Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Realist Report - Dr. Harrell Rhome

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Dr. Harrell Rhome, a contributing editor to the bi-monthly historical magazine The Barnes Review. Dr. Rhome and I will be discussing the Jewish Talmud, Jewish ritual murder, and Judaism's connection to Freemasonry.

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  1. Fantastic broadcast! Great job. One of the few that have the courage to approach this hushed up subject. Type "Jewish girl on Opra exposes child sacrifice. Here's a link of the show on You Tube:


    Hurry before it's censored!

  2. Dear Sirs,
    Really excellent show! John I only wish the show could have been two hours and gone into Dr.Rhome's work on the Silver Shirts and William Dudley Pelley. Particularly the spiritual writings of Pelley after WWII. Also I am not sure you mentioned that in Islam boys also have to be circumcised and many actually are strict on female circumcision which is really mutilation: clitorodectomy. But you really hit on most of what I wanted to hear about. There is just so much there to talk about! I am surprised that there are not more comments yet?!
    Jewish Ritual Murder seems to be an issue which, at least for those like me who are very strongly inclined toward History and historiography and ideas and finding Truth, this creeps up in histories from the Ancient Roman Middle East, the East Roman Empire and the Medieval West several times and then in Russia, particularly after Russia annexed Poland and hence took in its then massive Jewish population. Russia and the Jews is a subject I could talk for hours and hours on! But when I first started to see this "blood libel" over and over and over in many different countries at vastly different times! in vastly different languages! try to learn Koine Greek, Arabic, Italian and Russian! How, anyone seeing this should ask, could this be possible unless there is at least SOME truth here! Well there is more TRUTH than we know and has ever been recorded! What you often notice from just looking at what missing children info you can get from .gov sites is that in Jewish areas in Florida and New York, particularly, many children who are reported missing are not pictured or showed online or even reported to the public as missing and to look for! But there is an extreme laxity all across this country! What I think should be done is start looking hard for, and God forbid! because I don't want this to EVER happen, but we have to look for cases which we can clearly connect to Jews today as well to more clearly show this is real! IN the documentary Jewish Ritual Murder Revisited they mention the finding of the skeleton of a young girl during renovation of an Orthodox Synagogue in New York City! The Jews at their core are an Anti-Race of vampiric beings and as crazy as that sounds you have to be around them and know them, though it is rather unpleasant and at least in my experience extremely annoying and irritating if not worse.
    Please just look up the Beilis Trial of 1913! It was proven that the child was ritually murdered and drained of blood but Beilis squirmed free, really a tragic and sad story but a more recent, historically, case. If you want to really understand this Vladimir Moss has a chapter in one of his books online, pages 127-137, http://www.orthodoxchristianbooks.com/downloads/425_NEW_ZION_IN_BABYLON_PART_1.pdf ,and in this chapter he has good quotes but the best is from a Jew himself who wrote in a book 1801, which is cited in the chapter, exactly how this Blood Ritual is done, who does it, when, why, and how it is fully in accord with Jewish Kosher laws. When you read this you are changed!
    But I hope that you have Dr.Rhome on again and I hope for longer and possibly to take phone calls because I really would like to pick his mind on some things.
    Great Show!


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