Thursday, August 22, 2013

John Friend - An Introduction

I made the following video two nights ago, but am just now getting around to posting it here:

I will be making more videos like this in the future. I think it will be an effective way to communicate my message to more and more people. I'd encourage everyone to sign up for TruTube.TV and subscribe to my channel. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I will also post these videos. But I will probably run into problems with YouTube at some point, given the nature of the topics I will be discussing. TruTube is an excellent alternative to YouTube anyways. Stay tuned for more videos!


  1. You're a very bright man, John, so I'll be looking forward to your videos. David Duke has perfected the art of information videos. Watching his (I'm sure you have) would be a good template to follow.


  2. carry on...

    Hey, speaking of a new media...

    Why not get some old WISE MAN to help you run for Mayor ?,7340,L-3084,00.html

    FLASHBACK...{where was Hillary?}

    Nixon on previous tapes was heard making "anti-Semitic"
    remarks about the extreme Jewish A**HOLES in America...

    Read more:

    being a clean cut HETERO White Male....maybe you could attract some

    CHEERLEADERS to your campaign to restore sanity to a city ravaged by PERVERTS and multicultural moshpit miasmatics . . ."JEWS".

    look on the bright many NONJEWS are there on Earth ?




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