Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Realist Report - Clement Pulaski: Usury and the Corruption of American Society

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined yet again by Clement Pulaski of TrueSonsofAbraham.com to discuss his essays Aryans Follow the Sun and Usury and the Corruption of American Society.

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  1. just happened to see the CUFI ...TERRORISTS

    last nite...


    Jul. 24, 2013 at 2:44am

    Glenn Beck has done a HUGE disservice in his blind allegiance to Jews and TALMUDIA.


    Jews are behind 198% of the "leftist" movements. Southern Poverty Law Center is a who’s who of Jewish lawyers.


    The Democratic Party wouldn’t even be around if it wasn’t for Jews funding it....


    Kneepad wearing Beck is trying to build an alliance with the very people who are out to destroy CHRISTIANS, namely, the “chosen people” controlled Marxist Media.


    Don’t believe me?


    Take a look at this and you’ll see that leftist Jews have total control of the American media lock, stock, and barrel.

    Anyway, take a look at who runs the media in this "JEW" worshipping so-called country.


    in the OVENS of TRUTH !!! six million more.


  2. Dear Sirs John and Clement,
    The concept of the Republic really, as far as I can see with my minds eye, is not there in Tacitus Germania. The Chief-Kings and their Generals were really much different. Deliberation amongst true Sword Brethren as a council of advisors and, ideally, hero-knights of his court simply is not a Republic as it is generally understood. Of course I admit you have Plato's Republic and then you have the actual Republic of Athens, which kicked out their war-general hero Alcibiades! Republics are too often moribund, or quickly degenerate into moribund, oligarchies of oppressive and decadent families-clans. The Autocrat King was always viewed as the one true voice of the nation who had the power to destroy the various, and hopefully few, evil and oppressive privileged nobles who choose, for whatever reason over generations, to embrace the worldly at the terrible expense of crushing their people. Tsar Ivan Grozny, and he was a crazed and terrible monarch after his wife Anastasia died, is still sung of fondly in folk songs of the Russian Old Believers because as a young monarch he crushed, removed, and executed the evil conspiracy of nobles literally poisoning the nation! There are always Kaisers but that does not mean there should not be Bismarcks! We need both! Hopefully that sums up my point well but to underline it We need a true Leader-Fuhrer with a true dedicated warrior-sword-nobility and not an oligarchy of depraved wealthy evil Jews and Judaic White traitors.
    Great show but this is my own view from a twenty-year study of world history focusing on Aryan history.
    Sieg Heil!

  3. To not be such a critical kind of anti-American Yockey-like grinch I wanted to add that I really did like your show and your guest a lot! It is just so hard for me to feel good about America anymore and I see so much in our history that I just despise. I have felt this way since I started looking into why the Midwest never became what I could call a Neue Reich with the massive numbers of Germans coming here in the latter end of the 19th Century and the early 20th like several of my family did. Plus there were already so many Germans when the Constitution was ratified that nearly half of the country was Germans who still spoke German and if I remember correctly there were votes that were nearly 50/50 in favor of making German the official language in some early States! But back the German influx into the midwest, I recall reading German periodicals from the late 19th Century that even then! were pointing out the great flaws of Americans and their flawed and dysfunctional townships which were seldom truly communities. I do have a certain admiration and nostalgia for the Pioneers on the frontier, for the Old South, for the Colonies of New England and upstate New York, Pennsylvania, the Appalachians, but what really has America ever really been? was it ever really and truly a nation? I incline towards no but to be fair and honest I am just not sure! We were certainly a Confederation and originally each State was really not much different than a Sovereign nation which is why the Southern States were justified and correct in the cause of secession. By the way it was Salmon Chase, the Jew, who ruled in favor of upholding the illegitimate/unconstitutional 14th Amendment and for that he got his face on the $10,000 bill.
    To sum up, I thank you and your guest for the great show! I feel a bit more proud of and sympathetic to what I could call traditional Americanism as a branch of the Aryan people and their history on this world but I still see so many mistakes in this countries past and I honestly still feel more like a Nordic German at heart. Like a foreigner abandoned in this land. Perhaps it is really just a sense of being so disgusted by this modern era, this modern Babylon seat of the tyranny of the Antichrist, this Usrael and its zombies and their voodoo hypnotist Jew masters that I tend to just want to reject it all outright and find myself too critical of this countries past? I suppose a pressing question that I have and I don't know just how you and your guest would answer or really solve this problem is where do we go from here? Can we and should we try to resurrect old America? How? Do we even have the people, the nation, the means at all to even do it? and if we admit that there were seeds or even time bombs in the original conception and beliefs at the core of the Founding of America how can we still be rooted in Old America while building a new government/State and new paradigm for our future White society?

    1. Thank you very much for your excellent comment Konrad, they are very much appreciated!

      To be honest, the "Where do we go from here?" question is a very difficult one to answer. America is such a mess at this point - millions of non-Whites, millions of White brainwashed idiots. It's tough, but all I know how to do is stand up and tell the truth and fight for God and my people.


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