Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Realist Report - Dave Gahary: American Free Press

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Dave Gahary, the online editor of American Free Press. Dave and I will be discussing the history and importance of American Free Press, America's last real newspaper, and current events.

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  1. Great guest. He even has a great radio voice.

    You guys are doing a great job. We just need to widen your audience a bit. We'd better get to quick because part of the jewish strategy is to flood us with congenital underachievers and force us into irrelevance.

    As your guest said - it's time to put some skin in the game.

  2. "Genetics are Racist"

    Where can I get the t-shirt?

  3. That was an excellent show. I like American Free Press - but I'm a little confused about Piper. He is pushing the "official story" behind the Sandy Hook Line & Sinker Movie.

    Why? He also calls anyone who questions that lie - an "infiltrator".

    Many clear thinking people who understand how to analyze propaganda have concluded that the Sandy Hook Line & Sinker Movie - was a Movie.

    In fact, many have also concluded that 9/11 was also a movie.

    So - what are we to conclude about Piper? He's supposed to be a "researcher". Is the problem that he hasn't "researched" modern methods of mass manipulation and Information Warfare?

    Or is the problem something else? Is Piper an Anti-gun Nut? Is he a Freedom Hater? Does he have some sort of phobia about guns? Is he some kind of liberal? Don't tell me he's a homo too...

    I recall that someone once said that "The best way to control the opposition is to create it and lead it ourselves". As you know, that is a Leninist tactic.

    What's up with Piper?

    1. Piper's... and Glenn's... position on Sandy Hook is owing to narcissism. They took a position on preconceived notions and are holding to them. Their narcissism won't allow them to admit that they are wrong, nor will it allow them to see that they are wrong. The ugly truth in this instance is that their egos trump the truth.

      On a previous attempt to post a comment, I said it was owing to demagoguery. Narcissism is the correct term.

  4. Good show John.

    Why do peple hate the Jews ? (expelled from so many countries) topic came up at end of show.

    here is a link to a talk by a rabbi addressing this issue. its about an hour long. I bet your jaws hit the floor as to this explanation of the "Why"

  5. The position of Piper... and Glenn on Sandy Hook is owing to demagoguery. They took an initial position, without really bothering to look into it, and they will not admit to the possibility of being wrong. Their demagoguery won't allow it.

    Ultimately their esteem and position matter more than the truth. Too bad, doncha think?

  6. Hey Man,

    Another great show.


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