Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Realist Report - Mike King:

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Mike King of

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  1. thanks for having me on today John!

    - Mike

  2. Excellent guest.

    That guy is making a difference.

  3. get your kicks on route 66....

    Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the third-ranking House Democrat, on Wednesday accused the {Zionist/Jewish} ZOG U.S. media of spreading "manufactured controversies" that pose dangers similar to the propaganda spread by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

    Read more: about who owned the slave ships...and the media...and well...who prints the currency &

    operates a Kosher crack house called Congress... the ovens...of Truth.



  4. (Lähde:

    “. . . . .
    Putin Visits Western Wall with Rabbi Lazar
    Putin and Merkel visit Holocaust Memorial
    Putin Vows ‘Russia will never forget Holocaust’
    Putin tells Netanyahu Holocaust Museum to be Built
    Putin Vows: Holocaust Will Not Be Repeated
    Putin: Nationalism Propaganda must be Opposed by Lessons of Tolerance
    President Putin Awards Chabad Rabbi Gold Medal – News Briefs – News – Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters
    Vladimir Putin: Has he fought political anti-Semitism in Russia?
    Putin to Jews: Russia is Your Friend | Via Meadia
    Putin: Chabad texts will stay, perhaps in Jewish museum | JTA – Jewish & Israel News
    Russian President Vladimir Putin Tours World’s Largest Jewish Museum – News – Chabad Lubavitch World Headquarters
    Russian Jewish Officials Accompany Putin on State Visit
    Rabbi Berel Lazar Praises Vladimir Putin
    In Russia, a Top Rabbi Uses Kremlin Ties to Gain Power
    Putin Promises Financial Support to Chief Rabbi Lazar for Russian Jewish Museum
    Putin Spurns Leviev, Invites ‘Gaydamak’s Rabbi’ to Kremlin
    Misuse Of Memory: Chabad To Decorate Putin With Medal – AT AUSCHWITZ |
    Jews backed Putin, says Russian Chief | The Jewish Chronicle
    Russian nationalists protest Putin in Moscow – CBS News
    Russian nationalism may be biggest threat to Putin’s power, experts warn | World news | The Guardian
    “Putin is not a Russian Nationalist, he is an oppressive communist multi-culturalist” – Igor Artemov”

    Putin has done some good thinks But guilt list kissing jews is long

    1. Putin is obviously controlled opposition. The fact pattern speaks for itself. Russia under Putin is firmly under control of the jews. Firmly. Any conflict theatre is just that. Theatre. Wake up and face the facts that are staring you in the face. Putin grandfather was Lenin's cook. Putin is a crypto.

  5. Jim Fetzer - on the Clay douglas show - link:

    praises Snowdon

    How will you handle this - it isnt easy as you like fetzer, but also are suspicious of snowdon (as am i)

    yes this is a deleiberately provocative (no anatagonistic) post, as I beleive internet pundits need to be accountable and consistent.

    There is an obvious gap between you and fetzer

    maybe a show on this topic would be good

  6. Free Book: Positive Christianity in the Third Reich, by Professor Cajus Fabricius
    Posted on 08/13/2013 by justice4germans

    Professor Cajus Fabricius was a Christian Theologian, an NSDAP party member and a member of Hitler’s government. So who better to understand and to explain Positive Christianity and the role of religion within National Socialist Germany? His book was first published in German in 1935 and later translated and re-published for the world market in English in 1937, in an effort to combat propaganda and to set the record straight concerning Christianity and freedom of religion in National Socialist Germany. Moreover, to demonstrate that National Socialism was Christian at it’s very core, and neither pagan nor occult.

    Why is this book virtually unheard of? Why is the author unheard of? You will find practically nothing about him on the internet or in various encyclopedia sites? Not even a picture of him! It should be obvious the court historians and the purveyors the perpetual “Anti-Nazi” propaganda would not be well served by referring to this author and his expert treatise, based upon first-hand knowledge, and unquestionably, with the full knowledge and blessing of the Fuehrer Adolf Hitler and other high level party and government members.

    Fifteen minute introduction segment on YouTube (feel free to share it)

    Download the free e-book: Positive Christianity in the Third Reich by Cajus Fabricius.pdf
    Listen to the Audio-Book which I have narrated (2 hours, 37 minutes)

    “We demand liberty for all religious denominations in the State, so far as they are not a danger to it and do not militate against the morality and moral sense of the German race. The Party as such, stands for positive Christianity but does not bind itself in the matter of creed to any particular confession. It combats the Jewish-materialist spirit within and without us, and is convinced that our nation can achieve permanent health from within only on the principle: The Common Interest Before Self-Interest.“

    Such is Point 24 of the Programme of the German National Socialistic Party. Since 1920 this has been the unchanged and unwavering guiding principle of the Movement with respect to its attitude towards religion, and since 1933 the inviolable expression of what is to be as law to the whole German nation. Adolf Hitler, its Führer and Chancellor has repeatedly affirmed this article, especially the main clause relating to Positive Christianity. This was particularly the case in the three notable speeches made by him in the year 1934, namely, on January 30th, August 17th and 26th. On these three solemn occasions the Führer stated in words that left no doubt as to their meaning, that National Socialism affirmed Positive Christianity.

    Moreover, as a further explanation of his statement, Adolf Hitler declared that by Positive Christianity, he meant the Christianity of the two great Churches the Evangelical and the Roman Catholic, both of which are represented in Germany. He also called upon these Christian Churches to do everything in their power to make the moral forces of the Gospel Message effectual influences in the life of the German nation.

    At the same time however, he made it perfectly plain that he had nothing in common with people in bear-skins” with those namely, who recalling the old Germanic tribes, would foist neo-pagan cult experiments upon the German Folk [Neo-Pagans].

  7. Markus


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