Saturday, September 14, 2013

News from the Jews

Zionist war-mongering & more "Holocaust" programming

As noted here last week, the push for war against Syria is largely coming from the organized Jewish community, the state of Israel (who provided most of the "intelligence" used by the Obama administration to substantiate their claims that Assad used chemical weapons against the Syrian people), and her Zionist puppets and stooges essentially controlling the federal government of the United States, namely the Obama administration and other leading figures in the political establishment such as Senator John McCain. Tablet Magazine, an elite Jewish publication, tried it's best to dismiss and downplay these facts in an article published this week entitled, "How AIPAC Became the Syria Strike Scapegoat: Obama asked AIPAC to support a strike. Now everyone’s blaming the Jews."

Well, it's not very difficult to "blame the Jews" for being the leading voice promoting yet another war against a Muslim nation long in the crosshairs of the usurping Jewish state occupying Palestine. Jewish newspapers and mainstream media outlets have thoroughly exposed this fact. Just to further underscore the Jewish push for war against Syria, have a look at this rather revealing editorial coming from The Jewish Daily Forward:

There is one point of agreement in the otherwise fractious and dispiriting public debate on how, if at all, to respond to the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons against its own people: America is in an isolationist mood. With each new poll comes mounting evidence that Americans oppose military strikes against Syria and, more broadly, consider the enflamed Middle East as the persona non grata of the global cocktail party — the unpredictable, potentially violent guest to be avoided at all costs. [...]

American Jewish leaders form an unusually strong counter to this isolationist narrative, and for this we should be grateful. Support for President Obama’s plan to respond militarily to Syria’s use of chemical weapons has brought together groups normally at great odds with each other. The Republican Jewish Coalition and the National Jewish Democratic Council — when is the last time those two agreed? Meanstream heavy hitters like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League and the World Jewish Congress; umbrella groups like the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, and even more progressive outfits like the Israel Policy Forum — all lined up behind the president. (As did the Forward.)

A petition signed by rabbinic leaders across the denominational spectrum called on Congress to support military strikes and labeled the chemical weapons attack “a serious crime against humanity.”
As Dr. Kevin MacDonald pointed out last week, there is literally wall-to-wall support for war against Syria in the organized Jewish community. Could they be anymore obvious folks?

The editorial continues by explaining why the organized Jewish community is uniting behind an attack on Syria, and in the process offers some truly profound insights into the Jewish mindset:
Why the relative unanimity on the organizational level? Surely the Holocaust experience haunts every gruesome image of victims of the poisonous gas that killed 1,400 outside Damascus on August 21. It’s not just the echo of gas chambers and the indiscriminate mass murder of innocents, it’s the stubborn belief that the world should be moving away from that kind of depravity — was moving away from it, in fact, until Assad spit on international convention to gas his own people.

Concern about Israel is laced through these arguments. If Assad can escape any punishment for using a weapon of mass destruction, why wouldn’t Iranian leaders or other bad actors in the region think the same? But concern about Israel makes a further impression on the American Jewish perspective. It prompts Jews here to develop a broader worldview, a reason to understand — or seek to understand — a place far beyond our immediate shores.

This perspective can come dangerously close to the “internationalist” moniker too often used as an epithet against Jews, the insinuation that we somehow have enough secret power to get nations to do our bidding, that our loyalties lie elsewhere and therefore are suspect. Those kind of spurious charges are already thrumming just below the surface in this current Syria debate, prompting the legitimate fear that if it all goes wrong, somehow Israel will be blamed.

But that corrupts the legacy we ought to embrace: That we are part of an international people whose distinct history and diasporic experiences force us to be aware of a larger global landscape. Being attuned to suffering and oppression is part of our collective DNA, and it should shape our views on foreign policy — not to intervene stupidly, arrogantly or uselessly, but certainly not to shirk away from responsibility and leadership. Let’s not forget that the man who drafted the United Nations’ Genocide Convention, Raphael Lemkin, was a Polish Jew who lost almost 50 members of his family in the Holocaust. [...]
I have two observations to make about this final excerpt from the Forward's editorial supporting military strikes against Syria.

First, Jewish propaganda and psychological warfare relies primarily upon extremely emotional and traumatic images, video, alleged "victims", and "eye witness testimony". Virtually all of the propaganda associated with the fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative of WWII comes from images, videos, and "eye witness testimony" of "Holocaust survivors," many of which are entirely fabricated, distorted, or taken out of context to sell and perpetuate the idea Jews were murdered en mass during WWII by the Germans. Nothing could be further from the truth, but the images, videos, and "survivor testimony" Jewish propagandists utilize to sell and perpetuate this PSYOP are extremely powerful when put on display and broadcast to an unsuspecting, extremely gullible public.

The same is true regarding the push for war with Syria - the propaganda used to justify an intervention primarily consists of extremely emotional and traumatic images and videos of an alleged "chemical weapons attack" purportedly carried out by the Assad government. Critical observers understand that the images and videos shown to the public are likely fabricated, and even if they are genuine, the attack was not carried out by Assad's military forces, but rather by the CIA-Mossad backed terrorist rebel groups trying to overthrow the Assad government.

To further underscore this point, have a look at the headline and description of yet another editorial from The Jewish Daily Forward earlier this week:
Do you see how instrumental extremely traumatic and emotional videos and images are to Jewish propagandists when conducing psychological warfare against the public? Present a few scary images on the television, and tell people how to think and what to do: that's basically how it works. They essentially assume you will not question them or critically investigate the claims being made, let alone verify the authenticity of the video or image you are being shown. They rely on trauma-induced fear-based mind control programming for all of their major psychological operations, ranging from the fake Jewish "Holocaust" narrative to 9/11 and the "Global War on Terror". It's time we recognize these techniques. 

Second, it's amazing what the Jews actually admit to in their own newspapers and writings. In the editorial above, the Forward admits the Jews are "an international people," an admission that should concern every person who cares about their nation and people. The Jews are not tied to any particular piece of land (not even Israel; there are more Jews in America than there are in Israel). They are an international force, parasitizing off their host nations. Adolf Hitler characterized the Jews as not having "the ability for the founding of a civilization, for in them there is not, and never has been, that spirit of idealism which is an absolutely necessary element in the higher development of mankind. Therefore, the Jewish intellect will never be constructive, but always destructive." And we certainly know how destructive organized Jewry - "an international people," as the Forward admitted - has been to Western civilization. Henry Ford was slandered and demonized as an "anti-Semite" for referring to the Jews as an international people, and yet the Forward openly admits this fact, even boasts about it. Incredible.

Speaking of the overwhelming support for war against Syria in the organized Jewish community, I suppose the following news item should not surprise us. The Jews seem to always be in favor of war, especially when the dumb Goyim get to fight them on Israel's behalf. Have a look at this poll from the Israeli daily, Israel Hayom:
Israel is perhaps the only Western country where there is widespread support for an American/European attack on Syria. While in the United States and Great Britain, some 90 percent of the publics are opposed to such an attack -- in Israel, more than 66% of the Jewish Hebrew-speaking population supports an attack (only 17% opposes). With that, the exact same percentage of the population is concerned that if such an attack occurs, Israel will be drawn into a war.

This duality, which characterizes the Israeli mood and public discourse in recent weeks, receives statistical affirmation in an Israel Hayom survey conducted by New Wave Research.
On a daily basis, the Jewish press features articles relating to the aforementioned fake Jewish "Holocaust" story, and this past week there were plenty. The fraudulent "Holocaust" narrative has to be constantly reinforced and perpetuated, and it certainly is in the Jewish press.

Budapest, Hungary will be opening a $22 million "Holocaust Memorial Center", according to The Jewish Daily Forward. The article notes that the Hungarian government "plans to set up memorials at as many locations as possible throughout Hungary next year," and that "the government will allocate a little over $6.5 million toward setting up a fund for Hungarian Jewish public organisations; civil organisations and educational institutions to finance local projects that help remembrance." The Shoah Business rolls right along, raking in money and sympathy from virtually all Western governments with their fake, manufactured fairy tale while the real victims of WWII - the German people and their nationalist-minded allies - continue to be demonized and slandered.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency reported this week that current Israeli President and international terrorist mastermind Shimon Peres "will award his Presidential Medal of Distinction to Steven Spielberg, Elie Wiesel and five other recipients." Spielberg and Wiesel are two of the top "Holocaust" propagandists operating in the Western world today, and they must be rewarded for their efforts at perpetuating and reinforcing this gigantic hoax.

To understand how truly ridiculous the "Holocaust" programming and propaganda has become over the years, have a look at this headline once again coming from the Jewish Telegraph Agency:

The developer of a Holocaust-themed game that was rejected by Nintendo said he is planning to release his work for smartphone users.

British game developer Luc Bernard, 26, announced his plan on the website Indiegogo, a crowd-sourcing platform that helps developers and inventors find funding for their products.

Bernard made headlines in 2008 with his game “Imagination is the Only Escape,” which he developed for Nintendo and views the events of the Holocaust through the eyes of a child.

The gaming giant eventually decided not to buy and market the game because it was deemed unfit for children, according to The New York Times.

Now Bernard says he will bypass corporations and raise funds online with a plan to release the game next year, according to a report by the news website The Verge.

Bernard’s mother is Jewish and her mother looked after orphaned Jewish children after World War II, he told the Times.

His game features the character of a young boy named Samuel during the Nazi occupation of France in 1942 who seeks to escape real life into his own fantasy world.

Bernard told The Verge that the game is meant to inspire players to read up on the history of the Holocaust.
The Jews and most people in the world today are indeed living in a fantasy world, just like "Samuel," the Jewish character in this ridiculous video game. The "Holocaust" story is pure fantasy folks, plain and simple. As the legendary Willis A. Carto once wrote in an essay entitled, "Why Is 'The Holocaust' Important Today?":
The evil lie of the dimensions of "The Holocaust" is not a take-it-or-leave-it subject for others. It encompasses the most important issues facing Americans and it cannot be separated from them.

Unless public perception of "The Holocaust" can be changed from the artificial and false to the truth there is no stopping our decline.
I'm afraid he is exactly right - the lies concerning the fake Jewish "Holocaust" and World War II generally must be changed "from the artificial and false to the truth" in order to revitalize Western European civilization. I am certainly doing what little I can to ensure the truth prevails and the real history of WWII is brought to light. 


  1. alrighty then...

    if there were just 300 more like you John...

    how about 300 million...?

    but I digress.

    incidentally, the word Israel is not a synonym with the word "JEW" or Talmudic Terrorists.
    Israel is a People ....a COMPANY of NATIONS...

    not a dung doodling stool sculpture deity cult compound for -

    "KHAZAR" proselytes to
    Talmudic Judaism / Synagogue of Satan

    Why is PUTIN not demanding the "JEWISH" so-called STATE...
    which is a BILOGICAL/CHEMICAL WEAPON used against REAL quarantined and a safe location like Jesus commands in Matthew 13...




    1. The last piece of the puzzle seems to fit perfectly.For thousands of years people has been chasing its on tail.All the foreign forces have had power over the planet except humanity.This world is considered a colony by those that came centuries ago to exploit its natural resources; they continue doing so today right under our noses.Hint: where is all the gold?In vaults,safes deposits?Think again.Deceptions and more deceptions.There is paper work available in libraries for those individuals that want to follow and investigate...where are the precious minerals going? .The fact is something is not right,it doesn't make sense.What anchored these beings to stay on Earth?Our victimize and abuser consciousness.The populous must unite as one in consciousness and Empower ourselves.WE must stop playing their chess game of good vs. evil:their virtual games are-wars,politics,religions,economy etc.Unfortunately, these beings and human pawns have the upper hand.Their artificial race are the ones garnishing the N.W.O. They are behind the control and enslavement of men/women. This artificial race has infiltrated in many countries in the western world. They call themselves to be natives to the planet Earth...they are not.No, it is not fiction,all this is a fact.Start doing your homework.

  2. Dear John,
    The article was good and depressing, though I know you are just telling us what is going on. It just shocked me, A children's game from the viewpoint of a child in the Holocaust, WTF!? What about Ukrainian children starving to death, naked, in the freezing cold with their little bellies puffed out!? Or the burnt bodies of little children in the Middle East, Afghanistan?! OR HOW ABOUT THE FIREBOMBING OF FRANCE AND GERMANY!? What about the children in Swinemunde, Paderborn, Aachen, Hamburg, Dresden, and so many other towns and cities!?
    But with the psycho-manipulation, John does this not convince you that most people are sheep? They are just gone! You can't wake most of the intelligent ones up even because most of them don't want to be! Wolf Wall Street in a show where Frank, great caller, called in and WWS speculated on why we are this way and he said he thinks it might be similar to what causes psychopaths to have no conscience and show no noticeable changed in breathing and heart-rate when viewing words like LOVE and HATE. He is not saying we ARE that way but that we, for whatever reason can't stop and don't stop at less than Truth and we are the tireless investigators with the question WHY always driving us!
    But my question is WHY, as part of a political program do we feel we have to drive and expose facts and deceptions aiming at the masses heads? Even when we win most of them will not care anymore than they care about Syria and Iraq. Its just gossip and stupid conversations where, just like in high school popularity and clique-ing, people take sides and divide along cheering and hooting never even caring much to find out what is really going on! This is belittling but my analogy would be that I don't try to tell my pet dog about anything. She just wants security, a home, love and attention and food and exercise. Most people basically just want that and don't really care about much else. If you were made the Leader tomorrow and did a public broadcast and told the whole truth 90% of White people would talk about and be shocked for about a week and then it would be over. Maybe we can change some of this 90% over time, I do think that can really happen, and maybe we could change more over generations but basically I hope you know that your end goal here, and I know mine is at this time, is to save the 5-10% of White young people who are intelligent and care about Truth and are seeking and looking for it!
    Again, anybody interested in talking to me, especially in the Midwest, and possibly networking and meeting up contact me a . We need networks and we need to cut these other businesses out and start our own, and grow our own and raise or hunt and slaughter our own meat. But at least we got to get together where we are and help each other because we are going no where right now just knowing the Truth alone!

    1. Konrad,

      The despicable notion of introducing a kids game with heavy political overtones is not new. The kike responsible for doing this should be "brought to justice".

      Here is the unbridled truth: Your enemy recognizes that they are at war with you on a constant basis. Warfare should be thought of as set of ever increasing hostility, starting with simple "competition" on one extreme and "total war" on the other extreme. Political warfare is somewhere along that line.

      Our people MUST be made to understand that they are at war....and they are losing.

      Right now, the enemy's psychological warfare branch has done a pretty effective job of masking the fact our people are involved in a conflict at all. This is by design. The famous strategist Sun Tsu said "To win a hundred battles is not the Acme of skill. To defeat the enemy without fighting is the Acme of skill".

      Sun Tsu was talking about Information Warfare, PSYOP, Deception, ...and even kids games with political overtones.

    2. Thanks for the comment Konrad, I totally sympathize with you my friend... our people have been so psychologically programmed and exploited, it's difficult to even know where to begin!

  3. It's crazy how in your face this stuff is.

    1. Isn't it? Blatant, in-your-face on a DAILY BASIS! That's why I do these posts - just to really underscore how obvious the Jewish agenda is when you just read what they write in their own newspapers.

    2. I'm re-reading Henry Ford's 4 volume book about international zionists. That is a real eye opener in itself!

  4. Just to emphasize my point that Jewish propaganda and psychological warfare relies on video and images, usually fabricated, have a look at this article from IsraelNationalNews:

    Video Reveals Key Iranian Role in Syrian Civil War:

    Remarkable footage includes insight into daily routine of Iranian fighters in Syria, includes interview with Iranian commander.

    Remarkable footage has emerged of Iranian military forces on the ground in Syria, fighting alongside pro-government militias.

    Shia Iran is the Assad regime's closest ally, along with the Hezbollah terrorist group, and Iranian support is nothing new. But whilst Hezbollah has officially acknowledged that its fighters are actively engaged in battle on behalf of the Assad regime, Iranian officials always maintained that any Iranian presence in Syria and support for the Assad regime was limited to logistical support and "military advisers," away from the front lines.

    But footage had emerged in the past few days indicating that Iranian involvement goes far further, and appears to corroborate rebel claims that soldiers from the Iranian army and Revolutionary Guards are present on the ground, and playing a direct role in the fighting.

    The first piece of footage was aired by the BBC on Friday, and showed armed men on the ground, speaking fluent Farsi (Persian), directing military operations and engaging in battle. Experts branded it the "most significant evidence yet" that Iranian forces were playing a direct role in fighting Syrian rebels.

    But an even more remarkable clip has been shown by the Dutch Nieuswsuur TV channel, which gives an in-depth glimpse into the activities of Iranian troops on the ground in some of Syria's front-lines, as they train, coordinate and fight alongside pro-government militias.

    The footage includes a one-on-one interview with a local Iranian commander, in which he explains why in his view Iranian forces have been more effective at commanding "civilian militias" than the Syrian army itself. Those militias were set up to supplement the increasingly overstretched Syrian army in its battle against rebel forces.

    He criticizes the Syrian military for its reliance on "force" to enforce its orders, and contrasts it with the more "respectful" approach taken by the Iranian commanders - an approach he says has made them more popular among the militias than the Syrian army.

    The film also shows how Iranian soldiers are winning hearts and minds among local civilians: handing out sweets to children and making contact with the local population - in contrast to the Syrian military's conduct.

    "Their army vehicles race part, without any consideration for the local population," laments the Iranian commander.

    But there is a hint that such goodwill is a purely military decision, as opposed to genuine goodwill, with hints of historical Iranian-Arab antagonism still apparent in one particular "off camera" incident.

    "When we came, there were no human beings. They had deserted the village," says one soldier, prompting his comrade to joke that "there are still no humans, only Arabs!"

    The Iranian commander claims that many apart from being directed by his forces, pro-government militiamen fighting on behalf of the Assad regime were trained in Iran.

    "They're familiar with our customs, and that makes cooperation easier," he says.

    1. I'm not necessarily saying this is fabricated, but I am always suspect when the Jews come up with "videos" and "photos" which just so happen to advance their particular geopolitical agenda.

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