Friday, October 11, 2013

News from the Jews

The Fed is a Jewish monopoly, ridiculous "Holocaust" propaganda, more hypocritical Jewish identity politics

With Obama's recent nomination of Janet Yellen to become the next chairman (chairwoman, I should say) to head the Federal Reserve, there should be no doubt about the fact that the entire Federal Reserve System, the private consortium of largely Jewish-run banks sanctioned by Congress in 1913 to print and lend money at interest to the United States federal government and other private banking institutions, is a Jewish monopoly. The Jewish Daily Forward is reporting:

President Obama’s nomination of Janet Yellen to be the next chair of the Federal Reserve will, if confirmed by the Senate, make her the first woman to lead the bank since its creation nearly a century ago. But she’ll be far from the first Jew.

Yellen, whose nomination to head America’s central bank was reported Tuesday, will follow her immediate predecessor Ben Bernanke who was Jewish, and Bernanke’s immediate predecessor, Alan Greenspan, who was Jewish, too. There have been two other Jewish fed chairs in the past century. In fact, the other frontrunner for the position, Lawrence Summers, was Jewish too. [...]
I'm sure most of you reading this are familiar with the history of the Federal Reserve System, and the manner in which it was founded. Essentially, a group of bankers and plutocrats with ties directly to the Rothschild banking dynasty in Europe, who has been known as the "King of the Jews" throughout the ages, organized and pushed for the establishment of the Federal Reserve System, largely as a means of monopolizing the banking industry by means of a centralized bank - a key provision in the Communist Manifesto.

It still amazes me that virtually all key positions of power in the federal government, U.S. Congress, Supreme Court, and Federal Reserve System, not to mention most of the major Wall Street banks and major mass media conglomerates, are headed and run by Jewish individuals - and yet the vast majority of Americans either don't care or don't notice. If you want to know why the United States is in such disarray, with corruption and degeneracy prevailing on all fronts of political, social, and economic life, take a look at who's in control, and you'll understand why.

The Jewish Chronicle recently ran an extremely vile and abhorrent piece of German hate propaganda in the form of a book review. Wendy Lower, an alleged "Holocaust scholar," recently published Hitler's Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields, which has - surprise, surprise - already received numerous reviews in major American newspapers.

German housewife Erna Petri was on her way home from a shopping trip near her wartime house in the Ukraine when she saw six naked boys hiding by the side of the road. As the wife of an SS officer, she realised that they were Jewish escapees. She took them into her home and fed them. Once she had gained their trust she marched them to woods near her house and shot each of them in the back of the head.

Petri’s sadistic violence against Jews and others during the war is one of a number of case studies in a new book by US academic Wendy Lower, called Hitler’s Furies, which documents the extent of female participation in the Holocaust.

There are other horrifying instances of random violence against Jews by the wives of German officials in the east. There was Johanna Altvater, who took a toddler by the legs and killed him by smashing his head against a ghetto wall. Then there was Liesel Willhaus, the wife of an SS official, who used to shoot at Jews labouring in the garden of her house in Poland, sometimes while her three-year-old looked on. There was Gertrude Segel, who allegedly trampled a Jewish child to death. And then there were the many wives of SS officers, such as Vera Stahli and Liesel Riedel. [...]
Can you believe this nonsense? How absurd can these "Holocaust" stories get?

These "Holocaust" fairy tales, like the one Ms. Lower promotes in her book, are entirely fictional folks, total fabrications promulgated by deceitful propagandists to perpetuate the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII, designed to demonize the German people who were standing up to the Talmudic forces of international capitalism and Bolshevism during WWII.

In a recent broadcast, Carolyn Yeager addresses this vicious, and quite ridiculous, anti-German propaganda. The lies associated with National Socialist Germany, Adolf Hitler, and WWII generally must be debunked and destroyed.

A major theme in these blog posts is the utter hypocrisy of the organized Jewish community, particularly as it relates to identity politics. By and large, Jews strongly identify as Jews, support Jewish causes and the Jewish state of Israel, and generally care about the future and well-being of their brethren. The organized Jewish community is extremely concerned about maintaining a strong Jewish identity for their people.

Following the release of the results of the Pew Research Center's demographic study of American Jewry, a topic I addressed last week (94% of Jews "guilt-free and proud"), numerous articles have appeared in the Jewish Telegraph Agency discussing strategies the organized Jewish community can pursue to ensure Jews continue to strongly identify with their racial and religious community. Yossi Prager, the executive director-North America of the Avi Chai Foundation, recently wrote an Op-Ed for the JTA entitled, "How to inspire a Jewish future in America," while Andres Spokoiny, the CEO of the Jewish Funders Network, argued in yet another Op-Ed appearing in the JTA that "Pew points the way toward more avenues to Jewish life."

The JTA is also encouraging it's readers to submit ideas, suggestions, and "strategies for stemming the tide of American Jewish disengagement."

I have no problem with racial, ethnic, religious, and cultural groups being proud of who they are and concerned with their future. The problem is, organized Jewry has demonized and essentially pathologized any sort of White identity and pride, which has had disastrous consequences for White America. So while Jews themselves are quite proud of and concerned with their unique interests, history, and culture, Whites are not allowed to be - that would be "racist" after all. This hypocrisy is simply unacceptable, and must continually be exposed. 


  1. "By and large, Jews strongly identify as Jews, support Jewish causes and the Jewish state of Israel, and generally care about the future and well-being of their brethren. "

    I am coming to understand that Israel and Jews are the perpetrators of many false flag operations where they murder large numbers of their own people. There was the bombing of an Iraqi city that was mainly inhabited by Jews in the early 1950s.

    The bombing of a Jewish Center in Argentina in 1994 is the most recent example I can think of...

    Jewish ex-Argentina minister faces probe in bombing

    off topic but important FYI...
    there are probably several anti-virus softwares that will not go to this site.
    AVG is one of them.

    1. No kidding? Hmmm, that's weird. I don't have a problem. If anyone else notices this, please let me know.

    2. Lol! Jews are making their virus software detect anti semitism!

    3. I don't see where they murder their own people. I'm not saying that jews never perish in these operations, but if they do, it's aimed at some part of their "victim" strategy.

    4. Khazars may be "Jews" but they are in fact "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism...a truth hating so-called religion which is the source of Bad Faith.

      there were never any so-called "Jews" in the Old Testament....

      the Children of Israel never turned into so-called "Jews".

      To be a "Jew" the member of the stool sculpture deity cult must

      Hate Jesus - Hate the Truth....and be "Jewish" !!!

      no one HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound...

      "THEY" could come out !!



  2. Yes the jews are parasites and organized criminals working for the benefit of the jewish state.

    We need ideas on how to remove these dual citizens from government, media and academic positions. They literally are the "enemy".

    When you see a struggling single mother - thank a jew.

    When you read about yet another group of "youths" attacking our elderly - thank a jew.

    When you go to fill up your car at the local gas station....owned by Pakistanis - thank a jew.

    Thank a jew for the wars that kill our young men.

    Thank a jew for the off-shoring of both our jobs and our technology.

    Thank a jew for indoctrinating our young with false guilt.

    Thank a jew for committing blood libel against our ancestors.

    We know what the problem is. We know who's doing it.

    We need the pull that jew-monkey off our back.

    1. 100% correct but the sheeple are cowards.

  3. I think the individual jews who are responsible for spreading propaganda should be specifically identified and targeted.

    They should be receiving tons of hate mail delivered directly to their homes. Left on their doorsteps.

    They should know that we know who they are and what they are doing.

    It would be nice if their homes were systematically picketed by groups of patriots carrying signs. Maybe John can organize these kinds of things through his website.

  4. While the Jewish accounts are fictional they mirror the acts of the Jews during the Bolshevik revolution. Remember, accuse your enemies of that which you do.

  5. Thanks John, I always enjoy reading your articles when time permits and your talkshoe programs have been excellent as well.

  6. It is quite apparent now,with 20-20 hindsight,that Hitler was right about these
    Bolshevik parasites who inflicted such misery and death on Russian and Ukrainian
    Orthodox Christians. That was the REAL Holocaust and 40 Million or more died from
    Jewish Communism between 1917 and 1940.

  7. damn right he was and a significant part of why the whole german gentile entiity of the 30's has to be demonized

  8. John, do you have a profile picture?

  9. Do we need them? Get rid of them!


    "[...] My experiences in America have changed me. I never expected to encounter such hatred and lies. I never believed that such anti-Semitism still existed, especially in the U.S. I never knew that the battlefield was not just Gaza, the West Bank, and hostile Middle Eastern countries wanting to destroy Israel and kill our citizens and soldiers. It is also here in America, where a battle must be waged against prejudice and lies.

    I implore American Jews: do more. [...] "

    ^ LOL, gotta fight those lies & anti-Shlomo-ism in the US! :-D

    1. “The world is antisemitic”, Oh… Really !
      Posted by mohamad a. yousef on October 13, 2013 at 4:34pm

      ^ ripe with good links

  11. So sick of these god damn Jews!! Their problem is they never know when to let up. Their foot is always on the gas pedal. People are pretty sick and tired of their shit even people who are not politically aware are sick of hearing about the Nazis and the holocaust. The reason these people always wear out their welcome is they never know when to let up....and they always run into a brick wall. Its coming....just hope im around to see it.

  12. The secret to ending the reign of the JEW FILTH that infests our govt and media. is to EXPOSE the 9/11 FALSE-FLAG HOAX! This is what they FEAR. 9/11 was their coup for total control of the US govt. They TRICKED us into fighting THEIR enemies in the middle-east.

    Google "Israel did 9/11" and you'll see why they FEAR the evidence of 9/11.

  13. FYI:

    The 100 YEAR CHARTER for the FEDERAL RESERVE SCAM is up this coming December.

    Do you the the jews in con-gress will "Renew" the Charter?

    Do you think the Charter should be Renewed?

    We should be making a hell of a lot of noise about this.


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