Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Realist Report - Dennis Fetcho

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Dennis Fetcho, host of Inside the Eye - Live!  The Fetch and I will be discussing the George Zimmerman case, the current situation in the Middle East, and his blog The Illuminatus Observor.

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  1. It is esoteric vs exoteric information or propaganda. One for the insiders, one for the outside crowd with conflicting and opposite meanings.

    Regarding taking back our language. Hitler said, "We shall take back Socialism from the Socialists." Google Christian Socialism to define Socialism to your average patriot anti-Socialists. It's anti usury, pro community and the individual sacrifices him/herself for a greater cause. Christian Socialism also constantly refers to corporatism and cooperatives. It is in many ways like National Socialism and the true and original definition of Socialism before the Marxists hijacked the term.

    As explained corporatism a few weeks ago, here is the first reference to Christian (Fascist) Corporatism, which should be rubbed into the faces of anti-Fascists, especially the ones in the Christian patriotic community.

    – Christian corporatism is traced to the New Testament of the Bible in I Corinthians 12:12-31 where Paul of Tarsus discusses an organic form of politics and society where all people and components are united functionally, like the human body.[12]


  2. Well John, I'm listening to you and your guest Dennis Fetcho. For months, your voice has reminded me of another voice, but I couldn't place it. (I'm a music lover and a hifi buff, so I pay more attention to audio.)

    It just came to me who you sound like.

    Michael Nesmith.


  3. Speaking of Jews, a new website exposing these Masters of Deception is up and it's Zander C. Fuerza's website with updated revisions on his (new) book, "Masters of Deception," about 9/11.

  4. I will confess to being way behind on listening to your archives; I apologize for that. I just got to this show you did with Dennis Fetcho yesterday and felt a surge of energy hit me to make a comment about the content of some of Fetch's sermonizing on the topic of Zimmerman-Martin and black propensity for violence and pervasive criminal behavior.

    What Fetch was preaching was pretty much in line with the jewish Franz Boas poisonous lie that has been used to brainwash and unilaterally racially disarm millions of White European people. This poison, as am sure you know - is that race doesn't really exist, and that race is 'only a social construct' and the jewish objective of pushing this flavor of baloney was meant to be a complimentary destructive toxin to go along with their efforts to keep White people thinking along selfish, non-tribal, non-racially conscious, individualist lines.

    Fetch seemed to be obsessed with pushing the idea that Whites must not glean any all-encompassing lessons from the Trayvon Martin incident or from the ensuing explosions of black on white violence since the verdict was announced or form any (long overdue) conclusions about black behavior in a collective sense.

    So, in essence, Fetch - in the all-too typical Boasian fashion that we've seen being used by the jews for the last 60 years - was floating the notion that Whites: (a) Must always and only think as individuals and (b) Whites must always and only see and form judgments of blacks or other minorities as individuals and not as collective groups of aggressive and often predatory racial competitors, which is precisely what they are. Oh, and (c) Whites must not embrace the increasingly obvious and impossible to ignore or deny conclusion that certain characteristics and behavioral propensities are genetically driven. Such as the fact that blacks engage in violent, degenerate, dysfunctional, predatory, anti-social (by White standards) behaviors no matter where they are on this plant. Africa, Haiti, Detroit, East St Louis, Chicago, New Orleans or South Florida - blacks will always be the same. Sure, there are rare exceptions to this rule and some blacks have seemed to learned how to control their natural instincts and live responsible, law abiding lives - but, the vast majority have not and have no interest in doing so.

    The simple truth of the matter is that all non-White races do think racially and collectively, and they base their thinking, voting, and behaviors on what they perceive to be most favorable to their individual racial agenda and racially specific interests. They do NOT think like individuals, aside from an occasional propensity to be selfish with their own tribe - but even that behavior will automatically be suspended if they perceive that they are competing with whites or any other race that is not their own kind.

    So, Fetch was shoving Franz Boas jewish concocted manure and that is the kind of garbage that has been responsible for the dangerous de-racination of millions of our White brothers, sisters, and fellow kinsmen and it has paved the way for the jews to take over our nation.

    Dennis Fetcho is a disappointment. For a guy who claims to be a warrior for our cause, he should know better than to help our enemy shovel their poisonous, anti-White, racially suicidal doctrines.


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