violation if they talk about anything pertaining to Sandy Hook, or any person in the Department at all to hide information and evidence of a drill presented to the public as a real event to further the civilian disarmament agenda.
    • They forced all members of the demolition crew who took part in the demolition of the Sandy Hook Elementary School to submit to a binding gag order to hide information and evidence of a drill presented to the public as a real event to further the civilian disarmament agenda.

    4. Furthermore, the government is confident they can continue to hide the operation well:

    • They can continue to hide the operation though their control of the compliant foreign controlled media and though their control of key government posts and through their disbursement of monetary funds coming directly from well-meaning donations.

    5. Furthermore, the government has silenced any leaks:

    • They have ensured that no former or current operatives have accused them,
    • They have ensured that no other people associated with the operation (doctors, providers, police, workers) have accused them

    One note on evidence of the donations being used as hush-money. Would it surprise you to know that a guy by the name of John Trentacosta just happens to own the property adjacent to that allegedly occupied by the Lanza’s at 34 Yogananda Street in Newtown. He just happens to live not only in the same community, in the same town – but on the exact same street.

    John Trentacosta is the CEO of Newtown Savings Bank and is also on the Federal Reserve Advisory Council. As you know, the Federal Reserve is directly connected to the Ruling Class – and their agenda.

    Coincidentally, Mr. Trentacosta has also been heavily involved in the fundraising for Sandy Hook. What a coincidence.

    1. Apparently, the Federal and State (CT) authorities have done a terrible job of promoting their anti-gun agenda; since, after the fake Sandy Hook massacre, gun sales have increased dramatically nationwide, including CT.

      Once again, the 2nd Amendment has trumped the most draconian of gun control laws. Thanks, John.

    2. Not really. It's actually pretty simple for the Feds to halt the production and sales or ammunition. Your AR15 won't be very effective being used as a baseball bat. You have no idea of the amount of fire power and other resources law enforcement and the military hasve at it's disposal

    3. Sure, the Feds can halt the production and sales of ammunition. They can erect road blocks complete with search teams. They can even issue and require little passports for travel to and fro. Sure.

      Some of us to, in fact, know what kinds of fire power and resources are available to military and law enforcement. You simply don't know who you address here with your pompous attitude.

      It's a fine line to walk. If/when drastic action is taken to "reduce civil liberties" - watch what happens Mr. Pompous.

      I'll just leave it at that, Mr. Pompous.

  19. Good article.

    I sure would like to read that article by Mike Piper about his suspicions of shills in "the movement." (I detest that phrase in all its intereations.) Guess I won't be able to find the article online for free.

    I am also very curious about MCP's ideas about 9-11. I ordered AFP's special paper edition on 9-11 and all in all it seemed decent, and I am a tough evaluator when it comes to 9-11. 9-11 is kind of my litmus test event through which lens I evaluate alternative media people's coverage of other false flag type events.

    Would mention that the city clerk of Newtown refused to issue death certificates and there were even two bills floated in the Ct. state legislature to try to prevent the release of those death certificates but the bills failed to pass and the death certificates were released.

    Thing is death certificates do not mean much. They can be faked too.

    I think it would be an interesting article or show to discuss just exactly how one would go about proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that a victim was a real person who really did die at the stated time and place and in the manner as the "official narrative" declares. I just do not know WHAT would constitute solid proof.

    Annother big area of research seems to be for someone to go to Newtown and try to see if anybody knew those children or those adults, that is, like neighbors or church members or friends of the family. It seems incredible to me that the whole town is operating in effect under a gag order. I just wonder if any researcher has prowled around and talked around and tried at least to find out that the victims were real people.

    1. The town of Sandy Hook is a little Potemkin Village.

      It's jew-town. It's Israeli-town.

      Go down there and start poking around and see what happens. Nobody will talk to you. Keep poking and the cops show up.

      The "families" are receiving payoffs.

      Many have "moved".

      Evidence points to the fact that "Adam Lanza" never existed and is a pseudonym for jew Ryan Lanza the jew-Israeli.

      "Adam Lanza" didn't exist at all - got that?

      This entire story is bullshit.

      If you want to know what happened - start from the beginning. Take nothing as a "given". Look for, and examine the evidence.

      Not only is the entire jew-town under a gag order - so are CT State Agencies - so is the CT State Police - so is the demolition company who's taking down the school.

      When the jewish CT governor said he wanted to "protect the families" he wasn't kidding. That's because they were all in on it.

      Those people are frauds. They are also scared - and they should be. I highly doubt they will get away with this for too long. They've really pissed off a lot of people on this one.

      Very dangerous games being played here.

    2. You said you wonder if any "church members" might have known any of the alleged vic-sims.

      You mean, you wonder if any "synagogue members" knew them...

      How far do you think you'll get knocking on the door of the local synagogue?

      Here, I'll make it real easy for you:
      Telephone: 203-426-5188

      Go ahead - see what happens.....

    3. In a court of law, there are rules governing what is considered to be "evidence". When you say you don't know what would constitute "proof" you are really asking two questions.

      One: What "evidence" do we have? and

      Two: Once that "evidence" is put before a jury, or in this case - before the public...would that evidence be enough to convince "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the official narrative is a lie?

      To convict someone of a crime you don't need to 100 percent sure. You only need to be be convinced beyond "a reasonable doubt".

      By now, you should already be convinced "beyond a reasonable doubt" that the official narrative is not true. That it is a lie, and that this whole thing is a fraud.

      Finding out exactly how they did it will require subpoena power and investigators.

      It will require taking people into custody and leaning on them.

      Short of that, we've already proven it's a lie.

    4. Yes, we know that birth certificates can be faked and released to the news! So death certificates can be faked too. The government can issue any documents they want. Read history and you’ll find that headstones have been placed on empty graves. Sometimes the grave holds a different body. Governments have long been creative about manufacturing “evidence”.

    5. I will post below some information uncovered in my fairly extensive 9-11 research.

      I can understand how this could be true in New York City but it is much more difficult for me to see how something similar, that is, victim 20 children being totally simulated, but it is much harder to see how this can happen in Newtown, which I think must be a small little hamlet.

      However, Simon Shack and company never kept good database and records of their research.

      "For your information, here is what a search of the death certificates related to 9-11 NYC WTC "victims" yields.

      November 20, 2012 at 2:13 PM
      Anonymous said...
      Simon Shack's research findings about the 'vicsims' were independently confirmed by Salem News :

      "I did an exhaustive check of the list of victims provided on the CNN website. What I found is that out of 2,970 people listed, only 446 appear in the Social Security death index. Of those only 249 have a confirmed death certificate on file. Of those, not a single one has a valid “last address of record” on file. That is a lot of clerical error,"

      Yes, there are only 249 death certificates on file and not a single of those has a valid 'last address of record. "

    6. Sandy Hook is a jewish Potemkin Village. That made it easy for them to do this and, in fact, that is the reason they chose Sandy Hook as the venue.

  20. Either it's "Sandy Hoax" or the coverup is so massive as to be the work of the Jew Mossad carrying out killings so horrendous that the outcome cannot be shown. I think it's the first case, as eventually someone would "leak" some real photos of the scene. So, "Sandy Hoax" gets my vote.

  21. Dr Wayne Carver is either demented or just an idiot. Also, no 21 year old kid could shoot kids 6 to 7 times each. It takes special training or the shooter has to have total detachment such as US Troops shooting an entire Vietnamese village up during the VN War. The US Troops saw the villagers as "gooks" and "non humans" and as such, were able to wipe them out without a second thought. Thus, this is the work of the Mossad or some other foreign spook group.

  22. Excellent article. Despite the fact the 9/11 has been demonstrated to have been an inside job beyond the shadow of a doubt no real response has occurred. And yet that was an event that effected the whole world. Sandy Hook is a small fish. That a certain percentage of us can see through the deception is not a problem as long as the masses are taken in. The same for the Boston Marathon Bombing.
    On the whole 9/11 was a pretty sloppy job. Lots of loose ends and contradictory evidences. But with main stream media's help it did not matter. I suspect in times to come the hoax events will be even more amateurish. In its own way ObamaCare is a hoax event. Proposed and presented as one thing and now showing itself to be almost death to health care in America.
    You have a gift for analysis and clear thinking. Write more when you can.

  23. Bollyn , on his way out the door at the AFP, said that the so-called newspaper has its office right near the capital in washington dc. it is supposed to be a newspaper but he said you would be hard pressed to find one copy anywhere in washington dc. i realize this may be sour grapes on his part since he was fired but i think he is correct. i mean, what kind of newspaper is this and what is its real purpose? and with all due respect, that one trick pony, jim tucker , the so-called bilderberger hound, or whatever was the paper manager, until he died a couple of years ago i guess. frankly i don't know what is going on over at that place. i figure most of the people that work there are screwballs anyway. i long ago quit listening to all patriot radio and blew it off as a complete waste of time. all i can say is , is it any wonder why white nationalist type political activity has never gotten off the ground in all of these years? there is no real leadership and there never has been. this country is finished anyway. the people in this country haven't got a clue and never will either until its too late. this is my view from the cheap seats high in the nosebleed section.

  24. youse Yanks will prblby lose yr guns soon.....why? because youse'r too fckn gutless and stoopid to keep them!

    it would'v only taken a few people to go 'round to Newport, Cnnct and start asking questions to un-earth this crap.....this wasn't a 9/11-type incident with lots of complex evidence....the truth could'v been easily discovered!

    that shite-faced lying prick Wayne La Pierre/NRA was, also, SHITTING in yr faces!!......that worthless maggot is part 'n' parcel of the "cover up" do i know this?

    simple!!....all this gutless sewer rat had to day was some-thing along these lines.....
    so far, we have only confused media reports on what occurred at the Sandy Hook Elementary School; there needs to be a full, open and public Coronial Inquest and, possibly, an independent investigation into these events; the NRA will fund a team of competent and experienced Private Investigators to go to Newport and independently analyse and assess the available evidence in order to assist and facilitate these official inquiries! no legislation or laws could or should be passed until we have fully examined all the available evidence!

    the fact that he didn't say any-thing even remotely similar to the abv, means that this worthless CUNT is a part of the problem.....not a part of the 'solution' here, eh?!?

    1. Mr. von Brunn, sir - you are most certainly correct. You see, shortly after the Sandy Hook Movie, I personally placed a phone call to the NRA ILA. That is the so-called Institute for Legislative Action.


      I was able to speak to a lawyer. I briefly described the fact pattern surrounding the Sandy Hook event was very consistent with a Psychological and Information Warfare operation and was pretty easy for me to recognize, particularly due to my professional employment.

      I inquired about the NRA's position on funding an Independent Investigation into this matter.

      On the other end of the phone, there was an uncomfortable silence, and after a few moments the lawyer stated "I don't anticipate a independent investigation being backed by the NRA".

      I responded by saying that I personally was very sorry for ever having contributed to their organization. And that is was very clear what the NRA was - or at least what it had become.

      Go ahead and make a call to them yourself and ask the same kind of question. See what kind of response you receive.

  25. Nicely written. Good job. AFP is quite meticulous in documenting history, but on current events, I find them lacking and way behind the curve. They seem to have a problem suspending belief in "history" as it is being created today. Now get to work on Arlington, Aurora, the Boston "bombing", the Brooklyn "stabbing", Millington "shooting", Ridgecrest "shooting", Sparks Nevada, and if you can get to it, please apply the same logic and concise writing and thought to the moon "landing". Also, you may want to look into the Manhattan project and see if you can show that Nuclear "bombs" cannot be real. The Lusitania, The Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Liberty, and on and on have already been pretty thoroughly handled. (So has the moon "landing", come to think of it... Wagging the Moondoggie, Part 1

    Keep up the good work.

    1. THX1138,

      We can certainly apply Structured Analytical Methods to the issues you raised above.

      Doing that required a certain amount of time. It's kind of like building a brick house - brick by brick. Each brick must be placed correctly in its context to the other bricks in support of the structure above.

      We have the expertise to perform the analyses. The analyses are laborious and the presentation of the analyses is also laborious especially when presenting to a lay-audience. That's because, inevitably, we have to spend considerable time defining terms.

      Bottom line - yes we can do it - but we're going to have to get paid.

      We're trying to figure out how to structure the situation so that we can get the information out to those who need it - and also to have our time compensated for.

      Stay tuned. This is where it's at...

  26. One compelling piece of Sandy Hoax evidence which, as far as I can tell, has flown largely below most skeptics' radar, was this:

    Video: Over 30 Sandy Hook Homes “Gifted” in 2009?

    ^ Prof. James Tracy resurrected the story, giving it a blog entry on 9/13/13, over 9 months after the original research was published by researcher "Lynne0312" (AKA "Sunshine05" at forum, ref ) who began and operates, and 10 months after the Sandy Hoax "event". Tracy did link to Lynne's original work,

    Interesting Property Records – Yogananda Street
    Posted on January 10, 2013

    ... the 30+ homes were 'gifted' as of Christmas day, 2009.... I guess the Newton Clerk/Recorder's office was open for business that day? Well, Christmas isn't exactly a recognized holiday in joodaism, after all...

    Loosely related, wrt Newtown's background:

    "Newtown has Reputation as Satanist Hub"

    "Welcome to the Church of Satan - Newtown"

    Who was that rabbi who said, to the effect of: whether or not most jooz realize it, the "god" they worship, is satan...?

  27. John Friend is spot on here and has written an excellent article.

    I applaud his courage!

    Also please go to the where you will find the information about all the recent Jewish hoaxes.

    Christopher Bollyn has been the target of vicious attacks by Michael Collins Piper who would constantly attack him on the radio which became so intolerable that I started shutting down the radio as soon as Piper mentioned the name Bollyn and I later found out from Bollyn's site that he was also the target of a vicious police attack twice.

    It is strange that Michael Collins Piper who lives in Washington DC has never been the subject of such an attack which may indicate that he is protected.

    It is important to inform these incidents to people in the truth movement so that we all can understand who is real and who is not.

    In this situation after having listened to Piper on the radio and after reading Bollyn's blog it was clear to me that Bollyn was not a plant and Piper seemed like controlled opposition with an assignment to silence Bollyn who appeared to be a free man. Controlled opposition tries to shut down the truth coming from those whom they cannot control and if they succeed we will only have disinformation in time to come.

    That is why we need to examine these people carefully now and determine the level of their sincerity and commitment to the truth and weed out those who are working for the masters while deceiving us and some of them are even draining our wallets by getting donations.

    Here are 2 links for more:

  28. Update Wednesday, October 30th: I'm happy to announce American Free Press has published this article along with Michael Collins Piper's article on their website. The full title is COMPETING VIEWS: INTERNET RIFE WITH DISINFORMATION; SANDY HOOK SHOOTING: WHERE'S THE PROOF? Be sure to visit American Free Press and check out Michael Collins Piper's article, along with mine. Also, if you are not already subscribing to AFP, you should be!

    Here is a link to the article on AFP's site:

    1. Piper's article is empty of substantive content and vacuous in tone, however he does demonstrate a clear and concise writing style.

      He seemed to employ a couple of logical fallacies --- Straw man and Red Herring and a few others if I cared to think about this anymore. I know Piper is smart enough to know that he did that, but apparently he is not honest enough to not have done that.

      I do not know what MCP's game is but I do not really care.

      I am glad AFP decided to post both articles. That speaks well for AFP.

    2. That is good for you John and also for the AFP as they they are publishing a peice which is in direct oppostion to one of their established writers.

      I lost respect for Piper and also the TUT network over their dismissive comments on those who questioned the SH and Boston events. However, when i do listen (rarely now) their analysis of events in the ME is compelling.

      Again, congrates to you and AFP over the outcome. :)

  29. There are a few comments re: AFP, Bollyn, and Piper that I'd like to address. Based on my personal experience with AFP, I have nothing but good things to say. The editor I work with is awesome, and the guys that I do know that work for AFP, such as Dave Gahary and Pete Papaherakles, are great guys. I have spoken with Willis Carto over the phone twice, and he seems like a very professional, straightforward guy. I have nothing but respect for AFP, The Barnes Review, and Willis Carto and it is truly an honor to work for them.

    I don't know what happened with Bollyn and Piper to be honest. I think Bollyn's 9/11 research, particularly as it relates to Israel's central role, is top notch. But I just don't know what the deal is, why Bollyn was let go, his dispute with Piper, etc. There is all sorts of speculation on the internet, but I don't know. I have learned a great deal from Piper over the years, and think he is one of the best researchers, writers, and journalists out there. I just don't agree with his views on Sandy Hook and Boston, but I suppose we're not going to agree on everything, right? I'm just glad AFP published his article along with mine - that way, readers can make up their own mind about this subject. Presenting two opposing views is good for discussion and debate.

    1. Thanks, John, for link. This is great. Now I maybe can get a closer look at Piper and where's he coming from.

      I realize you are happy with AFP and for the most part so am I, but I just think there is something deeper than you allude to in your comments regarding MCP's stance on Boston and Sandy Hook. It is not they he is simply "wrong" because the "evidence" we have is just too clear and voluminous for him to be simply wrong.

      I have only listened to him but not read his work so I am anxious to see his writing style. I am glad you are working for AFP now and hope you have a day job too.

    2. Can you get Bollyn on your radio show?

  30. The Port Arthur "massacre" (Tasmania, Australia) has never been mentioned.
    Where a supposedly retarded 20 something killed about 20 people , all killed, no wounded ! No trial has ever been held as the "culprit" was considered unfit to stand trial, I think is still held in some dark hole somewhere. However, after the clamour Australia become a gunless society, all guns, revolvers, rifles had to be surrendered.

  31. Mark Glenn took a prejudiced, flippant, arrogant position on Sandy Hook. He's never wrong, he's omniscient, he doesn't have to look into a matter, it's what he already thought it was before it happened, whatever he says, whatever comes off the top of his head is what is.

    Piper is just backing up his good buddy... to his detriment.

  32. Mark Glenn is an arrogant and abrasive man who is controlled opposition. He uses the (1)ADL and SPLC's abusive language to belittle White men often calling them "idiots"

    (2) Talks about Jesus Christ (like the Jews would like) trying to reduce Him to an earthly fighter without giving the due respect that He was here to teach the world spiritual lessons

    (3) Controls several White hosts and 2 Muslim hosts taking away their ability to spread the truth via other means. The only way to even send them a donation is through him so that they will become more dependent on Mark Glenn for their survival which is very cruel

    (4) He even has brainwashed respectable people like Joe Cortina and Philip Giraldi through deceptive ways

    (5) He has prepared a group of people to come and defend him when people start suspecting that he is a Zionist agent who was installed to belittle the White men and sabotage the USS Liberty movement while pretending to be an activist for their cause.

    (6) He is no friend to Christians or Muslims. He is put in there to sabotage them while collecting their personal information

    1. Arrogant, yes. Abrasive, yes... and vicious behind the scenes. Remember how Jeff Rense feared for his life when he came into conflict with Glenn? I don't believe he's controlled opposition. But he's not the nice guy his sycophantic followers believe him to be. He is nasty behind the scenes.

      Good people will eventually fall away and part company with him. It is note worthy that it appears that there are no USS Liberty survivors among his sycophantic fan base.

    2. Can't find the website right now, but a blogger was speculating on the connections between the Sandy Hook shooting and paedophilia rings - also the event paralleling the shooting in Dunblane in 1996.

      Can you say, "Satanic ritual" ?

      Ah, found it. It brings up many little interesting tidbits...

    3. See: Http://

      Check out December 2012

  33. Mark Glenn is a high level Zionist operative who is working to sabotage the truth by infiltrating into every possible aspect of the truth/liberty/patriot movement. He has espionage equipment which he uses to spy on individuals and groups as well as to interfere with their internet activities.

    He does many things to promote Israel interests while pretending to the unsuspecting patriots and truth seekers that he is on their side helping them to achieve their goal of restoring America’s freedom and individual liberties of people which the communist Jew has stolen.

    He has taken on the task of bringing Christians and Muslims together (he says) through his Ugly Truth website and Radio program which he uses to make division by for instance calling white men idiots as well as picking fights with different people.

    Whenever he has a disagreement with a White person he makes a big deal about it, talks about the incident repeatedly on his radio program and writes about it on his blog aimed at agitating the audience and trying to destroy the credibility of whoever he opposes thereby behaving just like a Zionist Jew agitator.

    This man is vicious and out of control with some while behaving like an innocent school boy with few others like Joe Cortina and Philip Giraldi whom he has managed to deceive.

    Mark Glenn could very well be the person who is saying that Dr K is CIA.

    Mark Glenn infiltrated into the USS Liberty movement under the guise of helping survivors. He wrote a book with Phil Tourney one of the survivors about “What I Saw that Day” that described the experience of the Liberty crew on that fateful day when the American ship was bombed by Israel killing 32 and injuring another 171 US sailors. He may even have publishing rights to the book he wrote with Phil Tourney.

    He promised to help another survivor: Ron Kukal whom he mistreated after inviting Ron to his home (spy center?) in Idaho and nothing materialized for Ron from the visit except another traumatic experience due to Mark Glenn’s anger unprovoked I may add.

    Mark Glenn has another vicious fiend and the two support and promote each other which helps to provide cover for each other to conceal their secrets from people in the truth/liberty/patriot movement while deceiving the people and also draining their wallets through donations.

    Christopher Bollyn has been the target of vicious attacks by Mark Glenn's friend ' who would constantly attack him on the radio which became so intolerable that I started shutting down the radio as soon as he mentioned the name Bollyn and I later found out from Bollyn’s site that he was also the target of a vicious police attack twice.

    It is important to inform these incidents to people in the truth movement so that we all can understand who is real and who is not.

    After reading Bollyn’s blog it was clear to me that Bollyn was not a plant. Bollyn appeared to be a free man. Controlled opposition tries to shut down the truth coming from those whom they cannot control and if they succeed we will only have disinformation in time to come.

    That is why we need to examine these people carefully now and determine the level of their sincerity and commitment to the truth and weed out those who are working for the masters while deceiving us and some of them are even draining our wallets by getting donations.

    Here are 2 links for more:
    November 6, 2013 at 8:30 am

    This is what Chris Bollyn has faced for daring to speak an

    1. Glad John is still accepting comments for this post. I said before that Glenn is nasty behind the scenes. Correction: Glenn uses mafia tactics behind the scenes against critics. He describes those tactics often. Sycophantic fans, be warned. He uses them.

      Regarding Tourney: He road Tourney's coat tails for a launching pad to a job. He's now a "journalist" and "political commentator," isn't he.

      Yes, he plays Mr. Nice on stage. Don't get in the way of his ambitions. Glenn is all about Glenn.

  34. Sandy Hook

  35. Zionist Jews have invaded every country including Muslim and Buddhist countries (not just Western countries) and even a remote Island of Buddhist Sri Lanka to corrupt this nation and also to help the Tamil minority to rob the land like the Jews robbed Palestine. They have already started destroying Buddhist temples and Muslim mosques in Sri Lanka through explosions while blaming Sinhals and Muslim people for these crimes and even Buddhist monks have been blamed for violence on Muslims when the culprits were Tamils (who are being supported by the Zionist Jews which many people in Sri Lanka may not know).

    These criminals will also molest little Sri Lankan boys and girls unless the Sri Lankan Government watch them.

    Chabad Sri Lanka Presentation

  36. I hpe RickB and others will continue to visit this section and read comments.

    It is very important to know the people who are controlled opposition. They will deny events like Sandy Hook and go along with the Main Stream Media view pint that makes no sense. There can be other signs one of the signs is that controlled opposition tries to create division among people who would otherwise get along - which is a very Jewish quality.

    A very nice person by the name of Sardonicus helped me to learn about the tactics of this evil man Mark Glenn again.

    Mark Glenn has deceived astute people like Joe Cortina, Philip Giraldi and so many others with his false charm and boyish voice while being a tyrant to others and while calling White men idiots and using the same language as the ADL to attack them and belittle them in his nasty ways.

    Evil people have deceived good people throughout history like Mark Glenn has deceived yet another astute and good person (Sardonicus). Mark Glenn who is a high level Zionist operative has deceived so many people through mastery of lies, deception and manipulation/divide and conquer/ fake friendship. That is how the criminals have advanced their agenda. At least what most people can realize is that he is a control freak in addition to trying to collect money from several other websites by placing his PayPal buttons everywhere even if they don't know that Mark Glenn infiltrated the USS Liberty movement and mistreated 2 of the survivors which I got to know directly from them? Also fought with Rense and Rense was scared for his life because the man is evil. Could it be that Rense knew Mark Glenn's connection to Mossad?

    People need to watch their wallets carefully and only donate to sincere people and not get caught to people like Mark Glenn (a dangerous Zionist operative) whom I myself have mailed several checks.

    1. The fact that John has let your wise comment through is yet more proof that John is a good guy despite him having far too much respect for the AFP and the "Yahweh worshipper" of truetube who's name I cannot recall at this moment in time.

    2. "Thanks for reading! If you feel compelled to comment, please do. But please - no ad hominem attacks. If you have a criticism to make against myself or anyone else, please do so but there is no need for personal attacks."
      Please reword this statement John because you have written it just like any other 2 faced lying Jew would be clever enough to write. In other words its far too PC!

  37. It does not matter if the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, because if you run with it, everything else you say will be laughed at.

  38. Think out this: The Jews own and control YouTube so why would they want to allow the smiling actor to be shown........Smiling?

  39. Sandy Hook = GUN GRAB (Hoax).

    Police Evidence photos show gun-range target stamped "FBI USE" in Nancy Lanza's basement:

    Everyone knows Sandy Hook shooting was a Hoax (to ban AR15 rifles) but LT VANCE keeps lying (pretending it was real):

    Forensic Proof: Adam Lanza's AR15 DIDN'T blow out the window at Sandy Hook Elementary. It was blown out by POLICE 12-GAUGE shotgun "breaching round."

    Sandy Hook school AND Adam Lanza's house got BULLDOZED because fingerprints/DNA (of the fictional occupants) don't exist:

    Neil Heslin (Sandy Hook "parent") is a FELON with a long RAP SHEET. His (fake daughter) Jesse Lewis didn't really "DIE":

    (MORE HERE):


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