Sunday, August 11, 2013

John Friend on Truth Militia Radio

Earlier this evening I co-hosted Truth Militia Radio with my good friend Keith. We discussed a variety of subjects, including the myth of the good Jew and my recent News from the Jews column.

Also, if anyone in the Southern California area is interested in participating in a 9/11 protest with myself, Keith, and a few other like-minded individuals, please contact me via email. We are hoping to organize a demonstration or rally highlighting the fact Israel and an international network of Jewish criminals largely controlling the United States federal government and media organized, executed, and benefitted from the events of 9/11. Stay tuned for details!

You can download tonight's program here. I was only on for the first hour or so. Please be forewarned, curse words were used in this broadcast.  :)


  1. I designed that Truth Militia sticker in microsoft paint about 7 or 8 months ago.... It's great for the back of your car! I've got it on my car so I know!

  2. Hey John...I used to go to Truth Militia to check out who I could listen to. I'm not trying to be "holier than thou" but I just can't cut listening to the FU** word anymore. It's as distasteful to me as the Jew is. And believe me that's saying a lot. When I hear the word I truly, literally want to throw up. So I quit going to truth Militia. If I want to listen to barf talk I'll go hang around the blacks. This is the kind of talk I hear in my small city from only the blacks and truly dumb people. And believe me, they are as distasteful as the Jews. Anyway, this is one show that I and a lot of other people I know, won't listen to.

    1. No worries, I totally understand.

    2. Well we truly are in trouble if people stop supporting our media folk because they are too squeamish to endure expletives.

      Get off your high horse.

  3. It all about iq if avarage white male iq is 100 even that not seems to have enought to understand a jewish question if you are heavily brainwashed and all they can calling you names,Some smarter people can think is he telling truth or bullshit,So what dummer you are that harder is get the truth or even get interest in higher issues mankind,Only time when you get dum people on board is when shit hits the fun otherwise they say leave me alone whit my nascar and my beer.

    And other races avarage iq is lot less of that white male so that way is even harder get cope same issues other races i think.

    Asian are quite smart but not that smart to awoid jewish exploitation,I hope we dont get chinese red army agaist us,There is all so endzog presentation Kai Murros have you heard him?

  4. John, I'd be with you handing out pamphlets or holding a placard if
    I wasn't about 3,500 miles away. Every American should know who was
    behind the 9-11 attacks on America. I'm never shy about setting
    people straight. Good luck!



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