Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Realist Report - Tom in CT: PSYOPS

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by Tom in Connecticut. Tom and I will be discussing the techniques of psychological and information warfare.

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Below are links to some of the sources we discussed in the program:


  1. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together. We need to get the word out.

    Great show.

  2. Hello could you do some research truth of che guevara to read,Its really diskasting see the usefull idiot lefties wear those che guevara t-shirts.

    1. Those "Che Guevara" types are actually pretty easy to reach. They tend to be "Idealistic" and emotional. The way to approach them is with a good narrative - rather than just facts and logic.

      People enamored with the "Workers Paradise" utopia are chasing a mythical Unicorn.

      Explain to them that Communism is unnatural, intolerant, and inhuman system that disregards the individual, maintains itself largely by force, terror and deception - and pursues an aggressive ideological policy aimed at eventual domination of the world.

      Explain that Communist countries used to have to build walls - to keep people from escaping.

      Today, they have shifted their strategy towards subversion of Western societies.

      To do this, religion and the traditional cultural and moral hegemony must first be destroyed, before the Second October Revolution can be successful.

      American activist Ellen Willis, wrote that 'feminism is not just an issue or a group of issues; it is the cutting edge of a revolution in cultural or moral values... The objective of every feminist reform, from legal abortion to child-care programs, is to undermine traditional family values' [see "The Nation', New York, 14 November 1981, pages 494-5].

      The hoped-for assumption of Communist strategists is that with Western society 'deconstructed' and its leaders will meekly accept and cooperate with the Communist plan for a World Government.

      They seek the irreversible 'restructuring' of Western thinking, responses and society itself, Behind the impressive smokescreen of pseudo-democracy, pseudo-capitalism and pseudo-reform, this jewish-Russian-Chinese 'cooperation-blackmail' strategy is irreconcilably hostile to the West.

      Again, this is no mere presumption.

      It was explicitly confirmed in May 1994 a member of an official US Republican delegation to China by the name of Clark Bowers. While in China he asked the Vice Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party the following question:

      BOWERS: Is the long-term aim of the Chinese Communist Party still world Communism?

      Mr Mo Xiusong: Yes, of course. That is the reason we exist.

      Next time you see some dope-smoker wearing a Che shirt - go engage them in conversation. By wearing that shirt, they're making a political statement - so they're already started that conversation. Go engage them.

      Ask them questions. Give them enough rope the hang themselves. And try to do it in public so other people hear.

  3. I guess this kinda means that Putin isn't really anybody's savior after all.

    Oh well...

    So what about Brother Donate? Brother Donate preaches that everybody can be a Christian and everybody can also be an American. Everybody.

    That means that there's no such thing as "America" anymore....according to Brother Donate.

    That also means that we're completely screwed if we don't recognize Brother Donate's real message.

    Brother Donate love Putin. Putin is a Communist. Does that mean that Brother Donate is also a Communist?

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck - is it a duck?

    1. why can't anyone be a Christian if they choose to? Why can't anyone being American if they choose to? That's what this country was founded on. I don't agree with any of these immigration policies in the last so many years is that I realize they are using it to destroy us however this country was started by people that were not Americans.I believe anybody can be an American if they choose to follow American values. However what are American values anymore? This whole thing is so fucked up its pretty much destroyed at this point.

    2. They can't be Christians because they don't have the intellect, empathy, or moral spirit. There is a genetic basis for those things. They can't be Americans because they don't have the intellect, empathy or moral spirit to be a citizen among Adamic people. Just look around. The people who started "America" were Adamic Aryans. They had common genetics. The society they envisioned is reflection of their moral spirit - which was generated in the part of the brain called the Neocortex. There are differences among races controlled by genetics. These scientific facts are a taboo subject because they don't fit in with the Universalist Communist "New World Order". There is a reason why Mexico looks like Mexico. There is a reason why Haiti looks like Haiti. It's the same reason why Detroit used to be "The Paris of North America" and now it's Detoilet. The reason is the genetics of the inhabitants. That's the reason why they can't be "Christians" and they can't be "Americans" in the real sense. It's genetics.

    3. Have you seen all the White kids forming flash mobs and attacking elderly black women? What about all those criminal White people flooding into the US dealing drugs and driving down the market wage for labor? Have you seen all those illegal White people bugging patrons at Home Depot? What about all those White guys raping and murdering black women?

      Yeah. Neither did I.

      If you want to totally destroy a Nation and turn it into a complete shithole - just let every turdworlder in. Works every time.

    4. so Rick,

      can you produce a polaroid of the Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo in March of 1836...?

      if not, why not ?

      Since no so-called "Jews" existed before the word "JEW", and since more than 90% of modern day so-called "Jews" are not only not Judahites but not semitic either...well

      check out some FACTS....on the "JEW" issue...!!

      From the Forward...

      *Review of WWZ -

      "The scene in Jerusalem is eerily reminiscent of an episode in the Book of Revelation in which -

      ??? 144,000 Jews ??? -

      No Tribe [Nation] of the Children of Israel ever turned into "JEWS" !!!

      [See Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32 & Revelation 7]

      are singled out to survive the Apocalypse; gathering on Mount Zion with “a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language,” these chosen few sing “a new song before the throne of God.” Book of Revelation 7:3–9, 14:1–3 "

      Read more: about the Children of Israel who never turned into "JEWS" from Khazaria in the 8th century AD...

      so how do Khazar = ASHKENAZIM = "Zionist"
      so-called "JEWS" who are
      "PROSELYTES" {two-fold children of Hell}
      to TALMUDIC JUDAISM {The INSTRUCTION MANUAL ON HOW TO BE AN ANTI-CHRIST} ...turn into all 12 tribes...

      a "company of Nations"....?

      if you can't produce evidence that the Dallas Cowboys were snorting cocaine and fornicating with "WHITE WHORES" at the Alamo then it is much more difficult to prove that KHAZAR "JEWS" speaking YIDDISH are in the Old Testament...anywheah !


      means the planet Earth doesn't need a "JEWISH" state !!!

      Whether it is Mark Glen, or Alex Jones, or Mike Rivero, or Bro Kapner...

      the Truth doesn't depend on someone's misunderstanding {about so-called "JEWS"} to exist..

      the Truth is there were never any so-called "JEWS" in the Old Testament..

      the LANGUAGE will become PURIFIED

      to clarify this ONE POINT/ISSUE in particular...

      SEE ISAIAH 3

      FOR REAL !!!

      No one on Earth HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound when they KNOW THE TRUTH !!!!

      Jesus said round 'em up and put 'em in the Ovens...



    5. You talk to me like I don't know about the Jewish issue. #1 do you think I would be here if I didn't know about that at least, and #2 where did I mention in the above comment anything about jews to begin with. I do appreciate your links and thank you for those. I'm a little confused about Jesus putting people in ovens as he tried to save people and show them the way to heaven as I understand it and I personally find your remark blasphemous but to each his own.

    6. Rick - let's say White people become the minority here. Do you really think that blacks in positions of authority are going to treat Whites as fairly as Whites presently treat blacks?

      I'll tell you what will happen under that scenario - it's call South Africa.

      That's reality for you.

      When South Africa was under White rule - it was safer for everybody - including blacks.

      Time to clean out all of the brainwashing from school.

    7. believing "JEWISH" lies is tantamount to BLASPHEMY.

      "As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world. The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth. Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear."

      in Revelation 3:9 the last word - who is thee referring to anyway ?

      ??? ???

      so when did the first "Jew" ooze from the Talmud ?


  4. I want to know more about how we can prove a given politically charged news story is true or deceptive.

    It makes sense that the CIA would have procedures for doing that.

    I hope walk us through it.



    Golitsyn's books are a must read for anyone who believes Russia/Putin are our friends.

    1. Only a moron would believe that Russia/Putin are our friends. But we sure seem to have quite a few idiots around. It's amazing how educated they are as a result of hundreds of hours of exposure to Fox News. Maybe it's thousands of hours :)

    2. To read the books by Golitsyn, New Lies For Old and The Perestroika Deception, scroll down to the bottom of the scribd page posted above and click on the links.

  6. You know it makes sense that Brother Nathaniel is probably a communist. He backs Putin, who is a communist and he preaches a version of "Christianity" that pushes universalism - which is communism.

    And we all know who infiltrated the Church and altered, twisted and intentionally misinterpreted the Bible for their own purposes.

    I don't really think Brother Nathaniel is really just a harmless lunatic with a "Preacher Fetish". I think he's a subverter.

    He uses discussion of organized jewish crime as a trojan horse to disguise his communist universalist message.

    Some of John's readers who aren't White may not agree. I wouldn't expect them to have views that don't support their self-interests. Why should the truth get in the way of self-interest?

    The reason why the worlds dark races are drawn to our societies is because the Adamic Aryan concepts of freedom and self-determination create a better reality for the citizen.

    It is also no coincidence that literally everything modern convenience and technology you are using today was conceived by Adamic Aryan people. This is an undeniable fact.

    We need to stop the massive influx of non-Adamic people into our lands. They don't add value to our human experience. We add value to theirs.

    1. If we carefully look at every persons likes or dislikes we could say just about everyone is a shill. I got caught up in this thinking for a while and realized we are all at different levels of understanding about the truth of the world's power structure. I liked Alex Jones once although I was never a shill or a comununist, I was wrong and that's all. I would say Bro. Nathaniel is no Communist. He may be fooled as I, and everyone here probably has been fooled by someone or something in this movement (?). Maybe you are correct however I doubt it. He is my point is that just because other people don't agree with your version of things 100 percent doesn't mean theyre shills work on me this or anything like that they just different views but brother Nathaniel has the basic thing down pat, he knows what he's talking about and makes interesting, informative videos. case in point, John friend is no shill however I don't buy into this Christian identity at all and I am Christian. I do not think in any way John is a shill he just differs from my opinion.

    2. Rick S,

      Do you subscribe to the "Universalist" message?

      As a Christian, you should be aware of what version of Christianity you are following.

      For example, there are lots of people who support the jews and the jewish state as a direct result of jewish subversion and then injection of "Christian Zionism".

      Are you a "Christian Zionist"?

      Do you use the Scofield Bible?

      Do you think that sub-Saharan Africans are the same as Adamic people?

      Why has it been only the Adamic races that have created all of the wonderful things we take for granted everyday?

      When you say you're a "Christian" - what does that mean?

      Frankly, if you don't agree with the message of Christian Identity - how about studying it and pointing out where it's wrong. Lots of people would appreciate that.

      Sadly, most people who shun Christian Identity don't know what they're talking about. Most can't defend their positions with anything other than jewspeak.

      This isn't a cult of personality thing. It's about what is True vs. what is not True.

      Just because you don't like something doesn't make it untrue.

      Brother Donate is just about as credible as Alex Jone$stein.

      How do I know that? I examine their message.

      Their message is what outs them.

    3. So apparently if I don't believe exactly how you believe about Christian Identity I am suspect of being a Zionist? just for the record I am not a Zionist, I do not read the Schofield Bible, and no I do not like Christian identity and I have read a out it. It is not for me. I did not say anything bad about it or anything bad about anybody who does. I don't think white people are the only ones slated for heaven. That seems too white supremacist to me although I am also not saying if you believe in c.i. that you are are supremacist, just for the record. (Why would you even accuse me of not knowing what about it just because I don't agree with it?) If you think that you are the only one right about such things maybe you should take a look at yourself as this is not a black and white (no racial pun intended) issue. I have found many good, honest Christians that have different views on Christianity and dare I say, even different colors. If you think I'M a shill or a Zionist or a universalist for disagreeing with your take on Christianity then you may have something to learn about deciding who is a real patriot to this country and who is not. I have not met a person yet in my almost 50yrs that I agree with 100% and if I thought everyone I disagreed with on a particular subject was either an idiot or a shill, I'd have no friends whatsoever. I suggest you settle down a bit and look at yourself. I am not saying this to belittle you, Itry really hard to bbe constructive and we are more alike than you may think. We are both here because we understand there to be problems in America and the whole world and we both care enough to do what we can to save America. Let's not jump to conclusions about one another just because we disagree on some points. God bless you, Rick.

    4. Rick S,

      No offense intended.

      I'm not accusing you of anything.

      As you said - we need to do something about the people who are trying to bring about the Second October Revolution.

      The rest will sort itself out.

    5. I know, what a bitch this whole mess is... We must fight this evil force with everything we've got. It's tough to know what to do though other than to inform the public as best I can. I would encourage everyone to keep your eyes on Jesus because they may take your life but only you can give them your soul.

  7. John really nailed it this time.

    Understanding Lenin = understanding the strategy being played out today.

    The "Globalists" are reading straight out of Lenin's Playbook.

    Lenin preached deception. He preached subversion.

    John just laid it out for us and sketched their methods.

  8. But Graucho Marx in the preacher costume says Putin is a good guy.

    Should I tune in to Fox Jews to see what to think?

    A jew in a preacher costume wouldn't lie - would they?

  9. In the above posted video, the host and guest speak about international terrorism being a "Soviet" creation operating primarily through the PLO and Cuba.

    Glaringly, there was absolutely no mention of Israel.


    Not a word.

    Your show this time was about deception. Could it be that the content of the above posted show was a deception and misdirection seeking to blame the "Soviets" for Israeli crimes?

    We all know that Israelis hold "Dual Citizenship" to many countries so that they can claim to be "German", "Russian", "Italian", "French", "American", etc. But they are still jews and Israelis with an allegiance to the jewish state.

    I think the content of the above program was credible with the exception of the non-mention of the jewish/Israeli puppet masters.

  10. In today’s edition of “Keeping the Lie Alive” - we have the sad holocaust tale coming from Anneke Burke.

    Anneke was only 2 years old when her father hid some Jews in her family's home. For 3 long years, these 8 Jews hid in a single room, never coming out.

    Anneke's dad dug a hole under the floorboards. The Jews would hide under the floor. The nazi's came 3 times and searched the home, but never found the Jews because the nazi’s were so inefficient, poorly trained and gullible that they didn’t know how to search a house properly.

    Anneke only found out that there were Jews living under the floorboards of the house after the war ended.

    *Remember - it is a criminal offense to “doubt” the veracity of this story in many countries.

  11. Speaking of deception, have any of you been following the Trayvon Martin Movie? The "verdict" is slated to be passed soon. That entire story seems to have been intentionally manipulated with the intent of causing blacks to riot. What will be the outcome of an armed race riot? Whose agenda would that serve?

    Of course, questions about the Travon Movie seem difficult to answer in a concrete way. That is exactly how deceptions are designed.

    Johns guest referred to an analytical method employed by the CIA to discern the truth from "noise".

    I'd like to hear more about that. My intuitive sense tells me that the Trayvon Movie isn't what it appears to be but it would be nice to have something more concrete to back up my perceptions when discussing this.

    I think the hoped for end result of the Trayvon Movie is a further destabilization of the US serving the interests of the police state.

  12. In today’s edition of “Keeping the Lie Alive” - we have the sad holocaust tale comingf rom Martin Lowenburg. It's a doozy.

    Little Martin was only 15 when the evil nazi's gathered up Martin and his family and put them in a box car. The box car went to Auschwitz. Martin and his fellow Jews would use the dead Jews in the box cars as benches. The Jews would poop on the dead Jews. When the train arrived at Auschwitz, 1/3 of the people had suffocated because boxcars are air-tight enclosures - at least these ones were.

    The Nazi's gave priority to the trains full of Jews. Trains full of food going to the troops would have to wait, because the Nazi's priority was to kill all the Jews.

    Mengele greeted the transports. Mengele had a whip and a white coat. Little Martin was only 15, but he told Mengele that he was 18. This spared his life, because the Nazi's gassed all the Jews who couldn't work. Martin had to work by moving rocks from one place to the other, then back again.

    The Jews got only 200 calories a day for food. In the morning, they had no breakfast for breakfast---only tea. For lunch, 4 people had to eat a single bowl of soup. The jews got a slice of bread for dinner. If you didn't eat your bread right away, the rats would steal it from you.

    The camp commander had a motorcycle that he would drive down the main street. He would shoot at anything that moved from his motorcycle. If he saw you, he would use you for target practice.

    There was typhus at Auschwitz. A friend, the magician told Martin not to drink the water. The friend put a pebble in Martin's mouth to make saliva. So Martin didn't have to drink any water for 3 years, and was never thirsty. Martin would clean himself by rolling in the snow.

    Martin saw his own mother and sister go into the gas chamber. The Nazi's had crews of jews who would work in the gas chambers. Every 90 days, the Nazi's shot the Jews who worked in the gas chamber, because they didn't want anyone alive to testify about what the nazi's were doing.

    At Auschwitz, there was a team of Jews that had wheelbarrows. Every morning the Jews would walk around the fence with their wheelbarrows, and pick up the dead Jews who had died on the electric fence.

    Dr Mengele would perform experiments on the Jews. He castrated the big Jews. He injected animal semen into some other jews.


  13. "Keeping the Lie Alive" from Martin Lowenburg - cont'd from above:

    One day a wheelbarrow ran over Martin, and he couldn't work. So his friend, the magician, hid Martin in the rafters. The magician would have been killed in the first transport, but the nazi's needed a magician.

    Then Martin and the magician volunteered for a transport that said "Destination Unknown". The Nazi's killed all the Jews at Auschwitz, so Martin is lucky the Nazi's let him and the magician volunteer for this transport.

    The transport went to the Warsaw ghetto. Martin worked on the dynamite team. The Nazi's made the Jews dynamite the buildings.

    The Martin built an underground factory. The Jews would pile rocks up 100 feet high and very long. The Nazi's poured 4-5 feet of concrete over this mountain of rocks, and then took a firehouse and blew out the rocks underneath. So the nazi's then had an underground tunnel that they built the V2 rockets in.

    The Germans made Martin salvage electrical transformers from the ruins of Warsaw. Martin and his friends saw diamonds, gold and money lying in the ruins. But they didn't take any, because you couldn't eat diamonds.

    One Jew traded another Jew, a greenhorn, the diamonds for his bread for 3 days. The Jew who took the diamonds died of starvation. After 3 days.

    The holocaust was the biggest money maker ever for the Germans. The Nazi's had whole teams of people working in the gas chamber to take the gold from the dead Jews. If you had gold fillings, you were gassed immediately. Then the Nazi's sold all the shoes and clothing from the dead Jews to South America. The Nazi's financed the war for 2 years by selling the Jew's gold fillings, and shoes, and clothing.

    Then the Nazi's were going to kill all the Jews in Warsaw, but the resistance leader warned the Germans not to. So the Germans Death Marched the Jews instead. They made the Jews death March all week. Then the Jews wanted to drink at the river. So the Nazi's machine gunned them. They used dogs to get the jews back into line for the machine guns. The river turned into blood, all red.

    Then the nazi's put the jews on a train to Dachau. Then they told the jews they were going to march to Switzerland, but the Nazi's fooled them, and death marched them again (insert evil laugh here). Martin was certain to die on this Death March, but the Americans came.

    Then an American soldier gave Martin a cigarette. Martin took 1 puff and fainted for a week.

    Then Martin and his friends robbed the nearby German houses, and killed the SS men.

    Then Martin went to Holland, but the Nazi's had stolen all the cows.

    *Remember - it is a criminal offense to “doubt” the veracity of this story in many countries.

  14. You guys mentioned the use of NLP in PSYOP.

    They do this all the time. For example they use the word Death as an integral part of the holocaust narrative, mostly used as an adjective. Some times as a verb.

    The got pretty creative. Try it yourself. You see some wires that keep prisoners in a camp, and they become Death Wires. You see a train car, and it becomes a Death Train. See 15 people walking, a Death March.

    Sometimes a noun; The Dog of Death. The Funnel of Death. The Soup of Death. The Waffles of Death.

    That technique is also used by the ADL when they talk about "Hate". Try it. You see some wires that keep black prisoners in a jail, and they become Hate Wires. You see a train car with White people in it, and it becomes a Hate Train. See 15 White people walking, a Hate March.

    That reminds me of a few synonyms for the word jew. Cheat,con artist, perjurer, phony, storyteller, deceiver, dissimulator, equivocator, fabricator, fabulist, falsifier, fibber, maligner, misleader, prevaricator, promoter, trickster, deluder, fabler, bearer of false witness ...and just plain Liar.

  15. Do you think it's impossible for the government intelligence services to stage fake court cases?

    Is that so unthinkable that you completely reject the concept?

    Do you think it's impossible because too many people would have to be involved?

    In reality, not very many people would have to have knowledge of that kind of deception. The police/court apparatus operates according to paperwork. Paperwork can be created. Actors can be used where needed.

    Remember Brevik in Norway? That was "real"...right? How do you know?

    Trayvon? That was "real"...right? How do you know?

    John Friend can explain how Intelligence Analysis can tell you.

  16. John,
    One of your best shows ever. I've linked to it on my site. Tom from CT obviously speaks from the inside or has studied this in great depth. One of the few shows I've heard where I need to take notes.

  17. Tom in Connecticut and John;

    One of the best programs ever by anyone.
    Excellent references for further research.
    Spreading the information to anyone who will listen.
    I hope we can hear more from you.
    Thanks for your supremely important work.


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