Saturday, August 24, 2013

News from the Jews

Jewish involvement in Civil Rights movement, ridiculous "Holocaust" promoting stunt, & rappers praise their Jewish lawyers

It may surprise some to learn that the Civil Rights movement was largely led and organized by Jewish activists and intellectuals with direct ties to the international Communist movement, whose primary aim is the overthrow of White Western Christian civilization. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and many other leading Civil Rights "heroes" were actually trained Communist activists. Simply put, the Civil Rights movement and the ideas it championed (racial integration, forced desegregation, Affirmative Action, etc.) were a Jewish inspired assault on the traditional White Christian establishment in America. A variety of policies were designed and implemented with the specific aim of displacing and replacing White America - and the results have been astoundingly successful. The men and women who founded, developed, and built America are now routinely demonized as "backwards" and "racist" in the Jewish-controlled mass media and "entertainment industry" (read: mass mind control complex).

The United States of America was once a majority White Christian nation; as a result of the Jewish-led and inspired Civil Rights movement, it transformed into a multiracial, multicultural cesspool of corruption, materialism, and degeneracy. Israel Cohen best explained the Communist racial agenda in the United States back in 1912 (see here also):
We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tension. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites, we can move them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against whites, we will instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every walk of life, in the professions, and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.
The Jewish Daily Forward provided us even more evidence to support this perspective as they commemorated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington this week by publishing brief excerpts of various articles the Forward ran covering the event in 1963:

In the summer of 1963, the Forverts provided extensive coverage of civil rights news, from arrests in Louisiana to altercations between police and protestors in New York.

Reporter Y. Shmulevitz provided on the ground coverage of the March on Washington as it happened. While reporting on the events, editors Moishe Crystal and Simon Weber were among those who used their columns to support the march and detail the collaboration between black and Jewish participants, which they fervently believed would resonate with Americans in the years to come. [...]

August 30, 1963

“Impressions From The March On Washington”

By Y. Shmulevitz

The Jewish voice and Jewish sensibilities were expressed during the moving speeches and prayers at the Lincoln Memorial, in the placards and also amidst the crowds of people.

The organizers of the great ‘march on Washington’ owe a great debt to the current organized labor movement. Untold unions were at the demonstration and gave unquestioned support for the Negro demands for their rights. Organized union groups could be seen throughout the march holding posters and it made a strong impression. One felt the American labor movement had decided to intercede on behalf of the Negroes. [...]

August 31, 1963

“The Significance of The March On Washington”

By Moishe Crystal

The March will, regardless, go down in history as the most powerful demonstrations of moral ascent and humane virtue.

The Jewish side of things was very apparent and impactful in their participation in Washington. Dr. Joachim Prinz of American Jewish Congress spoke meaningfully of his experience as a rabbi in Hitler’s Germany where he learned that it’s not hatred nor hypocrisy that are the worst problems but rather the most serious tragedy and most shameful problem is silence in the face of mass murder.

The struggle the Negroes have begun for their rights here in this country has to a large degree evolved into a conflict about a moral revivification which can even spread beyond the borders of America.

[King’s] speech was so powerful it will, in time, become apparent that anytime the phrase ‘I have a dream’ is used — Dr. King will be referenced.
Could the "Holocaust" propagandists and careerists get any more sick and twisted? Have a look at the latest ridiculous stunt they are pulling to perpetuate the myth of the fake Jewish "Holocaust" during WWII. The Israeli news site Ynetnews reports:

It has become a tradition, but it is still hard to get used to the sight. Nineteen senior citizen women standing in a row. Pair by pair, they step to the front of the stage, and take a bow, walk the catwalk and return to the line. The youngest is 70-years-old, the oldest is 94, and the common denominator is a haunting past: all of the contestants in the 2013 pageant which will be held in Haifa are Holocaust survivors.

"It's amazing to find that even at this age there is jealously and rivalry, just as with 18-year-old models," says Heli Ben David, who was crowned Miss Congeniality in the 1979 Miss Israel Pageant. Today, she guides the older women all the way to the catwalk. This week, she interviewed women who wanted to compete and heard their difficult stories.

"Because character here is no less important, I hear their stories and it is not easy," explained Ben David. "Everyone has a very hard story, of life in the ghettos and camps, of hunger and the extreme cold. But from every one, I hear the same sentence: I'm here, and I beat the Germans because I am still alive, I started a family, and I am even competing in a beauty pageant.” [...]

The outgoing queen. Hava Hershkowitz, 80, helped with interviewing new candidates and instructing them on the catwalk. "I went to the competition because I realized that people forget the Holocaust, they do not talk about it and some do not even know what happened there. This is why I went to the competition. And happilly it made a big impression. People began talking about the Holocaust again. Personally, I was interviewed by a lot of media outlets – newspapers, radio. I told my story everywhere, told our story. I think it is very important to continue to tell it."
To really gain a deeper insight into just how twisted and demonic the Jewish propagandists reinforcing this fake "Holocaust" narrative truly are, please read the entire article and be sure to read USA Today's coverage of this ridiculous event.

You'll notice how concerned these selfish, deceitful women are with encouraging people to "talk about the Holocaust again," as if everyone everywhere should only concern themselves with the alleged Jewish "Holocaust" and the "suffering" these pathetic actors perpetuating the myths of WWII allegedly experienced! Adolf Hitler described the Jews as having an "unqualified capacity for falsehood" and he was exactly right.

I hate to repeat myself here, but as if we needed any more proof the entire homosexual movement and agenda has been and continues to be led by perverted, debauched Jews, have a look at this article The Jewish Daily Forward published earlier this week:

“Continental,” which premiered at this year’s South by Southwest Festival, in Austin, Texas, bills itself as “a documentary about the infamous NYC bathhouse” where a brash unknown named Bette Midler, accompanied by a Jewish pianist named Barry Manilow, once entertained towel-clad gay men.

But it’s really the story of an unlikely sexual revolutionary named Steve Ostrow, who founded the baths in 1968 after a slightly more staid career in finance. In the basement of the grand Ansonia Hotel, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Ostrow created a rare safe space where gay men could express themselves sexually. (Ostrow had relationships with men and women throughout his life.)

“I think the Continental Baths changed things more than Stonewall did,” playwright and author Larry Kramer told New York magazine in 1998. “Everybody there was walking around half-naked and having fun. It was clean. It was a party.” With entertainers from Sarah Vaughan to Patti LaBelle to opera diva Eleanor Steber, the Continental also began drawing curiosity seekers who were straight. Gay patrons began to abandon the playground, which eventually spelled the baths’ doom. Ostrow shut down the Continental in 1974.

Now 81, and living in Australia — where he pursued a lifelong dream of a professional opera career — Ostrow remains as restless as ever; in Sydney, where he settled, he founded Mature Age Gays, now the world’s largest organization for senior-age gay men. The Forward’s Michael Kaminer caught up with him by email. [...]
The Jewish Chronicle , a Jewish publication based in London, ran a rather revealing article this week about rappers and their Jewish lawyers:

American rappers and Yiddishe mothers may not share many traits, but it has emerged that they have one great love in common: Jewish lawyers.

Jay Z, Cam’ron, Kanye West and Jim Jones are just some of the hip-hop stars to have rhymed about their affection for their Semitic solicitors.

The extent of the collective love-in was revealed after a montage video was posted on YouTube showing clips of no less than 20 artists praising their ‘Jew lawyer’ in their rap songs.

Criminal defence attorney Ben Brafman, who has defended, in his words “Jay Z , P Diddy, and Fifty Cent among others”, says Jews should be proud to be represented in this way.

He said: “We can either be offended or proud. I accept proud. The fact that they trust their lives and careers to Jewish lawyers when in trouble, suggests that they recognise our wisdom, knowledge and professionalism.”
That's right folks, "Jews should be proud to be represented this way," as Mr. Brafman says - it's quite honorable and righteous to be praised by the degenerate, debased, and disgusting creature destroying our culture - destroying our Aryan spirit - known as a "rapper". Only a Jew would be proud of that. Then again, it shouldn't surprise us considering the entire "gangsta rap" industry is promoted and elevated in the Jewish-controlled mass media and "entertainment industry" (again, read: mass mind control complex)


  1. the jews have destroyed this nations values and morals,just like they have to over countries. no wonder they have been kicked out of over 100 nations,including most recently russia under putin. putin has removed them from govt positions and the nation is rebounding politically and its religion of chrisitanity is making a comeback. all the civil right groups were funding and stsrted by jews, the NAACP was created by jews.

    1. Dave. Putin is jewish. Putin steadfastly endorses the holy hoax lie. Your assertion that Putin kicked the jews out of Russia is bullshit. Peristroika was a deception enabling massive communist infiltration into the West. Where do you get you informations? From brother donate? I know how difficult it is to do your own research. It's easier to listen to RT and brother donate. But you won't get the truth there. Look into Putin's lineage. Find out his mothers real maiden name. Find out which ancestor of his was Lenin's cook. Too much trouble? Fine. Go back to bro donate.

    2. John, some of your commenters obviously have not applied real critical thinking to the "New" they have been given. The pro-Putin comments in particular are especially ignorant. Ignorant of the true situation. These people need to be educated on how to discern true information from false information. They sorely need those skills.

  2. clearly if it were not for the unabashed stupidity and willful ignorance of the "White People" ....{who are actually Israelites}

    Braindeadgoy, none of this perfidy would be happening...

    It's Very Alan Stang tells the "True" story of the
    so-called "CIVIL RIGHTS" movement... -
    curiously Alan Stang was reluctant to discuss on air the reality of the "Jewish" narrative...

    and would support the new religion of Holocaustianity...!

    his son Jay when informed of the Gog & Magog "Jews" currently
    infesting Palestine & the JEWSA responded that his Dad was 100% Ashkenazim..."JEW",
    and although he [Jay],7340,L-9733,00.html
    attended a "primitive" so-called Baptist church he simply could not
    grasp that the Children of Israel have never been so-called "Jews".

    funny how that works...
    when the poop for brains "oathkeepers" continue to "JEW" worship like PALOV's dog....

    eventually the LANGUAGE will be purified so that truth is not confused with lies....

    and "JEW" worshippers will be put in the same ovens of truth as the so-called "Jews"...!

    Knowing the Truth is simply NOT a "religion"...!!!

    {Dreams & Nightmares are not the same, either}

    That is such "GOOD NEWS" for everyone on Earth...even "Jews".



  3. As long as christian joo-day-hoe's worship vampires ie Jooz, and allow them to subvert their nation and culture, they'll eventually get their noses rubbed in divershitty, while non whites replacing them will worship their own brand of voodoo.

  4. Seen this after I heard you & Deanna about Hitler lend a hand in helping Truth to prevail. Joos twisting yet again. Its from The Holocaust Historiography Project

  5. 97% of 'Jews' today are from converted Khazars, (Khazar empire, 750 A.D.) they were phallic-worshipping, conquered mercenaries who were loaned out for 'wet work'. KING BULAN was their pimp. This KING BULAN is the 'God' of the masonic criminal syndicate AND HE IS KNOWN AS JAHBULON. THIS IS A KHAZAR GOD AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MID-EAST RELIGIONS - IT IS IN YOUR FACE FRAUD - BUT THE DUMBED-DOWN MASSES HAVE NO CLUE.


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