Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Realist Report - John Kaminski

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by John Kaminski. John and I will be discussing the impending war on Syria instigated and spearheaded by Israel and international Jewry, amongst other subjects.

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  1. I run into the same problem with my family as well John K. It's as though they tolerate my explanation of what is happening in the U.S., and Europe, when they should be fascinated and outraged by it. We are literally in a race to get the American masses to wake-up and catch on to what the Jews are doing in time. It's astounding that it is right in everyones face and they haven't identified it yet. Their should be countless thousands of Americans protesting in Washington, or at least at their Representative's district office.


  2. Matthew,

    Most people are literally worthless. It is only the minority who actually "think" and only a minority of them "do". It does not take a large number of people to pressure an elected official. It only takes a small but vocal group.

    As for the communication barrier you mention with your family - try different approaches. Your family is responding to you from a position of ignorance and/or as victims of false propaganda. Thinking is hard work and that is why so few do it. If they love you, they would take the time to try to see things from your perspective. If you can back up your views with facts, that should help.

    It's probably better to focus on younger people. They have not been as mind-f*ucked as older people who have consumes literally tens of thousands of hours of mind control programming via talmud vision.

    A mind-controlled person who has been heavily propagandized is probably beyond reach. Don't worry about them. Time spent on attempting to change their world view is time wasted.

    1. Dear Anon,
      A lot of the time I really feel like thinking and saying that my own people are worthless, but I don't because I have known and seen people wake up to this. But more than this I see them as MY people. Call if Fate or Destiny those of us who leave the allegorical cave to see the Light should have a natural humility and understand that being superior and enlightened carries its own burden and responsibility much greater than those others we want to wake up and if you see it that way then you can begin to accept and understand that most people who are smart and active and good White Aryan people from childhood came to see the heavy burden of learning unpopular and inconvenient truths and how jarring and disruptive it is to your mental state and ability to live your life. It is simply not natural to most people to deliberately harm themselves in pursuit of intangible but all important truth. Why it is to us I don't know. A lot of times I have thought about this and personally I think if I had not suffered social ostracism as a child due to being an early bloomer, having had terrible acne from the time I was 9 years old til I was 15, being put on ritalin which just made me feel terrible and retreat to my room and read constantly, and finally seeing a terrible car accident at 10 years old which is still fresh in my mind, the reality that YES you can die at anytime the terrible does happen and it can happen to you anytime! Had it not been for all I probably would be one of those people who would rather take the Blue Pill though I know inside I would have inevitably gotten here though I think it would have taken a lot longer without what I mentioned.
      Finally, I understand but please don't call people literally worthless and don't ever think you can convince your own parents and family! Can you not understand how strange and idiotic it seems to the people who have known you your whole life to see you 'flip the script' on them? You at the very least have to be woken up and stay at it with them for the same number of years they knew you and were with you before you woke up to all this! That's why it is always easier with new people as any sales man could tell you!

    2. Dear Sirs: John and John,
      My own view from years of reading is that the vast majority of people throughout history simply cannot ever individuate their self enough to attain to the path of Truth Seeking.
      Anyway, as I have said in the past Mein Kampf really addresses so much of what is talked about that I often wonder how often it is read or remembered. I am not trying to point the finger at you gentleman and John Friend you really have done so much to point people to Mein Kampf and provide good lengthy and enlightening quotes that I would certainly not say this of you! My whole point is that I don't really see the National Socialist or Hitlerian Weltanschauung working in John Kaminski. And though I know that the truth and exposure of the Jew is important it gets really tiring hearing the Jews the Jews the Jews, my family won't wake up, we are all so brainwashed and poisoned and on and on, please just give me a handgun so I can blow my brains out! Anyone who has known Jews like I have and known wealthy jew-thinking Aryans which I definitely have known knows that neither are as they are now without the other! I grew up in a rural area where there was no fluoridation at all and to my mind there isn't now even! More than half the people are at a healthy weight and work outdoors in healthy beautiful countryside. It has been getting worse but they are not poisoned and sick. I have never seen chemtrails here nor heard of them here ever though I know that is common in many areas of the US that are heavily populated. My point is that I think John K is building this monster up into a supernatural entity to the point that it fuels a rampant defeatism and unrealistic thinking about any strategy for our future. Its our responsibility! We are the Aryans damn it! The Jews would have nothing without us! We can do it and we are going to do it! Just accept the Aristocratic principle Hitler talks about in Mein Kampf, purge this sick view from your mind that it is wrong to be highly critical of your own race, your own people, and your own self! Embrace National Socialism as your worldview and fight and love it!
      Also listen to what George Lincoln Rockwell said in the "Lost Recordings".


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