Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Holohoaxsters preparing for "future without survivors"

A rather revealing article recently appeared in The Times of Israel, offering us - once again - a unique insight into the twisted, depraved, and totally warped worldview and agenda of the organized Jewish community and their promotion of the fake "Holocaust" narrative of WWII. The fake "Holocaust" story is a central aspect of Jewish identity and, due to the Jewish ownership of the mass media, Hollywood, and government, has become a central aspect of Western identity as well. This false historical narrative has literally been weaponized and used against not only the German people, but all of Western civilization, in an overall Jewish-led campaign to invert our very reality and Western identity.

The "Holocaust" story truly is the "central moral icon" of Western civilization today, as Dr. Kevin MacDonald eloquently explains in his must-read book Culture of Critique: An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements. However, the Jewish community is facing a major problem. Most of the "Holocaust survivors" and "eye witnesses" of "Nazi atrocities" - who are paraded in front of the cameras and school children in order to sell this fabricated story of a "Jewish genocide" carried out by Adolf Hitler's National Socialist Germany during WWII - are dying out.

After going dark for two weeks during the government shutdown, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum reopened on Thursday, resuming commemorative programs for its 20th anniversary.

The museum was one of many prominent sites in Washington and elsewhere to have been closed by the early October budget impasse. On Wednesday night, Congress voted to fully reopen the government.

More than 60,000 visitors would have toured the Holocaust Museum during the shutdown, according to its administrators.

“Every day the museum is closed is a lost opportunity to educate our public,” long-time museum director Sara Bloomfield told The Times of Israel, mid-way through the shutdown.

More than 60,000 visitors would have toured the Holocaust Museum during the shutdown. 
Bloomfield joined the museum in 1986, during its planning stages, and saw a similar government shutdown close the building in 1995. Relentlessly optimistic, she pivots to the positive aspect of operating through a government appropriation.

“One of the most important things about our institution is that we are part of the US government,” Bloomfield said. “We are here forever, permanent, and we want to be able to permanently deal with and educate a global audience.”
Got that? The fake "Holocaust" story, and the entire "Holocaust industry" which has arisen to promote this totally fabricated narrative, is "here forever" and is meant to "permanently deal with and educate a global audience" (read: indoctrinate) with a wholly manufactured, fake version of history that is part of an on-going anti-German propaganda campaign dating back to WWWI.

The article continues:
During two decades of operation, the museum has been visited by 36 million people. Its administrators have also tried to bring the museum to the world, including with a website in 15 languages and touring exhibits. Through a flagship educational program, the museum helps law enforcement and military officers explore the role of these professions in Nazi Germany. [...]

Of relevance during the recently ended shutdown, the museum’s out-of-building educational work is not connected to government appropriations. Those outreach programs are funded by about $40 million in annual private donations, supplementing $50 million in federal appropriations for the museum itself.

In part to expand its donor base, the museum launched a 20th anniversary campaign at the start of 2013. A key goal has been to develop plans for the years ahead, as the survivor population dwindles and the Holocaust recedes into history.

“The museum is set to double its collection during the next ten years,” Bloomfield said. “We’re building a new collection and conservation center, and strengthening our role as a global institution. The private support we get shows survivors that we are here to tell their story.”

Commemorative activities included a four-city tour attended by 1,800 survivors and several hundred World War II veterans, Bloomfield said. Survivors and their relatives were encouraged to donate items to the museum collection, with many participating in workshops and family research sessions.

“The tour was a real passing of the torch moment,” Bloomfield said. “The 20th anniversary comes at a turning point. We know at 25, we won’t have as many of our most powerful teachers – the survivors and eye witnesses. It was one of the most moving experiences of my 27 years here.”

The theme “Never Again: What You Do Matters” has been used throughout the campaign, including a website with 20 actions people can take anywhere to increase Holocaust awareness and prevent genocide.

“The goal is not just to remember the past, but make sure no one will be treated like this again,” Bloomfield said. “If we don’t care as individuals, nothing will happen.”

To shine a light on the role of individual responsibility, the museum opened a new exhibition this year called, “Some Were Neighbors: Collaboration and Complicity in the Holocaust.” Probing the Nazis’ dependence on “ordinary” people to enact their racial policies, the exhibition examines the reasons people did – and not did – assist in the genocide. [...]
Very revealing article indeed. Do you see how psychologically manipulative this entire agenda is? The fake "Holocaust" story is totally fraudulent, and virtually all key aspects of this narrative have been debunked by serious, honest scholars and historians. And yet the myth is extremely powerful, perpetuated strictly by psychological warfare, targeting our emotions and exploiting our basic psychology with these traumatizing stories from "eye witnesses" and "survivors" of the "Holocaust", in addition to the distorted, altered, or otherwise misleading photographs and videos associated with the "Holocaust".

Once again, I'd like to emphasis the importance of "victims", "eye witnesses", and "survivors" in executing and perpetuating psychological and intellectual terrorism, particularly as it relates to the fake "Holocaust" narrative, but also other more modern PSYOPS including 9/11 and the Sandy Hook "shooting". The "Holocaust survivors" and "eye witnesses" are key aspects of the "Holocaust" PSYOP. The Jews are even going to start using holograms of fake "Holocaust" survivors to indoctrinate and brainwash yet another generation of gullible and susceptible children with their fake narrative of history.

I can hear the next generation of children explaining to their skeptical parents, "But Mom, we know the 'Holocaust' was real because we heard all about it from a 'survivor' who told us about the horrible things he experienced at the hands of those 'evil Nazis'! Those Germans sure were mean, brutal fascists, mistreating and genociding the poor, innocent Jews the way they did! We also saw photos of starving, emaciated Jews, and even some dead bodies, which proves the 'Holocaust' was real!"

This is the type of propaganda that perpetuates the fake "Holocaust" story - it exploits our base psychology and emotions, and truly is a form of intellectual and psychological terrorism. The promotion or perpetuation of the fake "Holocaust" narrative must be viewed as a crime against humanity.

I know most people in the "truth movement" don't want to touch this subject, but we have to folks. The Jews have distorted and largely inverted our collective history and understanding of the very reality in which we exist - and they don't plan on letting up any time soon. 


  1. At least the carnival barkers that would tour with the traveling circus shows would give you something for the money they extracted from your pocket. But then again, most of those customers knew going in they would be conned someway.

  2. Jesus said to "PUT THEM IN OVENS"....@ Matthew 13...could that be the REAL
    REASON so-called "Jews" must HATE Jesus to be a "GOOD" JEW ?


    scenes we'd like to see :


    the crack whores in Congress goose stepping into
    the FIERY FURNACES....of TRUTH.....the final solution.



  3. The scam that keeps on giving.... The Germans, just woke up and thought, hey! lets kill the Jews then destroy the nation we just built... Sound good? Ok, Let's do it... We must make sure that the country we built from the ashes will pay and keep on paying for the destruction we are doing to ourselves...

    This lie has gone on far too long.

    Even if you believe the 6 million number, it is impossible to cremate that many bodies in the given time of WWII. it takes upwards of 8 hours to cremate a body.. the numbers do not add up... People really are too stupid..

    1. Somerbody calculated 64 years, somebody else calculated 30 years, to do the 'job' with the available crematoria.

    2. That 6 million number has quite a history in itself. They said it against the Russians, it didn't stick, again against the Germans WWI era, it didn't stick, finally it stuck from zionist intensive propaganda WW II era.

  4. I think everyone who spent any portion of their lives believing the HoloHoax narrative, being "terrorized" and feeling compelled to feel guilt/pity, should lay claim to the title "HoloHoax Survivor".

    Did you know about this "museum" in Denver? Another joo mind control gambit from top to bottom! They bus in friggin school kids to be traumatized by it! I call it: "The Denver NOT-JOO-TERROR Trauma-Based Mind Kontrol Museum, aka 'The CELL'"

  5. Yup. We have to. I have heard some people who are very smart and have contributed mightily to our cause suggest sometimes that we not focus or harp on this. I think they are wrong.

    Here's an approach. Let's oppose the War on Terror (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, MARS AND NEPTUNE) because it's draining our country in lives lost or destroyed and the financial cost, but let's not discuss 9/11. Because if we do that people will get mad, the same people who would never start opposing it in the first place, but just may start opposing it if they at least heard it was fraud and then could not UNHEAR it.

    Lets talk about the Monopoly of our media being in the control of Five Corporations. But lets not talk about what Ethnic Group in Particular owns those companies. Because we don't want to anger those who get all grumpy when we bring up a topic they should know about already as their duty as americans.

    These people are at war with us. We can't let them have any sacred cows. They attack our very bedrocks of our beliefs and traditions. They are molesting our minds and the minds of our children. We should offer them no sympathy or quarter with their agenda. Full informational attack. As John is doing here. Bravo.

    Now I am going to go throw up because these facts make me sick. All that money for what?

  6. Any fool who would visit the Holy Hoax museum should seek professional counseling.

  7. Don't worry...there will be "celebrations and reparations" involving Holo'cost' children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great grandchildren.......

  8. Emmanuel TruthseekerOctober 23, 2013 at 4:52 PM

    A significant factor at play in the scenario that is unfolding is the nefarious influence the Jewish Disinformation Campaigner and Religion Inventor; Saul of Tarsus has had on the minds of Western Humanity. He created a religion that creates slaves for the Judaists who crucified Jesus of Nazareth and set up the story for Saul. Those people have been good story tellers right from day one. Jesus warned people very clearly about the Pharisees and what they are up to. Christians prefer to believe in Saul's sophistry because he anointed himself; The Apostle Paul, and got people to believe in him, rather than in Jesus of Nazareth. Christians would not recognize Jesus if He was having lunch with them. Jesus is not politically correct. He called the Judaists; 'the children of Satan and sons of the Devil.'

    The official version of events in WWI and II are myths. They are Hollywood fancies. Not much of the legally sanctioned information makes much sense, really; when you think about it in light of the truth. A modern cremation oven drawing 400 Kw takes 70 minutes to consume an adult body today. If so many victims were gassed and burned at Auschwitz, for example, it is estimated that more than 900 cremation ovens would have been required. The 'official' number of victims has been downsized at that fake memorial to National Socialism's answer to the Jewish Question.

  9. If the "Holocaust" narrative was really true, then there would be NO reason for most Western countries to penalize those who present the opposite narrative; but, since it is a hoax, the perpetrators of this hoax must either punish the truth-tellers or risk having it fade into the dustbin of history, as it very well must.

  10. Hey Emmanuel, you should read this:


  11. "for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived"

    says Revelation 18 about "Babylon the Great" that Revelation 17 tells us rules over the Governments of the World:- " 18 And the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.”

    So who does the Bible identify the Whore of Babylon as?

    Compare Jesus words to Jerusalem's ruling Jewish Elite at Matthew 23:-
    " 35 that on you may come all the righteous blood shed on the earth"
    ",37 “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one who kills the prophets"
    With Revelation 18 v 24 And in her was found the blood of prophets and saints, and of all who were slain on the earth.”

    A more in depth study of Rev 17 fully identifies Jerusalem and its occupying banking elite, (for Revelation 18 tells of their control over the Earths economy), as The Whore of Babylon, but just the above has Jesus successfully prophesy their control of the worlds Governments, their deceiving of the world with their propaganda and lies, and the admission they are responsible for all the blood shed on the Earth indicates the truth behind accusations that it is Jews who start all wars and revolutions.

    The original Babylon occupied Jerusalem for only 70 years, lets hope this is a pattern for Babylon the Greats occupation in which case we will see Gods judgement and revealing of her sins in 2018.

  12. Yeah... No more survivors eh. "Jews live a long time, they have collective memory!" Hahaha!
    These sick bastards will find a way to make Germans and Whites in general, pay for the Holohoax guilt!
    (14 + 88)


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