Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Realist Report - Clement Pulaski & Brother Ryan: American identity

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined once again by Clement Pulaski of and a leading writer at Clement and I will be discussing American identity and some of his recent essays. Brother Ryan, another past guest on The Realist Report, also participated in this discussion.

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  1. Check this postal cover out.

  2. John want to solve a mystery visit ShepherdsChapel give a listen to Pastor Murray as he teaches a book from the Bible chapter by chapter verse by verse then after the lecture answers questions folks send in you'll be amazed what you have never been taught from Fathers Word.

  3. John, its not our true brother Judah (Jews) its the Kenites hebrew word for the offspring of Cain. And who was Cains Father read 1John 3:12..again visit ShepherdsChapel listen as Pastor Murray teaches the Bible chapter by chapter verse by verse with understanding a child can absorb..

  4. there were no so-called "Jews" in the OT, despite Pastor Murray being unable to say that on Talmudvision,....what does that gold fringe on the flag represent behind the "good" pastor who dances all around the issue of the Synagogue of satan TALMUDIC "JEWS" who are not Israel....

    who he does identify as "Christians"...

    GO FIGURE !!

    why does the truth really matter...?


  6. Dear Sirs,
    I think Nordic-German-American Rural White Midwesterner is probably the identity that fits me but John, I live in Hawkeye country and I will watch the games with family but I don't ever follow it and personally I don't feel like cheering for blacks running the ball up field. I played football in high school and I loved it but we were ALL White! To me, my working in the field, de-tasseling and bailing hay and de-roguing. Bonfires and grilling outside with friends and family after little league ball-games. Hiking in the woods outside of town. Working in the large vegetable and herb garden during the summer. Fishing and hunting and going camping. This is basic rural or even suburban White identity all over the planet! That is why I always liked the idea of Blut und Boden, Blood and Soil! Nobody knows how hard it is to see your land, your soil, being trodden over by alien hordes after you sweated and even bled into it over the years tending it like a good steward only to see it being stolen from you and your people.
    That to me is the only real American White identity. Other than certain mannerisms and music and food and the land itself I really don't see there being much difference really between Whites from the different regions. Maybe I'm wrong.
    I guess I am just the asshole who always has to say something critical or negative but I really enjoyed the show and it was a good grouping with Clement Pulaski, Brother Ryan, and yourself. But my final comment would be that we need to encourage Whites coming to the Truth to actually develop a real identity and connect with the heritage and the land because really a lot of young White people have no identity that I see beyond a Jewish Pop-culture meta-identity and I see this among the Country music listeners the same as the Rock and Rap and Pop/R&B listeners. They care more about Miley Cyrus doing outlandish whorish acts to try to break her child-star mold than about Syria being bombed!
    That's why I keep saying and writing gentlemen: I want to meet like-minded Aryan Whites in my area, form a network and a unit and do what we have to and what we can and the rest of the whites can go fish! to hell with the 35 year-old wiggers and mud sharks and anti-White feminist commies and the chronic texters buried in their cell phone ten hours a day and the TV watching couch potatoes and scooter driving fat people and the rednecks who love to hear a song about "you mess with America and we'll put a boot up your ass" as if murdering people with aerial bombardment is analogous! They wouldn't hesitate to hoot and holler for this to be done to us!

    1. Great comment Konrad, too bad you couldn't have called in! You make a lot of good points, and we clearly have a lot in common (except for our football teams, LOL!) and identify as White Americans very similarly. And by the way, it is very difficult for me to enjoy watching football anymore... Nebraska just had their first game this weekend, and it just isn't the same after really waking up to the racial angle to this mess we find ourselves in. Back when I was a child watching Nebraska play, we still had tons of White guys actually from Nebraska playing on the team. Now, they are few and far between - most of the players are Blacks from California believe it or not.

      Next time I visit Nebraska we should meet up man!

  7. Hey that sounds great to me!
    I hope that we can meet up just let me know a bit in advance. Still a wage slave over here. Definitely would be fun for me. Have been all over, been in all the Iowa border states hundreds of times except for Nebraska which I have only briefly driven through once.
    Always like traveling to new places and I'd enjoy seeing Omaha so I hope so too man!
    As far as the blacks from 'Cali' playing for the Cornhuskers, Oh I believe it John! I wonder if any of them know what corn husking is? Just to let you know, I talked to an older guy the other day, a trucker now, who is a massive 7 ft 300 lbs. white guy and it turned out he played for Nebraska in Orange Bowl in 1982! Strange the people I meet out of the blue. But anyway, I can remember cheering Tavian Banks though and he was from Iowa and went to high school about a half-hour from where I live and grew up and chose to go to play at U of I for the Hawkeyes. But he just isn't White! I can still watch and go to Kinnick and enjoy watching the game but my cheering and interest is muted today. But sure game day, drive to Iowa City, have a nice breakfast a few beers and walk up to the stadium, have to admit I still love doing it a couple times when Fall comes around.
    I would have liked to have called in but last week I was doing an 11PM-9AM graveyard shift and was headed to bed around the time of the show. I would like to call in to the show you are doing with Mike Sledge this week but wouldn't you know it I am doing a 3PM-1AM shift this week! Plus half-the-time I am not at work I am working at home and in order to call in live I got to walk a half-mile and get on a wi-fi channel because I don't have the net at home. But I still might surprise you and call in.
    Take care bro and thanks!

  8. BRO RYAN is a great addition to your talkshoe lineup. He may be CI, yet he also represents paleochristians, like me, 'founded in natural laws and rooted in eternal law'... like Bro said, "our nation is our race, and our race is our nation". KEEP BRO on your lineup, as I look forward to Bro-John conversations. Thanks John.


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