Friday, August 23, 2013

The Big Lies of History

In this video I explain the Big Lies of History: the official narrative of 9/11 and WWII. I also explain why I think most people simply cannot objectively investigate what we have been told about these events.


  1. Very good info. Thank you.

  2. Right on man! One more thing is that our current populace has been dumbed down to think at a 5th grade level and some things (a 5th grade CHILD would get) an adult at that level can't imagine. Chemtrails are a prime example. Point them out to an adult and they see something else because the reality is beyond the ability to imagine such a horror taking place. A child can't grasp the horror but will understand the 'Chemtrail" as it defined.

    1. A couple of years ago I was walking down the main street in my town. There were fresh chemtrails above. I pointed them out to a stranger and told her what they were. She was a woman in her late 50's or early 60's. She did not even look up. She refused to raise her head and look. She remarked, "Whatever it is I'm sure we'll survive it."

      BTW, women are less apt to face or acknowledge evil and danger compared to a man. They are much more likely to walk through life wearing "rose colored glasses."


  3. 5th grade ?

    seriously, I've known "retarded children" & adults...
    who could think more clearly than the average "Jew" worshipping


    talmudvision watching member of the Stupid Idiot Cult


    Hey John...{here's some political advice}...

    TRY to beat ....

    some sense into the LOCALS in San Diego concerning FUKUSHIMA and
    what will be happening in the very near future.

    ...let me know if you need some help with the Cheer Leaders.

    speaking of Cheer Leaders....

    The World Jewish Congress urged Ukrainian clergy to refrain from attending neo-Nazi events.

    “Moral authority” is necessary to “prevent any further rehabilitation of Nazism or the SS,” World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder wrote in a letter Thursday to the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Filaret

    Read more:

    when exactly did the first so-called "Jew" ooooze from the Talmud ?

    speaking of LIES in History and all....



    1. Cain was the 1st jew in the Adamic Man (Caucasian) race. The progeny of satan fornicating with Eve in the Garden of Eden.

  4. I enjoy your blog. You should bring back Doug Wise who did the Greatest story never told. Also the link to that douche rense that guy is huge fraud who's been selling crap for years now..

    you should try to get an interview with david Cole or has he's going by Stein since his amazing work on the holohoax.

  5. Andthen there is the small matter of Christianity being the religion of the Egyptians. It does not have and never did have anything to do with any Hebrews or Jews. Not ever.

    Watch also the wonderful Youtube video posted by Julian Schoeman called "The Walls Came Tumblin'Down."

  6. Thanks, I will definitely get Mr. Wise back on the program at some point!

    I disagree with you about Rense - I think he has a very good site and generally does good work. Of course he sells stuff, that is part of his business after all. That does not make him a "fraud" though. I hear people bashing Rense all the time and I still can't figure out why... I have taken the time to listen to many of his programs and regularly visit his site - it's one of the best out there.

    1. You seem to adhere to the Nazi credo.Nothing wrong with that and you are entitled to your own thoughts and ideas. However Naziism has shot its bolt. when Hitler attacked Bolshevism and the Jews,he had the most powerful military force the world had ever seen, yet he failed. He himself admitted Russia and the Jews had won. After that, everything is just a lot of 'talk.'

    2. I agree, John. I like Jeff Rense. Positively thumbs-up on Jeff Rense. I don't agree with the criticism I hear of him ever now and then. He has some terrific guests on his shows. Very scary subjects. Pay to listen, though. (In a tough economy.)


  7. Thanks for sticking up for Rense!

  8. Hi i recognice as friend of mine has that emotional block what prevent understanding jewish question,He is interest conspiracy theories and has studi of some but when you start speaking evil jews then hes cooler belt starts slipping and hes start bable how hitler went crazy and start killing people like crazy,Umboliveble and he is not the only one mindcontrollet.

    I saw some years ago zeisgeit i midiedli saw that was communist utopia what they were selling but then i have to shavel very gib pile of shit alex jones david icke and so on then one day i found essey hitlers ecomonic miracle and i know at ones this is it.

    Only big hurtle me was a those chemtrails i puzzle whit those trails one summer,I saw those trails but it took some time when i get climp up that mental hill what keeps me back at then it is very easy But sometimes thinks look overwhelling but i think that skip baker interwiew help me a lot even thought we can sit and wait god to come save us we have to go forward now matter what.

    And those masonic signs all around starting egyptian time i think that freemasonry reached all the way egyptian time and has been evil from the start,I havent heard you speak lot of masonry i think you should maybe jews and mason are both side same coin after all because they worship same devil.

  9. I respect your right to listen to and enjoy Rense.
    However, even though he sometimes names the jews. His site full of crap...full of it.
    So, anyone looking into this Jew topic and happens to visit his site. Will think, wow, these guys pointing at the Jews believe in alien agenda to take over earth, nonsense mystery teachings etc. He dilutes the pool of information. Plus, he plays the tired Zionist/Khazar rap. Jew is a Jew, to me

    He's been at this for years. I remember as a kid seeing his goofy pic in the back of the national enquirer, which is BS tabloid rag. I think in the 80's. if I remember right?...??

    He's right behind AJ and the rest, in popularity and BS.

    anyway. keep up the fight..great blog

    I do agree with most of your blog, minus the praising of rense. I think he's crap and should be avoided. At least not linked to.

  10. Most are ignorant of the Bible Jacob had 12 sons the 12 tribes of Israel that Moses led out from the captivity in Egypt. The tribes of Judah n Benjamin settled in Jerusalem they were called the House of Judah(jews) the other 10 tribes settling north of Jerusalem were the northern tribes called the House of Israel. The house of Israel those 10 tribes sons of Jacob were taken captive by Assyria freed after 200 years crossed the Caucus Mountains where are word caucassion comes from settling thurout Europe later migrating to the US n Canada. Most don't know their true heritage. If your interested in knowing Fathers Word visit ShepherdsChapel Pastor Murray takes you chapter by chapter verse by verse with understanding a child can absorb. You'll be amazed what you have never been taught

  11. What about the official lies about the First peoples of the USA?

  12. Emmanuel TruthseekerAugust 29, 2013 at 8:08 AM

    I have been reading articles in Jeff Rense's site for years; before he had more than a couple of ads. In fact, is often my browser's home page. Surely there are articles from time to time one might not agree with, but so what? Jeff puts it all out there and you can draw your own conclusions. As for his interviewing skills, he generally is pretty good and does not let his ego get in the way too often. He is one of the few brave, honest journalists out there floating in a MSN cesspool.

    Likely the largest lie Jews ever polluted the world with is the idea that God hung Jesus on a cross so He would be moved enough to forgive the rest of us for our sins. That is the single biggest piece of Jewish nonsense ever told. That doctrine is at the root of a whole lot of world history.

    Who told the story? Saul of Tarsus; a Jew who 'saw the light' and changed his name in order to become the Apostle Paul. His teachings became Christianity; a religion about Jesus but NOT the religion of Jesus. Paul's teachings were very effective to take the blame off the Jews, the true murderers of Jesus Christ. This huge blasphemy resulted in the deaths of billions over the last two millennia because anyone with half a brain can easily see the lie in Paul's doctrine. God the Father is Love! He does not now or never did in the past demand bloody sacrifices. He does not now or never did in the past relish the smell of burnt offering or enjoy watching innocent creatures being put to death on an altar. History is just one bloody thing after an other with Jews behind screens egging on the contestants. That pretty much sums up world history for the last 3000 years.


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