Monday, July 15, 2013

The Realist Report - John de Nugent: Fourth Reich

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by John de Nugent.  John and I will be discussing his recent essay The Repositioning, Revenge and Return of the Reich 1945-2045.

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  1. - I'm also skeptical about actual flying saucers, although I believe the blue prints were drawn (Haunebu).

    - "The Reich" is simply Germany in legal terms. The Weimar Republic's official name was also German Reich. The Kaiserreich was called German Reich. And before that the Holy Roman Reich of German Nation was called German Reich in short with Vienna its capitol.

    In German, Austria means Österreich "East in the Reich", France means "Frankreich". "Reich" has a dual meaning in German in this context= Realm and Empire. Although Empire as ever-expanding hostile entity is also called Empire in German, "Britisches Empire". No one would ever say Britisches Reich but maybe Britisches Weltreich "British World-Empire".

    Most Germans, who are aware of the 4th Reich are not National Socialists or pro Hitler, but people who are aware that Germany is occupied by the United (Allied) Nations until a peace treaty is signed with the UN and the occupation forces leave and dissolve the UN alliance against Germany and Japan. When Germany constitutes itself anew, the 4th Reich will arise, just like there is a 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc French Republic. The 3rd Reich actually emerged in 1919 with the new Weimar Constitution signed by the traitors, but the Germans rejected this document and therefore consider 1933 as the day of the birth of the 3rd Reich in self-determination.

    "It is upheld (viz., e.g. resolution of the Federal Constitutional Court, 1956-08-17, 1 BvB 2/51, BverfGE 5, 85 [126]) that the German Reich has outlasted the collapse of 1945 and has never gone under or fallen, neither through capitulation nor through the exertion of foreign state authority in Germany by the Allies, nor in the later course of time; it still is an entity with legal capacity, even though it is not fully operable as a government due to a lack of organisation. The Federal Republic of Germany is not the successor of the German Reich."


    1. To a it is really a disgusting analogy comparing the 2nd and 3rd Reich to the French Republics and it is really not accurate and denies the spiritual understanding of what the Reich IS!
      regierungen kommen und gehenst, doch das Reich bleibt ewig bestehen!
      Also, legally, there was no abolition of the government or constitution by Der Fuhrer and the Third Reich never really ended the way the Second Reich did with the acceptance of Wilson's demands such as the abdication of Kaiser and the Treaty of Versailles and the Weimar Constitution. But ultimately what the Reich IS is not a government or state essentially but it is the eternal.
      And finally Reich translated most simply is the Realm.

  2. John you should interview Henry Stevens or read some of his stuff if you want to know more about these things. As far as I know, the Germans were indeed working on revolutionary projects, and one of these including the development of Flying saucers, There is proof out there that they indeed were working or planning on building flying saucers, but the only question is, if they ever flew them and how successful where they. I suggest people research viktor schauberger and andreas epp, Here's an old Epp interview done in German, where he basically discusses working on these projects and even says to having witnessed one of these saucers fly.

  3. This idea of the "survival" of the third Reich is being promoted and made money upon since decades. This idea is in the core of the so called alternative media, the never ending rant about Paperclip project which is totally misrepresented as the way which the "mad German" scientists escaped helped by the USA. Paperclip was the way that USA stole Germany's patents, technology, scientists, etc.

    For instance, as mentioned, Joseph P. Farell wants to present in his books the idea of a "breakaway civilization" meaning Nazis living in the Moon thanks to their super advanced technology achieved during the third Reich. Then no matter that despite ALL the technology they lose the war and without even using their simple V2 rockets which of course this is never mentioned as one of those elements to understand Hitler's ideas about how the war was to be conducted. Imagine how the Luftwaffe would had been empowered with "flying saucer" technology and anti-gravity technology.

    There is a lot of information passed around many times by serious authors about Nazis and flying saucers, Nazis and the Occult, extraterrestrials, demons, etc. Books and movies pushing these ideas.

    Personally I take with open mind all the subjects mentioned above but not in relation with "Nazis", Hitler and the third Reich. After much reading I can see how knowledgeable, logical, idealistic and spiritual Hitler was, a person who I really don't picture involved with the Occult or the idea of flying saucers which has a sort of "occult" background. For instance those ideas of the "Nazis" and the Occult were propagandized by the allies during the war and maybe before and there are books debunking all this. Where do we watch those ideas promoted? HOLLYWOOD!!!

    There is no doubt that in any given time of human history and in any given place there are people in search of the many mysteries of the Universe, life and our origins which certainly was something of interests in Germany as in any other country. The PROPAGANDA wants to tie the pagan movements in Germany with Satanism with many Occult elements and with Aliens which is an element added some decades ago.

    Finally there are many interests to present all the above and the idea that there is a fourth Reich going around manipulating the world and trying to fulfill this New World Order idea. Of course after 70 plus years I think we could say for sure that there is no fourth Reich and if there were German people that escaped with super technology I guess they are living happily else where and don't care about any of this.

  4. By the way I spent many years reading the stories of the Reich and the Occult with the extraterrestrial connections and the like until I connected with the facts and a critical mind. These stories are a continuous spinning of the same wartime propaganda which maintains the never ending lies but is a money industry and bestsellers maker.

    The story they want to sell is that Hitler was the most evil person that was a practitioner of the occult and somehow with Himler and others managed to contact a not so good extraterrestrial race that gave them knowledge to go and destroy the world. They also loved to invoke demons in some sort of pagan rituals performed by Himler and the SS. Thus the discourse is rather fantastic with no elements of reality, in this fantastic story the allies a the angels and the Germans the demons and this is how the mindset of people are made and manipulated with fantastic stories that sell very well. But at the end of the day the Germans were destroyed materially, morally and spiritually, no technology or extraterrestrial or demon appeared to save them BUT hey, here is another spinning of the story they like to play, the extraterrestrials and demons duped Hitler into WWII and kill all there is and then leave, right?? This is more wartime propaganda and we are the dummies if we fell for them.

    There is a religious angle played here because they often want to portray Hitler as an anti-christian who for that reason felled into the arms of paganism as if this would signify something demonic. There is a lot that was and surely is taken out of context as usually happens.

    This is the proof that Hitler surpassed all level of human understanding for good or bad he has more books written about him that any God of any religion.

  5. seek and ye shall find...

    thankfully genetic memory is accessible by Men with courage

    and the testicular fortitude to press on with the ideas

    and knowledge to rise above the zombie -

    "multicultural moshpit"..

    ....actually that was a very good show that ended on a positive note...which was more than just entertaining..

    - See Hosea 1:11

    the Language has been horribly butchered by the -
    - LIARS & MURDERERS = Moneychangers & Pharisees...!

    who hate Truth & Justice and drink the blood of sacrificed children...

    Judah is Germany...

    Knowing Truth is not a "Religion"...

    the "JEW" worshipping braindeadgoy have a "religion" of abject malicious stupidity - [SPIRITUAL BLINDNESS] - that has been infused into their ZOMBIE little sheep brains by TALMUDVISION
    and unrelenting "JEW" worship....24/7

    {curiously 90% of "JEWS" are gog & magog "PROSELYTES" to Talmudic Judaism}

    There were never any so-called "JEWS" in the Old Testament.

    good show John...& John. TRUTH PREVAILS



  6. I lost all respect for John de Nugent when I listened to his lame-brained theory of Byrd's expedition to Antarctica. If he only did a little more research he would know that there was no such U.S.N. destroyer Murdoch and that this was part of Operation High Jump to investigate the potential for tapping Antarctica's natural resources. As to why the ships were damaged, they were engaged in ice breaking operations and only had one ice breaker with them. The ships were damaged by ice a la Titanic. I had my suspicions about John de Nugent before but this show removes all doubt.

  7. John Denugent has just been added to my list of people to beware of.

  8. I came away feeling that my time spent listening to DeNugent speak was time wasted.

    While he did bring up a couple of interesting points - he offered no proof.

    The think that really pushed things over the edge and right into the dumpster was his mention of "blood cells" and "fibers" coming from "Chemtrails".

    I don't have time for that kind of quackery bullshit.

    The interview was valuable in that I now know who to avoid.

  9. Speaking of Jews, a new website exposing these Masters of Deception is up and it's Zander C. Fuerza's website with updated revisions on his (new) book, "Masters of Deception," about 9/11.

  10. I have one more thing to mention about but particularly to John de Nugent. It saddens and disgusts me that a man of his age would buy into the most ridiculous and childish tales. They don't even merit the title of conspiracy theories. It's like he has the mind of a child and is incapable of critical thought. The only other alternative is that he's an agent for the enemy which ironically, is the only thing that would make sense. :-)


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