Monday, August 5, 2013

The Realist Report - Lenon Honor: The 911 Fear-Based Mind Control Program

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Lenon Honor. Lenon and I will be discussing his new book, The 9/11 Fear-Based Mind Control Program. Be sure to visit and

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  1. Speaking of 9.11 - go here to read the US State Dept's Todd Leventhal....(*brother of foxJews Rick Leventhal....both Israelis) talk about "Conspiracy Theories".

    America, I know you're fucking stupid - but what would you say the chances are that Rick Leventhal's brother would be a "disinformation and conspiracy theory specialist with the U.S. State Department"?

    As most of you (don't) know, Rick Leventhal is an Israeli PSYOP agent working under cover at FoxJews in JewYork. In addition to supporting the 9.11 lie - he also was on scene supporting the Sandy Hook Movie Hoax.

    Gotta love those Israelis. How about Jon Stuart? Real name Jon Leibowitz. His brother is Larry Leibowitz...the president of the jewish JewYork Stock Exchange. What a cohencidence.

    There are a ton of cohencidences where you've got jew infestation.

    And some of you asshats still think "planes" hit the towers on 9.11.

    You know - maybe you deserve this shit for being so dumb.

    1. ^ After that mostly "red meat for joo-wise truthers" comment, you drop this turd in the punchbowl at the end:

      " And some of you asshats still think "planes" hit the towers on 9.11. You know - maybe you deserve this shit for being so dumb. "

      It's telling how the 'NP@WTC' activists feel compelled to resort to the joowey 'ridicule' disinfo gambit, in laboring to manipulate/coerce weaker minds into getting on your dead-end-alley destined 'NP@WTC wannabe-bandwagon'.

      See my thread "Critical of JFetzer & JFriend's No Planes @ WTC campaign" linked in my PatColo user name above. Or check my comment in John's recent JFetzer podcast thread:

    2. LOL, OK that's it, no more comments on this thread. You've both made your points.

  2. THE Carl Gustav Jung described "Hitler as possessed by the archetype of the collective Aryan unconscious and could not help obeying the commands of an inner voice". Jung characterized Hitler as an archetype, often manifesting itself to the complete exclusion of his own personality. "'Hitler is a spiritual vessel, a demi-divinity; even better, a myth ... the messiah of Germany who teaches the virtue of the sword. 'The voice he (Hitler) hears is that of the collective unconscious of his race'".

    From 1933-39, Carl Jung (a Swiss-German) was head of the International General Medical Society for Psychotherapy in Germany under Hitler. As head of the International sector of the society (vs the one only for Germans), Jung also worked with many Jews who were considered foreigners (yet apparently not all of them were in Fema camps lol).

    If Lennon Honor sincerely studies the links John sends him about Hitler (and more), I suggest an Honorary-Aryan initiation :-). Lennon is a vegetAryan already, a noble man of the soil....

    Lennon may also want to study Veronica Clark's "Black Nazis" that covers the 1,000's of non-German, non-White Waffen SS volunteers, as I know that Lennon covers race related issues a lot and "Black Nazis" and related material will shift the paradigm regarding the "evil Nazis" in the African American community.

    Excellent show. Excellent points were made by both Lennon and John.


  3. Lenon's remarks about AJ at around the 1-hr mark resonated with me.

    "Patriots Like Deer 'Frozen in the Headlights'? "
    ^ partial quote:
    " AJ's shtick is unhelpful emotionally. "I wish his audience could see the irony that he is exposing false flag terror while terrorizing them." That's it in a nutshell: AJ terrorizes. The shouting, crying, hysteria, and the ads constantly selling fear, with AJ doing the voiceover for most of them, in his best spooky voice. It's non-stop terrorizing, under the guise of exposing fake terror. "

    On AJ's parade-horse-blinders-omission of the kosher elephant in the living room, "Alex Jones on Israel critics: "weak minded idiots" "mentally ill" "FBI agents" "

  4. Oy Vey

    After citing the relevant Talmudic law against Nazi propaganda, the letter indicated that the German constitution protects the freedom of the press and free speech and that the government and relevant authorities are monitoring and assessing the impact....,7340,L-4414111,00.html

    if you haven't read Rabbi Lee J. Levinger's book - A History of the Jews in the United States...yet it is well worth the effort.

    deconstructing the "Jewish" myth is actually VERY SIMPLE....


    no one knowing the truth HAS to stay in the Jewish stool sculpture deity cult compound...

    especially the ASHKENAZIM "Proselytes" to Talmudic Judaism



    1. The irony is that Ashkenazi means German in Hebrew. King Ashkenaz was the father of the German race and thereby all Germanic tribes. A Nazir or Nazirite is a holy man in Hebrew and Jesus was from Nazareth. So them stealing our identity "Ashkenazi" while hating "Nazis" is their typical Orwellian doublethink. (regardless of how you think the term Nazi came about).


    2. so where did the first so-called "Jew" come from ?

      and who exactly are the enemies of the children of Israel,

      Judah being....Germany ?

      Gog & Magog {Ashkenazi} non-Hebrew, non-judahite so-called "Jews" are freiers....for the money changer - Pharisees...

      of Talmudic Judaism...

      Germany is Judah

      & God hates FAGS


  5. 9/11 was a media production. All of the "reporting" came directly from Israeli Occupied Territory. The video of "planes" was simply that. Video. I know that most of you would believe it if I showed you a video of a Cessna 150 flying at 450 knots at 1000 feet MSL. I mean, why wouldn't you believe it? You saw it with your own eyes - right? Well guess what? Those "planes" could not fly as fast as they were depicted at low altitude. It's a physical impossibility. That means that the video you saw did not depict a real-life event. It was a video. Listen to what John has to say about how those kinds of deceptions were constructed. You'll learn something. The rest of you can keep watching TV.


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