Friday, July 19, 2013

The Realist Report - Clint Richardson

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Clint Richardson of REALITY BLOG. Clint and I will be discussing his documentary The Corporation Nation and American law.

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  1. Interesting guest.

    From what I gather - the guest is saying that the problem is "government" - rather than jewish monopoly control of our currency and media.

    Is that right?

    Sorry - I'm not buying his version of reality.

    Interesting strategy: blame "government" for what the jews (Israelis) who control the government are doing.

    Maybe this guy should team up with Alex Jones.

  2. LOL, I think Clint is just a step above Alex Jones! Come on now!

    I think he's basically saying the infrastructure for world government is already in place via the centralization of banking and financial institutions and the legal system based on Man-made law as opposed to Natural law. Clint is no doubt aware that Jews essentially have a monopoly on our monetary and financial system, as well as our media and political system. And THAT is the problem - Jewish control and manipulation of our politics, finances, and culture, NOT necessarily the "government".

    I still have a lot of questions in my mind. The idea or conception of a corporation has definitely transformed. A corporation in early American history simply referred to a state sanctioned charter given to a private corporation to fulfill a specific public purpose for a specific period of time (i.e., building a road or bridge or canal). The idea or conception of a corporation in modern times is very different, and I'm trying to pinpoint when this transformation took place. Certainly it happened after the Civil War.

  3. I received the following comment via email:

    Get that guy back on to discuss the bloodlines. I bet they are all crypto joos.

    He mentioned the catholic church and mormonism are all masonic entities going back to Egyptian times. I wonder if he knows of the joos influence and the takeovers from within. I was under the knowledge that islam was created by joos not catholics. But maybe he does not know about vatican 2. The takeover by cryptos etc.

    Withdraw by consent. Been saying this for years. HOW? Is the big question. If we sue, we need a lawyer, but they are members of the the catch 22 is what we are in.

    G. Edward Griffin? The cafr dude quotes griffin's work as paytriot for profit but thinks he can get together with him in a conference to discuss withdraw by consent. flag right there.

    What say you?

    1. Yeah I don't know about the bloodlines info... I'd like to see his sources. I find it to be a stretch, but who knows? I'm open to the idea, and I guarantee you Jews have infiltrated and taken over from the beginning. Masonry was thoroughly subverted in the late 1700s and early 1800s. I don't know if I buy the US as being a Masonic nation - in my view and based on my research it was a Christian nation, a deeply Christian nation formed by righteous and honorable White men. Some were Masons, no doubt, but from what I understand Masonry was more of a social club for the elites of society than a dark conspiracy to subvert Western civilization, at least back then in America.

      Vatican II was certainly a major sell-out to the Jews - and the individuals who organized and advocated for Vatican II were all Jewish converts to Catholicism! Imagine that!

      Withdrawing consent to be governed in this Man-made legal system is the big question. How do you go about doing it?

      I don't honestly know much about G. Edward Griffin... do you?

  4. While Clint says he's read the Federal Reserve Act (as amended) - in at least one of his videos he actually took the time to explain that there's nothing wrong with having a foreign controlled central bank employing usury. Clint tells us that's ok because so many other countries do it (he even scrolled a long list of the names of central banks around the world). The fact is that the US has been taken over by a foreign power. A coup d'etat was executed using a combination of methods. One of those methods was the seizure of the issuance of our currency and the valuation thereof. Clint will tell us that Woodrow Wilson signed the enabling bill into law - so the problem is government. Where does the problem lie when government has been bribed and/or has foreign operatives occupying important posts? We have a foreign controlled banking syndicate operating for profit that has taken steps to protect itself and its operations through involving itself with our electoral process using its unlimited resources. Unlimited - because they can loan money into existence. The same foreign syndicate has taken steps to subvert the US through influencing lawmakers to change laws allowing a flood of 3rd worlders. The notion that the Federal Reserve "is just a bank" - and that the problem is "Government" is an attempt at blame-shifting. Blame-shifting away from that foreign entity. Clint tells us that if we want to protest something to protest government and not "just a bank". I don't know if Clint is just confused or if he is simply not aware of the fact that a foreign entity has hijacked control of key portions of the US Government. Maybe he does not and I just missed that part. So if the Federal Reserve is "just a bank" - does that mean that jewish controlled media companies are "just companies"? Does this mean that everything is ok and that all I have to do now is "vote"? Vote for Clint? After all, he's running for President.


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