Friday, July 5, 2013

The Realist Report - Sword Brethren: National Socialism, Fascism, Republicanism

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Sword Brethren of The Mein Kampf Project at Sword Brethren and I will be discussing National Socialism, Fascism, and Constitutional Republicanism as outlined by the Founding Fathers of America, and contrasting these ideologies with international Communism and capitalism.

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  1. A corporation in the fascist sense, is like the definition of the body of Christ in which Christians organize their entire lifestyle. To explain it in a nutcase, refer to the Texan city of Corpus Christi.


  2. First of all, I meant nutshell not nutcase, lol.

    Secondly, fascist corporatism incorporates the money printing institution into the state and does not outsource it to a private central banking system! (Explaining it this way will silence libertarian patriots who blame "Fascist America" for the Communist/Capitalist system).

    We The People build a collective corpus/corporation and favorably a single and sound mind represented by one President or Duce or F├╝hrer. A "diverse" collective corpus with two or more parties (parts/partitions) is similar to a split personality and/or multiple loyalties (hint)...

    Lastly, mention that Fascist Italy was a Christian Kingdom and not a Communist Democratic Republic nor a "Fascist state" as they believe what it is.

    Mussolini also granted the Vatican its independence as a separate corpus from Italy. Tell Protestant (pro-test amend) Christians and independence loving Americans that separating the Vatican from Italy helped to create a modern state in Italy and a sovereign pope at the same time. Two corpuses. This way, it reminds them of the American independence and trashes the false idea that "fascism took over the church". (think about the absurdity).

    Furthermore, a "state" is really just a "state of mind" or status. The body/corpus of the state is tangible (people/land/borders) and only vitalized and animated by the state of mind (Constituion). Every county and city is incorporated (or baptized if you will) into this "state".

    If the Mussolini quote "Fascism is Corporatism" is actually true, then it refers to this kind of corporatism and not "Walmart Corporationism" of fictitious legal entities that desire to operate outside of the above mentioned "corporate state = body and mind").

    It's exactly like Liberalism and Libertarianism! Or National Socialism and International Socialism! Always opposite in definition and hijacked by the word-magicians to establish false oppositions and confusion.

    It's always about the right propaganda (public relations) and putting the definitions into the correct context to de-hypnotize the half-awaken truthers and well meaning patriotards, as you know.


  3. This was a great show.
    Thank you!

  4. Not convinced that the concept of Fascism as a stated doctrine is necessary to achieve the end result of a shared responsible citizenry. I believe that Christianity is the regulator of a successful society. When the population as a whole follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, the blessings bestowed by such a collective ideals of hard work, love thy neighbor, charity to the poor will Colace into a natural social condition designed by the Creator. In my opinion it is obvious the Man cannot improve the model of such a blessed, conscious citizenry to police itself by following Gods Commandments.

  5. Another white man loses his Job over his personal beliefs!

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